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Kirby King of Dreamland 3DS File
3DS Cover Art
Developer(s) DF Studios
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS Logo
Genre(s) Adventure, 2.5D Sidescroller, 3D Sidescroller
Series Kirby Series: Dreamland Sub-Series
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Media Included 3DS Card

Kirby: King of Dreamland is a new Kirby game for the Nintendo 3DS . It is a distant sequel to the Dreamland Series.


The game starts out with a Cutscene from a patch of empty space however upon analysis of the star arrangment it is where the cluster of Dark Matters once were. Suddenly the area lights up and creates an orb of light, however this orb quickly starts to shake and turns from Cream to Indigo in a matter of seconds than crunches in on itself creating a Black Hole. Meanwhile on Pop Star King Dedede is looking through a Telescope and sees this and is alarmed by the danger it possess to Pop Star. King Dedede leaves his Castle on his way to go see Kirby however is attacked by a mysterious Black Orb which carries King Dedede away.

The camera cuts to Kirby sleeping under a peaceful Whispy Woods, he is awoken however by the Whispy Woods who disappears, Kirby wakes up and sees the Dark Orb and hops back to avoid it snatching up Kirby. It then flees and Kirby starts to follow it however looks up at the sky and realizes that Pop Star is in orbit of the Black Hole as well as a variety of Asteroids. Kirby then travels to King Dedede's Castle were Bandana Dee is knocked out infront of a portal. This brings the game to the Main Menu were Kirby can enter the portal to access the first level.

After traversing past multiple desert stages and a few Mini-Bosses (Efreeti & Salcorox) Kirby arrives at a giant Sand Structure and enters. Inside he sees large arches protruding out of the ground, suddenly an Ominous, Dark orb appears, it dives into the ground just as Kirby begins to aproach it, Kirby then halts as the ground begins to shake, he then watches as the archs behind him come to life and slither under the sand, before the giant Sand Dragon, Draglister launches out of the ground, flying around the room the serpent breaks open several holes in the walls.

Throughout the battle, Kirby inadvertantly forces Draglister to destroy parts of the arena and by the time Kirby defeats Draglister the Dark Orb leaves the creature and flees while Kirby is about to chase after it before seeing a small orb burst out of Draglister's head, using telepathy Draglister explains that if Kirby wants to defeat the Dark Orb he would need to collect the 7 gems, Kirby takes the gem and then stops abruptly, he hears the crumbling of the room and flees. Kirby arrives at a small desert outpost and a portal appears taking Kirby back to Dedede's Castle, Bandana Dee directs Kirby to another portal which opened to an Arctic Region of Pop Star.

Kirby heads through and on arrival sees many creatures running away from the East, Kirby assuming that the cause is the Dark Orb runs this way in hopes of finding the creature. Kirby travels along the Arctic region however after facing one of the Mini-Bosses (Apicorn) he enters a tunnel and arrives out of the other side into a Tropical Jungle region with giant trees looming over him. A great roar is heard from within the dense jungle and Kirby heads into the Jungle to investigate. After fighting two more Mini-Bosses (Mr. Frosty & Jungclops) having also traversed an ancient Temple to get to the third Mini-Boss, Kirby arrives at an opening and sees Whispy Woods who greets Kirby cheerfully, however seems very concerned as though a monster is nearby. Kirby turns around and sees the Dark Orb again, Whispy Woods attacks the Dark Orb with his fruit and Air Puffs but the Orb avoids Whispy's attacks and launches itself inside the mighty Tree, transforming it into a hybrid between Pine and Palm trees. The posessed Whispy Woods attacks Kirby with a variety of new attacks as well as its old ones due to the new form it has taken. 

After knocking Whispy Woods out, Kirby watches as the Dark Orb releases from Whispy Woods and flees, Kirby begins to chase the Dark Orb however Whispy explains how there are more urgent matters which seek their attention. Kirby then begins to glow as the Gem Draglister gave Kirby begins to react with the one inside of Whispy. Whispy realizes Kirby's quest and gives Kirby the second Gem and takes Kirby back to Dedede's Castle. Here Whispy thanks Kirby staying in the Garden in the Portal Room. Whispy also notices a new portal which Whispy indicates is most likely where Dark Orb has traveled and that an old friend of Whispy Woods, Vultcrag once lived. Whispy tells Kirby to seek Vultcrag's wisdom on the location of King Dedede and the source of the Dark Orbs.

Kirby heads to the ravage-lands at the end of the portal, upon arriving he sees the land is very dark and barren of flora a contrast to the vibrant life of the Jungle from before. The torn up ground and mountains in the distance devoid of life. Kirby suddenly hears a screech in the distance and heads towards the sound. Along the way he encounters a Poppy Bros. Sr. who has been knocked out, Poppy gets up however it is evident from his eyes and evil grin that the Dark Orb was within him. Kirby defeats Poppy Bros. Sr. forcing the Dark Orb to leave Poppy Bros. Sr. looking for new prey. Kirby (using hand gestures) asks where Vultcrag is and Poppy Bros. Sr. directs Kirby to a giant mountain lacking in vegetation which had an ominous purple hue to it. Kirby thanks Poppy Bros. Sr. and continues on his way fighting two more Mini-Bosses (Porky Pin & Armongoose). Eventually reaching the pinnacle of the mountain, Kirby sees Vultcrag tearing up the ground and chucking any creature which approaches it off the mountain. Kirby sees behind it a gleaming nest full of shiny objects. Kirby decides to approach Vultcrag however the giant Vulture notices Kirby and begins its rampage on Kirby. Attacking with determination, aerial tactics and crushing power, Vultcrag proves to be a serious threat, however Kirby eventually emerges victorious, forcing the Dark Orb within Vultcrag to launch itself away. Kirby stands hesitantly as he is unsure if Vultcrag will attack again, however Vultcrag calms down and thanks Kirby for freeing her. Kirby then shows Vultcrag the two gems he obtained before and Vultcrag understands Kirby's quest and gives Kirby her gem. She explains to Kirby that the King had been taken somewhere to the East of the ravage-lands. Kirby then heads through a portal in Vultcrag's nest bidding her farwell. 

Kirby returning finds a Portal on the east side of the courtyard has opened up. Whispy explains how through the new portal a wise fish might be able to tell Kirby more about the disturbances occuring. Kirby travels through the portal and arrives in a Kingdom of Fish. After reaching the palace room Kirby sees the ruler who with a weakened voice asks that Kirby go look for a Crab which crawled inside him and rid him of the parasite, in return he will provide the information Whispy mentioned when he has recovered. Kirby wanders around the various internal organs of King Karp finding Water Galboros which had survived digestion, a trickster in a box and a furious Whale-hunting Whale (Water Galboros, Mr. Mirror and Mobahab). Eventually reaching King Karp's heart which is in bad condition due to the Parasitic Crab. The creature senses Kirby's presence and attacks with aquatic forces and electrical prowess. However Kirby proves to be too much for the Parasite and the Crab falls causing the Dark Orb within it to leave and phase through King Karp to escape. Kirby picks up the Crab now returned to regular form and upon returning King Karp thanks Kirby and explains to Kirby that the Crab was once his loyal advisor and childhood friend, King Karp then notices something glowing attached to the Crab's back and Kirby takes it off realising it is another Gem. King Karp thanks Kirby for his service and tells Kirby that Crablisate will eventually recover. King Karp goes on to say that the Dark Orbs seem to be made of intense hatred and evil, something which could not normally be manifested by a single being. He goes onto explain that the Black Hole Pop Star is orbiting is likely a by-product of the being's creation and if Kirby wants to free Pop Star from its demise then he must collect the remaining Gems so he can summon the Grand Warp Star. 

Kirby travels back to the courtyard and Whispy Woods explains how he will protect the gems for Kirby which will let Kirby focus on finding the other ones. Whispy also notes that a new portal has opened however this one is different to the others as the Portal is on the Dark Side of Pop Star and seems to have physically merged with the Castle (unlike the other portals which merely appeared the fifth portal has parts of it seeping into Dedede's Castle and part of the castle seeping into the other side). Whispy believes that Kirby will find Dedede on the other side of the Portal. Kirby travels through however upon arriving he looks around and sees the land he has arrived in is twisted and corrupted, far from the colourful lands on the top-side fo Pop Star. Kirby travels through this Nightmare of a land battling creatures from the deep (Monstary and Terrawoe), Kirby finally arrives at a mysterious building and enters to find many things from Dedede's Castle have landed here, Kirby investigates and encounters an old foe (Bonkers). After escaping the bizarre building Kirby travels into a run-down castle which appears to have been abandoned for years, after travelling through a subterranean entrance and the gallows Kirby finally reaches the King's Chambers, finding someone asleep within. Carefully Kirby tip-toes towards the sleeping figure however the creature rises up and lets out a mighty yawn and looks at Kirby and then growls and lets out a roar as it attacks, the creature shrugs of its cloaks revealing to be Were Dedede. Were Dedede attacks with the furosity of King Dedede and without a hammer he uses his morphable arms and extreme speed to crush Kirby, however Kirby defeats Were Dedede and oddly anticipating a Dark Orb to float out, Were Dedede simply reverts back to his regular Kingly form. Kirby looks to see where the Dark Orb was supposed to be however King Dedede looks around confused then feels his pocket pulling out another Gem, Kirby's face lights up and attempts to grab the gem off of Dedede who initially stops Kirby however after seeing that Kirby is serious about the necessity for the gem, King Dedede willingly gives it up, a portal opens back to the Castle and Kirby and Dedede had back through.

When Kirby and Dedede arrive back at the castle, Dedede is completely decimated by the sight of his castle. Angrily he grabs his hammer and starts hitting the portals but to no avail getting tired and goes to take a sleep, however just as he turns around he looks over at one of the blank walls and hits it revealing an invisible Portal, astonished by this he pokes it and suddenly a bright flash of light blasts from the portal and it becomes fully visible, Dedede however was knocked out by the blast. Whispy notes that the otherside of the portal is a place he has never seen before. Kirby seeing no other option travels into the portal and arrives in an industrial enviroment with many mines and a city in the distance. After passing through the City (Grand Wheelie), Mining Pits (Gigant Edge) and even an excavated Tomb (Pharazin), Kirby discovers a small group of moles huddling behind some rubble. They notice Kirby and ask him what he was doing here, they continue explaining that their King, The Grand Mole has become corrupted and fled to the Alpha Mining Site. Kirby sees no other option and believing that Grand Mole is posessed by the Dark Orb goes to investigate. Upon arriving Kirby finds Grand Mole, fully electrified having become Shock Mole. Enraged by Kikrby's presence, Shock Mole attacks with lightning fast attacks, subterranean power and his giant Kirby-busting Claws. Though through sheer exhaustion Kirby is able to defeat Shock Mole and the Dark Orb within flees while Shock Mole reverts to Grand Mole. Grand Mole thanks Kirby explaining that the Dark Orb had promised the Grand Mole great wealth and prosperity for his people however he was tricked and the Dark Orb posessed him. Suddenly King Dedede appears with his Hammer raised to attack however stops when he arrives realising Kirby and Grand Mole aren't fighting. King Dedede explains to Grand Mole about the Black Hole and the Grand Warp Star, Grand Mole understanding gives Kirby his gem. He also tells Kirby that the last gem is found in the skies with Kracko, the strongest of the Gem Holders. Grand Mole continues explaining how Kracko should be able to avoid being posessed by the Dark Orb, Kirby and Dedede then travel back to the castle. 

Kirby finds a new Portal has appeared on the ceiling, Whispy tells Kirby that Kracko lives in the Storms that eminate from the portal and that it would likely be where the last Gem was hidden. Kirby travels through to find, surprisingly that the clouds could support him. He travels across the skies as the clouds become more fearsome with every stage, fighting even more Monsters than usual (Mopoo, Roobid, Kracko Jr. and Toceagle) after finding out from Kracko Jr. that Kracko was attacked by the Dark Orb, Kirby hurries along with concern for the mighty Cloud. Eventually reaching the eye of the storm, Kracko is found and is not posessed by the Dark Orb. Kirby approaches Kracko however Kracko halts Kirby, saying that there is an unnatural force lurking in the clouds, suddenly the Dark Orb appears and rams into Krack causing him to crash into the ground, it then seeps inside Kracko causing his normally white fluffy clouds to become Dark and hazardously spiky. Kracko under a rampage fights Kirby with all the forces of the weather, however Kirby using his expert skills is able to defeat Kracko who crashes into the ground again causing Dark Orb to leave Kracko's Body, however the Dark Orb challenges Kirby to a duel mimicing Meta Knight, even to the point of offering a Sword. Kirby fights Dark Orb Meta Knight, who is defeated and flees, before Kirby has a chance to pursue the Dark Orb, Kracko awakens and thanks Kirby for defeating the creature and speaks of the Dark Orb as though Kracko had felt its power before, Kracko then gives Kirby the seventh Gem and bids Kirby farewell. 

Kirby returns to the castle to find it in ruin, Dedede and Whispy are fighting multiple Dark Orbs which appear to be coming from the Black Hole itself. Whispy uses the gems to summon the other holders of the Gems who arrive from the portals to aid Dedede and Whispy, however just as the battle seems to have been one, a great bolt of lightning strikes between the Dark Orbs and the gem Holders. Suddenly the room goes Dark as several flashes of lightning blind everyone for a few seconds. Finally the darkness and lightning clears and a Dark Matter descends from the Dark Orbs, using its Dark powers it captures the Gem Holders and King Dedede and travels back to a Red Star orbiting the Black Hole. Whispy however regains conciousness just for a few seconds and throws Kirby the gems, allowing Kirby to summon the Grand Warp Star. With no other option Kirby heads to the Red Star. Upon arrival Kirby realises that there have been more than one Dark Orb with hundreds flying around the Red Star and Black Hole.

Kirby traverses the islands around the sun fighting the Mini-Bosses who had been copied by the Dark Orbs and the re-corrupted Bosses, albeit weaker due to the lack of time under influence. Along the stages Kirby begins to encounter Dark Matter, strangely weaker than previous battles they use their Lightning attack and Petal attack and cannot be inhaled although take several hits to defeat. Reaching the final few stages Kirby walks along a strip of land from Ripple Star and Dark Star, although their locations remain unaffected by the Black Hole. Kirby finally reaches the last stage a giant looming shroud of Darkness covers the stage as the evil within generates dark pulses of energy. After traversing a small passage of an ancient castle Kirby arrives in a giant throne room coated in gold and covered in lustrous gems, suddenly a Dark Orb descends then glows red before transforming, becoming identical in appearance to Meta Knight. Kirby isn't offered a sword like before and clearly this Dark Orb is significantly more agressive. After its defeat however the room turns dark as the Dark Orb begins absorbing all the light from the room, growing slightly then turning white and apparently exploding.

The room now destroyed leaving Kirby and the heavily weakened Dark Orb in the open of the Red Star and the Black Hole. Suddenly a force from within the Black Hole lets out a roar and all the Dark Orbs float towards it including the injured one which Kirby grabs onto. Landing in the centre of the Black Hole Kirby sees reality twisted around him as all the Dark Orbs collate at a Blue Eye. Eventually the Blue Eye pulls in many Stars forcing light into the area revealing itself to be Dark Zero. Dark Zero initially takes a form very similar to the original Zero, utilizing a variety of attacks somewhat similar to previous bosses.

Dark Zero's first form uses a dark spike attack creating several portals in the arena and two beside Dark Zero, then shooting tendrils into the two portals, based on which portals flash the player will have less than a second to dodge the oncoming attack. The second attack mainly used by Dark Zero brings back an original attack of Zero's in which Dark Zero will have white slits appear across its body from which discs will fly at Kirby. A lightning attack where Dark Zero will fire lightning onto the ground and move across the field while also firing lightning from its Eye in random directions will be used when Dark Zero has lost 1/3rd of its health. Dark Zero may also dive horizontally or vertically across the screen, although there is no warning of where they will appear from in the vertical attack. The last attack Dark Zero uses in this form when its health has been depleted to 1/2th is where Dark Zero will glow Blue then charge across the screen in a U-shape, then return to the middle and release a burst of energy at Kirby. Once all of Dark Zero's health has been depleted the eye will disconnect from the rest of the body as the Dark Orbs fly away. The eye will then chase Kirby and also occasionally fire projectiles which can be absorbed for the Beam ability. Once defeated the eye will begin to rotate around in one spot however just before exploding the Dark Orbs surround the eye and begin to morph into the second form.

The second form bears a heavy similarity to 02, with the wing structure. Dark Zero's second form uses the same Lightning attack as the first form. The main attack this form uses is a charged lazer which deals a large amount of damage and will be fired into 2/3rds of the field requiring Kirby to other float to the top or crouch in the bottom area. Another attack relatively commonly used is for Dark Zero to summon 4 portals, 3 of which will rush down and damage Kirby in an alternate dimension. Another attack used occasionally is one in which Dark Zero will swing its wings at Kirby who must dodge the attack by jumping through the gaps. When Dark Zero loses 2/5ths of its health it will start using an attack where it creates 7 portals in Kirby's area and 2 next to it, it then fires a small flurry of Dark Orbs through the portals which ricochet through each portal until they return to Dark Zero. Lastly as a final attack Dark Zero will flip over so its horns are pointing away from Kirby, then it fires a giant thorn at the middle of the stage which upon impact shoots out several small seeds which turn into spiky vines. Once defeated Dark Zero will slowly wither away and explode destroying the Black Hole in the process. Kirby is then shot out and sees Pop Star to which Kracko flies out and brings Kirby to Pop Star where everyone is waiting at King Dedede's Castle. They all celebrate with Kirby however suddenly Kirby's shadow begins to shift and distort until it changes into the first form of Dark Zero to which it quickly consumes all of Pop Star in darkness.

Kirby awakens and quickly travels through the castle reaching the throne room where Dark Zero is hovering above the throne itself. It descends and glares at Kirby with its single eye, then cirlces around Kirby and returns to the throne destroying it and changing into its third form. The battle begins and Dark Zero summons several portals where Dark Zero shoots lightning bolts through one and the lightning bolt travels between the portals for a couple of seconds before disappearing. Dark Zero uses other attacks similar to Miracle Matter's attacks including the splitting explosives, however in their final form before detonation they will home in on Kirby as well as the Cutter form however Dark Zero remains away from the Cutter so Kirby has to avoid it completely. Aside from Miracle Matter, Dark Zero also can turn into a blob form and launch Dark Orbs onto the field similar to Drawcia's Soul, Fire a Giant Lazer across the entire field and flip the field upside-down half-way through like Dark Mind, Summon its tendrils and swing them across the field like Magalor and the Swords and lastly like Nightmare, Dark Zero is able to shoot Stars at Kirby to hurt the hero. After Dark Zero has lost 1/2 of its health it will summon an Septagonal Shield. Throughout this phase of the battle Kirby must absorb the various glowing orbs which Dark Zero shoots out and gain the relative EX Abilties knocking out 1/7th of the shield. After all seven parts have been destroyed Dark Zero will have lost another quarter of its health, however it summons a circular shield this time with a Crown shape embossed on it. Kirby will then see King Dedede appear mid-battle and using his hammer destroy the top of the throne revealing an EX ability within. Kirby absorbs the ability gaining the Crown EX ability. Utilizing the summoning of Kirby's instead of regular enemies Kirby destroys the ciruclar shield while dodging Lightning and Stars form Dark Zero. However Dark Zero summons another shield this time reinforced with Dark Orbs. Kirby however summons 5 Crown Kirby's and absorbs them as well as the already present Crown EX ability becoming Crown EX-EX Kirby, gaining control over EX form Kirbys, Kirby must have the seven EX abilities charge into the shield, once this is done the shield will begin to crack. As a final attack Dark Zero will begin charging a lazer to crush Kirby with the shield. However Kirby uses the EX-EX ability to summon the other seven Kirbys and charge head on into the Shield, using the various controls across the entire 3DS the Kirbys push the shield into Dark Zero who upon contact with the shield suddenly glows white and then explodes letting out a screech of agony.


The Gameplay is shared with previous Kirby games being a side-scrolling platform game. The game uses the playable background feature from Kirby: Triple Deluxe where the player is able to move from Foreground to Background and back by use of Stars.

Kirby's general attacks are all present; walking, running, jumping, floating, sliding, swimming and inhaling. Inhalation works the same as previous Kirby games where Kirby would be able to suck up Objects or Enemies, however one major change is that Kirby is now able to change where he faces while inhaling by use of the circle pad on the 3DS. Kirby can also gain abilities through inhalation of specific enemies using their powers in replacement of inhalation. Kirby can also lose or remove these abilities by pressing X or by taking damage from a Boss, Mini-Boss or enemy's ability. Kirby will also find Copy Stars which can be used to instantly switch between abilities. These are commonly found before major fights or in the Ability Room (Post-Story). A major change in the inhalation ability is the occurence of simultaneous inhalation of two or more enemies who posess copyable abilies (excluding Parasol and Crown), instead of the ability Kirby getting cycle through every ability it will cycle through the groups of abilities.

The standard features to identify Kirby's current state also return with the Ability's Name and Health Bar returning. Food is used to replenish health (Maxim Tomato completely restores Kirby), however some foods (identified by a purple aura) are rotten and if Kirby should eat one it will reduce Kirby's health (Rotten Maxim Tomatoes will deplete Kirby of all health). Cannons, Breakable Blocks, Switches and Warp Stars all return from previous games. Other objects which appear can open or remove pathways that can be accessed, these objects include; Support Beams, Giant Boulders and Crystals. Throughout the game there are 45 colour palettes which can be unlocked similar to previous Kirby games, this is purely aesthetic however with the only change being some abilities which do change Kirby's colour will not. Upon completion of Story Mode a Boss Rush area called The Pit will be available where Kirby must fight every boss and hordes of mini-bosses to be victorious. Also unlocked is a mini-game called King Dedede's Waddle Ball where King Dedede runs across a field and slams Waddle Dees into the air then comes to a Baseball Field and based on the number of Waddle Dees hit will score points on how far they fly across the field. Upon obtaining 1000pts in the mini-game and completing The Pit another boss rush area opens called The Tower where Kirby must fight stronger versions of the enemies in The Pit, the major difference aside from stronger enemies being that several regular enemies will also appear and in the hardest boss battles mini-bosses appear.

There are 8 Levels across the map each with a variety of stages which increase as the player progresses towards the final Level. Each Leve has a Boss and 2-4 Mini-Bosses, unlike previous Kirby games (with the exception of the 8th Level) all Mini-Bosses only appear in the Level they are designated to. The collectible found in every level is called a Star Shard which when fully assembled will grant Kirby access to a secret Level after the 8th Level, there are a total of 128 (one for each level, yes there are 128 levels including mini-bosses and bosses). Before fighting a boss Kirby needs to have collected a certain amount of Star Shards to open the gate to the boss (Total for each Level (2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 12 and 22)), by collecting all 128 Star Shards the Ancient Warp Star is constructed giving Kirby access to the 9th Level. The Levels are grouped together at King Dedede's Castle and are accessed by the Dark Portals connected between each.


1 Player

The Story involves the main levels and the story itself, it is limited to one player. Upon completion the player can go back and look for missing Star Shards.

Multiplayer Adventure

In this mode the player and up to 7 other players group up and can play a variaty of levels from the story line, each level has been edited with increased numbers of enemies and some DX enemies. By dragging held food on the touch screen to one of the surrounding Kirby faces the player can heal fellow Kirbys. The Kirbys can also swallow each other stealing abilities.

The Arena

1 Player In this battle mode the player will fight every Boss and Mini-Boss (Mini-Bosses are in groups of seven) as well as Dark Zero in a boss rush mode. The player is provided 6 Maxim Tomatoes as well as a portable Maxim Tomato

The True Arena

1 Player

The True arena pits the player against the DX bosses and Mini-Bosses as well as some thrown in DX enemies, Dark Zero DX is the apparent Final Boss, however after defeat Kirby also has to Fight Zero Dedede, Zero Knight, Zero Kirby and Titan Zero. The player is only provided 2 Maxim Tomatoes and 4 Pineapples as well as a portable Maxim Tomato.

Sound Test Room

This room is accessible from the start and for every level completed more music is unlocked. Secret music is unlocked for completing specific prerequesites.

Theater Room

This area allows the player to watch all cinematic cutscenes which they have already seen.

Options Menu

This allows the player to change visuals, sound, controls, brightness and delete save files.


Main Characters

Character Description Playability
Kirby Kirby is a Cheerful Pink ball who is able to absorb enemies with inhalation, copying their abilites. He can also Float, run and jump. Playable
Hinty Box Hinty Box is a new character who helps Kirby when he fails a stage multiple times by giving Kirby tips on how to beat the stage. Non-Playable
Bandana Dee Bandanna Dee once again appears as a helper to Kirby's cause giving him health boosts before critical battles Non-Playable

Bosses & Mini-Bosses


Boss Name Description EX Weakness
Draglister This Dragon of the sand posses both Earth and Wind powers being able to summon mighty sandstorms. This creature was once the guardian of the Noble Gem but was corrupted and turned into the monster, Draglister. Now with a thirst for destruction Draglister rampages the Desert in search of prey. Sword EX
Whispy Woods This Tree once a friend of Kirby was the holder of the Plant Gem however when the Dark Orb corrupted him Whispy became a tyrant forcing Arctic and Jungle Trees to fight one another to deter any trespassers. With its powers of Explosives and Ice, Whispy Woods became a monster. Leaf EX
Vultcrag Vultcrag was once the holder of the Aerial Gem but when corrupted she became a possesive monster of Stone and Air and lost the gem but was too busy hoarding shiny objects from all across her nest in the mountains. Fire EX
Crablisate Crablisate was once a friend of King Karp and the holder of the Aquatic Gem but when he became corrupted he tore his way inside King Karp and began infecting the fish lord with disease and hid away deep within the King's heart. Ice EX
Were-Dedede The once mighty King was stolen away one night and taken to Nightmare Nocturne where he found the Haunted Gem which consumed him turning him into Were Dedede a monsterous creature of the night. All memory of his past distorted he had become instinctive and used his massive arms to destroy a part of Nightmare Nocturne and made it his domain. Hammer EX
Shock Mole The King of the moles, a highly industrious creature Shock Mole was the holder of the Terravolt Gem which gave him courage and determination to lead his fellow moles to build a giant city of lights and dig underground and mine rich ores. But when he became corrupted the King became Shock Mole stealing away a giant Robot and hiding deep within one of the mining pits. Glass EX
Kracko The once soothing cloud dreamt all day and never concerned itself with anyone or anything except the Weather Gem but Kracko too fell to corruption and had become a demon of the skies using the powers of Electricity, Ice, Water and Air to command the clouds to build Kracko a mighty fortress. Beam EX
Dark Zero The monster behind all the destruction, a curse waiting to return this demon from the past was the grudges that held on in Zero, 02 and the Dark Matters. A master of all evil and commanding an army of pure evil and fury this creature is not normal just fueled by hatred and revenge. Crown EX


Mini-Boss Name Ability Description
Efreeti Fire The fiery Black Hedghog is back to burn up Kirby so watch out as this little mammal charges across the battlefield like a flaming comet.
Salcorox Stone This mud creature is able to change from liquid form to solid form so he can eat Kirby or crush Kirby, so watch out!
Apicorn Monkey A monkey who's love of fruit got the better of her, now controlled by the fruit she hurls the fruit which has grown on her back each one damaging Kirby in a different way.
Mr. Frosty Ice This anthropomorphic Walrus can hurl chunks of Ice, spin around like a professional ice skater and run at Kirby arms flailing. We aren't sure if he's evil or just confused.
Jungclops Vine An ancient giant Cyclops who was awakened by you breaking into his tomb, good job on that by the way. Using the Mighty vines which grew on him while he was asleep he can attack Kirby up close and far away so be prepared for anything.
Poppy Bros. Sr. Bomb This jumping Jack of a enemy always has a smile on his face. Using the limitless bombs he carries you better watch out otherwise you might just be blown away.
Porky Pin Needle This bad piggy has some serious pain to deal with its Spiny back. Attacking from above is useless but don't stay on the ground forever otherwise you'll be flattened by its rolling attack.
Armongoose Fighter A mongoose who has been training all his life, now ready to battle Armongoose is no laughing matter as with wicked speed and power you could be knocked out before you could even say his name.
Water Galboros Water Returning from the deep sea this creature was swallowed up but somehow survived and its target has been found, you!
Mr. Mirror Disguise Where did this guy come from? We don't know, all we know is he has a love for mirrors and invisibility so it might just be in your best interest to look in the reflections for the unseen.
Mobahab Spear This old sea-dog is part man part whale and with a geyser for a back and a whale-sized Spear he's really out to gettcha so be careful otherwise you might just become his next meal.
Monstary Glass This girl was trapped in every mirror for her evil nature but she can still get you when you aren't looking so keep an eye out for her red eyes and don't get caught.
Terrawoe Ghost This ghost went to the grave with his killer but he's back for revenge and is haunting this castle where he fell. His electric capabilities are pretty shocking and he can even become tangeable to avoid being hurt by Kirby.
Bonkers Hammer This mad monkey is crazy, with his giant hammer and exploding chesnuts he's a big threat on Kirby and even when he's not using his hammer he can run around and jump really high.
Grand Wheelie Wheel King of the wheels may not sound like a great title but Grand Wheelie takes it to heart and makes it his upmost duty to perform at peak efficency, charging around the stage, doing donuts, sprint charging and bouncing around this is one automated enemy you don't wanna mess with.
Gigant Edge Sword It takes a special kind of power to be Gigant Edge. With his Sword and Shield tactics he's in the know about how to fight with swords so he'll go toe-to-toe with you and use every technique he's got to beat you.
Pharazin Whip This long gone pharaoh is out of the sarcopphygus with his army of skeletons so watch out as his whip reaches far and wide and he's gonna smack you out of his resting place.
Mopoo Tornado The cloud snake has brought more to the table than looking cute, with the super charged storms of her home, Mopoo can turn into a tornado and spin Kirby out of control and straight for the stars so look out for her tricky moves.
Roobid Archer Roobid is the master Archer, using his traps and skills with the bow, he is the best hunter in the world and can catch anything, even Kirby so be on your guard with this silent flying dagger.
Kracko Jr. Beam Son of Kracko, Kracko Jr. might not be as tough as Kracko but can still dish out the pain with Beam attacks, lightning and Rain so look to the skies for trouble.
Toceagle Wing Leader of the birds, Toceagle is one colourful winged-master of the skies and with razor sharp feathers, lazers and electric talons, Toceagle is definetely the soaring menace.

Copy Abilities

Copy Abilities have been significantly altered from past Kirby itterations in the event that Kirby inhales two or more creatures of different abilities. If this occurs then Kirby's ability wheel will cycle through the abilities that fall under the two absorbed abilities category until Kirby uses the inhale ability in which the ability that it was showing would activate. The table below groups the Abilities into their 5 Powers.

Destruction Sun and Moon Technology Weaponry Adventure
Fire Ice Beam Sword Leaf
Fighter Glass


(Stage Limited)



(Single Use)

Bomb Monkey Spark Archer Tornado
Shadow Water Wheel Spear Needle
Lava Parasol


(Single Use)

Cutter Beetle
Stone Bell


(Stage Limited)

Ninja Whip


(Single Use)

Ghost Disguise Tomahawk Wing


(Single Use)


(Single Use)



(Stage Limited)



(Triple Use)


(Triple Use)


(Stage Limited)


There are 45 Abilities in Total, 30 Returning Abilities, 1 Heavily Altered Ability and 14 New Copy Abilities. The Copy Abilties each have a theme which results in them appearing more commonly in levels that fit said themes.

New Abilities

Ability Name Description
Asteroid K


Kirby can summon a giant Asteroid which will rain down on the stage killing all regular enemies and dealing big damage to Bosses and Mini-Bosses.


Kirby can charge around the field releasing steam while running which lingers for a couple of seconds hurting enemies who make contact. By charging the attack Kirby will pick up enemies while charging and throw them up.
Crown K


Kirby summons a group of Waddle Dees to carry him, while moving Kirby can summon more creatures to charge forwards for him including Waddle Dee, Bronto Burt, Waddle Doo and Blade Knight.


Kirby is able to completely mimic an enemy and the other enemies will not suspect him, however if Kirby breaks character such as inhaling, floating or running into an enemy the disguise will drop.


Kirby summons various drums which he can use to take brief control of all on-screen enemies, the bigger the drum the longer the mind-control.
Ghost K


Kirby turns into a floating ghost allowing him to glide around at the same speed. Kirby can teleport forwards slightly and also screech to damage enemies in front of him. By charging the screech attack will become stronger and Kirby will also pull a face. (Note: Not a New Ability however heavily changed)
Glass K


Kirby becomes a delicate Glass Kirby, Kirby can throw Glass Shards, engulf an enemy and use them as a projectile and also turn into sand and fly around and through small locks which can't be opened.
Lava K


Kirby is able to control Lava by surfing it in a similar manner to Water. Kirby cna also crouch and become a Kirby-sized Volcano where he can erupt damaging nearby enemies.
Monkey K


Kirby becomes extremely fast and acrobatic being able to swing on small branches, use his tail as a club and also climb on an enemy's back and ride on top of them while they panic.
Rainbow K


Kirby summons 7 rays of light which cover the screen in a Rainbow killing any enemy on-screen and heavily damaging Bosses and Mini-Bosses.


Kirby becomes half-serpent moving at great speeds and is able to spit poison. As well as spitting poison, Kirby can also constrict his enemies and squeeze the life out of them.
Shadow K


Kirby becomes as quiet as a shadow and can turn into a shadow to avoid damage from conventional enemies, as well as being able to teleport and use dark magic to attack.
Tank K


Tank Kirby is able to attack with 3 types of weaponry, rockets, bombs and bullets. Rockets are controllable, Bombs have delayed explosion and Bullets have rapid fire.


The Tomahawk allows Kirby to attack with a combination of attacks similar to those from Sword and Cutter however his Up attack changes to a lunge down while the running attack has Kirby cartwheel forwards for a few seconds.


The vines allow Kirby to have an extended reach, though not as quick as Whip they deal more damage and the down attack allows Kirby to spin on the spot using the vines as extended weapons.

EX Abilities

EX Abilities are King of Dreamland's counterparts to Return to Dreamland's Super Abilities. There are 8 EX Abilities with 6 being returning abilities and 2 for the New Abilities. The EX abilities have the distinction however of lasting the entire Stage, upon completion they revert to their base form ability with the exception of Crown EX which like its base form is Stage Limited.

EX Ability Description
Fire EX Kirby summons giant Fireballs which move slowly but can be controlled using the Circle Pad, charging the attack increases the number of Fireballs as well as the size of the front Fireball. The attack however takes time to use between attacks as Kirby must recharge heat.
Ice EX Kirby summons a Cloud which hails down on the area below it, moving the cloud with the Circle Cloud, charging the attack increases the size of the Hail Chunks and frequency of Hail. The attack however takes time to use between attacks as Kirby must accumulate condensation.
Hammer EX Kirby summons a hammer which quickly increases in size and can deal large amounts of damage to the enemy, however if Kirby waits to long the Hammer will shrink to a regular hammer and deal regular damage, charging the attack can turn the Hammer into Iron dealing more damage. This attack however takes time to use between attacks as Kirby must summon the Hammer
Leaf EX Kirby turns his arm into a log and slams it against the enemy, Charging this attack may yield food for Kirby. The attack however takes time to use between attacks as Kirby must build up enough nutrients.
Sword EX Kirby shoots an Orb into the sky where he summons ten blades, each one summoned is given a few seconds to materialize which is when the player can move where that sword is and will fall. Charging this attack increases the size of the first and last swords. The attack however takes time to use between attacks as Kirby must absorb enough energy.
Beam EX Kirby creates a firework which flies up and then shoots out beam orbs which rain randomly and can damage Kirby, the player can control the trajectory of the firework with the circle pad. The attack however takes time to use between attacks as Kirby must build another firework.
Glass EX Kirby summons a Glass Chandelier and each part of the chandelier falls down (the player can control the debris with the circle pad) hurting anything it hits, the attack makes a larger Chandelier and may have the Chandelier on fire if it is charged. The attack however takes time to use between attacks as Kirby must collect enough glass.
Crown EX Kirby is lifted up by 5 Kirby copies and is able to summon various Kirbys with abilities, Kirby summons them in groups of three or if charged, seven. After some time however the 5 Kirby copies will disappear and Kirby must acquire more energy to summon them again. When charged with the other EX abilities Crown EX reaches a second stage where Kirby is lifted by 20 Kirby copies and summons each EX in the order they appeared in boss fights, once Beam EX is summoned Crown Kirby will summon all 7 other EX Kirbys and all 8 will charge into the enemy.


All Levels contain stages which include Mini-Bosses and Bosses both of which have slight level structures before the battles.

World No. World Name No. of Stages Boss Description
1 Dawn Desert 8 Draglister A Desert always having a Dawn appearance, it is very quiet as though something unsettling is approaching. This level consists mostly of sand based levels.
2 Arctic Atoll 13 Whispy Woods This mix between Arctic colds and Tropical Jungles has various water levels as well as plant based ones as well, some areas get very humid and can be filled with traps.
3 Raging Ravages 13 Vultcrag Taking place across destroyed rough lands this place seems to have a lot of lightning and also has some very high peaks which center around ice.
4 King Karp 13 Crablisate Taking place inside the ill King Karp. This level is mostly filled with Water based levels.
5 Nightmare Nocturne 13 Were-Dedede Nightmare Nocturne is filled with creepy forests and ancient castles which were home to monsters once but have long been abandoned.
6 Electric Excavation 13 Shock Mole Many Mining Pits which are filled with giant caverns filled with gems, some stages take place in the power plant nearby. This level focuses on Electric and Earth.
7 Stormy Skies 17 Kracko A bizarre level which takes place completely in the clouds, aside from the clouds varying between Hail, Rain and Lightning there is not much different between most stages.
8 Solar Star 30 Dark Zero The surface of the sun, oddly cooler than expected, here is where Kirby fights the toughest stages and leads up to the encounter with Dark Zero.
9 eXtra Xenolith 0 None A mysterious geode which strangely is able to see into Kirby's memories.


Item Name Item Effect Description
Star Bits Collecting 100 gives Kirby a 1-UP. Small shards of a Warp Star each one is worth a tiny amount. Yellow is equal to 1 Star Bit, Purple is equal to 5 Star Bits, Red is equal to 10 Star Bits and Cyan is equal to 20 Star Bits.
Food Replenishes anywhere between 1/20th and 1/2 th of Kirby's total Health. Food can be found as an assortment of objects. In order of healing properties they are; Cherries, Peanuts, Apples, Bananas, Cake Slice, Pineapples, Watermelon, Salad Bowl, Meat Chunk, Full Meal, Chicken Roast.
1-Up Gives Kirby an Extra Life. This item gives Kirby an extra life and the player an extra chance to beat the game. They're placed in almost every stage, in hidden areas of it.
Maxim Tomato Replenishes all of Kirby's health bar. This powerful tomato restores all of Kirby's health when eaten or inhaled. They are said to be Kirby's favorite food.
Invincibility Candy Makes Kirby completely invincible, for a brief period of time. This super rare candy is located in a few stages in the game. They make Kirby invincible for a short period of time.
Star Shards Enough give access to the bosses of each Boss These Shards from the ancient Warp Star are needed to purify Pop Star from the evil which has corrupted it. One is found on every level.
Switch Can bring Kirby various surprises after being pressed. There are four types of switches: the purple and regular ones can open doors. The blue ones can activate waterfalls. The green ones can activate obstacles such as spikes, and the big, yellow ones can make items appear such as Amazing Capsules or open extremely secret passages.
Cannon An object that launches Kirby out of screen to another part of the stage. The first forms of the Cannon require the associated fuse to be lit by Kirby himself, before racing the spark running along the fuse to the Cannon, jumping into it, and being blasted off to a side screen or secret area on the stage.
Pep Brew Replenishes two-thirds of Kirby's health bar. It is an energy drink contained in a yellow bottle that can be found in various locations on the field. It can be considered one of the "Foods".
Warp Star Brings Kirby a ride to another part of the stage. It is a large, yellow star, usually seen to be floating, that flies Kirby to another part of a stage once he gets on it.


Aside from the main game itself there will be several additonal quests which will be available from the eShop after the Story Mode is complete. The three Quests are Temporal Snap, Grave Mistakes and Dreamland Rush.

Temporal Snap

Temporal Snap takes place after the events of the Story, with Dark Zero defeated Kirby returns to have a sleep after his hard efforts. However upon falling asleep Kirby enters a Nightmare of sorts seeing the bosses beating him as opposed to what actually happened. Kirby wakes up the next day and finds Dreamland and Pop Star in ruins with evil having corrupted the land, Kirby confused by this seeks guidance from Meta Knight and King Dedede in the Castle, upon arriving after traversing some heavily corrupted Dedede Plains, Kirby finds Meta Knight fighting Shadow Dedede. Kirby joins the fight and together the two defeat Shadow Dedede sending him back to the Amazing Mirror. When Kirby (using hand gestures) explains that he had saved the world from Dark Zero, Meta Knight explains how Kirby had been asleep during Dark Zero's invasion and Pop Star had been corrupted and sent to another dimension. Kirby now has to travel across Pop Star again however with all the distortion and corruption the levels which he traversed the first time have become warped and bizarre and with all the enemies being stronger than before there was no telling when this Nightmare would end.


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