Kirby: Nova Zoo is a game in the Kirby series developed by Toroko and HAL Labs. It was released on The V² under the Infinite Content branding. The game is similar to that of Kirby and the Amazing Mirror in how it sets up levels and features the Robobot Armor from Kirby: Planet Robobot. The premise of the game is that Kirby finds himself in the titular Nova Zoo and has to escape with the help of past enemies like Marx, Susie, Chef Kawasaki.



Kirby: Nova Zoo follows the Return to Dream Land formula, being a 2.5D side scroller, with the game's camera occasionally moving around to show different angles in some stages. The player will control Kirby, who retains his trademark moves like sucking in foes, dodging, guarding, underwater air bullets, sliding, and floating. Kirby can suck in foes to shoot them out as stars or absorb them to get their copy abilities.


The map design of Kirby and the Amazing Mirror returns; the map is very much open-ended and full of chests. The design of those maps have been somewhat extended mechanically, with giant green chests containing important items with smaller red chests holding a random object inside of them. These random items range from healing items, collectible stickers, palette sprays, or a rare ability star.

Robobot Armor

Robobot Armour
Like Kirby: Planet Robobot, Kirby's Robobot Armor returns, with a extended purpose as the open ended map now features several "gates" where Kirby can summon the Robobot Armor from. New abilities are accessible through the Robobot Armor, which can be used throughout the rooms to solve puzzles or break things no ability of Kirby can. However, there will be sections that the Robobot Armor can't go through, requiring Kirby to once again go on his feet. These gates are spread across the entirety of the map.

Some advantages and disadvantages of using the Robobot Armor are:

  • Advantage - More power and more health than normal Kirby.
  • Disadvantage - Slower base speed than normal Kirby in most situations.
  • Advantage - Robobot Armor gets to use amped up versions of many Copy Abilities.
  • Disadvantage - Some situations do not let allow the Robobot Armor to use Jet or Wheel.
    • Disadvantage - The Robobot armor does not recognize every Copy Ability obtainable by Kirby.
  • Advantage - Robobot Armor can cut through giant metal boxes and chains with it's abilities.
  • Disadvantage - Robobot Armor cannot destroy pink onyx boxes that need to be sucked up by Kirby.
  • Advantage - The Robobot Armor can be picked from plentiful gates in the levels as opposed to being at Dream Temple locations like Dream Allies.
  • Disadvantage - While Kirby is in the Robobot Armor, he cannot use Dream Allies.

Dream Allies

Similar to the Helpers function from Kirby Super Star and Kirby Star Allies, Kirby can gain allies to aid him on his quest, although this is limited to a single additional player and the selection of allies are more akin to Dream Friends, being non-enemy characters that Kirby meets along his quest in the adventure. He can summon them in Dream Temples, albeit not randomly like in Kirby Star Allies.

These Dream Allies range from villains of the past that Kirby has defeated, or friends that Kirby has encountered in the past, although the "bad guys" outnumber the "good guys" quite a bit. Each Dream Ally has their own unique moveset that is not based off a Copy Ability Kirby can obtain, although there may be similar attacks considering the nature of things.

Dream Allies also take center stage in Guest Star Mode, which returns from Kirby Star Allies. In this mode, the player can control any Dream Ally and go through a abberviated version of the adventure with harder bosses. The player can also get assistance from another Dream Ally, although they cannot use any of the Super Abilities, Hypernova, or the Robobot Armor throughout this adventure.

Game Modes



After being abducted by the Nova Zoo, Kirby must traverse the Zoo to find a way to put a end to it's collecting ways and team up with unexpected allies across a huge map full of treasures and varied landscapes. This is the main mode, and the first player will always play as Kirby, while the second player can control a Dream Ally. Should Kirby get into the Robobot Armor, the Dream Ally will be held in reserve and the player can fire at enemies with a star-shaped reticle ala Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Guest Star


After completing the main game, the player can choose to play Guest Star Mode, which sees the player control any Dream Ally they want and go through a abbreviated version of the adventure with harder bosses. They can also have a second Dream Ally join them on this adventure, although the Super Abilities, Hypernova, and Robobot Armor do not appear in this move. Similar to Meta Knightmare, the player can build up points by collecting Guest Stars, which allow for powerful attacks from various powerful characters in the series or healing the player.



True Arena




Kirby gets kidnapped by a giant ship known as the Nova Zoo. Kirby easily escapes but while looking for his lost cake, he comes across villains he had previously defeated, who decide to join up with him to escape the Nova Zoo. As Kirby makes his big escape, the Zookeepers inside want to stop Kirby from interrupting their plan to speed up natural selection across the galaxy. Can Kirby stop this nefarious plot? Can he escape the Nova Zoo? Will he ever find that cake?

Full Summary

Kirby is eating a cake when suddenly a giant space ship yanks him inside it's tractor beam, taking him and many residents of Dream Land inside, placing them inside of cells. Kirby sucks off the glass of his cell, quickly managing to escape. While looking for his cake, he comes across the escaped Marx, Susie, Chef Kawasaki, and Gryll who all have the motivation to attack Kirby- but Susie suggests that doing so would be a bad idea and that they should join up with Kirby if they want to escape the Nova Zoo.

Kirby learns that his cake has been stolen by Daroach by Marx, and Kirby goes to look for Daroach while the escaped villains tag along with the lovable puffball. Meanwhile, King Dedede wakes up from his nap to learn that Kirby has been abducted, as well as many of the residents of Dream Land, enlisting Meta Knight's help to find him and the other residents.

While trying to find Daroach from Marx's directions, Kirby comes across Zappy Woods and subsequently fights him. Using the Hypernova ability, Kirby sucks up Zappy Woods and uproots Mr. Centi's house, who then fights him. After defeating the two bosses, Kirby then proceeds to find Da Roach in Ugli Updraft, a twisted version of Daroach who used Sectonia's spellbook. Da Roach fights Kirby; after his defeated the magic wears off him and he returns to normal, thanking Kirby as he heads off. Daroach doesn't have Kirby's cake, of which Marx notes is a real shame and notes Pon and Con as a pair of potential suspects for this stolen cake. Kirby nods and heads forward. Needing to get down from Ugli Updraft, Kirby gets the assistance from Kabula, who joins him as a Dream Ally.

While in Cookie Chaos, Kirby can fight either Nostalgic Meta Knight or Lance Doo, or both if the player desires, meeting Adeleine who has not seen Pon and Con but notes that she has seen the Fairy Queen... who is acting strange. Adeleine joins forces with Kirby as a Dream Ally to help find the Fairy Queen and see what's up. After finding her in Kiwi Knoll, its become clear that she is possessed by a dark force and Kirby has to fight her. After fighting her and dispelling the dark force, the Fairy Queen joins Kirby's forces as a Dream Ally.

Kirby goes through Elderberry Enclave to fight either Nostalgic King Dedede or Hammer Burt, or both if the player desires. Kirby will also come across Kit Skatch, who sends a Cagney after Kirby. Kirby manages to defeat it rather easily, and Kit Skatch starts setting up more mid-bosses to try and take down Kirby. Kirby will also find Flamberge, who is looking for Francisca and will join Kirby as a Dream Ally to find her.

Kirby can access Dragonfruit Draft and goes through that route to find Pon and Con shackled together. When asked about the missing cake, Pon and Con seem to have no idea what they're talking about and fight Kirby. After being defeated, Pon and Con become free and go on their merry way. They come also come across Kit Skatch again, who sends out a pair of Glippies to take care of Kirby and his allies. They are defeated and Kit becomes increasingly frustrated, while envying Kirby's freedom. Daroach can be found here again, using Sectonia's Spellbook to create a magma-crawling worm that can access a shortcut to Icecream Inn.

Kirby arrives in Icecream Inn, where they come across a facility hall where the Sly Splicer is running a muck. Kirby fights and defeats the Sly Splicer- as he collects the red crystal, a character named Moses laments the "death" of the Sly Splicer and grabs the staves, angrily pointing to Kirby with them. Moses then runs off in anger and Kirby goes on his merry way. They find Francisca, reuniting Flamberge and Francisca together. The two agree to work with Kirby for a way out.

The final section opens up to reveal the Nova Nursery, where Kit Skatch attacks Kirby and allies. After being defeated, Kit admits being tired of Dr. Phan's directions and joins Kirby as a Dream Ally. After exploring through the Nova Nursery, where several Galactic Novas are kept in shells, they come across Dr. Phan, who fights Kirby.

Dr. Phan is defeated by Kirby, but Dr. Phan with the help of Moses manages to swipe up the Red Crystal that Kirby collected from the Sly Splicer and overwrites it's data with his newest and grandest creation. The crystal releases a incubation pod, which spins to take Dr. Phan out of the way, knocking him out. Moses is seen running away and out from the window, the player can see a escape pod eject out into space during the Incubation Chamber fight.

After defeating the Incubation Pod, it cracks open to reveal a white Kirby-like figure, which reveals itself to be 03, or Orbitt as Dr. Phan called it. Orbitt is a fuision of Dark Matter and Kirby, what Dr. Phan and Moses considered to be the most powerful beings in the universe. Orbitt finds the lost cake that Kirby has been looking for all this time, which is revealed to be how Dr. Phan copied Kirby's DNA in the first place to combine with Dark Matter's. Orbitt proceeds to eat the cake right in front of Kirby, making Kirby visibly upset. Orbitt then tears a hole in the Nova Zoo wall and flies out into space.

Using the Robobot Armor to scan a Galactic Nova to use, Kirby and his Dream Allies fight Orbitt in space in a intense battle. Orbitt, when almost seemingly defeated, copies the laser beam that the Robobot Nova has been using against him and tears the Robobot Nova open, reverting it back to normal as it floats in space, with Kirby and his Dream Allies being sucked into Orbitt. They then need to fight Orbitt's Heart. Once nearly destroyed, Orbitt releases them from his mouth and attempts to escape, but using the Hyper Nova ability Kirby is able to suck him up and shoot him into the Nova Zoo, blowing it up along with Orbitt.

As Kirby and his friends drift out in space, the Robobot Armor pushes a launch star for them to use as Kirby once again leaves the armor behind out in space to float until the next time Kirby needs it. Orbitt's fate, as well as Dr. Phan and Moses, is currently left unknown as Kirby returns to Popstar, passing by Meta Knight and King Dedede who are wearing space suits and heading to the now exploded Nova Zoo. Once Kirby returns to Popstar, he is hugged by both Meta Knight and King Dedede, who prepare him a new, bigger cake to eat.

It is revealed in a post credit scene that many of the enemies and people that were inside the Nova Zoo were seemingly unphased by the explosion, including Pon and Con, who attempt to swim back to Popstar.


Playable Characters

Character Information


Everyone's friend and perhaps the most ignorant protagonist of all time, motivated by food more than anything else, casually destroying god-level threats if they get in his way or threaten Dream Land. Kirby at his most basic is already plenty powerful, able to suck up almost all enemies that come across his path and having infinite jumps to traverse platforms, as well as being able to shoot air bullets underwater. Allow him to inhale and copy his enemy's abilities... well, that's where you'll be coming across trouble!

Dream Allies Characters

Character Information


Unlocked from the start.

Kirby originally helped Marx in what he thought was a plan to stop the Sun and Moon fighting by going to Nova, but it turned out to be all part of Marx's conniving plan to take over Dreamstar. Marx reappears in this game as seeming ally, although he still seems to lie to Kirby. Some friend, huh?

Marx reappears with most of his moves seen in his Kirby Super Star boss appearance, giving him a wide range of powerful elemental abilities. His Thorn Tower and Light Laser moves are easily his most powerful moves, but also don't quite have the range they used to.

Move Controls Description Element Damage
Ball Bounce B Marx kicks his ball out from under him, spawning a new ball underneath him as the old one bounces away with sparks being emitted from it. Spark 15
Thorn Tower Up + B Marx projects a column of thorns near him, pushing opponents up into the sky with spiky thorns. These columns briefly stay before twisting away. Leaf 22
Arrow Stream Side + B Marx releases a flurry of arrows from himself which fly in a vertical direction before vanishing. Archer 19
Rainbow Teleport Dash + B Marx teleports forward across the screen, damaging opponents when he reappears in a spot. ESP 10
Ball Kick Hold B Marx kicks his ball, charging it with electrical energy before kicking it off far with a bunch of dots to guide the direction when held. Spark 20
Crescent Blades Hold B + Side Marx shoots out four crescent blades of light, throwing them in a boomerang-like arc in front of him before they return back to him. Cutter 20
Electric Shadow Hold B + Down Marx creates a moving, electrical shadow under his foe, shocking them for as long as he holds it or when it fades away. Spark 5 per second
Rainbow Wings Up + Up Marx unleashes his wings out, allowing him to enter an aerial state. Flight 5 upon stretching out his wings (hidden hitbox)
Light Laser Side + B (aerial) Marx releases a powerful laser from his mouth that reaches across the screen, although it's size is not that great. Laser 25
Splitting Sides Up + B (aerial) Marx splits his body in half, creating a small black hole that can damage foes sucked in. Void 5 per second
Ball Drop Down + B (aerial) Marx drops a ball downwards into the ground, which explodes with electrical energy. Spark 5 per second


Unlocked from the start.

Susie hails from the now disassembled Haltmann Works Company, and now finds herself in the Nova Zoo with a bunch of Kirby's other past foes. Unlike most of them, she respects Kirby as a warrior and knows it's better to team up with him than to try and destroy him. Susie tends to fly away when situations get bad- she knows if she stays too long anywhere, somebody will get hurt.

Susie primarily uses projectile attacks or attacks that don't directly put her in harm's way, the two exceptions being her Haltmann Knife attack and her Clipboard Smash attack. She can easily escape a situation that puts her in a lot of danger, but comes with a floatiness that can delay her upward movement.

Move Controls Description Element Damage
Loose Screw B Susie releases a bunch of screws that fly towards the opponent and attempt to screw themselves into the opponent, dealing damage. Needle 15
Explosive Trap Down + B Susie sets down a explosive mine that goes off when someone steps on it, dealing big damage to them. Bomb 25
Suit Dash Dash + B Susie dashes forward with a rocker propelling behind her, gaining immense speed and knocking foes away in her path. Jet 10
D3 Capsule Hold B Susie uncorks a jar containing a floating purple liquid which summons three small Dedede clones to run towards the direction she's facing. Poison 15 per Dedede Clone
Clipboard Smash B (near enemy) Susie releases a flurry of attacks using her clipboard, smashing it over the opponent's head. Fight 13
Homing Golden Up + B (Midair) Susie releases three golden homing missiles shaped like her in the air, heading towards the nearest opponent. They are rather slow though. Jet 7 per missile
Haltmann Knife Side + B (Midair) Susie summons a floating knife to slice the air forward quickly. Needle 10

Chef Kawasaki

Unlocked from the start.

A cook that uses his pot and ladle in his moveset. While not really much of a enemy to Kirby, he appears in the opening with his pot raised to hit Kirby but quickly changes to become a ally to Kirby in the story when Susie convinces him to do otherwise. He is a chef, but apparently isn't a very good one, with his food being mostly unenjoyable to eat to anyone aside from Kirby. Space food though, he seems to weirdly excel at.

Chef Kawasaki is a interesting Dream Ally, being able to do the Cook Ability multiple times with the cooldown in mind. He attacks using mainly his pot, and has a variety of moves that make him a very versatile character. He isn't super great with every thing he does here; his quick attack with Salt It doesn't do much damage and his Quick Pot is weaker than the standard Pot Grab, but there's a lot to like here, especially if you find yourself wanting healing items often.

Move Controls Description Element Damage
Pot Slam B Chef Kawasaki slams his pot into the opponent on the head, dealing some moderate damage. Cook 15
Pot Grab Side + B Chef Kawasaki extends his pot to grab foes and then cook them up when he brings them close to him. Some enemies will become drop food items when he cooks them up! Cook 25
Heat Up Dash + B Chef Kawasaki becomes engulfed in flames as he dashes forward, dealing damage to those in his way. Fire 11
Salt It Hold B Chef Kawasaki dashes some salt onto his opponent, dealing some quick damage that can rack up quickly. Cook 5 per shake
Cook Potluck Down + B (when cooldown is over) Chef Kawasaki brings foes, allies, attacks, and even mini-bosses into the pot to cook them up and deal damage, before releasing a bunch of soup that can do damage to bosses and food items everywhere. After this, a two minute cooldown period will begin. Cook N/A
Quick Pot B (near enemy) Chef Kawasaki quickly grabs the foe and puts them in a pot with a lid as he cooks them up, doing a quicker version of his pot grab. Cook 20
Dishes and Spoons B (Midair) Chef Kawasaki releases a flurry of dishes, spoons, and cups while in the air. Cook 7 per object
Super Pepper Down + B (Midair) Chef Kawasaki eats a Super Pepper, which surrounds him in a flaming shield that will damage those who touch him while he's in the air. Fire 15


Unlocked from the start.

Gryll is a onion witch hailing from far away in the galaxy. She initially came to challenge Kirby during the events of Kirby Star Stacker. She has three minions by the name of Salt, Pepper, and Sugar, who follow her and assist her in battle. While not a evil character, she wanted to get revenge on Kirby for defeating her so badly in Star Stacker, but is convinced by Susie to let it go for now...

Gryll is similar to Marx in that she has a ton of options both on the ground and aerially, although she is primarily a melee character, using projectiles only when in the air. The player can use her broom to slam, sweep, and blast opponents away. Occasionally, the broom will break, but no worry... one of her minions always carries around a spare.

Move Controls Description Element Damage
Broom Sweep B Gryll sweeps forward with her broom, dealing some damage. Clean 15
Broom Bash Side + B Gryll attacks with her broom, striking it down in a arc quickly. Clean 13
Super Broom Bash Side + B (hold) Gryll holds up her broom as it charges up before releasing it down in one super-powerful strike. Clean 25
Quick Broom Bash B (near enemy) Gryll slams the broom into her opponent, executing a quicker version of the Broom Bash that does less damage. Clean 15
Broom Upper Up + B Gryll slams her broom quickly upwards. Clean 11
Flight of the Onion Witch Up + Up Puts Gryll in a aerial state where she is riding on her broom. Clean N/A
Block Fist Hold B Gryll holds up a fist and slams it into the ground as a bunch of Star Stacker blocks fall just before her, crushing opponents underneath her. Stone 20
Star Crasher Down + B (aerial) Gryll slams into the ground at mach speed, cancelling out her aerial state as two star blocks come out from the tip of her broom, rolling across the ground before disappearing. Clean 25
Animal Block B (aerial) Gryll shoots out a Rick, Kine, or Coo block, which have either the fire, water, or wind element attached to them. Fire
Broom Poke Side + B (aerial) Gryll flies quickly into her opponent on the broom, the front and end of it briefly turning into flames as she slams at a quick speed. Fire 30


Unlocked in Ugli Updraft.




Unlocked in Cookie Chaos.




Unlocked in Elderberry Enclave.


Other Major Characters

Character Information
Kit Skatch

Kit Skatch

One of the Zookeepers of the Nova Zoo, Kit Skatch was enhanced with several other creature DNA to give her wild, untamed nature of fighting, which involves claws and attacking with nature-based abilities such as creating vines and pumpkin projectiles. She sends mini-bosses or bosses after Kirby to distract him before attacking him and his allies herself. She is intent on capturing Kirby although admires his free nature, but cannot let it stand as is.


One of the researchers and Zookeepers of the Nova Zoo, Moses invents creations to aid in Dr. Phan's plan, such as creating the Sly Splicer and forming Record Crystals that can create clones of creatures recorded onto it. He is not happy about Kirby destroying Sly Splicer but knows his immense strength and respects it greatly.

Dr. Phan

The mysterious owner of the Nova Zoo, mentioned in passing and seen on various posters in the Nova Zoo until Nova Nursery. He apparently does a lot of genetic research, looking to build the most powerful lifeform in the galaxy to eliminate the weak and build up the strong that survive. Dr. Phan is responsible for collecting various characters as well as creating odd genetic creations.

Copy Abilities

Kirby Abilities

Copy Abilities
Normal Abilities
CopyAbility NZ Fire
CopyAbility NZ Ice
CopyAbility NZ Spark
CopyAbility NZ Sword
CopyAbility NZ Stone
Burn your opponents with this ability that allows you to use flames to your advantage! Freeze your opponents with this chilly ability. Easily one of the coolest abilities around... Zap your opponents with the power of spark! Use it to electrify objects and generate a charge! Use the sword to slash and clash with your foes! A true warrior uses the sword to train! Crash into or stomp onto your opponents with the power of stone! Crush all those who oppose you!
CopyAbility NZ ESP
CopyAbility NZ Artist
CopyAbility NZ Hammer
CopyAbility NZ Poison
CopyAbility NZ Beetle
Take on your opponents with the power of telekinesis! Teleport or create telekinetic fields! Use your artistic talent against your foes! Create beautiful paintings of your allies back home! Attack opponents with the mighty hammer and slam posts into the ground using it's mighty weight! Power through your foes with poison! This toxic ability will keep your foes hurting long after you hit them. Use the power of Beetles to attack with your horn and take off to the sky! Use it to slam stakes too!
CopyAbility NZ Beam
CopyAbility NZ Bomb
CopyAbility NZ Water
CopyAbility NZ Parasol
CopyAbility NZ Wheel
Use a whip of energy to attack your foes or blast them away with a shot of cackling energy! The wand is yours! Blast your opponent away with a barrage of bombs! This explosive ability has delayed function but packs power! Use the power of water to wash your opponents aside and give them a splash they won't forget! Ride the wave, Kirby! Keep yourself out of bad weather with the Parasol! Use it to float down and keep opponents away with it's surprisingly sharp tip! The wheel allows Kirby to speed over his foes at fast speeds, and can be charged to go even faster! Vroom!
CopyAbility NZ Cutter
CopyAbility NZ Needle
CopyAbility NZ Mirror
CopyAbility NZ TBA
CopyAbility NZ TBA
The Cutter ability allows you to throw blades at your opponents! Cut them up from a distance, Kirby! The Needle ability allows you to expel needles from your body, harming opponents with prickly needles! Reflect attacks and create duplicates to confuse your enemies! It can also act as a shield against super damaging attacks! TBA TBA
CopyAbility NZ Safari
Safari *
CopyAbility NZ Medusa
Medusa *
CopyAbility NZ Squid
Squid *
CopyAbility NZ Dessert
Dessert *
CopyAbility NZ TBA
This new Safari ability allows Kirby to swing on vines, use a machete, and ride on enemies! What a wild rush! The Medusa ability allows you to petrify your opponents and attack with snakes! This ability will horrify everyone! The new Squid ability allows you to swim faster in water, spit ink at your foes and slide in it, and wrap your tentacles around your enemies! Attack using the power of cake and sweets with this new ability! Slow your opponents down by offering them a friendly slice of cake! TBA
Secret Abilities
CopyAbility NZ Smash
Smash Bros.
CopyAbility NZ TBA
CopyAbility NZ TBA
CopyAbility NZ Portal
Portal *
CopyAbility NZ TBA
This secret ability allows Kirby to use his Smash Moveset! A combo of Sword, Beam, Hammer, Stone, and more! TBA TBA This secret ability allows Kirby to summon things from other dimensions in his attacks as well as teleport across rooms! TBA
Super Abilities
CopyAbility NZ UltraSword
Ultra Sword
CopyAbility NZ GrandHammer
Grand Hammer
CopyAbility NZ TBA
CopyAbility NZ TBA
CopyAbility NZ HyperNova
This supersized version of the sword ability will just about cut through everything! Nothing stands in Kirby's way! Everything will stay down with this enlarging hammer! Flatten everything in your path and knock big stakes in! TBA TBA Use a hyper charged version of your vacuum sucking ability to suck in everything, no matter how huge!

New Kirby Ability Details

Here is information and moveset for all the new abilities introduced in this game.

Character Information

Safari Kirby

CopyAbility NZ Safari


Medusa Kirby

Medusa Kirby

CopyAbility NZ Medusa

Medusa Kirby is one of Kirby's new abilities in the game, giving him a hat of live snakes and a band that is a additional, gold and red striped snake. This ability gives Kirby the ability to petrify weak enemies similar to ice, create stone pillars underneath him that fall to the direction he faces, and allows him to attack with snakes, either through the snakes on his hat or through summoning on to nip at his opponents. This ability is weak to enemies or bosses with the Mirror ability.

Move Controls Description Element Damage
Snake Bite B Kirby leans forward with his hat, snapping at enemies with his snake hat as they bite into the opponent and deal some damage. Medusa 10
Petrify Stare Hold B Kirby's eyes light up in green, releasing a very short range laser that petrifies opponents into stone, which Kirby can send away by running into it. Medusa 20 (1st hit near), 13 (1st hit far, repeat hits near), 10 (repeat hits far)
Snake Summon Side + B Kirby summons a snake from his hand, which continuously bites at the opponent it latches onto. Medusa 7 per bite
Stone Pillar Up + B Kirby creates a stone pillar underneath him, which can do damage to opponents nearby, which then wobbles to the direction Kirby faces, dealing massive damage to any opponents that are under the falling pillar. Medusa 10 (creation), 25 (fall)
Snake Wrap B (near enemy) Kirby wraps his opponent in his hat snakes, and then slams them into the ground, knocking them away. Medusa 18
Snake Whip Side + B (Midair) Kirby summons a snake to whip at his opponent from a distance, biting his opponent at the very tip. Medusa 15, 20 at the tip
Stone Transformer Down + B (Midair) Kirby creates a long, diagonal downwards petrifying beam that transforms the opponent in a stone formation. Medusa 10 per second

Squid Kirby

CopyAbility NZ Squid


Robobot Modes

Robobot Modes
KPR Pause Fire Robobot artwork
KPR Pause Ice Robobot artwork
KPR Pause Spark Robobot artwork
KPR Pause Sword Robobot artwork
KPR Pause Stone Robobot artwork
Enhances the Robobot Armor with flame throwers that burn anything to ash! Enhances the Robobot Armor with freezing fans that can create ice shards! Enhances the Robobot Armor with chargeable plasma lasers to shoot enemies and electrify objects. Enhances the Robobor Armor with beam swords to slash through anything! Enhances the Robobot Armor with stone fists! Perform powerful combos, mech warrior!
The Robobot Armor scans a Galactic Nova to transform into a powerful Robobot Nova! Use your energy beam to defeat the final threat!

Chest Collectibles

Item Information
GreenChest NZ

Green Chest

Green Chests are bigger than Red Chests and are marked on maps. They contain items critical to Kirby's quest.
RedChest NZ

Red Chest

Red Chests are smaller and contain randomized items, ranging from Palette Sprays, Robobot Stickers, or food items and other auxiliary items. They will never give you a duplicate of something you already have and are rather plentiful.

Important Items

Item Information


Maps are used to show the routes of levels, laying out the routes and the paths to get to each room. Green Chests will be marked on maps as well, showing where important items are.

Phan Key

Phan Keys are used to unlock certain pathways on routes as well as open up extra routes. They are not fully necessary, as there are longer but secret routes to get to these rooms, but you will be asked to collect them and they will be marked on the map.

Palette Sprays

Palette Sprays
KirbyNovaZoo SprayPaint Avocado
KirbyNovaZoo SprayPaint Eggplant
KirbyNovaZoo SprayPaint Snow
KirbyNovaZoo SprayPaint Yellow
KirbyNovaZoo SprayPaint Switch
KirbyNovaZoo SprayPaint Orange
KirbyNovaZoo SprayPaint Banana
MarxNovaZoo SprayPaint Avocado
MarxNovaZoo SprayPaint CYMK
MarxNovaZoo SprayPaint Harlequin
MarxNovaZoo SprayPaint Pumpkin
MarxNovaZoo SprayPaint Fantendo
MarxNovaZoo SprayPaint LemonLime
MarxNovaZoo SprayPaint Soul
SusieNovaZoo SprayPaint Exa
SusieNovaZoo SprayPaint Parallel
SusieNovaZoo SprayPaint Gameboy
Game Boy
Chef Kawasaki
ChefKawaskiNZ Ash
ChefKawaskiNZ Nagoya
ChefKawaskiNZ Shiitake
KabulaNovaZoo SprayPaint Fallen
KabulaNovaZoo SprayPaint Ascended
KabulaNovaZoo SprayPaint COGS

Robobot Stickers

Robobot Stickers
KPR Sticker 1
Kirby Gear
KPR Sticker 2
Dedede Gear
KPR Sticker 3
Meta Knight Gear
KPR Sticker 4
Waddle Dee Gear
KPR Sticker 5
Robobot Gear
KPR Sticker 6
Comic Book Kirby
KPR Sticker 7
Comic Book
King Dedede
KPR Sticker 8
Comic Book
Meta Knight
KPR Sticker 10
Comic Book
Whispy Woods
KPR Sticker 11
Comic Book Kracko
KPR Sticker 12
Manga Kirby
KPR Sticker 13
Manga King Dedede
KPR Sticker 14
Manga Meta Knight
KPR Sticker 16
Manga Bonkers
KPR Sticker 18
Kirby Medal
KPR Sticker 19
King Dedede Medal
KPR Sticker 20
Meta Knight Medal
KPR Sticker 23
King Dedede Icon
KPR Sticker 24
Meta Knight Icon
KPR Sticker 25 NZ
Tool Icon

Auxiliary Items


These describe "routes" of levels, not necessarily worlds persay since all the levels have multiple exits into other "routes".

Route Information
Starfruit Sanctum This route goes around in a circle, presenting many routes for Kirby to go through. It is themed after the standard grassland theme that permeates many first worlds of Kirby, although it has a slight tropical theme to it, with clouds being in the shape of stars and palm trees instead of forest trees. Easily the easiest route to navigate. Many cells containing enemies can be seen embedded into the ground.
Ugli Updraft This route takes place at the top of the entire Nova's Zoo map and Kirby and friends will need to grab 5 Phankeys to get in. It is a very cloudy area, filled with various air-based enemies and bosses. Kabula joins Kirby on his quest when found.
Cookie Chaos TBA
Kiwi Knoll TBA
Elderberry Enclave TBA
Dragonfruit Draft TBA
Icecream Inn TBA
Nova Nursery Not really a route so much as it is the last levels of the game. This is where all the Galactic Novas are kept, usually asleep in their current state as new parts are scavenged across the galaxy as well. The place is heavily guarded and contains a couple of bosses.


Standard Enemies

Character Information

Waddle Dee

Waddle Dees are the simplest enemies in the game, not even attacking Kirby when he comes across his path, but rather just walking along gently.

Waddle Gii

Waddle Giis will run towards Kirby if they see him, attempting to attack him, but will knock themselves out once they hit Kirby with a single punch, flying back onto their back helplessly. Makes you feel bad for destroying them immediately afterwards...

Waddle Doo

CopyAbility NZ Beam
Waddle Doos act similar to Waddle Dees in that they do not actively hunt Kirby when they see him, although they will on occasion attack with a energy whip from their eye, almost incidental to what's going on.

Waddle Zuu

CopyAbility NZ Spark
Waddle Zuus act similar to Waddle Doos in that they do not actively hunt Kirby when they see him, although they will on occasion attack with a sparking energy shield around them, almost incidental to what's going on.
Slobba NZ


Slobbas do not move but they do stick out their tongue to try and grab Kirby or a Dream Ally to eat them. They always lick their lips before they stick out their tongue. Kirby can inhale them but they take way longer to suck up than most enemies due to their weight.
Globba NZ


CopyAbility NZ Poison
Globbas act pretty much the same as Slobbas except their tongue is toxic and they don't try to eat Kirby or a Dream Ally, just licking them to coat them in toxins. When Kirby inhales them, they give the Poison Ability.


CopyAbility NZ Medusa
Craikes run around aimlessly, but when they see Kirby, they charge up a eye laser that will turn poor Kirby into stone! They have a mysterious appearance as well... sucking them up will give Kirby the Medusa ability.


CopyAbility NZ Medusa
Slithuses slither across the ground, biting Kirby with their fangs if they see him. They can also hid inside holes as well as hide behind pillars to spring up on Kirby in a surprise attack.


CopyAbility NZ Spark
Zoos stay up in the air, requiring Kirby and his Dream Allies to take it to the sky to attack them. They defend themselves by shooting lightning from below or on occasion, a heavy raindrop.


CopyAbility NZ Water
Bloos act simarily to Zoos, but attack Kirby with a torrent of rain instead, which he can guard against using the Parasol ability. They also go up high when Kirby attempts to attack them, so taking them out will require skill and timing.


CopyAbility NZ Spark
Pluggs attack by jumping into the air, flipping upside-down and "plugging" itself into the ground, which shoots two, blue, short, electrical currents (that end with electrical balls) across the ground from each side.


Cruggs attack by jumping into the air and homing onto the nearest target, latching on with it's powerful crane pincer. They have to be attacked or shaken off to stop dealing damage to whatever their target is.


Jockstars ride atop of Wheelies, often riding rather recklessly, making very tight turns to try and run over the player, as well as performing a jump trick to reach the player in the air. They can be knocked off by taking out the Wheelie.


CopyAbility NZ Wheel
Wheelies speed towards Kirby, attempting to run over or ram into him at high speeds, turning around when they hit a wall. If a Wheelie is ridden by a Jockstar and the Jockstar is defeated, a heart will form over them and they will allow Kirby to ride them just like they did as a helper in Kirby Super Star.


Gabons throw bones at Kirby when they have their skull on, but if Kirby inhales it off, they run away.


CopyAbility NZ Cutter
Fishbones launches its head piece towards Kirby, like a cutting attack, and then grows a new head to replace it's old one. It can be found on land or in water.

Heat Phanphan

CopyAbility NZ Fire
Heat Phanphans sit idly around, flying upwards and landing near Kirby when they spot him, blowing a blast of flame from their trunks to attack him.

Wet Phanphan

CopyAbility NZ Water
Wet Phanphans sit idly around, flying upwards and landing near Kirby when they spot him, blasting a jet of water from their trunks to attack him.


Scarfy looks like a cute little enemy but when it senses Kirby, it turns into Mutant Scarfy that chases after Kirby with it's giant jaw and one eye. It's a airborne enemy but gets close to the ground when it chases Kirby.


Mariel is asleep until it senses Kirby nearby, in which it will awake and go after Kirby. Mariel is unique in the fact that it will give Kirby damage if he swallows the creature or gets touched by it.


Gordos either sit in the air or move around in a set line, being invincible to harm but also not actively trying to hurt Kirby, although their spikes will hurt Kirby.

Nee Hog

CopyAbility NZ Needle
Nee Hogs run around and ocassionally stop to poke out their needles, which can reflect projectiles off in this state.

Spee Hog

CopyAbility NZ Wheel
Spee Hogs are speedier versions of Nee Hogs, and turn into a spiky wheel to pursue Kirby when they see him.


CopyAbility NZ Stone
Golems are usually found dormant, but awaken and attempt to attack Kirby when he passes by them. Golems attack by jumping in the air and attempting to crush Kirby underneath them.

Igloo Golem

CopyAbility NZ Ice
Like their normal variant, the Igloo Golem is found dormant and attack Kirby when they awaken. The Igloo Golem slides across the floor at a fast pace, sometimes leaving a spiky trail of ice behind them.


Bouncys do what their names imply and bounce around, often hopping towards Kirby or just in place.

Ice Scream

CopyAbility NZ Dessert
Ice Screams bob up and down before throwing their head at Kirby to try and deal damage to him. They give the Dessert Ability when sucked up by Kirby.


Blippers are weak enemies that can be found underwater- sometimes swimming in a set pattern or jumping out of the water, or straight up chasing Kirby. They can be defeated with a air bullet underwater or a standard attack.


Character Information


CopyAbility NZ Hammer
Bonkers is a giant ape-like being that uses a hammer and explosive coconuts to attack. He can spin around his hammer on the ground or the air to quickly cover the fighting area. He has gained the new ability to throw his hammer and enlarge it to squish the player underneath it if they don't get out of the way in time. When defeated and inhaled, it gives Kirby the Hammer Ability.


CopyAbility NZ Parasol
Jumpershoot is a umbrella-like being that stands on one foot on top of a greta sole. It attacks by spinning it's umbrella as it dashes forward, and sometimes propelling itself into the air while one of it's targets is underneath them. It can also fire off it's Greta shoe, which can be sucked up and used to spit out as a Star Spit. When defeated and inhaled, it gives Kirby the Parasol Ability.


CopyAbility NZ Safari
Cagney is a cage sent by Kit that wants to capture Kirby and his Dream Allies. Cagney can jump and stomp on the ground but also open it's bars to attack Kirby inside of it, as well as prevent him from attacking until Kirby escapes. Cagney can also attack using vines. Cagney can sometimes be seen with a treasure chest inside, of which the player will gain access to after he is defeated. When defeated and inhaled, it gives Kirby the Safari Ability.


CopyAbility NZ Artist
Vividria is artistic mini-boss that uses paint to attack and can float around to get to airborne targets. She has a variety of ways to use the brush, such as flicking it to create close-range projectiles or hanging upside down to shower it onto her opponents. She can also paint various items such as parachuting bombs or a buzzsaw. When defeated and inhaled, she gives Kirby the Artist Ability.


CopyAbility NZ Poison
Glippy is a hard stone-like mini-boss that bumps into Kirby and attempts to lick him, putting toxins all over Kirby. If he is successful at sucking in Kirby, he immediately spits him out in a toxic pool. Glippy is a very clumsy boss, often falling over and dealing damage to Kirby if Kirby is near his trip. Glippy isn't super hard but his attacks can be hard to predict. When defeated and inhaled, he gives Kirby the Poison Ability.

Poppy Sis

CopyAbility NZ Bomb
Poppy Sis is a crazy woman with bombs, laying them around the battlefield as she fights. Kirby must avoid being a sitting duck when they go off or suck them up and blast them at Poppy Sis. Poppy Sis may also twirl to attack Kirby or use a giant bell and trap him in it as she rattles it, hitting him numerous times with it. When defeated and inhaled, she gives Kirby the Bomb Ability.
Braeburn and Anne

Braeburn and Anne

CopyAbility NZ Dessert
Braeburn and Anne are a apple and worm that work together in their fight. Braeburn uses his brute strength to attack, tossing fattening apples at his opponents while Anne zips around quickly to attack opponents. They work in conjunction, with Anne attacking quickly when opponents are fattened and Braeburn charges up charge attacks. Kirby and his allies must quickly work off the weight or get completely demolished! When defeated and inhaled, they give Kirby the Dessert Ability.


Character Information

Zappy Woods

CopyAbility NZ HyperNova
Zappy Woods is a large tree inside of the Nova Zoo that is found in Starfruit Sanctum. Zappy appears to be mostly a electricity themed Whispy Woods, dropping electrified lemons and sending out a giant electrifying bolt from his mouth. When he has half of his health, he drops a Miracle Fruit- huge mistake as that gives Kirby his Hypernova Power and allows him to suck him in, uprooting him from the ground. That's where the REAL first boss comes in.

Mr. Centi

CopyAbility NZ Beetle
Mr. Centi is the real first boss, his home being pulled out by Zappy Woods' roots, which were uprooted when Kirby sucked him in. Mr. Centi has quite the range, using his many hands to punch Kirby with as well as moving quickly with his many legs. He will occasionally summon a Beetley to attack Kirby with, as well as attacking with his horn. He is quite surprisingly a melee-focused boss, although his interesting body shape allows Kirby to ride on his leg segments and attack his torso for his weakspot before being punched away. When defeated, he gives Kirby the Beetle ability.
Da RoachNZ

Da Roach

CopyAbility NZ Bomb
Da Roach is Daroach, although enhanced by Sectonia's magic book which he was attempting to use to make himself look more like a master of thieves, although it twisted him into looking like a roach. Da Roach has grown irritable and attacks Kirby pretty quickly, attacking with him with a flurry of Bombs, which Kirby can suck up to get the Bomb Ability. Da Roach also attacks with his scepter, using ice and fire attacks against Kirby. When half of his health is gone, he coats the entire room in ice and teleports around the room, making it hard to attack him. Occasionally he will pause to attack Kirby with bombs, which will give Kirby a window to attack him. After being defeated, the magic from Sectonia's book washes off from him, reverting to him back to normal. Daroach will then give Kirby a Green Chest containing Sectonia's magic book.

Nostalgic Meta Knight

CopyAbility NZ SwordCopyAbility NZ UltraSword
Created from Kirby's memories, Nostalgic Meta Knight isn't the real Meta Knight- far from it. He fights Kirby in the Cookie Chaos Route should the player take the up path as opposed to the down path, where the player will fight Lance Doo instead. His fight hearkens to his original battles, with Nostalgic Mega Knight sitting on a perch and a sword embedded into the ground, of which Kirby can pick up and use. Nostalgic Meta Knight begins his first phase like the original Meta Knight fight from Kirby's Adventure, attacking with his sword and charging into Kirby, as well blocking his attacks. Once half of his goes away, he begins to enlarge his sword and slashes at half of the screen, creating rainbow stars that Kirby can suck up to obtain the Ultra Sword ability to challenge Nostalgic Meta Knight, breaking through his defenses and having a giant sword battle. Once defeated, Nostalgic Meta Knight breaks away in a pile of photographs and gets swept away.
LanceDoo NZ

Lance Doo

CopyAbility NZ SwordCopyAbility NZ UltraSword
Lance Doo is one of King Dedede's lackeys, who is a red Waddle Doo with a giant lance. He fights Kirby in the Cookie Chaos Route should the player take the down path as opposed to the up path, where the player will fight Nostalgic Meta Knight instead. He begins his battle by fumbling around for a bit with his bigger lance before swinging it wildly and quickly at Kirby, and then dashing with a super sized slash. He then trips onto the ground, allowing Kirby to attack him before repeating his wild slashes and his dash slash. When half of his health is gone, Lance fires a beam whip from his eye and wraps it around the sword, slashing with Beam Energy. He also does jumping slashes, meaning that the air is no longer safe from his attacks. At his last bit of health, Lance Doo summons a Super Blade Knight to help him, but Kirby can inhale it to finish Lance Doo off.

Zellen Harley Quimbleson

CopyAbility NZ Portal
A secret boss that can be found in Cookie Chaos behind a crack that needs to be blown up with the bomb ability. Zellen hails from another universe and finds her new form in this universe irritating, blaming Kirby for her new appearance. Zellen attacks by using her Angel Blades to swing across the room like the Cutter Ability and uses portals to summon various items like a Mad Piano, a laser from the Punch Dimension, or even some miniature versions of Sphere Doomers. When half of her health is gone, she attacks using two portals to create powerful streams of fire and ice to close Kirby into the center of the room and attempt to cut him up with the Angel Blades, before going back to the ground to summon a bunch of dangerous crystals as well as black tentacle tendrils that can grab Kirby and poison him. Zellen will then attempt to blast Kirby with a bunch of orbs of light. When defeated, Zellen lays on the ground and Kirby can inhale her for the secret Portal ability.

Dark Fairy Queen

CopyAbility NZ Spark
Found in Kiwi Knoll, the Dark Fairy Queen is a possessed version of the Fairy Queen. The Dark Fairy Queen seems to recongize Kirby, moving like a puppet clumsily around to try and attack him weakly. Sparks then shoot out of her body to bounce around the room and she floats to the center to attack Kirby with a bunch of thunder bolts. She then forms a bunch of black orbs that attack Kirby, which split into six homing orbs. Should Kirby get her health down to half, she attacks with a giant black lightning attack, which bounces across the room quickly. She then forms a halo over head, attempting to use it as a cutting projectile as Kirby as her mouth opens to reveal a green tail with a bunch of thorns. Touching the thorns will damage Kirby but it also serves as her weak spot. When defeated, black energy dispels off her and she looks relatively normal, thanking Kirby for defeating the darkness inside of her.

Nostalgic King Dedede

CopyAbility NZ HammerCopyAbility NZ GrandHammer
Found in Elderberry Enclave's upper route, Nostalgic King Dedede is created from Kirby's memories of King Dedede. His fight hearkens to his original boxing arena battle, attacking by trying to tackle Kirby, by walking up to him and swinging his hammer, and by jumping at him. He can also try to inhale Kirby; if this succeeds King Dedede will spit him out against the wall. When half of his health is gone, his Hammer doubles in sizes, creating shockwaves and sending out a miniature Super Bonkers to take care of Kirby, of which Kirby can suck up to obtain the Grand Hammer Ability and smoosh this fake Dedede flat. When defeated, Nostalgic King Dedede turns into a bunch of photographs which get swept away.

Silver Zin

A secret boss that can be found in Dragonfruit Draft, hidden behind a burning wall that needs to be taken out with a water-based ability. Silver Zin glances around and looks at Kirby, unsure of what to do as he looks at his brand new form in this dimension, before challenging Kirby to a fight. Silver uses the Mind Weaver to create growing dark shockwaves before unleashing shadowy attacks across the ground. Silver is very hard to hit due to his teleporting and using his cape to teleport and block attacks. In his second phase, Silver can throw Kirby telekinetically when he grabs him, and use his pendelum to put Kirby to sleep and attack him with a flurry violet flames. When defeated, Silver slams into the ground and Kirby can inhale him for the secret Void ability.

Shackled Pon and Con

Found in Dragonfruit Draft, Pon and Con are shackled together using a huge pair of cuffs, having just escaped from Dr. Phan's lab and are somewhat delirious as a result- they were apparently nearly transformed into a horrible fused creation by the Sly Splicer. Pon and Con attack by going up and down a bunch of floors, although they are close together due to the shackle. Pon throws bombs on the floors to go off for Kirby, while Con attacks Kirby with melee attacks. They also occasionally spin around wildly, quickly trying to catch up to Kirby. In their second phase when their health is halfway through, they attack using small raccoon and foxes that twirl around in their own pair of cuffs while attempting to drop bombs on Kirby. Kirby can suck them up to shoot them back at Pon and Con. When defeated, the cuffs break, freeing Pon and Con from their chains. The two thank Kirby and go on their merry way.

Sly Splicer

Found in Icecream Inn, the Sly Splicer is a machine created to splice various creatures together to make them stronger- as well as being able to summon ones from it's database. The Sly Splicer doesn't attack Kirby head on, but summons fused together mini-bosses to take on Kirby.

Each mini-boss will take 1/3 of the Sly Splicer's life bar, before it finally attacks Kirby itself, using it's spears to attempt to attack Kirby with fused fire/ice attacks or creating pillars of squids and stones. Once defeated, the Sly Splicer falls apart with a tear in it's eye not unlike Whispy Woods and it's variants. From the wreckage, Kirby can obtain the red crystal, the only one left hanging off it's body and take it with him.

Mr. Hornfrost

CopyAbility NZ IceCopyAbility NZ Beetle
Mr. Hornfrost mainly charges into Kirby and throwing blocks of ice at him, as well as using it's powerful horns to attack Kirby. Mr. Hornfrost can also charge into the wall and get stuck in it, allowing Kirby to attack him. Mr. Hornfrost will also rarely thrust it's horns in a stabbing motion repeatedly in a attempt to attack Kirby multiple times.


CopyAbility NZ Fire
Bataboxer flies around the arena, spewing out fireballs to try and hurt Kirby with, although these can be inhaled for the fire ability. Bataboxer may also try to hurt Kirby by wrapping it's wings around Kirby and suplexing him. Bataboxer can also charge up two red star projectiles to hurl towards Kirby, which Kirby can inhale and spit out at Bataboxer. Bataboxer is usually flying at full health, but when it gets lower it attempts to attack Kirby physically with mixed results on Bataboxer's end since it's boxer-like ears are no longer present.

Rolling Dragon

CopyAbility NZ WheelCopyAbility NZ Ice
Rolling Dragon attacks with it's frosty breath and iciciles, as well as rolling into it's shell to slippery slide across the floor in a attempt to attack Kirby. Sometimes it will go on it's side to rev up just like a wheel and spin fast towards Kirby in a devastating attack move.

Kit Skatch

Kit Skatch

CopyAbility NZ Safari
Found at the start of Nova Nursery, Kit is one of the Zookeepers, who has the job to keep Kirby and the gang inside the Nova Zoo. She is finally frustrated with Kirby enough to take him on herself instead of sending mini-bosses after him. She attacks with her claws primarily in her first battle, spinning around and doing cartwheels to move around the battlefield quickly, sometimes going into the background to launch kitty-themed missiles at Kirby. In her second phase, she grows two whips out of vines and starts to try attack Kirby from a longer range, as well as climbing up the walls to pounce on him. When defeated, Kit Skatch will shake her head and decide to join Kirby as a Dream Ally.

Dr. Phan

Found at the end of Nova Nursery, Dr. Phan is the owner of the Nova Zoo and the lead scientist of the place, wanting to create the ultimate lifeform to speed up natural selection so the strongest that survive can flourish. Dr. Phan in his form is somewhat weak, doing weak punches as he attempts to throw flasks at Kirby, which Kirby can inhale to get the Dessert and Squid abilities. His second form is considerable more difficult as he grows huge black and white muscles with red eyes over them, doing sweeping punches and twirling around staffs to launch super powerful, lighting-based punches. He can also open his stomach up to attack Kirby with some orange spheres. Once defeated, Dr. Phan grabs the Red Crystal from Kirby that he took from Sly Splicer with the help of Moses, and overwrites the creature inside the crystal with his new creation... which he then activates.

Incubation Chamber
010 (Phase 1)

The Incubation Chamber appears out from the Red Crystal and shoves Dr. Phan aside as it spins throughout the room, it's spikes able to harm Kirby. It can spin very fast to resemble a tornado, sometimes shooting lightning when it's going that fast. Kirby must avoid getting sucked up into it while still trying to damage it. It's a fairly simple boss that when defeated, cracks open to reveal the thing inside...

010 (Phase 2)

The Incubation Chamber cracks open to reveal Orbitt, the creation of Dr. Phan, the ultimate lifeform. A fusion of Kirby's DNA and DNA from Dark Matter has created a unstoppable force of darkness and Kirby and his allies use the Robobot Armor to scan a Galactic Nova to take it to space to try and stop this demented creature. As the fight starts, Kirby's lost cake is finally seen, but Orbitt sucks it in to eat it as it breaks off from the Nova Zoo and heads to space.

In the Robobot Nova, Kirby will have to shield against this creatures' attacks, which can range from galactic fire, huge bomb, sizzling black lightning, a cutting galaxy-sized boomerang, and a giant ray of beams. Orbitt will take massive damage from the Robobot Nova's laser, which needs to be charged by absorbing projectiles through it's shields. After taking enough damage, Orbitt will charge up a laser of it's own to pierce through the Galactic Nova and suck in the people inside.


Orbitt Heart
010 (Phase 3)

Orbitt sucks up everyone inside the Robobot Nova as it destroys it, with everyone now inside of Orbitt's stomach. The Heart, if you can even call this sphere thing that, will attack by shooting explosive charges and is invincible to damage until it exposes it's thorny tail to try and attack Kirby and his allies with it, launching thorns. Thing is, that is it's weakpoint! Attack it when it's up and you can deal damage to Orbitt. When half of Orbitt's Heart is drained, the place heaves and begins to spawn in Craikes as the explosive charges get bigger and faster. Strike the tail some more while trying to dodge all the craziness Orbitt's Heart attempts to throw at you.

With it's last bit of health still remaining, Orbitt releases Kirby and the gang into space and attempts to escape. Use the Hypernova ability it drops to suck Orbitt in and then launch him into the Nova Zoo, where the whole place explodes on impact with it's creation. The Robobot Armor floats over to Kirby and his allies with a Warp Star, waving goodbye as Kirby once again departs with it.

EX Bosses

Character Information

Zappy Woods EX

CopyAbility NZ Spark
Zappy Woods EX is unique in that he is much more of a actual fight now. Since he no longer drops the Miracle Fruit when his health is half down (he ain't making that mistake again!) he actually has a second phase now, where he shoots green lighting from his head of leaves, as well as spitting out lightning bolts in faster but shorter and arced shots from his mouth. The first phase is generally unchanged except it is a bit faster and his lightning attack from his mouth is wider.

Mr. Centi EX

CopyAbility NZ Beetle
Mr. Centi EX has a couple new tricks up his sleeve; namely his horn attack has increased damage now and his leg segments now have spikes that will harm the player should they try and stand on them like in his original fight. He also has a new move where he can split off his segments into two and have them stack up into two pillars, only giving Kirby a tiny safe area when the pillars collapse onto the Arena floor.
Da RoachEXNZ

Da Roach EX

CopyAbility NZ Bomb
Da Roach EX begins his fight by scurrying into the arena, attack with bombs and his scepter that can shoot fire and ice beams. He will occasionally bring up pillars of fire to try and attack Kirby, and is generally more aggressive overall in his first phase. During his second phase, he will coat half of the arena in ice and the other in firey vents that blast out lava at timed moments. He also uses his scepter to attack with larger ice and fire attacks, backing up during his attacks so Kirby can't attack from behind. He also teleports more often, and does not stop nearly as long when he is attacking with bombs like in his original fight.

Nostalgic Meta Knight EX

CopyAbility NZ Sword
Nostalgic Meta Knight EX stands on a pillar in the center of the stage as a bunch of red butterflies exit from the arena upon Kirby's arrival. He then destroys the pillar, creating a bunch of bouncing rock projectiles that split off while he flies over Kirby. As soon as the projectiles disappear, Nostalgic Meta Knight EX attacks Kirby with his sword, being more damaging and doing more blocking, requiring Kirby to get behind him to attack. He has a new second stage of attacks when his health is down to half- he begins his second phase by transforming into a red tornado and moving across the stage at a increasing speed before stopping and teleporting around the arena, sometimes teleporting behind Kirby to try and get in a strike. He will then light his sword on fire to try and attack Kirby with a bunch of flaming shockwaves. Once defeated, Nostalgic Meta Knight EX breaks away in a pile of photographs which burn away.
LanceDooEX NZ

Lance Doo EX

CopyAbility NZ Sword
Lance Doo's rematch gives him a more advanced Lance that has a flame capability to it, able to sear Kirby with his slashes and he is generally more competent and quicker in his first phase, lacking some of the unpreparedness of his original first fight. Lance Doo has a new slash move that allows him to do many slashes while moving forward, although he can briefly get stuck into a wall this way. In his phase 2, things go much the same way with some strengthed attacks as well as quicker movement to his fight overall, although he doesn't summon a Super Blade Knight to help him, but rather spits out a wall of flames from his lance. Once defeated, Lance Doo EX will set his lance into the ground and kneel to Kirby.

Dark Fairy Queen EX

CopyAbility NZ Spark
Dark Fairy Queen's rematch makes her movements even more erratic and uncontrolled, with teleporting and summoning of small Dark Matter-like creatures to shoot at Kirby with white laser attacks in addition to her bouncing thunder projectiles. In her new phase 2, Dark Fairy Queen's stomach opens to reveal the thorn while she shocks the battle field to make it three smallish platforms instead, with dark energy flowing in between the gaps. Kirby needs to watch out for this dark energy and attack the weak spot to defeat her. When she is defeated, the Dark Fairy Queen screams as she is reduced to nothing but a white orb with her original personality, being whisked away into space.

Nostalgic King Dedede EX

CopyAbility NZ Hammer
Nostalgic King Dedede's rematch makes first phase faster and gives him a swinging hammer move similar to Masked Dedede from Kirby Super Star Ultra. In his new second phase, he explodes into three blobs of goo, which reforms into three smaller clones that attack simultaneously. Each clone has less health than the original, but has increased strength; attacking one will effect the whole life bar. On the last 1/4th of health, Nostalgic King Dedede EX mans a laser cannon that slides across the room, in which Kirby needs to deflect a bomb back to fully destroy Nostalgic King Dedede EX. Nostalgic King Dedede EX turns into a bunch of photographs that burn away upon defeat.

Pon and Con EX

Pon and Con's rematch is generally a faster version of their original fight, with a couple new differences. Pon drops much bigger bombs in the first phase, sometimes with a different element attached to it, with these bombs having a bigger radius. Con tosses sakura-petal ninja stars at Kirby when far away, although Con will try and get close to Kirby to attack him. In their second phase, Pon and Con release a swarm of Wheelies and Jockstars to try and attack Kirby instead of their forest friends and spin around with the shackle rapidly, bouncing from floor to floor quickly. When defeated, the shackle breaks and Pon and Con give Kirby a random food item to heal from.

Sly Splicer EX

Sly Splicer's rematch sees his fight go much the same way: summoning the fused mini-bosses to attack Kirby. Sly Splicer will attempt to attack Kirby in between summons now with his fork and knife based spears, but each boss will take 1/4 of his health off. When all have been defeated, he attacks Kirby directly using his spears as well as some fused attacks like a cake bomb or a glass snake. When defeated, the purple crystal hangs off and gets teleported away.
Mr. Hornfrost EX

CopyAbility NZ IceCopyAbility NZ Beetle
Mr. Hornfrost EX is primarily faster, although he has a new attack where he spins around with two ice blocks circling around him, with his horns damaging Kirby. He also no longer gets himself stuck in the wall during a failed charge, so he has less windows to attack him.

Bataboxer EX

CopyAbility NZ Fire
Bataboxer EX is a reversed version of his original fight, trying to attack Kirby with more physical attacks before flying and playing more defense by covering itself with its wings to block attacks from Kirby. His attacks are generally quicker and faster than the original attacks from his first fight.

Rolling Dragon EX

CopyAbility NZ WheelCopyAbility NZ Ice
Rolling Dragon EX becomes a wheel more often, and a much faster speed than his original encounter, getting bigger with the more damage he takes. He is generally unchanged from his original fight except for one new attack where he can summon turtles to bite at Kirby.


Star Knight

Star Knight is a secret boss that first appears in the True Arena, appearing at the end prior to Orbitt EX. Star Knight comes from a time portal, brandishing his sword and spreading his crystal wings. In his first phase, Star Knight attacks with his sword, which begins with three quick strikes before Star Knight makes his sword super big and does three giant cutting slashes. He then teleports across the stage. Star Knight will also generate silver stars with his hands that he flings across the arena, which bounces around. In his second phase, Star Knight generates horizontal thorn pillars while slashing away, teleporting when the player begins to try and attack him too much. Star Knight will also rain down silver stars to attack the player. After being defeated, Star Knight will be sealed away in a crystal and sent away through a spacial portal.



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  • Meta Knight and King Dedede do not formally appear in this installment, due to missing the antagonist abducting Kirby while they were napping, a inversion of what usually happens at the start of most traditional Kirby games. They only appear in the opening and ending of the main adventure.
    • Bandana Dee does not appear at all, a odd note considering his increasing role in the past set of Kirby games.
    • This was likely done to focus on more minor characters who only had one major role, or maybe not much of one at all.
  • Waddle Zuus come from a idea during development- Waddle Doos actually were marked with the Spark Ability as opposed to their classic Beam Ability. When their art was done and the Beam Ability was added to the game, Waddle Zuus spawned off from this oddity in development.
  • Many references to Dark Matter appear in the game prior to Orbitt's grand reveal in it.
    • The game's title, when abbreviated to K:NZ, has the letters NZ in it. N-Z is a enemy that appears in Kirby 64, being linked to Dark Matter.
    • The enemy Craike resembles Zero's appearance from Kirby Dream Land 3.
    • All bosses have a set of three zeroes despite there only being around 12 bosses.
    • The Red Chest has a very faint illustration of Zero on the very top left.
    • The Green Chest has a black, shut eye that has three lines going down the center of it.
    • Dark Fairy Queen is obviously possessed by Dark Matter and features the same tail weakpoint as Orbitt.
    • While Orbitt's Incubation Chamber features the most prominent reference to Nightmare, the frame around it vaguely resembles 02 with it's wide wings and it's prominent black and red eye.
  • Star Knight is HEAVILY implied to be a future version of Kirby, seeing as he comes out from a time portal with time-based patterns being seen in the background of the portal. Additionally, he uses deeper versions of Kirby's sound effects and uses a silver version of Star Spits generated from his palms.
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