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Kirby: Dark Dawn
KDD BoxartAmerica
Game box art.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory logo
Publisher(s) Nintendo logo
Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogoBlack
Genre(s) Action, Platformer
Series Kirby
Release Date(s) February 8th, 2019
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E107RatingCERO AACB PG
Media Included Media Switch Nintendo Switch Catridge
Media DL icon Digital Download
Available Input Joy-Con Icon Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Kirby: Dark Dawn (also known as Kirby of the Stars: Dark Dawn in Japan) is a platformer Kirby game for the Nintendo Switch. The game was released worldwide on February 8th, 2019. It was developed by HAL Labs. and Shooting Star Studios. The game also supports amiibo and Nintendo Network connection. 


The game is a combination between 3D and 2.5D sidescroller, in a similar fashion to Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. The game features 3D models with a very artistic theme, as the characters, background and environment are covered in different textures such as watercolor, paper, canvas, etc. However, this is not caused by anything involving the story and is just a cosmetic variation.

The game plays similarly to Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and the cancelled Kirby game for Nintendo GameCube. You are able to play as KirbyMeta KnightRibbonAdeleineKing Dedede and a new character named Kotohime. Every character plays differently and have their advantages and disadvantages. Like in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra, Kirby will be able to turn enemies into his helpers, and if there are no other characters playing, he can have up to 3 helpers with each one being controlled by the CPU or by real players. Other players also have their ways of summoning help: Meta Knight can summon Sword KnightBlade Knight and Ax Knight when the power of his Galaxia is fullfilled. Ribbon is able to call her fairy friends when defeating certain enemies. Adeleine is able paint enemies to help her when defeating them. King Dedede can call his servants such as Bandana DeeCaptain Doo and Waddle Daa whenever he has defeated enough enemies. And Kotohime can defeat enemies and revive them in the form of a Bunny as part of her kind.

The game levels are somewhat large, with various secrets and ways to explore in them. There will be 6 lands Kirby will explore, and the last one which is in a mysterious spaceship. Copy Ability movesets return and new moves for abilities can be learned, kinda like in Squeak Squad. A new addition is the Warp Star portion of levels. The Warp Star zones will have the playable characters riding on a Warp Star in some kind of obstacle course that differs depending on the level it is. When entering this zone, a new score is displayed and depending on how well the player does in the Warp Star zone, the rewards at the end will vary.

A new ability Kirby eventually learns during the journey is the Matter Rift ability, in which he is able to turn into one of its many forms, but only after collecting the Cosmic Matter items, which is always a total of five. Some special enemies have to be defeated by this ability after getting special Cosmic Matter items. When normal Cosmic Matter items are collected, the Neutral Matter Rift is gained, which is used to create rifts that work as voids to get rid of certain obstacles and enemies. However, some stages feature Elemental Cosmic Matter items which, after being collected, grant the Matter Rift with a corresponding Copy Ability. Those elemental Matter Rift forms are FireWaterStoneTornado, SparkIceWood, Space (Gravity) and Time (Clock). Most of them, like Neutral, are used until their purpose in the stage is fullfilled, but Time is the only one that has one-time usage. In general, all of these forms are used in stages for the sake of overcoming greater obstacles in order to continue, and also serve as an essential element in the main plot.

The game features online multiplayer for subgames, from which you can choose to play with friends in your Nintendo Switch friend list or other people worldwide. The game supports amiibo, which can be used to get badges themed after the amiibo's characters.


The peaceful Dream Land is now dealing with a mysterious Spaceship that has been stalking the whole land for days, with habitants starting to fear a possible attack from it. Kirby, like the curious Popopo he is, decides to follow the Spaceship as soon as he saw it passing by. The Spaceship starts to increase its speed all of a sudden, forcing Kirby to run even faster. However, Kirby starts to collapse, somehow weakened, and faints. Lying unconscious on the ground, Kirby is awakened by Meta Knight, accompanied by a royal female bunny, who introduces herself to Kirby as Kotohime, the rabbit princess. She explains that ever since the Spaceship appeared, her people had started to slowly lose their essence of life, becoming immobile stone statues, also explaining that her healing powers were useless against those who already became stone. Figuring out that the Spaceship's owner must have released some kind of magic to do so, their intentions, despite being mysterious, must be for something terrible.

Kotohime informs Kirby that she was saved by Meta Knight from also losing her essence, but that the rest of Dream Land is in danger and that they must stop the culprit behind it and halt the magic, as doing so may hopefully return the essence to their owners and release them from their stone prisons. Kirby decides to start their new journey to stop this unknown being from stealing all life from Dream Land and all Pop Star. Slightly later in his adventure, Kirby discovers mysterious cosmic items, and so he decides to collect them having absolutely no idea of what they do. After taking the fifth one from a mysterious enemy, Kirby gains a strange ability for the first time, Matter Rift. Kirby finds King Dedede and his two subordinates Bandana Dee, Captain Waddle Doo and Waddle Daa all entangled by Whacky Woods. Kirby defeats the tree, saving them and having King Dedede join his adventure.

After defeating Whacky Woods in Mount Marvelous and Amumu in Awesome Awesands, Kirby meets Captain Bard and his friend Sailor Archie on their ship in Grand Galleon, who were confronting two evildoers on an opposing ship. As Kirby helps them by destroying the other ship with the Matter Rift, the two evildoers ambush them, and so he fights Blitzoul and Veigar for the first time. Unable to defeat him, they both flee, and Bard thanks him for his help, telling him that he will return the favor sometime. A scared Archie interrupts them and signals upwards, noticing the big spaceship flying through the sky. The spaceship releases more of its dangerous magic and proceeds to leave Pop Star. A worried Kotohime wonders if they will do this to other planets, and Bard starts to brag that his ship can fly as well. As soon as Kirby and co. hear this, they decide that this is the time for him to return the favor.

As they follow the spaceship through the galaxy, Captain Bard's ship receives an attack from the mysterious spaceship, leaving them with no other choice than to land in the nearest planet, which happens to be Ripple Star. After landing, Bard notices that parts of his ship are missing. Kirby travels through Icicle Island in search of the pieces, but he later encounters various fairies being attacked by dark entities. Kirby defeats them, saving the fairies and his old friend Ribbon, who immediately joins him. Ribbon signals towards Cookie Chimney, where more of her friends went after being chased by these creatures.

After finding the rest of the ship pieces and saving the other fairies, Bard is able to fix the ship in order to depart from Ripple Star. They discover the Spaceship landing on Cavius. As Kirby goes through Arclight Arcstar, he is ambushed by Blitzoul, who reveals three possessed hostages: a fairy, a Blade Knight, and Adeleine. Forced to fight them all, Kirby defeats and saves them, forcing Blitzoul to retreat. Adeleine joins Kirby for the rest of the adventure.

The Spaceship flees from Cavius, and hides in Mekkai as our heroes follow. In Locoland, Kirby and co. discover the spaceship's location. It is revealed that even more of the dark entities seen in Ripple Star have been residing here. As Kirby and friends approach the spaceship, Veigar and Blitzoul appear, and alongisde them, Andaedra reveals herself. Kotohime becomes shocked as she recognizes her and begins to run towards them, crying. Andaedra orders Blitzoul to stop her, doing so by unleashing a paralyzing blast. While the worried heroes try to wake up Kotohime, Andaedra orders Veigar to do whatever he had planned. Both Blitzoul and Andaedra retreat into the spaceship as a crazy Veigar summons his latest invention, the Abominable Machine. After an intense battle, Kirby destroys the Abominable Machine, and Veigar flees. As soon as our heroes enter the spaceship, it begins to move, breaking through the dimensional portal that was being unsealed.

Kirby explores the spaceship, getting past its various traps and enemies in order to find Andaedra. After going outside the spaceship, they notice that she is looking far into the distance, and they realize they went into a bizarre alternate dimension. As Andaedra properly introduces herself, a weak Kotohime begs her to try to recognize her and remember her past. Andaedra, not feeling any kind of sympathy towards her, proceeds to explain her scheme. She reveals that all the essence she gathered was in order to unseal someone's prison and help them take over once again, believing herself to be a herald of the darkness of sorts. Meta Knight begins to worry, as he senses that this evil is familiar, to which Kotohime agrees. Andaedra takes her eye brooch off, and points it upwards into the distance. More essence of life starts to gather at the brooch, unleashing a magic blast that explodes far away and spreads a cloud of darkness. From it, an eye reveals itself and to Kirby's and his friends' surprise, it is Dark Matter. Blitzoul and Veigar start to worry about Andaedra, wondering what exactly is going on. Dark Matter begins to send darkness throughout the dimensional portal to the rest of the galaxy, and soon begins to embrace Andaedra as its vessel. Kotohime cries out loud and once again, begs Andaedra to stop this and return to her, to which Andaedra slightly reacts but is still embraced by Dark Matter. Both begin to transform, merging into one entity, and becoming the Dark Maiden. She flees, and our heroes convince Blitzoul and Veigar to help them steer the ship and follow her.

Kirby soon jumps off of the spaceship as he uses all his full potential to inhale Cosmic Matter and turn into his Void Matter Rift form. He lands on a road of nebula, in which Dark Maiden decides to show herself and kill him. Both battle through the moving nebula road, with Kirby using all rifts possible to counterattack Dark Maiden.  As Kirby manages to weaken her, he prepares his finishing blow. However, Dark Maiden rises once again, but this time revealing an even more powerful Dark Matter, while Andaedra becomes near-lifeless. The spaceship catches up to where Kirby is, and Kotohime jumps off to heal Kirby and attempt to heal Andaedra as well, to no avail. Dark Matter's segment doesn't allow her, and prepares to attack. Ribbon reveals that she brought the real Shard Gun, throwing it as Meta Knight quickly flies towards Kirby, grabs him, and catches the Shard Gun, assisting him in a final battle against Dark Maiden. As Kirby performs his final attack on her, Dark Maiden begins to collapse and falls.

Dark Matter is weakened, and taking advantage of this, Kotohime jumps towards Andaedra and hugs her. Andaedra tries to push her away, but sensing Kotohime causes her to go through flashbacks and overcome her possessed form. She starts to remember everything, since she was a little child up to before she became a "herald of darkness". Her origin, her family, her friends, her home, in a matter of seconds she remembers everything, including the fact that the little bunny that is hugging her is her sister, Kotohime. Andaedra realizes that she had become the very thing she fought so hard against for so long: a threat to her sister, her people and the whole universe. Kotohime tries to heal her in hopes of separating her from Dark Matter, but Andaedra tells her that it is pointless. She has turned into Dark Matter and there was no escape. Andaedra begs Kotohime to forgive her, and to never forget what she cares for the most like she did. She pushes Kotohime away and in tears requests Kirby to destroy Dark Matter and her along with it. As the rest of Kirby's friends attempt to stop a desperate Kotohime from going back to Andaedra, Kirby is forced to use Matter Rift in its full potential combined with the Crystal Shards' power, creating a sealing void that starts to absorb all of Dark Maiden and Dark Matter's remains. Andaedra bids farewell while she and Dark Matter are sent into the void, blowing up into nonextistence as it closes forever. As soon as this happens, all the darkness and Dark Matter entities spread over the universe disappear, and all of the essence of life is restored, reviving those who turned into stone.

Kirby and co. return to Mekkai, and using both Andaedra's Ship and the Gigantia, all of them go to Ripple Star. There, Ribbon thanks Kirby for all his help and bids farewell to her friends once again, not leaving before giving Kirby a kiss on the cheek, to which he blushes and reacts humorously. Both ships depart to Pop Star, and as soon as they land, Bard and Archie thank Kirby for letting them be part of his "crew", and the Gigantia sails off as they say goodbye. Then, both a saddened Veigar and Blitzoul apologize for all the trouble, and are ready to leave. However, Kotohime tells Veigar thay they don't need to apologize, and requests he returns to the kingdom, also allowing Blitzoul to stay there with them. Both accept, and the three thank Kirby and co. for their help, inviting them to visit the Usagi Kingdom soon. The story ends with Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Adeleine waving goodbye to Kotohime, Veigar and Blitzoul, who are far in their way back home.


Playable Characters

Image Name Description Ability/es Helpers
Kirby KDLH New
Kirby The hero of Dream Land will never let it lose hope. Kirby is ready to save his people from becoming stone statues and will do whatever is possible to stop the culprit, using his many Copy Abilities with his powerful inhale. Kirby Star Icon
Inhale & Copy Abilities
Kirby can turn certain enemies into helpers by sacrificing his current copy ability.
MetaKnight KDLH
Meta Knight After surviving the dangers of the unknown spaceship and saving Kotohime, Meta Knight helps Kirby during his quest in order to stop the stone chaos, using his great sword techniques. Meta Knight Star Icon
Various sword (Galaxia) moves.
Summons Sword, Blade and Ax Knights when the power of his Galaxia fullfills
Kotohime KDLH
Kotohime Kotohime, the Rabbit princess of the Usagi Kingdom. Being considered a sacred entity and a goddess to her servants due to her miraculous powers, she is capable of transforming, healing and sensing far away presences. Kotohime is not able to float or fly, but her jumps are the highest in the game. KotohimeIcon KDLH
Magic abilities, mimicking.
Defeats enemies and turns them into Bunnies to help her.
Dedede KDLH King Dedede King Dedede, the self-proclamed "King" of Dream Land. This stubborn penguin helps Kirby again after being saved in the first world. King Dedede comes with a powerful inhale (although he cannot copy abilities like Kirby) and use his powerful hammer to defeat most enemies. Dedede Star Icon
Various hammer moves, Inhale.
Calls Bandana Dee, Captain Doo and Waddle Daa when defeating enough enemies.
Ribbon KDLH Ribbon Ribbon returns to help her friend Kirby in his new adventure. After being saved from the attack on her home planet Ripple Star, Ribbon joins Kirby with her ability to fly and use her shard gun replica. RibbonIcon KDLH
Capable of flying, Shard Gun
Calls her fairy friends when defeating certain enemies.
Adeleine KDLH Adeleine Adeleine, the aspiring artist of Pop Star, was kidnapped and held captive in another planet along with other victims. After she is saved and tuned back to her normal self, she joins Kirby with her magic painting abilities. AdeleineIcon KDLH
Painting items, other useful objects and helpers.
Paints her own helpers after defeating them.

Other Major Characters

Image Name Description
CaptainBard KDLH
Captain Bard An egocentric and loud pirate who owns the Gigantia, an hybrid ship built by his ancestors. Bard travels through the seas and the sky, looking for all kinds of treasure, and beating up any enemy that tries to steal from him. Despite being a powerful leader, he only counts with his not-so smart sailor, Archie. Despite their polar opposite personalities, both seem to be great friends. Bard and Archie meet Kirby during their adventure, and will help them reach Andaedra's Ship to discover its purpose.
Archie KDLH Sailor Archie Archie is a clumsy and unlucky sailor, who works under Captain Bard's orders. He helps Bard look for treasure, but often makes stupid mistakes when confronting enemies, which sometimes ends up making them almost lose and causes Bard to get furious. Despite this, they both get along well in their own way, and he is always forgiven by Bard for his silly mistakes.
Blitzoul KDLH
Blitzoul A newbie, dark magician who seeks a leader to teach him well in order to become a successful mage. Seeing Andaedra as the ideal leader, he follows her orders with such loyalty. Despite this, he has no idea of the disasters that could happen if they accomplish their scheme.
Veigar KDLH Veigar Veigar is a space bunny who is crazily obssessed with weapons. Developing a crush on Andaedra, he is willing to do anything to make her happy, which has caused him to blindly follow her orders. Veigar is desperate for Andaedra's attention, and often creates more innovative weapons only to impress her, to no avail.
Andaedra KDLH
Andaedra Andaedra is a mysterious being that steers the spaceship named after her. Andaedra has been guiding this spaceship throughout different planets, releasing a mysterious magic (possibly created with the help of Blitzoul) in order to steal the essence of life from living beings. In the process, she turns all these people into stone if they're strong enough, but if that's not the case, she kills them. But for what purpose is she gathering all this essence? Only our heroes will find out.
Dark Matter The true main antagonist and (in a way) the final boss as it merges with Andaedra and becomes Dark Maiden. All of Dark Matter was sealed within the Lost Dimension after it was supposedly destroyed by Kirby. Andaedra traveled through the galaxy fighting any kind of its remains, looking for all of Dark Matter's concentration in order to destroy it properly. Dark Matter, however, managed to possess her, manipulating her into gathering essence of life to break it free and leading to the events of the game.


Bold denotes new enemies.

  • Abaniko
  • Acchi
  • Armored Waddle Dee
  • Astrily
  • Ax Knight
  • Babut
  • Balloon Bomber
  • Barbar
  • Baton Waddle Dee
  • Big Chip
  • Big Gordo
  • Big Propeller
  • Big Waddle Dee
  • Bio Spark
  • Birdon
  • Beetley
  • Blade Knight
  • Bladleon
  • Blipper
  • Blobat
  • Bomber
  • Bomhub
  • Bouncy
  • Bronto Burt
  • Broom Hatter
  • Bubble Head
  • Bun
  • Buzzybat
  • Caller
  • Cappy
  • Capsule J3
  • Carry Dee
  • Chilly
  • Chip
  • Clown Acrobot
  • Como
  • Craby
  • Dale
  • Dark Matter (enemy)
  • Degout
  • Dekabu
  • Droppytear
  • Elec
  • Flame Cobra
  • Flamer
  • Flappy
  • Flotzo
  • Foley
  • Fow
  • Gabon
  • Galbo
  • Gaw Gaw
  • Gigatzo
  • Gim
  • Gip
  • Glunk
  • Gordo
  • Grispy
  • Grizzo
  • Heat Phanphan
  • Hot Head
  • HulaHula
  • Hunter Scarfy
  • Hiboki
  • Hina
  • Jellifrizz
  • Kabu
  • Keke
  • Knuckle Joe
  • Lanzer
  • Laser Ball
  • Leafan
  • Lique
  • Lovely
  • Mace Knight
  • Magnifee
  • Mamanti
  • Mekareza 1.0.
  • Metarun
  • Micato
  • Moonja
  • Mr. Gustard
  • Mumbies
  • Needlous
  • Nidoo
  • Noddy
  • Oohroo
  • Pacto
  • Parasol Waddle Dee
  • Pengi
  • Pichikuri
  • Pierce
  • Plasma Wisp
  • Poppy Bros. Jr.
  • Propeller
  • Psybam
  • Pyroro
  • Relojet
  • Rocky
  • Roll-o-droll
  • Sanchang
  • Scarfy
  • Search
  • Security Laser
  • Sheld
  • Shotzo
  • Simirror
  • Sir Kibble
  • Skully
  • Soarar
  • Sodory
  • Sparky
  • Spear Waddle Dee
  • Spikkun
  • Springy Hand
  • Squishy
  • Starman
  • Stoppy
  • Sword Knight
  • Tavou
  • Tenshee
  • Tick
  • Tough Waddle Dee
  • Toxiko
  • Twister
  • UFO
  • Uppydon
  • Voolck
  • Waddle Dee
  • Waddle Doo
  • Walf
  • Walky
  • Water Galbo
  • Wheelie
  • Whippy
  • Whispy Trunk
  • Windelle
  • Wizz




Image Name Attack Method Ability
Bonkers KDLH
Bonkers Bonkers can use many of the same moves as Hammer Kirby. His most basic attack is charging forward and then pounding the ground with his hammer. Bonkers will also throw explosive coconuts which can be inhaled and spat back at him. Bonkers will also occasionally move towards the player and unleash the devastating Hammer Flip attack, or a spinning Hammer Twirl attack. Ability Star Hammer
Efreeti KDLH
Efreeti Like in Kirby's Dream Land 2, Efreeti attacks by becoming a lavaball and launching itself at Kirby in different angles. However, in addition to this, it is now able to summon lava to surf on through the stage, as well as release magma rocks from its spikes. MagmaIcon KDLH
MrFrosty KDLH
Mr. Frosty Mr. Frosty attacks by charging at Kirby, or preparing and tossing a block of ice at him. Occasionally, he will throw a big ice block that can only be inhaled by the Super Inhale, and he is also capable of grabbing Kirby, stuffing him into his mouth, and spitting him out. Freeze Ability Star New
MasterGreen KDLH
Master Green Master Green attacks by skidding across the ground and jumping around, eventually producing sparks from his body, shooting sparks at Kirby, or sending an electric shock wave across the ground. After the shock wave, he throws an electrical star towards Kirby, which he can inhale and exhale back at Master Green. He can also jump into the air and throw the electrical stars from there. JellyfishIcon KDLH
Bugzzy KDLH
Bugzzy Bugzzy's main tactic is to dash toward Kirby in a straight line in an attempt to grab him with his mandibles. Once Kirby is in his grasp, Bugzzy slams him into the ground. During the battle, Bugzzy may also fly into the air and hover in pursuit of Kirby, and will ensnare him if he gets close enough. Bugzzy supplies ammunition to use against himself in the form of two tiny lady bugs that he releases into the air. These lady bugs slowly flutter and home in on Kirby. Ability Star Suplex
GigantEdge KDLH
Gigant Edge Gigant Edge makes use of around 4 different moves: A dash attack where he rushes Kirby, a simple sword slash, a charged attack which sends out a shock wave, and a guard that momentarily reflects all damage. Ability Star Sword
WaterGalboros KDLH
Water Galboros Water Galboros attacks by using waves of water. It can also jump and shake itself in place, showering the vicinity with water. Another way it attacks is by charging in the direction the player's character is facing towards and running into a wall nearby. Ability Star Water
FireLion KDLH
Fire Lion Fire Lion attacks by charging at Kirby in a stream of fire, grabbing Kirby to scratch and munch at him, or trying to pounce on him. Ability Star Fire
PoppyBrosSr KDLH
Poppy Bros Sr. Poppy Bros. Sr. hops about sometimes throwing a bomb, or making a large hop across the stage. He will occasionally perform a quick dash that can be hard to dodge, and throw three bombs at once. Ability Star Bomb
KingDoo KDLH
King Doo King Doo attempts to run into Kirby and fires his Beam Whip attack in broad arcs similar to Waddle Doo. The former attack creates stars for Kirby to use against him. Unlike his smaller counterparts, King Doo is capable of performing the beam attack while jumping in mid-air. He can also unleash charged-up Wave Beams from his eye along the ground, similar to Beam Kirby. Ability Star Beam
Kawasaki KDLH
Chef Kawasaki Kawasaki has two basic attacks: he can extend his frying pan forward to catch Kirby, which drags him back and lets the chef fry him up, dealing damage, and Kawasaki may also reach into his pocket and toss out dishes, either one or three, at a spread of upward angles. These can be inhaled and exhaled back at him. Other times, Kawasaki either jumps up and down in a fit of rage or walks to the other side of the screen. CookIcon KDLH
Hornhead KDLH
Hornhead Hornhead has several horn-based attacks that it can use with little to no warning. It may thrust upwards once, thrust forward once, thrust forward thrice in rapid succession, or unleash a flurry of slashes before finishing off with a strong thrust. It can also attack in a zig-zag pattern through the stage. Ability Star Beetle
MrTickTock KDLH
Mr. Tick-Tock Mr. Tick-Tock jumps around haphazardly in an attempt to crush Kirby. He can also create a force field of sound (in the form of an alarm) around his body by forcibly ringing the bells on his shoulders. Occasionally, if Kirby is in the ring's radius, he will become slow for a few seconds, and in turn Mr. Tick-Tock turns himself faster for his advantage. ClockIcon KDLH
IronMam KDLH
Iron Mam Iron Mam attacks by jumping around the stage, sometimes from one side to another and usually just vertically. These jumps create stars for Kirby to inhale and exhale back at her. Iron Mam will also slam the ground multiple times with her fists, and occasionally swings her fist around as she moves and then throws it at whichever direction she is facing towards Kirby. MaceIcon KDLH
BoxBoxer KDLH
Box Boxer Box Boxer's attacks include shooting charged-up red projectiles that Kirby can inhale, grabbing Kirby and tossing him up in the air and then clapping him between his two massive ears if he touches him, or punching him. Box Boxer can also leap high into the air and attempt to land on Kirby, creating two stars on either side of him. KRtDL Fighter icon
Moundo KDLH
Moundo Moundo attacks by charging into Kirby after building up some speed, spinning around on the floor and sliding around a bit to follow Kirby if he evades the first spin, leaping high into the air to smash Kirby, and even a homing jump where he uses a whirlwind around himself to float into the air in hopes of crushing Kirby below him. Ability Star Stone
Skullser KDLH
Skullseer Skullseer attacks by sending Skullys to assist him and attack Kirby. When the Skullys are around, Skullseer will fly around attempting to collide with Kirby. Once Kirby defeats the Skullys (which are usually three at once), Skullseer will increase his speed and try to snatch up Kirby, and then slam into any surface on the stage, causing high damage. The Skullys can be inhaled and exhaled back at him. Ability Star Suplex
Gao Gao Gao Gao attacks by jumping high in the air and then drilling downward, and spinning with his arms extended. After spinning, he will stumble back and forth with his eyes squinted due to fatigue. Spinning also creates two stars that can be spat back at him. Animal Ability Star New
Tedhaun KDLH
Tedhaun Tedhaun doesn't have any attacks of its own per se, but it can create and manipulate smaller Tedhaun Jrs. that circle and follow it. It can also immobilize Kirby by grabbing onto him and have a Tedhaun Jr. come and charge into him, making Tedhaun a challenging foe to defeat. He is the second rarest mid-boss in the game. Ghost Ability Star New
Dubior KDLH
Dubior Dubior's attacks include a charged ram that deals lots of damage, a lightning-bolt attack from above that strikes repeatedly, and the ability to spawn Dubior Juniors - miniature missile-shaped versions of itself - which will zigzag around and may be inhaled to obtain the Spark ability. Despite this, Dubior itself grants the UFO ability, unlike in past games where he gave the Spark ability as well, and he is also the rarest mid-boss in the game. KPR UFO icon


Image Name Attack Method Ability
MissMacroba KDLH
Miss Macroba Miss Macroba attacks by twirling her baton around with high speed. She is very agile, and will often jump multiple times around the stage in hopes of confusing Kirby. She usually dashes towards Kirby twirling her baton forwards, or by throwing it like a boomerang. Sometimes she also twirls it upwards to fly like a propeller. BatonIcon KDLH
Alteror KDLH
Alteror Alteror is usually surrounded by a gravity-altering aura. Its attacks consist in flying around, attempting to put Kirby inside of its aura, and sticking its arrows out in hopes of hitting Kirby from afar. If Kirby is inside of the aura, his gravity gets altered (if blue is on command, he is unable to jump, and if red is on command Kirby goes upside-down, usually colliding with Alteror). Kirby's gravity goes back to normal as soon as he escapes the aura. Hitting Alteror three times from afar deactivates its aura for a period of time. GravityIcon KDLH
N/A Atomiko Atomiko attacks by throwing barrels filled with nuclear substances which explode upon contact with either Kirby or a wall. He also attacks by ramming Kirby, who must avoid getting to close to him due to his nuclear aura. It is recommended to attack him from afar using projectiles such as the usual stars, and avoid attacking him with nuclear-related attacks, as they will slightly heal him. NuclearIcon KDLH
N/A Bushy Bushy is a mysterious creature camouflaging in a big bush. It attacks by releasing 'leaf blades' around at different directions, but usually trying to aim at Kirby. He also uses thorny brambles as some sort of spider legs to crawl around and whip Kirby with them. Ability Star Leaf
N/A Clairvoid Clairvoid is a strange clairvoyant entity that always floats around with an orb of psychic force. Clairvoid summons smaller versions of herself to attack Kirby, and even manipulates them herself so they attack him more efficiently. Clairvoid can also float from the background to the foreground and viceversa in hopes of hitting Kirby, and can throw psychic blasts at him. PsychicIcon KDLH
N/A Sensuke Sensuke is some sort of samurai warrior, but rather than using the usual blades, he uses sensu fans. Sensuke is very agile, jumping around and dancing with his sensu fans trying to hit Kirby. It is important to avoid him, as he will momentarily  hit Kirby repeated times to rack up damage on him once he catches him. SensuIcon KDLH
N/A Sand Hand Sand Hand, as its name implies, is a big hand made of sand that flies around and slams itself onto the ground trying to crush Kirby. Other methods of attack include turning itself into other objects such as a rolling pillar or a sword. Sand Hand also uses a few moves that reference Master Hand and Crazy Hand from the Super Smash Bros. series, albeit in weaker forms. SandIcon KDLH
N/A Mekareza 2.0. Mekareza 2.0. is an upgraded and stronger version of the enemy Mekareza 1.0. It attacks by shooting plasma balls, often charging them and then jumping around before releasing it to trick Kirby. Mekareza 2.0. can also shoot homing missiles which Kirby can inhale to counter-attack. RobotIcon KDLH
N/A Brooma Brooma, despite being an entirely different foe, attacks in a very similar way to Haboki from Kirby's Dream Land 3. She jumps high and then crashes down to the ground, as well as sliding against Kirby while sweeping the ground. CleanStar
N/A Shako Shako is a psychotic clown monster that attacks by using various circus-related moves, such as juggling, jumping into fiery rings, etc. Shako also uses cutting poker cards to attack, by sending them against Kirby as projectiles. CircusKirby


Image Name Location/s Attack Method Ability
WhackyWoods KDLH Whacky Woods Mount Marvelous Whacky Woods is a rather more energetic and demented version of the familiar Whispy Woods. Whacky attacks by using vine plants to trap Kirby, if he manages to do so, he will proceed to attack by spitting a venom liquid at him. If not, he will spit it at different directions. Like Whispy, Whacky can shake in order to make fruits, Gordos and other enemies to fall down.
WoodIcon KDLH
Amumu KDLH Amumu Awesome Awesands Amumu is a big mummy who loves to sleep. When Kirby interrupts his long nap, he goes nuts. Amumu attacks by using bandages to wrap the screen, in which Kirby must find a spot where he doesn't touch them, as they will later explode. Amumu is also able to turn into a wild sand tornado, which Kirby can hardly avoid. If Amumu goes into the background, he will try to smash Kirby with sand pillars. SandIcon KDLH
Frozandra KDLH Frozandra Icicle Island Frozandra is a former fairy who got corrupted by the ice and turned into an ice witch. Frozandra uses a handful of icy magic attacks, which range from ice blasts to summoning icicles and unleashing lasers of cold air. All in all, getting frozen by her is 99.9% likely to happen. Freeze Ability Star New
Magmamonium KDLH Magmamonium Cookie Chimney A deformed entity entirely made of magma and lava rocks. It proclaims itself to be the guardian of the volcano known as The Chimney. Magmamonium manipulates the lava pool around it in order to attack Kirby, sending hands of magma, rains of lava rock, and sometimes attacks directly by slamming itself onto the platform. Whether it fails or not, it will explode into several goops of lava by doing so, before rebuilding itself again. MagmaIcon KDLH
PossessedAdeleine KDLH Possessed Adeleine Arclight Arcstar Along with a possessed Fairy and a possessed Blade Knight assisting her, they're all victims of Blitzoul's dark magic. As the other two try to approach Kirby, Adeleine paints more enemies to attack Kirby, ranging from regular enemies such as Waddle Doo to mid-bosses such as Tedhaun. Paint Ability Star New
Blitzoul KDLH
Blitzoul Grand Galleon
Arclight Arcstar
A newbie dark magician who was recruited by Andaedra to assist her with her scheme. Blitzoul has no idea of what he's gotten into, and along with Veigar, he just assists her because he admires her as a leader. Blitzoul uses dark magic, which often includes dark blasts, lasers, and summoning dark creatures to attack Kirby. In Arclight Arcstar, he possesses three victims to attack for him. MagicIcon KDLH
Veigar KDLH Veigar Grand Galleon Veigar, unlike Blitzoul, decides to use weapons to attack. Veigar is mostly just determined to impress Andaedra with his creations, usually failing to do so. In Grand Galleon, he fights using a plasma gun, shooting electric lasers and charged blasts at Kirby. In Locoland, he uses his newest dangerous invention, the Abominable Machine. Ability Star Spark
Abominable Machine Veigar Locoland (Andaedra's Ship entrance) A massive robot created by Veigar as his latest attempt to make his leader proud and destroy Kirby and friends. This machine attacks from the middle of the area, from which Kirby has to run around attempting to avoid his missiles and electric blasts. As soon as he prepares to slam Kirby with the machine's hands, Kirby must attack with all force to destroy them. RobotIcon KDLH
Andaedra KDLH
Andaedra Andaedra's Ship (inside Lost Dimension) Andaedra specializes in dark magic and sword techniques, combining both during the fight. While she uses agile sword slashes, she uses her magic to unleash magic blasts and dark sword replicas throughout the stage. Not only that, but she can also teleport around and go into the background and foreground to dive in or attack from afar. Ability Star Sword
DarkMaiden KDLH Dark Maiden (Phase 1) Nebula Road

An entity created after Andaedra merges with Dark Matter. The battle takes place in an auto-sidescrolling road of obstacles, with Dark Maiden attacking from the background with varied dark magic, including dark energy balls, lasers and even summoned Dark Matter enemies. Occasionally, Dark Maiden will go into the actual stage and spin around in hopes of hitting Kirby, and will sometimes summon a replica of her sword made out of dark matter to swing around and attack.

The Void Matter Rift form is obligatory and given in order to counterattack her when she is in the background, sending attacks throughout the void rifts.

DarkMaiden2 KDLH Dark Maiden (Phase 2) Nebula Road Andaedra has almost no stamina left, Dark Matter has consumed most of it and is ready to take over. With Meta Knight's assistance, Kirby flies and confronts Dark Maiden again. Similarly to 02's battle in Kirby 64, Kirby uses the Shard Gun given to him by Ribbon. It is essentially a shooting battle, and Kirby & Meta Knight must dodge Dark Maiden's attacks which consist in dark energy beams and blasts, summoning other magic through portals, etc. She also retains her ability to teleport around.
Zethdin KDLH Zethdin Grumble Galaxy An intergalactic guardian that has existed for millions of years and has been asleep for centuries, Zethdin was awakened by the events of Dark Maiden's rampage. It is fought in a nebula arena made of several floating platforms. It is capable of using background meteors to attack Kirby, teleporting around, and using flames of galactic matter to disintegrate portions of the area. Its flames can adopt the shape of weapons or enemies Kirby has seen before, including mid-bosses, or even clone versions of itself. MeteorIcon KDLH


Copy Abilities

62 Copy Abilities appear in Kirby: Dark Dawn, bringing back several Copy Abilities from past game, as well as adding 18 new Copy Abilities. This makes this game the installment with the most Copy Abilities in the series. In alphabetical order, these are:

Animal Ability Star New
AxeIcon KDLH
BatonIcon KDLH
Beam (icon)
Ability Star Bell
Bomb (Icon)
Bubble Ability Star New
ClockIcon KDLH
CloudIcon KDLH
CookIcon KDLH
Crash (Icon)
Ability Star Cupid
Cutter (Icon)
Fighter (Icon)
Fire (Icon)
Freeze Ability Star New
Ghost Ability Star New
GravityIcon KDLH
Hammer icon
HiJump icon
Ice (Icon)
JellyfishIcon KDLH
Ability Star Jet KPR
Ability Star Laser
Leaf (Icon)
MaceIcon KDLH
MagicIcon KDLH
MagmaIcon KDLH
Metal Ability Star New
MeteorIcon KDLH
Mike (Icon)
Ability Star Mirror KPR
Needle icon
Ninja (Icon)
NuclearIcon KDLH
Paint Ability Star New
Parasol (Icon)
PsychicIcon KDLH
RingIcon KDLH
RobotIcon KDLH
SandIcon KDLH
SensuIcon KDLH
Sleep icon
Ability Star Smash Bros.
Smash Bros
Spark icon
Spear (Bar)
Stone (Icon)
Ability Star Suplex
Sword (Icon)
Tornado icon
Ability Star UFO KPR
VampireIcon KDLH
Water (Icon)
Ability Star Wheel
Whip (Icon)
Wing icon
WizardIcon KDLH
WoodIcon KDLH
Yo-Yo Ability Star New

To see information regarding these Copy Abilities, expand the tables below:

New Copy Abilities
Copy Ability Helper Description Notes Icon
Axe Ax Knight

Allows Kirby to do various slashing techniques with his ax. He is able to cut small trees and ropes.

Can cut small trees and be used underwater. AxeIcon KDLH
Baton Baton Waddle Dee Kirby can use a baton to do various acrobatic moves. He can also take an enemy and twirl them around until they're defeated. Can be used underwater. BatonIcon KDLH
Clock Relojet Lets Kirby increase his speed briefly, as well as cause enemies to move in slow-mo for a few seconds. Kirby is also able to go 2 seconds back in time. (teleports back to where he was) His teleporting move can only be used three times. ClockIcon KDLH
Cloud Mr. Gustard Allows Kirby to create cloudy platforms and ride on them. Kirby can also summon lightnings under his clouds and blow wind. The cloud platforms disappear after a short period of time.  CloudIcon KDLH
Gravity Uppadon Kirby is able to move under platforms and ceilings  and over walls as well as fall slowly. He can also alter enemies' gravity. None GravityIcon KDLH
Jellyfish Jellifrizz Allows Kirby to send shocking waves in diagonal directions, those shocking waves having electric effects. Enemies are stunned if touched either by the shock waves or by Kirby himself. Kirby also becomes much more agile underwater. Kirby is capable of illuminating dark areas, but only nearby surroundings. Can also illuminate underwater. JellyfishIcon KDLH
Mace Mace Knight Lets Kirby spin and throw a mace around at foes. It can break special obstacles and is useful for attacking several enemies at once. Kirby is slightly slower than usual due to the mace's weight. MaceIcon KDLH
Magma Pyroro
Lets Kirby charge and shoot magma from his volcano hat around him. He can spit small lavaballs to hit enemies and also surf on lava / fire surfaces. Kirby can increase the range of his magma rocks if tilting the analog stick from left to right. MagmaIcon KDLH
Meteor Astrily Allows Kirby to ram himself at enemies like a meteor by charging from a distance. He is also able to shoot little meteor projectiles that spawn and orbit around him, which can also cause mild damage when near enemies. Once a little meteor touches an enemy, it disappears, spawning several seconds later. MeteorIcon KDLH
Nuclear Toxiko
Allows Kirby to spit a dangerous gas that can alter or destroy certain special obstacles. Enemies near him receive mild damage over time. Enemies take more damage if touching him, but Kirby will still receive damage. NuclearIcon KDLH
Psychic Psybam Kirby is able to shoot psychic blasts and psychically manipulate objects and enemies that were hit by the blasts. Kirby can manipulate only one thing at once. PsychicIcon KDLH
Ring HulaHula Kirby can use a ring and perform various moves with it. He can also throw another ring that can bounce off walls. If the ring touches an enemy, they trap them in. Two rings can be thrown at a time. RingIcon KDLH
Robot Mekareza 1.0. Allows Kirby to shoot homing missiles towards enemies, as well as charge electric balls. Kirby is also able to perform an upwards spinning attack, becoming invincible while doing so. The electric balls increase in size the more they're charged. RobotIcon KDLH
Sand Grispy Lets Kirby move faster than normal and summon sandy wind around him to sweep enemies out of the way. He can also run on quicksands normally and can crumble with the wind and rebuild himself in a nearby chosen location. The crumbling movement has a shown range limit. SandIcon KDLH
Sensu (Fan) Abaniko Allows Kirby to perform various dancing techniques with his sensu fans. Kirby can hit enemies with wild speed. Similarly to Parasol, he will fly farther if inside of a wind current. SensuIcon KDLH
Vampire Blobat Allows Kirby to ambush enemies and drain their health. Kirby can also turn into a tiny bat and fly around. When in bat form, Kirby is able to get past tiny passages that cannot be reached normally. VampireIcon KDLH
Wizard Wizz Kirby can use various magic spells to defeat enemies. Kirby's attacks have a 50% chance of turning an enemy into an object and 30% chance of turning them into food.. Objects and food depend on the enemy defeated. More powerful enemies give better rewards when transformed. WizardIcon KDLH
Wood Whispy Trunk Kirby is able to manipulate tree roots and treetrunks to attack enemies. Additionally, he is able to spawn vines to swing and pass through long platform gaps quicker. The roots can trap enemies and immobilize them. WoodIcon KDLH

Returning Copy Abilities
Copy Ability Helper Description Notes Icon
Animal Gaw Gaw Allows Kirby to dig into the ground and find stuff underground. None Animal Ability Star New
Beam Waddle Doo Lets Kirby release a beam that attacks enemies within its range. None Beam (icon)
Beetle Beetley Kirby can use the horn on his helmet to attack and impale enemies. He can also fly by flapping his wings that appear on the back of his helmet. None BeetleKirby
Bell Dingle Allows Kirby to smack enemies with his bells and send out hurtful sound waves. He can also throw bouncing bells. Kirby can protect himself with his bell hat, if he's touched while guarding, the bell will also send out hurtful sound waves. Ability Star Bell
Bomb Roll-o-droll
Poppy Bros. Jr.
Allows Kirby to throw bombs or set one down, which explode either after a short time or when it touches an enemy. None Bomb (Icon)
Bubble Bubble Head
Allows Kirby to send an array of bubbles to turn his enemies into bubbles, making them fly away, or easier to swallow them. None Bubble Ability Star New
Circus Clown Acrobot Allows Kirby to perform various circus-related abilities to harm enemies. None CircusKirby
Clean Broom Hatter
Allows Kirby to hurt enemies with the broom itself, as well as cause white dust clouds to be raised in front of Kirby, which act as harmful projectiles. Kirby cannot move while cleaning. CleanStar
Cook None Allows Kirby to put all of the enemies in screen inside of the pot, and turn them into food. This one-use ability turns all normal enemies on-screen into food. The only drawback is that it is powerless against mid-bosses or bosses. CookIcon KDLH
Crash None Immediately defeats all enemies on the screen. Can only be used once. This ability comes only from Bomber, a rare enemy. Crash (Icon)
Cupid Tenshee Allows Kirby to fly using angel wings and shoot arrows at his foes, which may cut the strings of platforms. None Ability Star Cupid
Cutter Sir Kibble Lets Kirby throw boomerang cutters at enemies, which can cut ropes or strings. Move can be charged, causing the boomerang cutter to become bigger. Cutter (Icon)
Fighter Knucke Joe Enables Kirby to perform a variety of martial arts-based moves against opponents, as well as shoot an orb, which can be charged up against enemies. None Fighter (Icon)
Fire Hot Head
Heat Phanphan
Allows Kirby to shoot fire breath, burning any enemies within its distance and letting him light the fuses of cannons. Kirby can also launch himself forward in the form of a fireball, like Burning from past games. Fire Kirby can light the fuses of cannons, a trait it shares with Jet, Hammer and Meteor. Fire (Icon)
Freeze Chilly Allows Kirby to create a cold force field around him that freezes enemies. Freeze Kirby can turn enemies into Ice Cubes and kick them, just like Ice Kirby. However, unlike the Ice ability, Freeze Kirby can also do this underwater, but it replaces the ability of spitting water. Freeze Ability Star New
Ghost None Allows Kirby to possess enemies and use their attacks, as well as use them as a shield if he gets attacked. Kirby can also launch himself forwards with invisibility, allowing him to get past certain objects and walls. The Ghost ability is very rare, and can only be obtained by defeating the Ghost-like mid-boss hidden in secret rooms in levels, similarly to U.F.O. That boss is located in only 3 stages in the whole game. Ghost Ability Star New
Hammer Bonkers Using a large hammer, Kirby can attack enemies and pound stakes into the ground. Hammer Kirby can light the fuses of cannons when his mallet is on fire, and can also pound stakes into the ground like Stone Kirby. The hammer can be used underwater. Hammer icon
Hi-Jump Starman Allows Kirby to jump high distances, attacking any enemies along the way. None HiJump icon
Ice Pengi Lets Kirby freeze enemies into ice cubes with his chilly breath, as well as freeze water. This ability allows Kirby to freeze enemies in an ice cube and then kick the ice cube, potentially hitting other enemies with it. Ice (Icon)
Jet Capsule J3 Allows Kirby to perform one of several jet-based attacks. He can charge and also can light up fuses. Like spark, charging this ability up makes it more powerful, although Jet is charged with the B button instead of the stick. It can be used to light fuses. Ability Star Jet KPR
Laser Laser Ball Allows Kirby to shoot lasers from a special headband. The laser can also bounce off of hills, hitting another direction. None Ability Star Laser
Leaf Leafan Lets Kirby shoot swirling leaves, and throwing them mostly in like a vortex fashion, and works similarly to boomerang cutters. None Leaf (Icon)
Magic Magnifee Allows Kirby to perform various magical tricks such as throwing cards, freeing pigeons to attack, etc. None MagicIcon KDLH
Metal Metarun Makes Kirby turn into metal, where he can either turn into a ball, or attack regular enemies by merely walking into them. Kirby is almost invincible with this ability, as he can walk into enemies, on spikes, lava and other obstacles. However, Bosses and Mid-Bosses are the exception, as Metal Kirby is vulnerable to them. Metal Ability Star New
Mike None Lets Kirby sing his favorite song and defeats all enemies on screen. Can be used three times. Acts similar to crash, but can be used three times, each time more powerful than the last. Mike (Icon)
Mirror Simirror Lets Kirby create mirror images of himself to confuse enemies and perform multiple attacks at once. The mirrors can change the direction of enemies' attacks. Ability Star Mirror KPR
Needle Needlous Lets Kirby extend pointy spikes from his body that protects him from incoming attacks. Kirby can't move while extending his spikes. Needle icon
Ninja Bio Spark Gives Kirby many of the abilities a ninja can have, including the ability to walk on water and shoot shurikens. Ninja Kirby can cut ropes. Ninja (Icon)
Paint None This is a very rare ability that allows Kirby to shoot paintballs everywhere, causing a good damage. This rare ability can be found only in certain boss battles and has different effects depending on what boss it's used on. Paint Ability Star New
Parasol Parasol Waddle Dee Wields Kirby with a parasol, which can protect him from many above threats as well as hurt enemies. Parasol can be used underwater, and it also guards attacks. Parasol (Icon)
Smash Bros None Allows Kirby to use all of his trademark moves from the Super Smash Bros. series, including his Vulcan Jab, his Final Cutter, Stone, Hammer and even Shielding. This is the only non-limited use ability that cannot summon a helper. It is also the rarest Copy Ability, appearing only in one bonus stage as a Copy Essence. Ability Star Smash Bros.
Sleep None Puts Kirby to sleep for a few seconds, keeping him from moving and leaving him defenseless. However, it can also heal HP. Kirby is vulnerable to any attack while sleeping, although he slightly recovers his health. Sleep icon
Spark Sparky
Plasma Wisp
Grants Kirby the ability to create a force field of electricity around him, which harms enemies, and he can also shoot plasma shots. Plasma shots need to be charged up, like the Jet ability. Spark icon
Spear Spikkun
Wields Kirby with a spear that he may use to cut objects such as ropes. Kirby may also throw his spears, usually dashing before executing his attack. The Spears sometimes can bounce on walls instead of sticking into it. Spear (Bar)
Stone Rocky Allows Kirby to assume an invincible rock form, letting him squash foes and pound stakes into the ground, but rendering him immobile until he transforms back. Kirby can't move while he's a stone. He can turn back to normal by pressing B again. Stone (Icon)
Suplex Bugzzy
Lets Kirby to grab an enemy and toss it into another, or kick one from above. Kirby can also throw the enemy into the direction specified with the control stick. Some enemies can bounce on the walls after being tossed. Ability Star Suplex
Sword Blade Knight
Sword Knight
Wielding a sword, Kirby can slash at his enemies even underwater. Sword Kirby can cut ropes and use his sword underwater. Sword (Icon)
Tornado Twister
Enables Kirby to temporarily turn into an invincible tornado, which can hover and harms all enemies it touches. Kirby is totally invincible while turning into and tornado and flying around, even to Bosses and Mid-Bosses. Tornado icon
U.F.O. UFO A rare ability that lets Kirby fly and shoot strong beams and lasers. If he completes an area, the ability is lost. U.F.O, just like Ghost, is a rare ability that can be only obtained by defeating the UFO-like enemy lurking in hidden rooms from some levels. Only 3 stages contain the U.F.O ability. Ability Star UFO KPR
Water Lique
Water Galbo
Allows Kirby to surf on a form of water he creates, thus being able to easily traverse through lava. He can also neutralize lava blocks (though not lava itself) using the ability. If the player moves the control stick from left to right, the wave will increase its size. Water (Icon)
Wheel Wheelie Turns Kirby into a tire, where he can ride through terrain, hurting any enemy in his path. None
Ability Star Wheel
Whip Whippy Wields Kirby with a whip which he can use to attack by lashing out it in several ways. Kirby cannot whip large or heavy enemies such as Metarun, and it also can only damage Bosses and Mid-Bosses, but can't trap them. Whip (Icon)
Wing Flappy
Allows Kirby to perform one of several winged attacks, such as shooting feathers and spread his wings to fly. None Wing icon
Yo-Yo Gim The ability allows Kirby to utilize a yo-yo to smack around enemies from a safe distance. The yo-yo could also pass through walls and floors. None Yo-Yo Ability Star New
MatterRiftKirby KDLH

Normal Matter Rift Ability: Void

Matter Rift Abilities

As stated before, Matter Rift is a special ability that can be obtained by collecting up to five items named Cosmic Matter, which look like small starry orbs.

Collecting the default ones will give the usual Void version of Matter Rift, but certain stages have alternative versions named Elemental Cosmic Matter items which, as the name implies, give different elemental versions of the Matter Rift. Each version differs in attack and purpose, and are mostly granted in specific stages in order to get rid of certain obstacles and continue. All Matter Rift abilities are either temporal or one-use only.

Matter Rift Ability Description Notes Icon
Void As the default form of Matter Rift, Kirby is able to create rifts on all kinds of surfaces and in selected locations which work as little voids, absorbing any attacks, enemies and normal obstacles that are near them. Although multiple rifts can be created, those only absorb very nearby things. VoidMRIcon KDLH
Fire An elemental Matter Rift granted by Fiery Matter orbs. Kirby is able to send massive fireballs forwards, essentially working as a very mobile attacking ability. Kirby can run as he summons the fireballs, destroying incoming obstacles. Usually appearing in icy stages, this ability can get rid of ice surfaces that Kirby cannot pass through normally. FireMRIcon KDLH
Water The elemental Matter Rift obtained by collecting Watery Matter orbs. This ability allows Kirby to surf on a gigantic wave of lethal water that obliterates enemies in the way. It also allows him to create a force shield that destroys obstacles underwater and gives him much more agility. Usually in underwater stages, it can destroy special underwater obstacles that other elemental abilities cannot. WaterMRIcon KDLH
Stone Obtained by collecting the Rocky Matter orbs. Kirby is able to turn into a giant boulder and roll on specific roads. Able to destroy anything in the way, including other rolling boulders with ease, this ability grants superb mobility and access to areas normally unavailable. Appears in mountainous stages, especially those that feature rock obstacles. The boulder ignores absolutely any attack as long as it rolls, only stopping after colliding with a wall. StoneMRIcon KDLH
Tornado Collecting the Windy Matter orbs grants this ability. Kirby is able to send massive storms around him that sweep away enemies and obstacles. The storm allows Kirby to alter wind currents in various stages, allowing him to get past otherwise unreachable areas. Mostly found in stages where wind currents are prominent. It is not very useful if used underwater. TornadoMRIcon KDLH
Spark Kirby is granted this ability by collecting the Electric Matter orbs. Kirby is given the ability to summon electric thunderbolts around him, which can cause small electric explosions that destroy most obstacles and activate secrets by taking advantage of metallic surfaces. Usually appears in industrial and mechanical stages. The thunderbolts cannot be aimed, they just strike down onto the ground around Kirby. SparkMRIcon KDLH
Ice Obtained by collecting the Icy Matter orbs. Allows Kirby to build massive snowballs and make them roll. The snowballs will trap enemies in and cause them to roll along with it. The snowball will crumble upon contact with a wall or by falling off heights. Appears in fire-related stages for the most part. It is useful for turning extensive lava surfaces into rocky platforms for Kirby to cross. However, the snowball slowly melts as it rolls across them until it fully melts down. IceMRIcon KDLH
Wood Granted by collecting the Wooden Matter orbs. Kirby is able to cause trees to grow around him, allowing him to travel along with them. The trees can grow leaf platforms, and get rid of enemies in the vicinity area by squeezing them with tree roots. Only 3 trees can be planted. The ability wears off after the third tree fully grows.   Often appears in places with dead ends. The trees can move to the background or foreground to allow Kirby to get past these dead ends. WoodMRIcon KDLH
Space Kirby is given this ability after collecting the Gravity Matter orbs. It can only be used twice. It creates a big force shield around Kirby that alters the gravity of anything around him. Additionally, Kirby gains low gravity movemets, allowing him to get past wide bottomless pits.  The force shields of anti-gravity can trigger special events in corresponding stages, so they must be used wisely. SpaceMRIcon KDLH
Time Collecting the Cosmic Clocks grant this ability. It is a one-use only ability, and it allows Kirby to stop time temporarily. When time stops, special clocks appear throughout the rest of the stage, which Kirby can collect to increase the effect's period of time.  When time stops, only Kirby is capable of moving. Everything else, including obstacles and enemies, stop moving. TimeMRIcon KDLH

Game Modes

Story Mode

1 to 4 Players
The main mode of the game. After his home planet is threatened by a spaceship's casted dark magic that steals essences of life and turns people into stone statues, Kirby, Kotohime and friends travel through 7 different lands in different planets using the Gigantia, Captain Bard's ship after helping him defeat Blitzoul and Veigar, in pursuit of the unknown spaceship to stop its magic. Throughout the adventure, Kirby finds more friends to help him, and eventually they reach the spaceship's final destination, Mekkai. In Locoland, they discover the spaceship in front of a big mechanical portal. It is then revealed that Blitzoul and Veigar are both members of the spaceship's crew and therefore take part in stealing essences of life. However, their leader later reveals herself as Andaedra. Kirby and friends venture into the spaceship as it unseals the portal and enters the Lost Dimension. After Andaedra is found she explains her scheme, which ends up being a surprise even to her subordinates. Kirby defeats Andaedra, but she then summons the evil that was sealed within Lost Dimension, Dark Matter. Merging with it, they become Dark Maiden and flee to cause chaos in the galaxy. With Blitzoul and Veigar now on their side, they follow her with her spaceship as Kirby obtains the Void Matter Rift, fighting Dark Maiden in Nebula Road. After two intense confrontations against her, Dark Matter is weakened and Andaedra regains her memories briefly after her sister Kotohime hugs her. Andaedra requests Kirby destroys Dark Matter even if she has to be destroyed as well, forcing Kirby to use Matter Rift's full power on her. Dark Matter is sealed and possibly destroyed, and so Kirby and friends save Pop Star and the rest of the galaxy.

Helper to Hero

1 to 4 Players
A game mode unlocked by beating the main Story Mode once. Similarly to its Kirby Super Star Ultra version, it allows the player to play as one of 50 Helpers in the game. All Helpers are given similar movesets to the corresponding Copy Ability they grant Kirby, meaning that they're more powerful than how they play in the main mode. Up to 4 players can play in Helper to Hero, each one with a different Helper, as they traverse through a slightly modified story mode. Each world is compressed into one sitting that must be completed before the player's progress and time can be saved and recorded. Like prior Extra Modes, this mode is more difficult than the main quest. Many enemies appear larger and are more numerous than they were before. Bosses and mid-bosses now have "SP" at the end of their names (meaning "Special"), use a number of new attacks, and have alternate color schemes. Additionally, Dark Maiden herself is not the final boss, but Dark Matter copies of the main playable characters are. As such, dark versions of Kirby and Meta Knight are the final bosses: Meta Knight Zero and Kirby Zero. All sections requiring the Matter Rift ability in the main quest are skipped by the Helpers, as they cannot access that ability, or any at all. As such, Cosmic Matter do not appear either.

Copy Abilities that can grant different Helpers depending on the inhaled enemy are represented by only one of them, for example, Fire can give Hot Head, Galbo or Heat Phanphan as helpers, but of the three only Heat Phanphan can be played here. Additionally, some Copy Ability helpers are not available here: Laser Ball (Laser), Leafan (Leaf), Metarun (Metal), Needlous (Needle), and UFO (U.F.O.)

Playable Characters
Animal Ability Star New
Gaw Gaw
AxeIcon KDLH
Ax Knight
BatonIcon KDLH
Baton Waddle Dee
Beam (icon)
Waddle Doo
Ability Star Bell
Bomb (Icon)
Poppy Bro. Jr.
Bubble Ability Star New
Clown Acrobot
ClockIcon KDLH
CloudIcon KDLH
Mr. Gustard
Ability Star Cupid
Cutter (Icon)
Sir Kibble
Fighter (Icon)
Knuckle joe
Fire (Icon)
Heat Phanphan
Freeze Ability Star New
GravityIcon KDLH
Hammer icon
HiJump icon
Ice (Icon)
JellyfishIcon KDLH
Ability Star Jet KPR
Capsule J3
MaceIcon KDLH
Mace Knight
MagicIcon KDLH
MagmaIcon KDLH
MeteorIcon KDLH
Ability Star Mirror KPR
Ninja (Icon)
Bio Spark
NuclearIcon KDLH
Parasol (Icon)
Parasol Waddle Dee
PsychicIcon KDLH
RingIcon KDLH
RobotIcon KDLH
Mekareza 1.0.
SandIcon KDLH
SensuIcon KDLH
Spark icon
Plasma Wisp
Spear (Bar)
Stone (Icon)
Ability Star Suplex
Sword (Icon)
Blade Knight
Tornado icon
VampireIcon KDLH
Water (Icon)
Water Galbo
Ability Star Wheel
Whip (Icon)
Wing icon
WizardIcon KDLH
WoodIcon KDLH
Whispy Trunk
Yo-Yo Ability Star New

Kirby Air Race!

1 to 4 Players
A default sub-game mode that references Kirby Air Ride. The gameplay is very similar to that of the aforementioned game, albeit in a more simplistic way. There are eight stages to choose from, all of them referencing past games: Green GreensRaisin RuinsButter BuildingGrape Garden, Rainbow RouteRoyal RoadAccess Arc and Halcandra. The last four are unlockable stages. Up to eight characters can race. Default playable characters include all main story playable characters KirbyMeta KnightKotohimeKing DededeRibbon and Adeleine, as well as their helpers: BunnySword KnightBlade KnightAx KnightBandana Dee, Captain DooWaddle Daa and Fairy Friends (WinterCherry and Sunny). Unlockable characters are Captain BardSailor ArchieVeigar and Blitzoul. To unlock characters and stages, the player has to achieve from good to excellent rankings in races. All stages and characters are unlocked randomly.

Strato Patrol DX

1 Player
Strato Patrol DX, or Strato Patrol Deluxe, is a default shoot 'em up sub-game mode and sort of a sequel to Strato Patrol EOS from Kirby Mass Attack. In the game, the player controls one of six playable characters: KirbyMeta KnightKotohimeKing DededeRibbon and Adeleine as they automatically shoot their respective projectiles. Power-up packs can be collected to increase the shot's firepower. Helpers can be temporarily summoned by defeating enemies in consecutive chains. L/R buttons are called "Bombs"; they unleash a large attack wave which wipes out all enemies on the screen when pressed on. Clearing each level gives one additional use of the attack.

There are 10 Levels, each one containing a boss and getting increasingly difficult:

Dream Land Odyssey

1 to 4 Players
Dream Land Odyssey is an unlockable open-world RPG sub-game. It is unlocked after completing Kirby Air Race! and Strato Patrol DX. It is similar to Kirby Quest from Kirby Mass Attack and Team Kirby Clash from Kirby: Planet Robobot, especially the latter. Main story playable characters can be used, along with their usual helpers (Kirby once again summoning them by inhaling enemies, and Adeleine by painting enemies she defeats). The goal of the game is to travel across the world's maps, which includes interacting with non-playable characters such as shopkeepers that sell players healing and stat-increasing items, and confronting enemies. The battles against enemies and bosses work like in the main story. Each character has a set role in the sub-game similarly to how Kirby abilities did in Team Kirby Clash.

  • Kirby - Hero: balanced role. Kirby can inhale enemies to obtain their abilities, as such, he is pretty diverse. Alternatively, he can summon helpers when inhaling them.
  • Meta Knight - Slayer: swordsman role. Meta Knight can use various slashing moves with his Galaxia, which include attacks from past installments in which he was a boss. He has the second best attack and stamina, but has bad recovery, however. Can summon the Meta-Knighs to assist him.
  • Kotohime - Support: healer role. Kotohime is capable of healing her teammates and has the best recovery at the expense of bad stamina and attack. Can summon bunnies to assist each character.
  • King Dedede - Tank: powerful role. King Dedede attacks by crushing enemies with both his hammer and his powerful body slams. He can also switch his hammer to the 'Masked Dedede' version of it, which can alternatively cause shockwaves. Has the worst recovery and limited movement but the best attack and stamina. Can summon his subordinates Bandana Dee, Captain Doo and Waddle Daa.
  • Ribbon - Mage: technical role. Ribbon can shoot blasts of magic dust from her own hands. She is also capable of flying. She can also grab her teammates, although depending on their weight, she can become slower. Has the best recovery but the worst stamina. Can summon her fairy friends Winter, Cherry and Sunny.
  • Adeleine - Marksman: ranged role. In this sub-game, Adeleine attacks by shooting paint projectiles from her paintbrush, making her a great ranged character. She has the best movement, but the second worst attack, although her ranged paint projectiles compensate it. Can summon enemies she defeats by painting them.

There are eight missions, getting more difficult as the players progress. Missions are divided in area sections found in the world maps, meaning there are eight maps as well. In these area sections, several enemies are confronted, and defeating them allows players o gain experience and level up. There are 10 levels in total for each hero, each one increasing their stamina, attack, recovery, movement and team attack even more. After defeating waves of enemies in a map, a boss is confronted. The bosses are as follows.

The Arena

1 Player
A game mode where the player confronts all bosses and mid-bosses fought in the main Story Mode consecutively as fast as they can without dying. Here, players are given five Maxim Tomatoes and a choice of two random Copy Abilities between battles in the rest room. Like in Planet Robobot, bosses are fought in the same order they were fought in Story Mode. The final boss is, once again, Dark Maiden.

The True Arena

1 Player
The True Arena is similar to The Arena, but putting the player against the SP versions of bosses found in Helper to Hero. This mode is unlocked by beating Helper to Hero once. Only four normal tomatoes and a single Maxim Tomato in an Assist Star are available in the rest room. Numerous returning bosses not seen in any of the other modes also appear, along with a new phase of Dark Maiden, Dark Maiden Soul. These returning bosses are:


Level # World Name Number of Stages  Boss/es Description
Level 0 Varies Gigantia 0 None Captain Bard's ship and the game's main hub after Level 3. The ship has several rooms for Kirby to explore, from which he can access other worlds directly after unlocking them, as well as switch characters. When completing the game, a new room with all Copy Abilities is unlocked.
Level 1 Pop Star Mount Marvelous 5 Whacky Woods A grassy, mountainous and very natural location. This place is ideal for nature lovers!
Level 2 Pop Star Awesome Awesands 6 Amumu A desert full of mysteries. Pyramids, undergrounds and secret tombs, there's a lot to discover, and a lot to fear.
Level 3 Pop Star Grand Galleon 6 Blitzoul and Veigar A massive ship on a great sea. This galleon seems to travel aimlessly on its own, and is a place where pirates often meet to sort out their problems, or not.
Level 4 Ripple Star Icicle Island 7 Frozandra An icy island located in Ripple Star. Winter loving fairies live here and happily play on the snow. However, there are some dangers awaiting if you go to the icicle part...
Level 5 Ripple Star Cookie Chimney 7 Magmamonium A volcanic area that is usually avoided by the fairies. Some ancient temple debris can be found around too. Perhaps it used to be an habitable place before?
Level 6 Cavius Arclight Arcstar 8 Blitzoul
Possessed Fairy, Blade Knight, Adeleine

A strange mountain where shooting stars usually fall upon. Throughout ages it has been decorated beautifully by such stars, giving light even to its darkest caves.

Level 7 Mekkai Locoland 9 Abominable Machine Veigar A mechanical amusement park, not too different from the rest of Mekkai. Technologically advanced and well built, many attractions might be a bit overwhelming...
Finale Lost Dimension & Nebula Road Andaedra's Ship
Nebula Road
1 Andaedra
Dark Maiden
One of the attractions in Locoland was not really an attraction, Andaedra's Ship was nothing more than the Spaceship our heroes have been following, and a lair where the essences of life have been gathering. The portal to the Lost Dimension has now been opened...
Secret Level Space Grumble Galaxy 10 Zethdin A very space-y level, taking place in space itself, obviously. Full of asteroids, starlight paths, star dust, nebula and many other space stuff. Be sure to get used to some gravity issues.

Items and Objects

Item Description Notes
Point Star Point Stars are little collectibles that grant Kirby an 1UP after he has collected 100 of them. These are found in all stages in different sizes and colors, with these differences indicating their value: Yellow Point Stars are worth 1, Green Point Stars are worth 5, Red Point Stars are worth 10 and Blue Point Stars are worth 30.  Additionally, Point Stars collected in stages can be used as currency to unlock rooms in Gigantia, the main hub.
1UP Grants Kirby an extra life immediately after collecting it... That's about it. 1UPs are usually very well hidden in stages, and require the player to look carefully and pay attention if they want to collect one.
Badge Similarly to keychains in Triple Deluxe, stickers in Planet Robobot and picture pieces in Star Allies, badges are special collectibles that, while not obligatory, are required if the player wants to complete the game 100%. There's a total of 240 badges in the game. In the stages the common ones look like blue & silver hexagons with a question mark in them, while the rare ones look like gold & rainbow octagons. Badges can be given when clearing the Goal Game with an excellent score.
Food Food are a variety of items Kirby can collect to replenish his health. They can be found on the ground, hidden behind blocks, in chests, after defeating enemies or by using Wizard or Adeleine's paint magic. Kirby can also replenish other player's health bars by using mouth-to-mouth. The amount of health replenished depends on the type of food. Occasionally, Bandana Waddle Dee or a Fairy will give Kirby a different food in an Assist Star depending on the situation in a stage. 
Pep Brew An uncommon energy drink that replenishes half of Kirby's health bar. None
Maxim Tomato A powerful tomato with an "M" on it. It is basically the second rarest food in the game, as it heals Kirby's health bar completely. Similarly to 1UPS, Maxim Tomatoes are usually well hidden or given by enemies on special occasions.
Reviving Tomato An upgraded version of the Maxim Tomato. This golden variant is the rarest food in the game, only given to Kirby if he has lost to a boss 5 or more times in a row. If used normally, it has the same effect as the Maxim Tomato. However, if Kirby dies with a Reviving Tomato in storage, it revives him and heals him entirely. If Kirby defeats the boss without using a Reviving Tomato, it will turn into an ordinary Maxim Tomato.
Invincible Candy When collected, Kirby becomes invincible for a short time, and almost any enemy he touches will be instantly defeated, or at least damaged. Despite its effects, it will not render Kirby impervious to falls or certain hazards that cause instant KOs.
Cosmic Matter Special orb items that are found in some stages. Cosmic Matter can be found either in its default form or in an elemental form. Collecting 5 of those in a stage grant Kirby the special ability Matter Rift. Its variations are: Fiery, Watery, Rocky, Windy, Electric, Icy, Wooden, Zero-Gravity and Clock.  Most stages that feature them require the player to collect the Cosmic Matter, as Matter Rift is usually obligatory to clear them.
Amazing Capsule A capsule that usually contains beneficial items for Kirby. Amazing Capsules are usually found in bonus areas or hidden rooms, and usually give Kirby several food (or one Maxim Tomato), Point Stars, 1UPs and occasionally even an Invincible Candy. Well hidden as well in stages. Some Amazing Capsules move around avoiding Kirby, making it kinda challenging to open them.
Switch Switches are buttons found in stages that can benefit Kirby when pressed, by opening gates, triggering blocks to appear or break and reveal collectibles or passages that otherwise would have been unachievable. Their function vary by color: pink switches pop back up after a few seconds, blue switches stay permanently pressed; both of these usually open gates or break / make blocks appear. Green switches can activate or deactivate obstacles such as spikes, and the yellow switches are the ones that reveal hidden surprises. Some switches come in the form of handles hanging from ceilings.
Cannon A cauldron-like cannon that require the associated fuse to be lit by Kirby himself, before racing the spark running along the fuse to the cannon, jumping into it, and being blasted off to a side screen or secret area on the stage. Any Copy Ability with fire properties can lit the fuse. However, Laser, Robot and Wizard can also work.
Treasure Chest Treasure chests can be found in certain areas in stages. Chests that are easier to find usually have Point Stars or food, while the ones that are harder to find usually contain Badges. None
Assist Star A bubble-like item that contains a single piece of food or a Copy Ability Essence, much like Bubble items in Kirby: Squeak Squad. Unlike in Triple Deluxe or Planet Robobot, and similarly to Squeak Squad, up to 3 Assist Stars can be stored. Sometimes, Bandana Waddle Dee or a Fairy will give Kirby an Assist Star throughout a stage, usually before confronting a boss.
Warp Star It is a large, yellow star, usually seen to be floating, that flies Kirby to another part of a stage once he gets on it. Sometimes a Warp Star is the only way to reach the end of the level; sometimes they allow Kirby to reach secret areas; while other times, they just provide a faster (and safer) way to get across. None
3D Warp Star It is a Warp Star constructed of two pieces: a five-pointed star outline and a central core. As with a regular Warp Star, a 3D Warp Star will take Kirby for a ride when they touch one. These special transports move the hero from one plane to another (from foreground to background or vice versa), something an ordinary Warp Star cannot do. A yellow core indicates that the star will disappear after its use. An orange core indicates that the star will reappear, allowing the player to use it several times.
Shooting Star A Warp Star that can be controlled and shoots star projectiles. Riding one brings Kirby to the "Warp Star Zones", portions of stages that act as obstacle courses. Entering this zone triggers an additional score system, and depending on how well the player did with the Shooting Star, the rewards at the end vary from Maxim Tomatoes to badges. Projectiles are shot in three directions forwards, but charging it allows Kirby to shoot a bigger, more powerful projectile.


  • This game features the most Copy Abilities in any game in the series, with a total of 62 Copy Abilities. Additionally, this is mostly because it brings back most Copy Abilities seen in past games.
  • Robot Kirby's hat and arm cannon closely resembles Samus Aran from the Metroid series. It also bears some resemblance to Masked Man from Mother 3.
  • As one of the attempts to bring back what Kirby GCN could have been in its initial concept, this game brings back three new enemies that were only seen in Kirby GCN's trailer and didn't make it into any other game until now.
  • Magma Kirby is very similar to the combo ability "Volcano" in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards when Burning and Stone are combined.
  • This game brings back several classic mid-bosses and enemies from older games. In the mid-bosses' case, it brings back more older mid-bosses rather than recent ones.



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