These mission are the levels in the game Kirby's Dreamland 4: The Return of All Evil. There are 9 worlds, one of which is a training world, and one is a bonus world.

Mt. DeDeDe

This is the one training world, based of DeDeDe's castle.

CODE NAME Level Type Main Points
D-1 The Adventure Begins Platform This is the very first level of this game. It holds the first appearance of the Sword, Fire, Wheel, and Leaf powers, and even has you traveling into the background!
D-2 Whimsical Warpstars Warpstar This is the first Warpstar level of the game, and it doesn't disappoint. You get to blast some Waddle Dees that ride on warpstars, Bronto Burts, and you even get to fight DeDeDe in a giant hot air balloon as a mini-boss!
D-3 Kirby Gear Solid Platform This mission is a reference to the Metal Gear Solid series. There are search lights that scan the ground, and if it spots you, a huge amount of Waddle Dees attack you. Luckily, there are barrels you can hide inside. If a light happens to hit you, crouch down to hide in the barrel, and the enemies will be none the wiser! Just get to the end of the level and you'll be golden.
D Boss Robo-DeDeDe's Rampage Boss This is a boss against DeDeDe's robot. It takes place in a scrolling section. The robot will blast lasers at you, try to smash you with it's hand, and attack you with his drill. What you need to do is survive long enough to get to a certain trigger, which plays a cutscene where Kirby defeats it.

Green Greens

The next world is Cookie Country, and is themed by forests and fields.

CODE NAME Level Type Main Points
1-1 Happy Hills Platformer This level introduces the player to the Archer ability and the Cutter ability. It also has an automatic scrolling sequence, as well as a secret Hal Room. 
1-2 Flowery Fields Hybrid This is the first level with a Super Ability; the Super Sword. It also has a Warpstar bit, making this level the first hybrid.
1-3 Sesame Seed Skyline Warpstar It's the second Warpstar mission, and it introduces a new enemy: Warpstar Doos. You go around shooting enemies and even going through a mine.
1-4 French Fry Forest Puzzle This is the first puzzle mission, and it consists of cutting ropes using either Cutter, Sword, or Archer. One rope being cut may drop a platform or crush a Waddle Dee under it's weight.
1-5 Confidence's Key Collection This is the first collection mission, and the key has 3 parts. One part is being held by a Waddle Doo, one is hidden behind a tree, and the last one is being guarded by many Waddle Dees. Bring the parts to Mr. KK and you'll beat the level.
1 Boss Whispy's Floral Fight Boss After being cursed by Nightmare, Whispy Woods becomes evil and grows huge roots from the ground. In the battle, Whispy is on a hill in the background, and you are on a hill in the foreground. He will throw apples into the foreground, and you just need to hit (or inhale, then spit out) 4 of the apples at him at you'll win.
1 Bonus Happy Kirbs Bonus This game is a parody of Angry Birds, where you launch Kirbies into towers made by Waddle Dees. Each Kirby does something different, like Cutter acting like the green Angry Bird or Bomb acting like the Black one.

Donut Desert

The second world is Donut Desert, and it's a desert world. Obviously.

CODE NAME Level Type Main Points
2-1 Salty Sands Platformer This level has the first appearance of the Stone ability, and had alot of sliding around with the stone. It also has some quicksand that when you touch it it sucks you in.
2-2 Enemy Attack on Donut Desert Enemy This is the first enemy hoard mission, with a grand total of 50 Waddle Dees you must kill. It has a selection of abilities to choose from at the beginning, like Sword, Cutter, Fire, Leaf, and Stone.
2-3 My Little Desert Flower Rescue The first rescue level has Kirby carrying a young Kirby across the desert to give her to her parents. Even though she is very young, you can throw her at enemies and set her down as you do something else.
2-4 Ride Like The Wind


This is the first appearance of the Whip ability, and it shows the first appearance of the Nruffs. With the whip, you can tame them, ride them, and attack enemies.
2-5 Hammy Haunted House Puzzle As the Kirby gang come across an abandoned house, they are greeted with many ghosts. This level also has the fire ability, which lights candles, allowing you to see ghosts.
2 Boss Kracko's Crazy Free For All Boss This battle with Kracko takes place on a cloud, which Kracko will continuously make smaller. You can only attack Kracko's eye, because anywhere else won't count. Hit his eye 5 times to kill him.
2 Bonus Wild Gunman Bonus Similar to the game of the same name in Kirby's Adventure, you must press a button faster than your opponent to win.

Watermelon Waters

This is the 3rd world, and it is based on water and beaches. It mostly consists of swimming levels.

CODE NAME Level Type Main Points
3-1 Olive Ocean Platformer This level takes place on both a beach with lots of Kirbies and also an underwater portion. It also has the first appearance of the Parasol ability.
3-2 Blueberry Beaches Puzzle This level takes place on a beach, and has the first appearance of the Ice ability, which can freeze water to walk on. There are also some puzzles that have you freezing enemies to slide their ice block across the beach.

Dazzling Dolphins 

Platformer This level takes place mostly underwater, and it has alot of dolphins that act as platforms. Some dolphins you can ride to gain speed. It also is the first level that has the water ability.
3-4 Ocean Airlines Warpstar This is a warpstar level that has you surfing across the ocean, dodging fish, sharks, and crabs.
3-5 Pea Pod Pirate Ship Hybrid This level has a bit of everything in it. It has you platform around on a ship, fight hoards of pirates, and collect pieces of a key to unlock a treasure chest, which takes you out of the level. It even has the first appearance of the Beam and Pirate abilities!
3-6 Cookie Coral Reef Platformer This underwater level takes place very deep in the water, where angler fish are enemies and it's quite dark. You kind of have to use the angler fish to your advantage and use them as a light source.
3-7 100 Fish Under The Sea Enemy This is an enemy level that takes place underwater. You fight 100 fish, and each hoard of fish get harder AI, from fish that die in 1 hit to angler fish who take 6 hits before dying.
3 Boss Fatty Whale's Fight Boss Fatty Whale, making his first appearance since Kirby Superstar Ultra, challenges Kirby to a fight. From the background, he can splash water into the foreground. He can also slam his body onto the foreground and wipe his tail across it. Just hit him 5 times and he'll be done.
3 Bonus Bubble Blasters Bonus This bonus is a parody of Columns, except with bubbles. Nothing else should be said.

Tomato Soup City

This is the 4th world, and it is based on cities and buildings. It has a similar design to the City Trial area in Kirby Air Ride.

CODE NAME Level Type Main Points
4-1 Welcome the the City! Platformer This opening level takes place on the road, where you can jump over cars and use them as moving platforms. You also get in a race with a city man, where you must use the Wheel ability.
4-2 Olive Offices Platformer This level, not only having the first Bell ability, takes place in a few offices, where you can jump on desks, chairs, and sleeping workers. You must get to the top to win, and you can also take shortcuts with elevators to get to the top easier.
4-3 Radio Tower Rundown Hybrid This level starts off at the bottom of an office building where you must climb your way upwards. after getting to the top, you jump on a warpstar and fly across the city.
4-4 Super Kirby to the Rescue! Superhero This is the first Superhero level. After a robbery and a small boss fight with one of the criminals, you fly upwards continually holding the beaten up criminal. The other criminals climb buildings, ride Warpstars, and shoot lasers at Kirby trying to knock him down. Once Kirby gets to the end, he gets to pound on the rest of the baddies Donkey Kong style.
4-5 Mango Movie Theater Collection This level is in a movie theater. Well, some of it is. It mostly transports you through a variety of movies, such as a Sci-Fi film, an action movie, an old movie in sepia style, and even a movie set! The key parts are spread out through all the movies, so keep your eyes open. You even get the first Yo-Yo ability.
4-6 Salty Sewers Platformer This level takes place in the sewers of the city. It is a water level that contains some crocodile enemies and some lanterns that you can hit to light up more of the sewers. It also has a sequence where you must swim against a rough current.
4 Boss Rickie's Slot Machine  Boss After Kirby meets his old rival, Rickie Kirbs, Rickie challenged Kirby to a duel. Rickie fights on top of a giant slot machine, and proceeds to pull the lever for all his attacks, similar to Squashini for Kirby's Epic Yarn. If 3 fist symbols match up, a giant hand comes out of the slot machine into the foreground. If 3 blaster symbols match up, a giant blaster rises out of the slot machine and shoots lasers onto the foreground. If 3 hammers match up, a giant hammer comes out of the machine and slams into the foreground. If 3 springs match, it is your job to jump on a spring in the foreground to bounce into the background and hit Rickie in the face. All you need to do is survive to punch Rickie 3 times to win.
4 Bonus Bowling for Tomato Soup Bonus This is a bowling mini game that has you roll Kirbies down an alley. There are 3 turns of bowling, each letting you roll twice. This mini game can also be played with multiple players with as many rounds as you like.

Ice Tea Tundra

This level is the "ice world" with many ice slopes that have slippery physics.

CODE NAME Level Type Main Points
5-1 Iceberg Lettuce Puzzle This level takes place on a snowy mountain range. You get to use the Ninja ability, slide around on ice, and mess around with the ice physics.
5-2 Wintery Waters Platformer This level is a water level with floating iceberg platforms. You get to swim in some really cold water, and even surf a bit on ice cubes. And for some reason, it has the first Circus ability.
5-3 Into the Blizzard Hybrid This level takes place inside a huge blizzard. It has the first appearance of the tornado ability, and it has stars, Kirby Coins, platforms, Waddle Dees, and a even the ending door is twirling around the blizzard. Also, the gravity is pretty light. Then, you hop onto a warpstar and fly around.
5-4 Keys in the Cold Collector In this level, you have to find the parts of the keys, frozen in ice. You either use Fire to melt the ice, the first appearance of Bomb to break the ice, or use some enemies to melt it for you.
5-5 Marsh-Merry Christmas! Collector This, unlike other collector missions, has you collecting as many presents as possible instead of getting three parts of a key. The presents are spread out everywhere in the level, and the more presents you get, the more stars you get and better Christmas will be. You even get the first Sleep ability, which you must avoid to get more presents.
5-6 DeDeDe's Drastic Dream Platformer This level takes place in space and in DeDeDe's perspective. It is actually a rush level where you must run without being left behind the screen. Nightmare is trying to get you with beams and possessed enemies. Once you get to the end, however, a cut scene occurs and Nightmare posses DeDeDe and his remaining army.
5-7 The Climb Up Mount Shotzo Platformer This level has you climbing up an icy mountain, fighting enemies and avoiding Shotzos. It has the first Hi-Jump ability.
5 Boss Mega Chilly's Clash Boss Mega Chilly, a monster created by Nightmare, can attack with snowballs, which are fired from the background and from the top of the screen. He can also turn into a giant snowball and try to roll over you. You must hit each section of his body 3 times, allowing him to take 9 hits.
5 Bonus Feel the Cold, Feel the Music Bonus This level is a rhythm game, where you must jump to the beat and defeat as much as you can. At the end, there you even get to play a freestyle guitar solo.  

Jungle Jam

This is a jungle world, with vines to climb. It has you going through the layers of a jungle.

CODE NAME Level Type Main Points
6-1 Ground Cover Gala Platformer At the bottom of the jungle, you fight snakes, lions, and other things. Yoy also get the first Jet ability to fly up and to the goal.
6-2 Monkey Madness Rescue  This level has you saving a little baby monkey. The monkey can actually fight a little bit, and can help you get to different platforms. 
6-3 Go Up With The Understory Platformer Here, you must keep up with the autoscroll to get to the end. The catch is that you must stick to some platforms using the first Needle ability.
6-4 Cool Canopy  Warpstar Here you fly through the canopy, blasting evil monkeys and other creatures.
6-5 Bird Is The Word Puzzle This level, not only having the first Wing ability, has you fighting birds, and jumping into cannons. Depending on the cannon you jump in, you may get hit by an enemy, get a Kirby coin, or something else.
6-6 Emergents-Y Platformer This level, at the top of the jungle, has you fighting eagles, giant humming birds, and other creatures that live in the emergents.
6 Boss Chameleo Arm's Confontation Boss Chameleo Arm can bounce around, swing back and forth, and spit out paint blobs. Inhaing a blob will give you the Artist ability. To kill him, you must hit his head 5 times.
6-7 Meta Knight?! Boss As the Kirbies land on Halberd, they fight Meta Knight. You are forced to used the sword ability, however. Meta Knight will spawn tornadoes, fly around and slam on the ground, a even spawn enemies of his own to attack. After you hit him 7 times, he is defeated.
6 Bonus Jungle Jump Bonus This game is like Doodle Jump, where you bounce from tree to tree to get to a goal. Nothing much to say.

Spaghetti Stars

This is a SPAAACE WORRRRLD. Most levels have low gravity, allowing you to jump around all floaty.

CODE NAME Level Type Main Points
7-1 Orange Orbit Platformer Here, you platform around a few planets. Some planets orbit around larger ones, carrying you as it spins around, while other planets pull you into their orbit. 
7-2 Sugar Station Puzzle In this level you must press buttons to reverse gravity. Some buttons you can just walk on, while others require the Rock or new Hammer ability. The gravity will affect you, enemies, stars, and everything else.
7-3 Alien Armada Enemy This level has you fighting 150 enemies, all based around aliens. It has the first Fighter ability, and scrolls upwards each time you defeat an enemy.
7-4 Cookie Cosmos Warpstar This level has you flying around in space, shooting down aliens and other creatures. You must dodge asteroids, some small enough to shoot, others are so big you must manuever around them.
7-5 Keys To The Ship Hybrid This level has you platforming around until you find a spaceship. You then have to find the three parts of the key of the ship. Then you go into a warpstar sequence, but with a spaceship instead of a warpstar.
7-6 Abnormal Asteroids Platformer This level takes place on a flat plane, where asteroids rain down from the sky. You must dodge them and outrun them in the end. You also get the first Plasma ability.
7 Boss Shine And Bright's Battle Boss Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright appear here to fight. One of them will fight the player, and the other will hang out in the sky. Mr. Bright can shoot stars and roll around, attacking the Kirbies. Mr. Shine can attack with lightning and bounce around. You must hit each of them 5 times and you win.
7 Bonus Pinball Planet Bonus

This level is like Pinball, where you tap the flippers with the gamepad to get a score of 1,000. That's basically it.

All World's End

This world consists of many bosses. The set pieces are based on past popular Kirby levels.



Level Type

Main Points

8-1 Castle LoLoLo Enemy Not only does this level have the first Retro ability, it has many of the original minibosses, making it the first level with Cook, Disguise, Crash, and Magic abilities.
8-2 Butter Building Hybrid A baby puffball is stranded in the building. It's up to you to return it to it's parents as you jump around racing Daroach. Once you get to the end, you have to fight Daroach. He throws bombs, ice, and enemies. You must hit him 7 times.
8-3 The Old Tower Milky Way This level has you fighting Marx, who floats around. He throws out cutters, makes lightning,
8-4 03 Warpstar This level takes place in the core of Dark Star. You go around shooting 03 and a few enemies. You can only hit his open eye, and you must hit it 10 times. Once you do, 03 will turn around and expose its weak point. It only appears for 5 seconds, and you have to shoot it quick before 03 regains all its health and you must start over again. Once you shoot the weak spot, 03 will explode and send you outta there.
8-5 Fluff Of Yarn Hybrid This level has the first Yarn ability. You must collect the parts of the key to open the boss door. You then fight both Yin-Yarn and Drawcia. They both make enemies based on their skill. They also home in at you and blast yarn or paint blobs at you. To defeat them, you must use one boss' attacks to hit the other 5 times.
8-6 Cookie County Boss Here, Taranza and Magalor team up. Magalor will spawn enemies, use swords, and slam onto the ground. Taranza will shoot purple lasers, and attack with his 6 hands. If you hit Magalor 5 times before hitting Tarzana 5 times, Taranza will revive Magalor and they both will regain health. If you kill Taranza first, Magalor will be suprised and become Magalor Soul. Magalor Soul will attack with bombs, bigger swords, and beams. Once you defeat Magalor Soul by hitting him 7 times, you win.
8-7 Halcandara Hybrid This has you platform around avoiding lava, meteors, and enemies. Once you beat that, you become a Superhero to shoot Nigtmare's orb. At the end of this sequence, you go up to Nightmare and PUNCH THAT BIG FLOATY BALL.  You then crash down to fight a possessed DeDeDe. He can attack with his hammer, body slam into you, roll around, swing his hammer, and even inhale you up. Once you defeat him by hitting him 10 times, DeDeDe becomes unpossessed and is confused. Nightmare knocks Kirby out, and only DeDeDe is left. You must play as him and defeat Nightmare. Nightmare spawns enemies, attacks with many of Kirby's attacks. He attacks with swordsa, bombs, fire, cutters, ice, leaves, retroness. Once you hit Nightmare 15 times, Kirby wakes up and, thanks to DeDeDe and the other Kirbie's help, destroy Nightmare, returning every vllian to the box and blasting everyone else back to Popstar.
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