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Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS Logo
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, 2.5D Platformer
Release Date(s) Sptember 31, 2016
Age Rating(s) E10+Rating7RatingCERO B

Kirby: Attack Form+ ("Kirby: Formation Strike" in Japan) is a Kirby game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is preceded by Kirby: Planet Robobot.


A mysterious ship has covered Popstar in darkness! Can Kirby and his friends stop it before the Sun and Moon die out?


Kirby and King Dedede are about to fight at Castle Dedede when Meta Knight interrupts and points towards the sky. A giant airship is seen floating above Dreamland. King Dedede calls Bandanna Waddle Dee to help him, and Dee tells the Cannon Dees to attack the ship.

The cannons fire and the blasts are sent back as darkness balls. The Cannons turn into Shotsos, the Waddle Dees turn into Dark Dees and the Castle turns into a darkness infested place. The four heroes barely escape on a Warp Star.

The Warp Star gets shot down and causes the four heroes to land at one end of Popstar.

The heroes make it to Castle Dedede and are fought by Corrupted Kabula, but she is easily taken down by Kirby and Friends. They run into the castle and remove the darkness from Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright, and therefore the Sun and Moon. A beam appears from the sky, and the heroes are taken onto the ship.

After destroying the main power supply, Lololo and Lalala, the ship ejects the four out. The go through Rippling Raindrops and fight Kracko, who drops a cannon that blasts the heroes back onto the ship.

They defeat the final guard, Liquord, and get to the main quarters. There, they fight the Galaxy Protector, but once he is down to 1/3 health, he forms an impenetrable sheild, and turns into the Galaxy Guardian.

The Guardian flies off into space, while Kirby uses the power of the Crystals to create Crystal Armor for himself. Kirby flies off into space, defeats the Guardian, and destroys the ship. The heroes arrive at Castle Dedede, and all relax as the UFO's explosion fades away.



Play as Kirby as you go through Popstar activating the Light Crystals. Fight 15 bosses and stop the alien invasion.

Extra Modes

Unlocked by beating Story mode.

Meta Knightmare+

Play as Meta Knight through the main story, fight special X+ bosses, but be on the look out for a powerful opponent.


Play as King Dedede through the main story, fight special X+ bosses, and watch out for a returning foe.

Waddle Dee's Rise

Prove your power and play as Bandanna Waddle Dee through the main story. Be weary of doubtful others trying to hinder your progress.

Kirby Boss Blast!

Fight nostalgic bosses and mid-bosses from previous games. Choose your ability for a true BLAST!

The Arena

Unlocked by beating Story Mode.

Fight all the bosses and mid-bosses from Story mode with a Golden Waddle Dee thrown in there. The combatants are in a random order except for the last 2.

  • Mid-Boss All Stars 1
  • Mid-Boss All Stars 2
  • Power Waddle Dee
  • Whispy Woods
  • Ice Dragon
  • Leatopo
  • Acro
  • Crystal Guardian
  • Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright
  • Security Drone
  • Heavy Lobster
  • Lololo & Lalala
  • Kracko
  • Liquord
  • Dark Heros
  • Clone Army
    • Dark Matter Swordsman Clone
    • Dark Nebula Clone
    • Marx Clone
    • Miracle Matter Clone
  • Galaxy Protector


Chapter 1

Chapter 1 contains the first 6 stages. The "final boss" would be considered Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright.

Shadowy Shrub

Shadowy Shrub This Stage has 4 main levels and 1 extra level. The boss of this stage is Whispy Woods.

Hazy Hailstorm

Hazy Hailstorm This stage has 4 main levels and 1 extra level. The boss of this stage is Ice Dragon.

Airy Atoll

This stage has 5 main levels and 1 extra level. The boss of this stage is Leatopo.

Daunting Deep

This stage has 5 main levels and 1 extra level. The boss of this stage is Acro.

Open Oasis

This stage has 5 main levels and 1 extra level. The boss of this stage is the Crystal Guardian.

Warrior's Way

This stage has 6 main levels and 2 extra levels. The bosses of this stage are Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright.




Image Character Patch Description
Kirby+ Kirby Kirby is the puffy hero of Popstar! He rides around on a warp star and defeats legendary powers! Play as this hero and save the day!
Meta Meta Knight Meta Knight is the mysterious swordsman appearing in almost every game since Kirby's Adventure. Whenever his mask breaks, he reveals a face similar to Kirby's.
D3 King Dedede King Dedede is the self-proclaimed ruler of Dreamland, usually acting as the fake final boss in the earlier games, and loves to eat food, even stealing all the food at one point.
BandWD Bandanna Waddle Dee Bandanna Waddle Dee is the new hero in the Kirby seires. He first had a major role n Kirby Super Star Ultra and only gotten more popular from there.


Image Character Patch Description
Whispy+ Whispy Woods Whispy Woods is a recurring boss in the Kirby series. He can drop apples, create miniature hims, and even jump out of the ground and walk!
IDrag+ Ice Dragon The Ice Dragon's second ever physical appearance. Usually a piece of art or a hologram, the Ice Dragon is rarely ever seen in a physical form.
I made it in Powerpoint okay? Leatopo Leatopo is a new boss in Kirby: Attack Form+. He can shoot grass blades at you, create life form dirt, and can set himself on fire. Watch out for his X+ form though.
Orca Backwards+ Acro Acro is a sea dweller in the games it appears in. He swims back and forth causing underwater rock slides. Only appearing in two other games, Acro is back and ready for action!
Crystal+ Crystal Guardian The Crystal Guardian is a legendary beast and the leader of the Wham Bams. It likes to collect crystals and Guards the final light crystal, similar to Grand Doomer from Kirby's Return to Dreamland.
Mr. Shine Mr. Bright Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright, although not being the actual sun and moon, do have an effect on the day/night cycle. They've never appeared apart and can even merge!
Droid+ Security Drone The Security Drone was a tossed robot built by President Haltmann. It was picked up by the Dark Invasion and Mass Produced. They even built an upgraded version!
Heavy Lobster Heavy Lobster Heavy Lobster has taken all roles: Hero, Villain, Pawn, Boss, Mid-Boss, and more. In this installment, it's a villain. In its X+ form Heavy Mole returns and latches on to the Lobster.


Standard Abilities

The game features 39 Copy Abilities, including 4 new abilities.

Star Name Enemies Helpers Description
Animal Star Animal Gaw Gaw, Gao Gao Gaw Gaw Dig through the Earth and claw your enemies to shreads.
Archer Star Archer Spynum, Cupie, Yaban Spynum Become an expert sharpshooter and pierce your enemies with your sharp arrows.
Axe Star Axe New Axe Knight Axe Knight Release the barbarian inside you and let your axe flinging skills free.
Beam Star Beam Waddle Doo, Laser Ball Waddle Doo Zap! Let the beams fly out from your hands and shock your enemies.
Beetle Star Beetle Beetley Beetley With your newfound insect skills, fly around and stab enemies with your horn.
Bell Star Bell Ringle Ringle Ring your golden weapons and give your enemies a headache as you enjoy your tune.
Bomb Star Bomb Poppy Bros. Jr., Foley Poppy Bros. Jr. Ssssssssssssssssss...BOOM!!!
Bubble Star Bubble Bubble Head, Buboo Bubble Head Shoot bubbles at your foes to capture them or pop their lives away.
Clock Star Clock (1-time use) Goloroh None Freeze time for a few seconds to evade your foes.
Crash Star Crash (1-time use) Scarfy, Bomber None Destroy everything in sight as you create a supernova surrounding you.
To Be Coninued at a Later Date

Combo Abilities

This game, like Kirby 64 and Kirby for Switch, allows you to mix certain abilities.

Star Name Enemies Description
Axe Archer Axe-Archer Axe Yaban With your bow, you can launch 3 spinning axes in three directions.
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