Kirby's Dream World
Developer(s) Fritez Franchise
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Adventure, 2.5D Platformer
Series Kirby
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of USA TBA 2014
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating3RatingUSK6OFLC-GCERO A
Media Included 3DS Card

RPBoxart KA3D
PAL Package by Yoshifraga97 (tbc)
Developer(s) Fritez Franchise
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Adventure, 2.5D Platformer
Series Kirby
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2014
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2014
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating3RatingUSK6OFLC-GCERO A
Media Included 3DS Card

Kirby of the Stars: Card Trick
Developer(s) Fritez Franchise
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Adventure, 2.5D Platformer
Series Kirby
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2014
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating3RatingUSK6OFLC-GCERO A
Media Included 3DS Card

Kirby's Dream World is the 16th installment in the Kirby series and is produced by Fritez Franchise. It is a 2.5D platformer along the lines of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards,Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby: Triple Deluxe. One of the main new features is Kirby's new Ace abiility, a specil ability that transforms Kirby into a constellion and walk on the sky in a top-down Zelda fashoin. Unlike most games, the adventure isn't split into small levels and insted it is split into a huge, expansive world similar to Kirby and The Amazing Mirror . This world is known as Cardelia and centers around suits of Spade, Heart, Clover,Diamond but most importantly Ace. This world is discoverd by Kirby when he flips over a mysterious card which warps him inside it. Kirby's Dream World is set to be platformed for the 3DS and realesed Summer 2014.

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Kirby's Dream World is traditional Kirby game with 3D visuals alike Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Although the visuals are renderd as HD3D models, the platfroming stays true to it's sidecrolling roots, coining the game as a 2.5D ganera. 

Like past mainstream installments, Kirby makes another comeback with his trademarked Inhale ability. This enables him tsuck in enemies or objects infront of him via his mouth and expel them out as projectiles to attack. He can also swallow the enemies or objects to defeat them. The Super Inhale manuver also makes a comeback, when the Wiimote is shaken while inhaling, Kirby will inahle with greater force so he can suck in masses of enemies and larger obstacles. After spitting an object, Kirby can quickly re-inhale it right after he shoots it so he can use it again. Other players playing as Kirby can also inhale star shots spat by other players.

Copy Abilities

Specific enemies and objects give Kirby a Copy Ability when swallowed. Copy Abilities render Kirby unable to inhale and somtimes hinder his other abilities, but in trade give him an set of attacks and projectiles to use in extange. Normally the player can execute the abilitiy's basic attack with the B button but combing this button with other buttons make Kirby use different attacks. These button combined moves can be displayed on the pause screen and have names. Copy abilities also alter Kirby's attrire and may change his color pallette.

Abilities can be discarded at any time and are automaticly discarded if the player is hit by a forceful obstacle or attack. Another method to obtain copy abilities is through copy pedastals, which give the Copy Ability shown. 

Open World

Akain to Kirby and the Amazing Mirror the game takes place in a huge open world instead of many small seperate levels. This world is known as Cardelia which is discoverd by Kirby on accident by flipping a card and is trapped in a magic sphere due to the magic of Daizen. A large open world makes the game is slightly less liner allowing a player to visit any location in the game (Excluding Astro Aroura, Culverin and End Dimension) anytime they want.

The goal in the game isn't just to deafeat each boss but collect Aces to power up the sphere Kirby's trapped in. Everytime a mid-boss is defeated (for the first time only) the player obtains 3 Aces. When a magic crystal obtained from a crystal pedasal is taken all the way to another point in the world, it gives the player 1 Ace. Finally a boss powers up the world by five Aces when deafeated for the first time. The main purpose for these Aces are to travel to Trick Constellation, a 3 leveled world that requires almost all of the Aces to be collected.

Collecting all aces unlocks the Dimension Mirror which allows the player to enter Cardelia's Ultra counterpart, which contains a darker apperance with the layout of some rooms changed to make it harder, tougher Ultra versions of enemies, Mid-Bosses and Bosses and  less healing items. It also contains more.

Collecting Aces is a vital part in progression as it allows the player to travel to other planetoids and such which act as tiny areas filled with treasures and food. Kirby can travel to them by entering the magic gate known as the Wild Card which makes him fuse himself with the giant sphere the world is in so he becomes the sphere, but of course Kirby's limbs and face are also added onto the sphere for charm.

When the Wild Card is flipped, a mysterious, constellainton like map is opened up that allows the player to go to any branching location as long as they have enough aces. To get there, the player must enter a side-scrolling shooting section where they shoot enemies with star shots similarly to the starship ability from Kirby Super Star.


There are  floating cards scatterd throughout that can be flipped to reavel treasures


Ace Ability

Goal Game





Copy Abilities



Ability Description Helper
Animal Kirby dons a cat suit complete with cat-like slippers and cat gloves that are connected to the suit by a strand of fabic. Kirby's gloves have detracable claws that are used when he scratches, causing him to accelerate. Kirby can also climb walls for a short time until he tires and is slightly faster and more agile than before. Neko
Balloon Soldier
BeamKirbyKA3D Beam (icon)
Weilds Kirby with a magic rod potent of creating an electrical whip-like beam and also many other manuvers with similar beams.
Fuse IconGrappleIcon
Waddle Doo
Bell Kirby Bell Weilds Kirby with a pair of twin bells that he can use to hit enemies with. These bells create damaging sound waves and can even be used as projectiles to be replaced by a pair of other bells after thrown.
Bomb (Icon)

Supplies Kirby with an unlimited amount of bombs to prep and throw. These bombs can be aimed and even set atop enemies.
BurnIconFuse IconGrappleIcon
KTD Circus Circus Enables Kirby to prefrom a vast array of circus acts such as juggling pins, blowing balloons and jumping through firey hoops. He can also juggle enemies and throw them.
BurnIconFuse IconGrappleIcon
Funny Acrobot
CupidKirbyKA3D Cupid Weilds Kirby with a bow and a quiver of heart arrows to aim and snipe at enemies. He can also use his feathery wings to fly and can hover in one place for eaiser air shots. The ability is more reminisent of Archer from Kirby Triple Deluxe as it's moveset is completely revamped to be similar to Archer.
Cutter Cutter (Icon)
Suits Kirby with a hat featuring a detatchable curved blade. This blade can be thrown and will curve back in the other direction like a boomerang. The last cutter blade thrown can be moved up and down by the player.
Sir Kibble
Fighter (Artwork) Fighter (Icon)
Enables Kirby to use an large arsenal of fighting moves such as kicks, punches, grabs and throws. Most of these moves become stronger and more potent when Bbuttonwiiu held while using them.
Knuckle Joe
55px-KRtDL Fire icon
Hot Head
Hammer icon
Ice (Icon)
Jet Capsule J2
Leaf (Icon)
NinjaKirbyKA3D Ninja (Icon)
Equips Kirby with many weapons and abilities assosiated with ninjas and samari such as a katana and shrikens. He can also cling and jump off of walls and walk on water.
Bio Spark
MirrorKirby2KA3D Mirror Simirror
ParasolKA3D Parasol (Icon)
Weilds Kirby with a parasol in which he can use to hit enemies with and protect himshelf from falling hazards. Anything touched by his parasol is damaged. His falling is also made slower due to the parasol's air resistance.
Waddle Daa
SparkKirbyKA3D Spark icon
Enables Kirby to gather electricity and create a small, damaging feild of it around him. He can also create lightning-like bolts and form a small spark sheild which Kirby can walk with, run with and even launch at enemies. The size, distance and power of this blast depends on how long the player charged this by rapidly mashing the D-Pad.
Fuse Icon
Plasma Whisp
SpearKA3D Spear (Bar)
Weilds Kirby with a spear in which he can thrust at enemies. He can also create various combos, preform a helicopter-like move with a spear and even throw one or multiple spears at enemies.
Waddle Dee
Stone Kirby KDL3D Stone (Icon)
Enables Kirby to transform into an array of heavy objects all having the same effect: making Kirby crash down on enemies,  through currents and become nearly invinsible while doing it. He can also make other stone formations such as a stone fist to batter enemies with.
Suplex Buggy
Sword Kirby Sword (Icon)
Weilds Kirby with a sword he can use to make varied slashes and hacks on enemies. At full health, he can even shoot beams at enemies to defeat them.
Blade Knight
Water Kirby KRTDL Water (Icon)
Allows Kirby to manipulate water, this includes the ability to spit, create gysers, bubbles and many other forms of water. He can also surf on water as well by dashing on it.
Wheel Kirby 3D Wheel Grants kirby the ability to transform into a wheel and speed forward, devastating everythign in his path. Kirby is also invincible to all things in this form with the exception of being vaunurable when he turns. Wheelie Bike
WingKirby2KA3D Wing icon
Weilds Kirby with wings in which he can use to constatly flap with replacing his float ability. He can aslo fire feathers form his wings to damage enemies and prefrom in air headbutts called Condor Heads and vertical Condor Dives.
Crash (Artwork) Crash (Icon)
Gives Kirby the ability to destroy everything in the room and deal massive damage on bosses and mid-bosses. He can only use this move once, however. ---
Sleep icon
Forces Kirby to sleep idelily making him unable to move until he wakes up and loses the ability. ---
Mix ---

New Copy Abilities


Ability Description
Allows Kirby to transform randomly into a cloud with a cetain shape, although all different shaped clouds have the same effect: rapidly making Kirby float upwards. As kirby flies upwards, he is nearly invincible and catches any enemies he touches inside of his cloudy body to larter defeat when he transforms to normal. He can also supass harmful obstacles such as gordos without harm in cloud form. Kirby transforms back when requested by a button or touches a wall or celing.

Weilds Kirby with a hook-like arm with the hook connected to a golden chain. Kirby can shoot this hook bound by a chain at enemies. After the player hooks onto an enemy, the enemy is automaticlly pulled towards the player to be shot out of a cannon installed in the hook. Or, Instead of pulling the enemy twords the player, the player can rapidly reel kirby into an enemy or boss to cause damage

FlowerKirbyKA3D Dons Kirby headgear with vines on the sides in which he can plant into the ground and have them shoot out at a variable angle as a full grown flower. The longer the attack is charged, the longer the vine will be. In the air, Kirby can prefrom an ariel spin using the petals from his headgear spinning around him.

Special Abilities



Image Name Description Ability
Bonkers Bonkers Bonkers is a large monkey whom attacks mainly by slamming his mallet into the player. He can also preform swings and spin around with it. Aside from using his hammer to attack Bonkers can throw explosive coconuts at alternating heights and distances. Hammer icon
Buckaneer Hook
Impeal Cupid
Kracko Cloud
LololoandLalala2KA3D Lololo and Lalala Mirror
Neko Animal
Mr.Frosty3KA3D Mr. Frosty Ice (Icon)
Phan Phan Circus
PoppyBrosSr.KA3D Poppy Bros. Sr. Bomb (Icon)
SpinniKDW Spinni None
Storo None
Doc None


Image Boss Battle Abilites Locations
Mid Boss All-Stars 1 The Arena
The True Arena
Mid Boss All-Stars 2 The Arena
The True Arena
Squeak Squad A battle where the player fights all members of the Squeak Squad in order of Spinni, Storo and then Doc. This battle is exclusive to the True Arena. The True Arena
Sneezy Woods

Sneezy Woods is a danedlion puff variation of Whispy Woods who looks and attacks similarly to him in past titles.
Sneezy Woods' first phase is similar to that of Whispy from Kirby:64, where Kirby moves around him, except this time thier is a small, chasm around Sneezy seperating him and Kirby from being on the same island. Sneezy Woods will attack Kirby by shaking ,scattering many dandelion puffs which somtimes carry enemies and some obstacles on them.
Next he will sneeze which will knock Kirby off the screen, lose a fair chunk of health and then be respawned. If he got past the chasm and is hit by Sneezy Wood's sneeze then he is flung back over the chasm but not off the screen.
To get past the chasm, the player must wait until he uses his root attack, in which he shoots his roots at Kirby. All of them will have flowers on the tip, and the player must pick the pink one as the others, which are purple will harm Kirby. The pink one flings Kirby over the chasm and close enough to Sneezy Woods to attack his four, very weak berries.
After destorying all berries, Sneezy will grow extermely tall and spin rapidly to create a gigantic tornado which will draw Kirby inside. Kirby then must get to the top of the tornado while avoiding many dandelion puffs, chunks of land and Sneezy's roots to reach the top and destroy Sneezy Wood's berries once more to defeat him.

Flower Pastry Pasture
The Arena
The True Arena

Kasuda is a fish made entirely out of water who is contained in a fishbowl. He has a rounded fin that sticks out of the bowl and the fishbowl has glass fins, a glass tailfin and fish like lips.Kasuda can only be hurt by attacking his fishbowl.On his first phase, Kasuda's main attack is to spit himshelf out of the fishbowl and become a puddle, if kirby touches him or sinks into the puddle then Kasuda will become a whirlpool, deal damage and eject him. Afterwards his fishbown will scoop him back into the fishbowl.
Kasuda will also shoot a gyser from the top of his fishbowl and try to shoot himshelf out of his bowl like a cannon to be caught, mid-shot by his fishbowl and then shot again.
Once his health is halfway depleted, three holes will  be created in the very right, left and center of the ground, Kirby can't fall into these holes. Kasuda will then shoot many raindrops upward and when they fall down, they'll position themselves in a pachinko styled arangement. These raindrops are harmless and kirby goes right through them.
However, Kasuda will use them in his next attack which is having his fishbowl carry him to the top of the screen and dropping him. Kasuda will bounce off of these raindrops in the fashoin of a pachinko ball bouncing off pins in attempt to land on Kirby. And he absorbs each raindrop he bounces off of which will make him bigger.
While Kasuda bounces, his fishbowl will try to catch Kirby making it eaiser for Kasuda to land on him, but with the cost of creating spittable stars that Kirby could shoot at the fishbowl. When Kasuda lands he'll fall in one of the three holes and shoot out as a gyser, to be caught by the fishbowl in midair.

Water Sherbet Shore
The Arena
The True Arena

Samirrorai is a samurai warrior with very bright and reflectant red armor covering his whole body with yellow highlights and golden rims. He also has a large sword consisting of a blue mirror.

Samirrorai is a tricky opponent who has slow, graceful movements but very fast and tricky attacks. He often creates mirrored clones of himshelf but one with it's eyes closed is always idle while the other with it's eyes open attacks.

His first attack is going into the center of the screen and splitting himshelf so two of him are at both ends of the arena. Then one on either side will open thier eyes, take one swing with thier sword then close it's eyes so the other one can make one slice.  With each slice they get progressively closer until both touch, which will merge them together. 

His next attack is positioning himshelf in the air and splitting into two opened-eyed versions of him. The one closest to Kirby will close it's eyes and then fall to the ground and shatter. Sometimes, just before hitting the ground, the falling clone will open it's eyes which will pause it there while the other will close it's eyes and shatter instead, to trick the player. Samirrorai will also go into the background and create many clones, which he will send charging at kirby in formations.

Once his health is half depleted, Samirriorai will cover the whole sceen with smoke, and when it clears there will be a gaint mirror in the background and Kirby will become invisible but the player will be able to see his reflection in the mirror. Samirrorai will not be invisible but his reflection will be invisible when Kirby is in this state. 

Samirrorai's first attack in this state is to split himself and have both cling to a seprate wall and throw shrikens that will bounce around off the walls until stop in midair and form a constallation bound together by hurtful magic lines. Then he will make himshelf invisible but seeable in the mirror while Kirby is sent back to being visable but his reflection can't be seen.

Mirror Vanilla Village
The Arena
The True Arena
Prince Ranade Bomb Mallow Marsh
The Arena
The True Arena
Kabusa Fire Dessert Desert
The Arena
The True Arena
Skydra Leaf Cream Cloud
The Arena
The True Arena
KA3DVillain Dimencia Stone Aroura Arch
The Arena
The True Arena
Royal Knight Sword Culverin
The Arena
The True Arena
DaizenConcept Daizen Fire, Ice, Spark, Sword, Crash End Dimension
The Arena
The True Arena
Ace Daizen Ace End Dimension
DaroachKA3D Daroach Spark, Ice, Fire Culverin (U)
The True Arena
Master Ace Chariot End Dimension (U)
The True Arena
Daizen Soul Fire, Ice, Spark, Sword, Crash The True Arena



Image Item Function
Star Chip
Food Replenishes a portion of the player's health when collected. There is a variety of different foods found throughout the game, each restoring different amounts of health.
Maxim Tomato Replenishes all of the player's health when collected. They are typically rare being thoroughly hidden and harder to obtain then most items.
Ultra Candy Temporarily grants the player invincibility when collected. This includes immunity to damage and massive damage to enemies contacted, however the player can be defeated if they fall into an abyss.
1Up Grants an extra life when collected. They are typically rare, being thoroughly hidden and harder to obtain then most items.
Magic Card
Ace Star
Collecible Card


Image Object Function
Warp Star
Star Switch


Level World Description Boss
Pastry Pasture Cardelia Pinwheel Woods
Sherbet Shore Cadelia Casuda
Vanilla Village Cardelia Shrikatao
Mallow Marsh Cardelia Ranade
Expresso Express Cardelia Kabusa
Cream Cloud Cardelia Caldra
Auora Arch Eternal Nebula


Culverin Eternal Nebula Royal Knight
Daroach (U)
End Dimension Eternal Nebula Daizen
Master (U)

More coming soon...

Notable Concepts

Concepts that aren't fully developed but are mentioned.

  • Kirby will obtain some kind of power that allows him to inhale the very essence of light and spit it out to light up other areas.

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  • Master bears the exact appearance to an unused character in Kirby GCN  that possibly was the influence of Magolor. Due to it's mencing appearance in which contrasts the soft feel in the seires, it whould likely be the main antagonist of the cancelled game.
    • These unused enemies are also used in the game.
    • Royal Knight shares the same appearance to Meta Knight's unused concept.
  • The Animal ability is completely revamped to play similarly to Mario's Cat Transformation, as both are colorated similarly, can scratch, climb walls and even preform a similar dive.


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