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Kirby's Theme Park
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U Games
Release Date(s) February 2015
Mode(s) Adventure,

Boss Rush, Minigame Run, My Kirby

Kirby's Theme Park will be released for the Wii U in February 2015. This game introduces the Star Shop, My Kirby, and more.


Kirby's Theme Park is a 2.5D platformer featuring Kirby and his friends!

D-Pad Left Right = Walk/Run

Button 2 = Jump 

Button 1 = Inhale / Spit - Attack (when using an ability)

D-pad Down = Crouch / Swallow

A = Block 

New Features

Kirby's Theme Park brings back lots of old features but also includes some new ones!

Star Shop

You can buy various items using small stars that you can find in levels and in minigames. You can buy acessories, Spray Paints and more!

My Kirby

Your own little puffbal to take care of! Isn't it adorable! You can choose the colour, name it, give it acessories, feed it, play with it, customize its play area and control it in Free Play mode!

Star Keys

In each stage there's a hidden Star Key, if there are 6 stages in each world, and if there are 11 (13 but only 11 have Star Keys) worlds, there are 66 keys in the game.

The Arenas

The Arena is obtained automatically when you beat Galacta Knight, while The True Arena is unlocked after you reach Mount. Tamale.

Now there are 3 new Arenas, and a returning one, The Arena EX wich is unlocked the same way as normal but in EX Mode, and The True Arena EX wich is unlocked once you reach Mount. Tamale in EX Mode, and now, if you beat all of the normal Arenas (True Arenas not required) you get Dedede's Army's Final Test, where you play as minions of the Dedede Army as you fight through The Arena!

And the new Arena is Defending The Rod wich is unlocked by beating The True Arena, in wich you have to play through The Arena, BUT you can only use Star Rod Kirby.  


Kirby and friends are doing their usual stuff when suddenly they notice a giant theme park behind them! Wait, what? They go inside to see what's going on, and they notice that.....everything's fine...yeah, everyone is confused as to what happened but they're ok, since there's no problem to be seen, the friends decide that they should relax, so they decide to buy some strange free tickets, when Meta-Knight says it's too suspicious, so they make fake tickets and they give them to a Waddle Dee with a funny mask, who is in charge and run into the amusement park. When they're gone the Waddle Dee's image flickers until he is pitch black with glowing green eyes.

The gang enter the park and all are stunned by its beauty, when suddenly, the strange Waddle Dee jumps and...flies!? Then he reveals his true form, Galacta Knight! and then snaps his fingers, making everyone who bought a ticket fall unconscious (except the gang because the made fake ticket)....then the lights go out! When it turns back to normal, Kirby and his friends notice that every light in the park is out, except the gang must fight through this Galacta Knight's army, called the Shaydees, rescue the civilians and return light to the park! But wait, some friends are missing! Looks like the gang has to rescue them as well....Kirby looks behind him as if to say are you ready? The others nod in agreement and they run to the first,and for now, the only light, wich is Caramel Coaster.

The One Behind It All

After collecting enough Star Keys, you'll ujnlock a special room, once you go in you'll see a Galacta Knight mask and suit, then after the gang looks at it, there's a crazy laugh heard, once the gang come out, they will see Marx's Soul with dark wings, a black cape and green glowing eyes and (in text) he'll say "Wow, you really fell for it! HAHAHA! Well, enough of that, now that i'm back, i will destroy all Pop Star!"

Then all the lights will go out like at the start but this time there will be a mysterious myst (pun not intended)


Kirby The energetic little puffball was ready to have some fun at the Theme Park but now he's ready to swallow any Shaydees he finds!

Kirby can inhale enemies to get copy abilities. He is of average stats.

Meta Knight This little guy doesn't really like theme parks, actually he just wanted to relax, but now with the Shaydees, he is going to have more fun than expected.

Meta Knight can slice enemies with his sword. Meta Knight is the second fastest but slow at falling.

King DeDeDe DedeDe is an old rival of Kirby, but with the Shaydees rampaging, he and Kirby will have to put their differences aside once more to save Pop Star!  King DeDeDe can squash enemies with his hammer. He is the most powerful but can't jump as quick.
Waddle Dizz.png
Waddle Dizz Waddle Dizz was looking forward to the Star Shop but now she's ready to parade over to the leader of the Shaydees! She can what enemies with her precious baton. Waddle Dizz is the fastest jumper but the slowest runner.
Coluby The cute grey puffball with the party hat was stunned by the beauty of the park but now he's ready to have a victory party once they defeat the Shaydees! Coluby can attack enemies with his various party themed attacks. He is the weakest but slightly faster than Kirby.
482px-Bandana Dee KRTDL.png
Bandana Dee Bandana Dee is super loyal to DeDeDe, actually, he admires him, that gives him 2 reasons to defeat the Shaydees! Bandana Dee can hit enemies with his spear. He is the most skillful but not very strong.
Mini Beeper This little Waddle Beep was found cowering in a tiny starship but now he'll rescue his brother and help Kirby along the way!
Twinkle Twinkle, the little fairy is here to help! Only playable using the Wii U pad, Twinkle can do all sorts of cool stuff! Twinkle isn't that powerful, but he can hit enemies to stun him for a bit, he can also collect invisible Mini Stars and make small temporary platforms for the gang!
White Kirby.png
Custom Puff This little guy doesn't have much story but he still fights for what's right! He has the exact same ability as Kirby (sucking enemies and getting their Copy Abilities) but his stats depend on what he eats!


Name Description Minigame Boss Treasure
Caramel Coaster It's a themed rollercoaster, what theme? A grassy world with trees and flowers!  Rollercoaster Racer Moley and Mrs. Moley Flower Power Kart
Sherbert Sandcastles A sandy world filled with sand fortresses! What else did you expect? Castle Crasher Mega Golem Cactus Popgun
Wasabi Waterslide The water park section of the theme park! Filled with giant fountains and water slides!  Surf's Up! Gobbler Skipper Board
Strawberry Snowballs A big snow mountain with small caves and small ice castles, could this get anymore beautiful? Snowball Smackdown Commander Frosty  Snow Catapult
Grape Glider A giant bouncy castle that reaches the sky! and in the sky you'll find ziplines, hang-gliders and more! this attraction is not for people with vertigo! Sky High Fly Kabula Rainbow Cannon
Extreme Embers The extreme section! Have you ever seen a Skateboard park with epic ramps and fire traps? Super Skater Grill Rocket Board
Marmalade Mansion The spOoOoky section! This haunted house will surely give you a fright! (if the burning skateboard park didn't already) Poltergeist Puncher Wiz Spirit Sucker
Fudge Fuses Wanna know how we make all these cool attractions? Well, now you know! This factory makes steel, concrete, and all sorts of materials! Factory Jumper Titan Head Golden Gear
Rhubarb Rocket Our Hyper-speed 3D track will make you scream! Because it's not 3D! Have fun in our crazy rocket! But watch out for the pyrotechnics! Blast-Off! Shadoom Super Spaceship
Avacado Arcade Galacta Knight is trying to escape using our super arcade! it's time for a final fight in Cyber-Space! Final Destination Galacta Knight Galacta Hammer
Tofu Tent Now that the park is saved, let's have some fun! Wait...there's one boss more!? Find and fight that boss as you make your way through this crazy, mazy circus tent! Circus Fun! The Monster Flame Lion Twins Flaming Ring
The One Behind It All (TOBIA) After beating The Monster Flame Lions the park changes to look more shiny and beautiful, to signify that you have won, and that you have collected at least 30 Star Keys! Wait, you don't have them all? Well don't come back until you get 30 of them! or you won't be able to find out...who's the one behind it all... (it's only a boss fight)


Marx's Soul Marx's Cape
Cashew Carousel Wait, wasn't Dyna Blade possessed as well? Why don't we save her? But to get to her you'll have to activate the Cashew Carousel, after you activate it, you'll have to ride it, get ready to ride a twisting carousel that slowly goes up, as you fight your way through the last bit of Shaydees, while avoiding to get thrown off the carousel! (there are 3 levels)  The Plastic Pegasus Race Dyna Blade (as a real boss) Dyna Blade's Rainbow Feather

Dyna Blade's Apology

Dyna Blade is extremely sorry! so what does she do? Take you for a ride! Fly on Dyna Blade's back as you pass through the clouds and fight some enemies, but these are not Shaydees... (there is only 1 level) None None  Cloud Puff
Mount. Tamale This mountain is filled with tough fighters who just want to train, in this place, there's no enemies and no hazards and there is only 1 level...and it's The True Arena! None

All of the boss fights seen before except Galacta Knight and every boss after him (The Arena)

Every boss in the game + a boss fight with Nightmare (The True Arena)

The Silver Medallion (The Arena) + The Golden Trophy (The True Arena)


Picture Name Description Copy Ability
Mr Frosty KDL3D.png
Mr. Frosty Mr. Frosty can make ice blocks wich he can throw at you, he can also jump and crush you, so watch out! Ice
Iron Man This warrior has quite a long reach, and quite the armor as well! Fighter
KSSU Sir Kibble small.png

Big Kibble Blade

This guy not only can thrwo Cutter Blades like if they were charged and can also do meelee combos! Cutter
Gigant Edge Watch out for when he smashes the ground with his sword! Beacuse he will make shockwaves, he can also charge up a dash, wich can be devastating if you don't see it coming! Sword
Bonkers Bonkers can smash the ground with his hammer, hit you with it and can throw and hit explosive coconuts like in a tennis match! Hammer
Bumper Waddle Beep This powerful robot can shoot beams of energy, as well as shoot missiles, so watch out for him! Robot
Moundo Moundo can jump in the air and smash the ground, wich can make shockwaves, he can also dash. Stone
Dyna Blade 3D.png
Dyna Blade Dyna Blade has been possesed as well! Unlike other Mini-bosses, you actually never defeat her, she always runs away at the end, leaving the Copy Ability behind, she can stomp the ground to make shockwaves, shoot feathers from her wing, grabbing the gang with her beak and throwing them against the floor, you name it!  Bird
Star Block Waddle Dee This Waddle Dee wears a Star Block armor! ....doesn't sound menacing? well wait until you fight him! He can jump and stomp the gang, as well as dashing towards them! Circus
Tasty This angry but weak scoop of ice cream is covered by a strong waffle armor, with this he can punch the gang directly, he can grab them and throw them, and if you break his waffle armor, he can bounce around and stomp you Sweet / Ice
Kracko Kracko can shoot lightning, drop minions, cover himself in a sphere of electricity (Spark) and fly near the ground, he can also simply dash towards the gang with his spikes.  Spark


Image Name Copy Abilities Given Description
Moley and Mrs. Moley Stone (Moleys boulders), Leaf (Mrs. Moleys flower bombs) The battle takes place in an under-ground arena with some platforms. Moley hangs out of the walls while Mrs. Moley pops out of the ground.


Mega Golem Stone Mega Golem can't move, like Whispy Woods, but he CAN crush the gang using his "paws", inhale them and crunch them in his mouth and make rocks fall on top of the gang.


Gobbler Water The battle itself takes place with you standing in one of 2 platforms a Gobbler sometimes jumps out of the water and bite the gang, he can also bite you using his mini sharks, when in low health, he gets the ability to make tornados of water.
Commander Frosty Ice This armored up Mr. Frosty stands on top of a giant ice platform as he throws giant ice blocks and activates ice traps, you have to eat the ice blocks (or not if you have a Copy Ability) and make your way through the traps to hurt him.


Kabula Tornado You stand in a moving cloud as you dodge storm clouds, Kabula's missiles, and the minions Kabula drops, when in low health, Kabula gets the ability to shoot a devastating flamethrower.


Grill Mirror This poor nice witch got possesed by Galacta Knight! She flies in her broom shooting powerful fire attacks from her wand, she can also make blocks appear to crush you, you can use these blocks to climb up to her and attack her. When she has low health, she gets the ability to make a rain of falling blocks.
Wiz Magic This evil mage can use lots of many powerful attacks found in the Magic Copy Ability, as well as new ones, like making enemies appear, throwing cards as projectiles, and when he has low health he can shoot a homing missile shaped like a bird out of his hat.

Titan Head Mega Titan

Steel Mega Titan is flying around the room with his four mechanical hands wich can do a lot of damage to you, unless you have Spark, Beam or UFO, you'll have to push him to the electrical walls at the side of the room, when he's low on health, his body explodes and now can shoot bombs and homing missiles, since he's smaller, it's harder to hit him, but now you don't have to push him to the walls.


Vampire Shaddom is a monster that looks like Grand Doomer but black and with vampire wings, he can shoot shadow balls and beams of dark energy at you, as well as bite you and suck a bit of your health, when low on health, he gets the ability to make a black hole that can suck the gang.
Galacta Knight-1- (1).png
Galacta Knight None Galacta Knight is extremely powerful, he can make tornados, he can hurt you with his jousting spear, he has high reflexes, wich he uses to dodge attacks, he can use his Galacta Hammer to hit you if you get too close and when he's low on health he can smash the ground with his Galacta Hammer to make massive shock-waves!
The Monster Flame Lion Twins Fire These two lions are bigger than the average Fire Lions and also can breath fire, turn into dragons temporary to dash super-fast, and they can shoot homing fire-balls, when they're low on health, they transform into fire chinese dragons (Like in the Monster Flame Ability) and just start dashing and blazing until you defeat them.
Marx's Soul None He's back and more evil than before! He has a ultrasonic scream, he can split into two like before, he can make vines that can grab the gang, he can make black holes, he can shoot powerful beams, he can make a rain of spears, he can make gusts of wind using his wings, and when he's low on health, he gets the ability to make lighting clouds wich can shoot devastating lighting strikes.
Dyna Blade Bird Dyna Blade not only has the abilities she has when she was a Mini-Boss, but now she can shoot red fireballs and homing blue fireballs, as well as grabbing the gang with her claws and throwing them in the air, and when her health is low, she gets the ability to fly up and crash against the ground, making big shockwaves.

Power Orb Monster

Star Rod (given to you) Before you start the fight, they tell you that one day this weird creature (wich is Nightmare) fell and crashed with the mountain, got covered in rocks and fell into an eternal slumber, they called him "Monster", then they give you the only weapon that "reacted" with Monster (wich is the Star Rod), first he flies in his Orb Form and you chase him (you fly using the Star Rod) after you chase him in a 2D plane shooter-like stage where he shoots spread-shots, beams and shots that explode into more shots, until you defeat him in wich he reaches the top of the mountain, then he reveals his true form (wich looks like Nightmare but covered in moss and with a dirty cloak)
Monster None Monster can shoot orbs of energy wich can explode, he can summon mirrors to deflect the Star Rod's shots, he can summon enemies that do more damage than the average enemy and you can only hit him when he reveals his tornado-like core.  
Monster's Last Stand None Monster (now with what was left of his armor broken and with a ripped cloak) now can use most of Kirby's final abilities (He can make a Lifeless Sword (Rainbow Sword) to slash, he can make a Six-Star Staff (Triple Star Rod) wich can shoot 6 gray stars like in a spreadshot and can make a Poor-Poor Stick (Love-Love Stick) wich makes a giant beams of black hearts), If you defeat him, you get a cutscene, you'll unlock the ability to play as Star Rod Kirby through the rest of the game, and the new mode Defending The Rod

EX Mode Bosses

After beating the normal game, you get EX Mode, it's harder than the normal game, you get less health, the bosses get the moves they get when they're low on health AT THE START of the battle, and instead, they get new moves when they're low on health!

Image Name Copy Abilities Given Description
Shadow Moles Fire (Shadow Mole Girl's fireballs), Cloud (Shadow Mole Man's wind gusts) These moles get devastating new moves! from being able to shoot fireballs (Mole Girl) to blow powerful wind gusts! When they're low on health they get the ability to throw Napalm Bombs! (bombs that, when they explode they leave a small wave of fire)   
Shadow Golem Steel The wall has been reinforced! Now covered in steel, his paws have longer reach, and now when he inhales, he can also inhale a boulder wich can push you in! When he's low on health, he gets the ability to make shockwaves when he smashes the ground, this combined with the boulders make for a devastating combo! 
Shadow Shark Water Gobbler has more mini-sharks that can make small water tornados of their own, Gobbler can also now bite the players to pull them into the water, when he's low on health, he gets the ability to make whirlpools wich can suck players to the water.
Shadow Commander Ice Now the tower where Commander Frosty is standing is higher, now the ice blocks are bigger and there are new traps such as flamethrowers wich can melt some platforms (temporarily) and water currents wich can push you down, making your jumps harder, when he's low on health, he'll start throwing icicles as well, wich can make small shockwaves appear.
Shadow Blimp Tornado, Bomb (if you inhale one of the bombs) Kabula gets new bombs wich he can drop directly above you, as well as new spread shots, when he's low on health, he'll get the ability to shoot homing missiles.
Shadow Witch Mirror Grill now gets new attacks such as matching blocks to make them dissappear, (so it's harder to climb up to her) dashing quickly along the air and when she's low on health, she gets the ability to cover herself in fire and dash near the ground.
Shadow Magician Magic Same as before, except now Wiz can swiftly teleport and now can drop bunny bombs (bombs shaped like bunnies that start hopping until they blow up) (their timer is 5 seconds) and now when he's low on health, he gets the ability to summon minions.

Shadow Head 

Shadow Cyborg

Steel Now the Titan gets the ability to grab the gang and throw them into the electrical walls, of course the other players can hit the Titan to make him let go of the player, and if you're playing in single player, you can simply tap the 1 Button repeatedly, when he's low on health, he gets the ability to fast powerful punches repeadetly.


Shaddoom Soul

Vampire (Shaddom), Portal (Shaddom Soul) Shaddoom didn't get any new attacks, too bad for him...But he DID get a new form, his new form looks like his normal form but with horns and dark vines behind him, he can shoot spikes that can go inside portals wich can appear anywhere to shoot those spikes again and he can also use his vines to grab the gang and throw them against the floor!
Shadow Knight None Galacta Knight now can make small tornados, he can use his jousting spear to charge to the player, and when he's low on health he gets the ability to smash the ground with his make giant spikes come out!
Shadow Lions Fire They now can bite the gang and throw them in the air, as well as the ability to curl up in a ball of fire and bounce around the place! When they're low on health, they turn into chinese dragons, but now they can also shoot fireballs while dashing!

Shadow Marx's Soul

None Now he can shoot homing fireballs, throw seeds wich can make big thorned roses come out, wich can hurt the players with their spikes, and now he can make small tornados of air that chase the player until they banish, when he's low on health, he gets the ability to split into two and turn into balls of light wich start spiraling around the stage!
Shadow Rainbow Bird Bird
Shadow Monster Phase 1 Star Rod (given to you before the battle)
Shadow Monster Phase 2 None
Shadow Monster Phase 3 None




Rollercoaster Racer

The gang must ride on a small rollercoaster cart as they change rails to avoid burnt up rails that slow you down and broken rails that make you fall, every player has 1 boost that has to charge over time, and while it's the same boost for every character, it looks different for each character (Kirby uses the Fire Ability to cover the cart in a fireball and dashes forward, and Coluby grabs a confetti cannon and shoots it back, pushing him forward, but they boost the same distance and take the same time to charge up).
Castle Crasher The gang must ride on wheeled catapults in an overhead view as they shoot steel balls to destroy the each others' castles, in the battlefield, there will be minions that will try to break your catapult (other players can directly break it as well), if they do, it will take 5 seconds until you respawn, stars will also spawn in the battlefield, if you get 5, you'll get an explosive shot, wich does more damage, but you also have to protect your own tower, so you have to be careful!
Surf's Up! The gang are riding on surf-boards when suddenly they find an enormous tsunami, they're about to run away, when they notice, it has washed up a bunch treasures, now they must ride the enormous wave as they try to collect the most treasures, gold coins are worth 1 Treasure Point, bags of gold are worth 3 TP (Treasure Points), wooden chests are worth 5 TP, and golden chests (wich are very rare) are worth 8 points!
Snowball Smackdown The gang are trying to decide who's the best at snowball fights, so what better way to decide than a snowball fight! They can block others' shots by hiding behind snow piles (that can fall down if they are hit too many times) and they can throw bigger snowballs wich do more damage, but need more time to make. 
Sky High Fly The gang are racing in hang gliders! However watch out because the wind gusts are sudden, so you'll have to tkae the mat the right time or fall down! Everytime a wind gusts arrives you must time your button press to dash forward, hwever it is not only a speed boost thing, your hang glider needs wind to move on, so you better grab a many as you can to avoid falling! If you miss alot and ou're about to fall, do't panic, sometimes a Heli-Platform wil pop up, if you hover over it, it will send you flying back up with the wind made by the helicopter blades.
Super Skater
Spirit Sucker
Factory Jumper
Blast Off!
Final Destination
Circus Fun!
The Plastic Pegasus Race


New Abilities

Picture Description Icon Helper

"Kirby gets to bug out enemies and wrap things up! With this copy ability Kirby can climb certain walls, shoot webs and scare some foes!"

Drill "DIG! DIG! DIG!" 
Fan "You can either blow your foes away or make them your biggest fans!"
Magnet "If Kirby wasn't attractive enough! Now he has a Copy Ability for that!"
Party "With this ability Kirby can party harder than ever before! Coluby must be jealous!"
Wizard "Hocus Pocus, Abra Cadabra, with a simple spell Kirby is a wizard-a!"
Dragon "Who doesn't love some epic dragons? ROOAAAR!!"
Portal "Kirby started thinkin-- I mean, using portals!"
Sweet "Don't expect Kirby to become any sweeter against enemies when he has the Sweet Ability!"
Comet "ZOOM! Comet Kirby just passed near our planet!"
Swimmer "Splash! Splash! Splash! Get ready to hear that everytime! Ha! Get the rhyme?"
Yeti "If you plan to go on a snowball fight with Yeti Kirby, get ready to lose big time!"
Vampire Kirby.png
Vampire "Kirby's new vampiric powers will surely suck the life out of you!"

Returning Abilities

Picture Name Icon Helper
Water (Icon).png
Leaf (Icon).png
Needle Kirby.png
Sword Kirby.png
Hammer Kirby KDL3D.png
UFO Kirby KDL3D.png
Animal Kirby KDL3D.png
Tornado Kirby KDL3D.png
Beam (Artwork).png
117px-KRTDL Cutter.png
Crash (Artwork).png
Hi Jump
KRTDL Parasol.png
Sleep kirby.jpg
Whip Kirby.png


Wheel Kirby 3D.png

Super Abilities

Image Name Description
Ultra Sword.png
Ultra Sword When you press 1, you wield a gigantic weapon which you swing in a circle fashion. Weapons are: Ultra Sword, Galaxia, Bamboo Stick, Swordfish, Cleaver and Shovel.
Flare Beam Kirby KDL3D.png
Flare Beam When you press 1, you make and control a giant ball of energy using the D-pad, Kirby can't move while you control the ball but he is invincible.
Monster Flame Kirby KDL3D.png
Monster Flame When you press 1, you make a giant fire chinese dragon wich you can control by pressing up or down.
Grand Hammer When you press 1, you wield a giant hammer that smashes the ground with amazing force! the better you time it, the bigger the hammer is!
Snow Bowl Kirby KDL3D.png
Snow Bowl Kirby covers himself in a giant snowball (by pressing 1, duh) wich can roll and rampage evrything in his path! Except walls...
Giga Cutter KDL3D.png
Giga Cutter Kirby throws a giant sharp boomerang wich can cut through anything! You have to control it well though...
Hyper Tornado Kirby makes a giant tornado wich can rampage the place and help him get to high places! It's really hard to control though...
Crashing Water Kirby makes a enormous wave that he can ride!

My Kirby

When you start, you'll get a gray Kirby, you have to give him a color, after you do that, the real game starts! You can pet him, give him stuff to eat (wich alters his stats when you use him in Story Mode) and play fun minigames that not only give you Mini-Stars but also gives you all sorts of cool items! The minigames are cool too! (NOTE: The minigames in My Kirby are not the minigames you unlock in stages, these are different) 

Star Shop


Hats for your adorable puff to make it even more adorable!

Image Name Cost Variations
Shades 500 stars Green, red, blue, black, spectacles
Sun Hat (girl) 700 stars Rose, Dandelion, Bluebell
Sun Hat (boy)



Tattered, Medals, Mini



Grey, yellow, purple
Baseball Cap 1070 stars Star, Lightning, Crystal
Bandana 1050 stars Blue, red, black, purple, pink, green, yellow, orange, grey, white, brown
Pirate Hat



black, red
Eye Patch 15.000 stars black, patched
Tribal Hat 17.000 stars yellow, red, rainbow
Party Hat 15.500 stars
Hard Hat 12.750 stars
Woollen Cap 100.000 stars
Leprachaun Hat



Top Hat 170.000 stars
Fedora 500.000 stars
Safari Cap



Fabled Archer Hat 170.000 stars
Blindfold 120.000 stars
Cowboy Hat 150.000 stars
Police Hat 310.500 stars
Mario Cap 250.000 stars
Bat Wings 200.000 stars
Football Helmet 100.750 stars
Fez 750.000 stars
Crown 200.000 stars
Beret 120.000 stars
Jester Hat 120.000 stars

Spray Paints

Appearance Name Cost

Twinke's Powers

Copy Abilities Twinkle can use 5 Copy Abilites, if Kirby grabs a Copy-Ability Twinkle can use and presses B, the ability will go to Twinkle!

Beam - If you touch on Twinkle with this ability, he makes two small beams rotate around him, this way he can attack enemies!

Hi-Jump - Twinkle just doesn't get it...If you touch and hold Twinkle, then she'll dash super fast like a missile!....To the ground.....

Bomb - If you touch Twinkle, he drops a bomb that players can grab and throw to enemies.

Magic - When you touch Twinkle, he will have 4 cards spinning around him for 5 seconds, if he gets the one with a fire symbol, he shoots fire, if it's ice, he gets ice-breath that can freeze enemies, if it's lightning, he shoots a lightning bolt that shocks enemies and if it's nothing, you get nothing...

Crash - If Kirby gets this ability and presses B there'll be a 50/50 chance that Twinkle gets it, if he doesn't then the Ability disappears...But if he gets it, he can drop bombs that cause powerful explosions!

All of these abilities have a time limit, except Magic wich is one-shot only, and Crash in wich you get 3 bombs only! But of course...with not so many Copy Abilities, Twinkle can do something...certainly special...

Mixed Abilities

Twinkle can mix Copy Abilities easily, when Kirby gives Twinkle a Copy Ability, he can save it for later, if he saves 2 Copy Abilities and clicks the button "Mix" (in the Gamepad) he'll mix them and make a new ability! However, this only works for some abilities!

Beam + Hi-Jump - Twinkle will fire two small orbs with rotating beams that will bounce on the ground (one orb left, the other right)

Bomb + Crash - Twinkle will fire bombs that can cause powerful explosions, just like before, but this time he shoots bombs that can be picked up by the players, and can be thrown to cause bigger explosions!

Magic + Hi-Jump - Twinkle dashes to the ground and crashes, making two bunny bombs (check the Shadow Magician to know what it is) come out of the ground! (One on each side)

Bomb + Hi-Jump - Twinkle dashes to the ground and crashes, making two shockwaves appear on either side.

Crash + Hi-Jump - Twinkle dashes to the ground and crashes, making an explosion!

Beam + Bomb - Twinkle drops bombs that stun enemies if they're caught in the explosion's radius.

In General

He can touch enemies to stun them, he can find invisible stars by clicking on them and he can make temporary platforms for our heroes! But you only get 10 platforms per stage! Twinkle can swing to hit and push enemies off the stage (if they're near a hole) this goes very well with his stun attack! Aside from the Copy Abilities, the only real way for Twinkle to attack is by using the Twinkle Shot, if you touch Twinkle (if you don't have any Copy Ability), he shoots a normal projectile, you can charge it by holding Twinkle for 5 seconds.



  • When Custom Puff has the Gloomy Spray Paint on, he looks a bit like Coluby even though Coluby is a very cheerful character
  • Technically, this game can be played with 5-players because a fifth player can control Twinkle, this makes it the first Kirby game that can be played with 5 players, even if the fifth player only controls Twinkle. 
  • This is the first game where Marx returns as a villain.
  • This is also the second game EVER in the Kirby franchise that uses the concept of Mixed Abilities, even if it's just used by Twinkle.
  • This Kirby game had so much content that it had to be delayed multiple times until finally landing on 2015
  • This game has the most worlds of any Kirby game.
  • And the biggest post-game, considering it has 5 worlds (wich add up to world count).