These abilities are in the game Kirby's Dreamland 4: The Return of All Evil. The abilities might be from older games, be completely new, or even "super abilities".

Kirby abilities

Flavor Text

Sword Wow-ee! Look at this cool sword! I can slice ropes, food, and even enemies! Maybe I can go and save Hyrule from the evil clutches of Ga-I mean, Nightmare!
Beam I love this wand. I can blast plasma out of my wand, and even use it as a whip! I would be very threatening, but I still have this lame jester hat.


I can throw these bombs, roll them on the ground like I'm bowling, and can even drop them from above!


Pirate *NEW!*

Arr, mateys! It be Captain Kirby here. Me has a cutlass, a hook, and a cannon to fight 'ye with.
Cutter Watchatchatchow! I got this awesome hat and these sharp boomarangs and I will destroy all those bad guys! 
Ice I can freeze enemies into icecubes, and I can freeze water! This ability is so cool, it sends shivers down my spine. Both puns are very intended.
Bell DingDong! I have these giant bells and I'm not afraid to use them! I will hit you with them! DONG!
Fighter Does this bandanna make me look cool? Well it should, because it lets me shoot lasers and be even stronger. Hadouken! Hadouk-I mean, Laser Blast!
Wheel Vroom! I'm so fast! I just gotta watch out for walls! VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!
Retro *NEW!* Beep. Beep. I am from the GameBoy. I can throw pixels. Into GameBoy Game Characters can I transform. Beep.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!

I chose rock. I crushed you.

Hammer Am I DeDeDe? No, but I do have a hammer. I can smash baddies with it and spin it around like a crazy maniac. WHAM! 
Leaf Feel the peaceful power of nature DESTROY YOU! I can even grow trees to be platforms!! 
Needle I'll prick my foes with a thorny stab! I might even hit people with cactuses! My pricks can even stick to walls!
Plasma I don't really know what a "newb" is, but I'm told many people love this ability because of the forcefields I can create.
Tornado Am I in Dreamland anymore? Well, I probably am. I can turn into a tornado and shake up the bad guys!
Water Cowabunga, dude! You like surfin'? I can surf on rushing water! I can also squirt water in your face.
Wing Sqack! Squak! I am a bird! I'll throw feathers and divebomb your face! TWEET!
Yo-Yo Hey Yo! Got a Yo-Yo? I do! I can use it to perform some awesome moves. Not to mention destroying you.
SuperHero *NEW!* What's that in the sky? It's Wing! It's Jet! No, it's Superhero Kirby! I can hover above the ground, blast you with eye lasers, and punch you hard with my super strength! Ba-Da-Da-Da!!

Ah, I'm so.... tired.....must.... sleep....zzzzzz....


OH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm such a good singer, it destroys everything on the screen!!!

Archer I feel like I'm in medival times! I have this bow and arrow, and I will use it on all of the bad guys!
Artist *NEW!* I am such an artist! I can draw tires that roll into enemies, Waddle Dees that attack the closest enemy, make colored...blobs..maybe I'm not the best artist ever.
Cook Let's see, a dash of pepper, a taste of salt, a Waddle Dee, and a little stirring, and that's how to cook a pancake!
Jet I used to be afraid of air travel, but now I feel that I can conquer my fears, and attck enemies as well.
Yarn *NEW!* Straight from Kirby's Epic Yarn, I finally get to rip things apart with string again! I can even turn into other objects!
Ninja Hiiiiiiiiiii-YA! I have some sweet ninja skills, like shirukens, ninja dive-kicks, and even more advanced moves that I'm not gonna say here.
Whip Yee-Haw! I'm a cowboy! I got me a whip with yer name on it, Waddle Dee! Yee-Haw!
Disguise *NEW!* I am no longer Kirby. I am a Waddle Dee. Or a Bronto Burt, or a Sir Kibble, or a Scarfy, or an anything, really.


Isn't it relaxing, just floating down a canyon? Not only that, but I can obliterate you with the parasol! It's a win-win!

(for me, anyways.)

Hi-Jump BOYOING! I can jump super high! Anything in my path will explode!
Circus Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da! I am a clown! I can juggle bowling pins, and throw them at you! Hehehe!
Magic Hello, my audience! Watch as I magically spawn doves, cards, and food, and use them to destroy you all!
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