Kirby: Copy Crusade
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Developer(s) Heylookabooger, PokemonBly
Publisher(s) Heylookabooger
Designer(s) Heylookabooger
Programmer(s) Heylookabooger, PokemonBly
Platform(s) PC, Mobile
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Kirby
Engine Roblox Studio
Kirby: Copy Crusade is a Roblox game created by Heylookabooger. It is a fighting game that is set to release in the second half of 2018. Current completion percentage: 30%
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KCC is a game on Roblox where you pick one of Kirby's many copy abilities to use. When you select your ability, you are teleported to the battlefield. When you arrive, your goal is to knock out as much opponentsas possible. The game automatically records your KOs and WOs whenever they occur. It's best to master every ability to use their full potential.

Every so often, the stage will change, and there will be a new one to explore. There are many secrets and easter eggs in each one, so you can also check them out when you're not fighting.

Copy Abilities

Regular Abilities

Ability Name Description Moveset Costumes Unlocking Criteria Version Added
Sword Kirby KCC
Ability Star Sword KSA
A classic since Kirby's Adventure, Sword Kirby makes the cut! This ability is rather fast paced thanks to it's spinning and thrusting moves.
1: Overhead Slash

1 repeatedly: Multisword Attack

2: Drill Stab

3: Spin Slash

3 in midair: Twister Slash
Sword Hero, Dark Matter, Ultra Sword
Bomb Kirby KCC
Ability Star Bomb KSA
Kirby Super Star's breakout ability, Bomb is sure to be a tough one. Even with a single item, there's so many ways to use it!
1: Bomb Bowl

1 in midair: Throw Bomb

1 while aiming straight down: Bomb Set

Classic Cap, TNT Stick, Bursting Blast
Get 5 KOs
Archer Ability KCC
Archer Star KCC
Become the master of range! The sharpshooter from Kirby: Triple Deluxe may not be so versatile here, but its arrows can pierce steel!
1: Shot
Get 15 KOs
Hammer Ability KCC
Ability Star Hammer KSA
Kirby's Adventure has had some strong ablities, but none as strong as the stake-pounding mallet loaned by the king! Be sure to utilize all of its strong moves!

1: Hammer Nail 2: Hammer Swing

3: Hammer Flip
Get 30 KOs
Laser Star
This odd and often forgotten ability has been there since Kirby's Adventure. It's said that the lasers from this visor might be stronger and faster than you think.
1: Laser Blast

DLC Abilities

Image Name Description Moveset Cost Version Added
Multisword Star
Once you pay the toll, you can use the many swords! Why do they all look so familiar?
Any move repeatedly: Multisword Attack

1: Ghostwalker Slash

2: Icedagger Slash

3: Windforce Slash

4: Venomshank Slash

5: Darkheart Slash
80 Robux ($0.99)
v1.0.0 (possibly)





  • The many swords that the Multisword ability has are each references to swords from the famous Roblox game Sword Fight on the Heights.
    • Ghostwalker Slash is a reference to the Ghostwalker. It is a regular sword that lets you float around a bit.
    • Icedagger Slash is a reference to the Icedagger. It is a sword that freezes anyone who is struck.
    • Windforce Slash is a reference to the Windforce. This sword can blow enemies away.
    • Venomshank Slash is a nod to the Venomshank, a sword that causes lingering poison damage.
    • Darkheart Slash is a reference to the sword Darkheart. The Darkheart is a sword that steals life energy and blows up enemies to bits.