Kirby: Hero Adventure is a Kirby game for the Nintendo Silver+ and 3DS. It introduces new Kirby forms and new worlds.

​ Story

Once upon a time, there was a peaceful kingdom on the oppisite side of Dreamland' s Castle Dedede. The prince, Topnado, was looking for a hero to save Dreamland from a dark shadow names Excerberus. Right before Excerberus attacked the kingdom, he sent a messenger to warn the other kingdoms of this evil. When Excerberus attacked and destroyed The kingdom, he knocked the prince far away and gave him amnesia.

Meanwhile, Kirby was eating a cake when a Topity fell through the trees, crushing the cake. Right before Kirby tries to swallow him, the Topity stops him and tells him that he flew very far and lost his memory, only remembering his name, Topnado. Kirby then decides to call his friends, Clouki and Popto, and take them along with him and Topnado on a journey to Kabu to have the Topity' s memory restored.

When the heroes reach Kabu, they see that he is being kidnapped by a dark shadow. The shadow tells his name, Excerberus, and creates Whispy Woods to stall Kirby while he gets away. After defeating Whispy Woods, Kirby and friends decide to chase Excerberus and get Kabu back!

In Teacup Desert, Kirby talks to the villagers of a village inside the desert about the whereabouts of Excerberus. The villagers say that they have seen Excerberus head to a oasis and give a exiled Dragole power. Kirby decides to go to the oasis to see if Excerberus is there.

At the oasis, Kirby find that Excerberus has already fled the oasis and has headed for the Onion Ocean. Right before they run there, they are ambushed by Drillagon and his goons. After beating him, he explodes and Kirby takes a secret underground entrance to Onion Ocean. More to come...

​ Characters

Image Character Description
Kirby A pink softball that uses many abilities and can suck up enemies.
Clouki A flying cloud that helps Kirby on his adventure. He uses the Cloud ability.
Popto A mole that is clever and uses both the Animal and Hammer abilities.
Topnado A Topity that is helping Kirby on his adventure while also trying to regain his memory. He uses the Top and Metal abilities.
Splats A Dragole (A mix of a Dragon and a Mole) that joins Kirby' s adventure when you talk to him in the Dragole Village (The hub of Teacup Desert). He uses the Fire and Animal abilites and is one of the 2 characters who can't fly.

​ Kirby Forms

Normal Forms

Image Form Name Description
Animal As Animal Kirby, you can dig through the ground and slash through enemies!
Cloud As Cloud Kirby, you can create clouds to protect you. You can also use the clouds to lift enemies into the air.
Fire As Fire Kirby, you can breath fire and turn into a giant fireball to ram into enemies.
Gem As Gem Kirby, you can create gems and use them to attack enemies. There are also laser puzzles you can solve as Gem Kirby.
Top As Top Kirby, you can spin around and make enemies dizzy!
Gum As Gum Kirby, you can stick to walls, as well as grab and throw enemies.
Bell Bell Kirby can make music with fancy bells. You can also throw the bells at opponents.
Sword Sword Kirby has a sword and does sword attacks faster that a Hyrulian Hero. Sword Kirby also has a beam attack at full health.
Metal Metal Kirby can turn into a metal statue and can fall down the water fast. This can also stomp down on Stakes.
Hammer As Hammer Kirby, you can hammer down on enemies and stomp down Stakes in the ground.
Wheel Wheel Kirby can turn into a wheel and roll over enemies!
Whip Whip Kirby can use a whip to attack enemies and grab items from a distance. The whip can also grab and swing from Swing Poles.
Pom-Pom Pom-Pom Kirby dances to the beat to combo enemies!
Mike Mike Kirby can make very loud music 3 times before he goes back to normal.
Beam Beam Kirby shoots beams from his staff. He can charge up the staff for a powerful beam attack.
UFO UFO Kirby turns into a UFO and can launch lasers and fly.
Alligator Alligator Kirby can swim very fast and chomp on enemies! Alligator Kirby can also do a dash attack in water.
Bubble Bubble Kirby can attack enemies with bubbles and can put out fires.
Cutter Cutter Kirby has a boomerang that he can throw for very fast attacks. The boomerang can also pick up items. 
Parasol Parasol Kirby floats in the air and can juggle enemies with the umbrella.
Plasma Plasma Kirby can create plasma and use it to shock enemies and create a plasma shield.
Suplex Suplex Kirby is a master of grabbing and throwing enemies. He can't grab some enemies, but he can grab normal enemies and most bosses (Kracko can't be grabbed)
Hi-Jump High-Jump Kirby has the power to jump very high and jump sideways. High-Jump Kirby can also charge for a even higher jump!
Leaf TBA
Fighter Fighter Kirby is very fast and can throw punches hard! He also can block some attacks using his gloves.
Wing Wing Kirby has colorful wings and can shoot colorful feathers at targets. The wings can also be used to fly without floating.
Spear TBA

Super Forms

Image Form Name Description
Giga Sword This super form turns Kirby into a knight with a giant sword. The sword is giant and can chop anything in a very large radius.
Tornado Top This super form turns Kirby into a top that spins so fast, it turns into a tornado that can blow out giant fires! It also picks up some enemies.
Drill Mole This super form turns Kirby into a giant mole that can drill through anything! When it drills, it also defeats enemies on contact.
Chomp Gator This super form turns Kirby into a giant alligator that can swim very fast and can pull apart metal objects with his teeth.
Hypernova Hypernova Kirby is the ultimate form of Kirby that he can get from a Hypernova Plant. Hypernova Kirby can suck up anything and can use it to do some crazy stuff with it, such as sucking up a missile and shoot it back at the one who launched it.
Grand Wrestler This super form turns Kirby into a great wrestler that can pick up giant objects and hurl them behind him. He can also pull stuff from the walls to grab and throw.


Name Description
Green Greens A plains that is very peaceful. Kirby and his friends live here.
Teacup Dunes A desert that rotates like a teacup ride. There is a Dragole (A mix of a dragon and a mole) Village here.
Onion Ocean A ocean paradise that has multiple islands scattered around it. Most of the levels are underwater.
Butter Building A tall tower that reaches into the sky. It's composition is very slippery, due to it being made of butter.
Sushi Swamp A dense swamp filled with octopi and other weird creatures. A golf course is planned to be built here.
Mt. Macaroni A craggy mountain that is very steep. Geysers on the mountain shoot water from time to time.
Choclate Cavern A cave deep underground Pop Star. It is made of the sweetest candies and has areas of the cave completely dark.


Kirby: Hero Adventure/Enemies


Image Name Description Abilites Earned
Whispy Woods A friendly tree that drops apples and Gordos. When his HP drops to half, he unroots himself and tries to chase you! None
Drillagon A giant Dragole (A mix of a dragon and a mole) that burrows through the sand and breathes fire. Halfway into the fight, he causes the floor to explode and it turns into a infinite falling battle, in which you have zero gravity and try to attack Drillagon and trying to avoid his fireballs. Animal, Fire
Kracko A giant thundercloud that is angry at Kirby for destroying his body multiple times. He drops Waddle Doos, creates a cloud shield that you can destroy or suck up, and stomps on the ground. Halfway into the fight, he turns dark and starts to shoot plasma lightning. Beam, Cloud, Plasma
King Dedede King Dedede fights Kirby on the top floor of the Butter Building. He attacks by using his hammer, trying to inhale Kirby, and throwing minions. Halfway into the fight, he drops his hammer and swaps it for a axe. Hammer
Sushi Sumo A sumo made of salmon sushi. It rolls around and tries to push Kirby off screen. He gets angry and gets huge halfway into the fight. In this frenzied state, he tries to grab Kirby and throw him. Suplex, Alligator
Pharobee A giant bee that is ancient and wise. It creates minions, flies around the screen, drops bombs, and uses a magic staff. Halfway into the fight, she starts launching honey and throwing laser gems. Wing, Gem, Sword, Beam
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