Kirby: Cosmic Amalgam
Developer Ice Bear Phantom
Release Date Unknown
Genre Platformer
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Nintendo 3DS
Rating E (ESRB)
3 (PEGI)

Kirby: Cosmic Amalgam is an addition to the Kirby series. It focuses on Kirby's journey to rescue the creatures of Dream Land, who have been combined into dangerous fusions.


Story Mode

Meta Knight's Potential

Ability Mechanics

Kirby's copy ability mechanics have been changed. There is now a menu that can be accessed in-game with a simple button press (or on the touch screen in the 3DS version) that is meant to depict Kirby's stomach. With this, Kirby's copy abilities, in the form of stars, can be arranged, allowing the player to choose their ability. These stars are obtained by collecting them from copy-ability-possessing enemies if Kirby already has an ability. In Kirby's stomach menu, abilities can be fused by putting two compatible stars together.

Copy Abilities


Ability Returning or New?


Angelic New Is Kirby dead? No, it's the Angelic ability. Fly gracefully on your poofy wings and spread golden dust on your enemies. Unleash the light of Angel's Glow when you're surrounded to spread your justice in all directions!
Animal Returning
Archer Returning
Artist Returning
Beam Returning
Beetle Returning
Bomb Returning
Circus Returning
Crash Returning
Cutter Returning
Disc-Jockey New Time to set things r-r-right! While a disk jockey normally just sits at his booth, Disc-Jockey Kirby is active and ready to rock. Launch vinyl records like frisbees and unleash a Sound Wave to get your foes lost in the music!
Doctor Returning
ESP Returning
Fighter Returning
Fire Returning
Geode New
Ghost Returning
Hammer Returning
Hi-Jump Returning
Ice Returning
Leaf Returning
Mirror Returning
Mike Returning
Needle Returning
Ninja Returning
Parasol Returning
Plasma Returning
Poison Returning
Spark Returning
Spear Returning
Spore New
Stone Returning
Sword Returning
Tornado Returning
UFO Returning
Water Returning
Wheel Returning
Whip Returning
Yo-yo Returning





Apollo Angelic + Archer
Aquatic Plant Leaf + Water
Conch Shell Water + Bell
Crystal Shard Mirror + Geode
Electro-Whip Whip + Spark
Feline Animal + Bell
Fire and Ice Ice + Fire
Griffin Animal + Angelic
Juggler Circus + Parasol
Katana Ninja + Sword
Ki Energy Fighter + ESP
Paint Splatter Tornado + Artist
Plasma Beam Beam + Plasma
Poison Spores Spore + Poison
Rolly Beetle Beetle + Wheel
Stone Club Hammer + Stone
Watercolor Water + Artist
Whiplash Whip + Needle


  • The first letters of the worlds (Cauliflower Cascade, Open Ocean, Magnificent Metropolis, Bluet Badlands, Illuminated Iceberg, Neon Neptune, Elusive Ending) spell COMBINE when put together, or COMBINED if the final boss stage "Dream Star" is counted.
  • The Apollo ability is a reference to the Greek god of the same name, who is the god of archery.
    • The ability's move set is also reminiscent to the Cupid ability from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.
  • Kirby's Feline ability's costume resembles Mario's similar Cat Bell transformation from Super Mario 3D World.
  • Animal and Ghost are the two abilities in Cosmic Amalgam that have not been in a Kirby game for the longest amount of time. These two abilities have not been an available ability to Kirby since Kirby: Squeak Squad in 2006.
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