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KDL3D Logo alt.png
KDL3D Boxart.png
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios Logo.png
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Adventure, 2.5D Sidescroller, 3D Platformer
Release Date(s) TBA (Mid-2014)
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg3Rating.pngUSK6.pngOFLC-G.pngCERO A.gif
Media Included 3DS Card

Kirby's Dream Land 3D  (星のカービィの寸法 in Japan, which means Kirby's Dreamland Dimensions) is a new Kirby game for the Nintendo 3DS, and the 4th installment in the Kirby's Dream Land series (5th counting Kirby's Return to Dream Land) being in development by Shooting Star Studios and has being released in mid-2014.


There's Kirby, sitting and sleeping as always while King Dedede and his newest minion Waddle Daa are thinking on making a prank on him. Meanwhile in the galaxy, Meta Knight is traveling. Captain Vul notices something big and tells Sailor Dee to tell Meta Knight about this. When they look, they see some kind of spaceship near them and approaching Popstar. Meta Knight immediately flies to Popstar to tell the others about this.

Then Meta Knight finds Kirby sleeping and wakes him up (thus ruining King Dedede and Waddle Daa's plans on making a prank on him). Meta Knight tells Kirby about the "spaceship". Coincidentally, the spaceship they were talking about just arrives Dream Land. A shadow silhouette appears near them and runs. Kirby and Meta Knight follows it and they see the silhouette stealing one of the Rose Sceptres, leaving the other one there to escape from Kirby and Meta Knight. After stealing it, a worried being appears yelling at himself and complaining about what happened. He sees Kirby and shows himself as Prince Ros. He's the guardian of the Roses, who protects them. But not only Roses, but also any kind of flowers.

He tells Kirby that without the two Rose Sceptres, the flowers will lose their energy and will start disappearing and neither will shall fruits. He also tells Kirby that the Rose Sceptres posses a great power that may even change the fate of people. Kirby is worried about this and decides to help Prince Ros. Meta Knight joins them too, and King Dedede along with Waddle Daa appear behind them and yelling that they will also go with them. After this, Kirby and friends start their newest adventure to save Pop Star as well as the whole universe from this evil being.


The gameplay of the game is pretty similar to the classic Kirby games due to being a side-scrolling platform game, but it also brings back and shares similarity with the gameplay from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, as the 2.5D gameplay is similar. Some parts of the game are completely 3D however (like 3D Mario games). Kirby is able to make his standard moves like jumping, running, swimming, inhaling, etc. With the inhale move, just like in almost all of the Kirby games, Kirby is able to swallow objects and enemies, so he can copy his opponents' abilities to use them, however, Kirby can lose an ability if requested or if enough damage is received. Another way to get opponents' abilities is by using Copy Pedestals found in some parts of the stages. Similar to the Bubble Storage from Kirby: Squeak Squad, the game brings the Star Storage, which is actually the same to the Bubble Storage, but instead of bubbles these are stars with a symbol showing what the star contains. Kirby can turn foes into "helpers". He's also able to have up to 3 helpers that can help him, and he can ride on them like he can do with the other playable characters. When turning foes into helpers, they change of color to look different from normal enemies, this is something shown in the cancelled Kirby game for the GameCube.

Kirby's Dream Land 3D brings back returning standard abilities, as well as new ones. The health bar returns as usual, and food is used to replenish the health bar (the Maxim Tomato replenishes the entire health bar). There are a few items that are required in some stages such as protecting umbrellas, cannons, Warp Stars, etc. The game supports up to a total of 4 characters, those are Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and a new character, minion of King Dedede, Waddle Daa, each character having their own abilities, advantages, as well as disadvantages. The player can also change Kirby's color. Minigames such as The Arena and The True Arena appear after completing the game. If the player completes the game 100%, The True Arena will be unlocked. Other Minigames however, can be unlocked by collecting a determined amount of Magic Orbs.

There are 8 levels, each one containing a determined amount of stages, depending on which level the player is. Each level has a Boss, and various stages can also contain Mid-Bosses. Stages may also contain Magic Orbs, which are collectible items in the game, there's a total of 150 Magic Orbs, and an amount of 100 is needed to make the Dimension Traveler operate again, and defeat Rozery, the villain of the game. After the player finishes a stage, a little bonus can be played. In this bonus, some stars containing something inside them appear, they may contain any type of food, a Maxim Tomato, an extra life, or a Gordo, which gives nothing. The player can launch the character from a cannon, and depending on which direction the character is shot, he/she will get or not the items shown on the way. Then the character will make a winning move, different to each character. Kirby makes the Kirby dance, Meta Knight swings his sword, King Dedede makes some poses with his hammer and Waddle Daa dances with her umbrella. Each level has an hub where you can access its stages. The stage's hubs are accessed from The Magical Centennial Palace, which appears to be the main hub in the game with various rooms to practice moves, complete challenges, buy items, and decorate rooms as well. The Dimension Traveler is also inside The Magical Centennial Palace and the player can play minigames and see the Copy Abilities' movesets.


Multiplayer Adventure

1 to 4 players (Nintendo Network Support)

In this mode you can freely play in all of the unlocked levels and stages with your friends. You can also play with people online with the Nintendo Network Connection. Players can perform the ability to ride on each other. They can also share food to replenish everyone's health (including helpers) and can perform other abilities (such as Kirby inhaling and spitting other players, or King Dedede throwing others at higher places).


1 to 2 players

Only two players can play in this mode. Here is where the player has to pass stages and levels to unlock them to be player in Multiplayer Mode, and where the detailed story takes place, with 3D cutscenes and everything. Player  1 is Kirby, while Player 2 can be either Meta Knight, King Dedede or Waddle Daa.

Minigame Room

1 to 4 players

This mode contains various Kirby themed minigames. Only 3 minigames are in the game from the beginning, with other 3 being unlockable.

The Arena

1 to 4 players (Nintendo Network Support)

Players in this mode will confront all of the bosses from the story and can also choose their abilities before starting to use them thoughout the battles. The final boss is Rozery.

The True Arena

1 to 4 players (Nintendo Network Support)

This mode is actually similar to The Arena, as the player needs to battle with Bosses and choose their abilities before starting. However, bosses in this mode are not regular ones, instead they're in their "Rose" counterparts, and their names appear after an "R". Bosses from past Kirby games can be found here, such as Marx, Zero Two and Daroach. The final boss is Rozery Soul.

Sound Test Room

A mode where you just listen to music and sounds shown in the game. This mode needs to be unlocked, and it is unlocked after completing Story Mode. It doesn't have to be 100% completed to unlock it.

Theater Room

This mode allows the player to see all of the cutscenes seen throughout the story, from minor cutscenes to cutsenes that do even have dialogues. This mode is unlocked after completing Story Mode.

Options Room

This is a mode where the player can adjust the game's settings such as the sound, music, screen ratio, controls, etc. And even delete the game file's progress, but after being deleted the game data cannot be restored. Some extra options can be downloaded as DLC.


As said before, this mode contains various Kirby minigames. There are 3 minigames available from the start, and another 3 unlockables. To see the rules, gameplay, unlocking criteria and other stuff from the minigames, please see:

Main Page: Kirby's Dream Land 3D/Minigames


Playable Characters

Image Character Ability/Weapon Description
KirbyWiiNew.png Kirby Kirby can inhale and swallow objects and enemies, and copy his opponents' abilities. Kirby can also swallow obstacles such as blocks, and in Multiplayer Mode, he can swallow and shoot other players. Kirby can also float. Kirby is ready for his newest adventure, to defeat the evil Rozery from conquering the universe. Kirby is a great choice for beginners, and also the main character, of course.
Meta Knightnewer.png Meta Knight Meta Knight can use his Sword to attack his opponents, he can make various moves with it, such as launching fire blasts and making tornadoes. He can fly thanks to his wings, and can also teleport Meta Knight is once again helping Kirby on his adventure. Meta Knight has various abilities, and can teleport from side to side. He's very tricky, and a good choice for experienced players. He floats pretty slower, though.
Kirbydedede2d.png King Dedede King Dedede uses his giant Hammer to smash enemies and also push other players to make them gain some velocity. King Dedede is also able to float. King Dedede is also in the quest helping Kirby again... odd, isn't it? King Dedede is the strongest character, and uses his giant Hammer as weapon and ability, he also can float. King Dedede, however, is the slowest character.
Waddle Daa.png Waddle Daa Waddle Daa uses her Umbrella to shoot magical dust and confuse enemies, making it easier to defeat them. She can also descend slowly with it. Waddle Daa is the newest minion of King Dedede. She is, along with Dedede, helping Kirby on the quest to save the universe. She can't float, but uses her Umbrella to descend slowly, and is the fastest character.

Supporting Characters

Image Character Description
Prince Ros KDL3D.png Prince Ros Prince Ros is a little rose that helps players by telling them hints and teaching them several abilities and moves.
Mr Star KDL3D.png Mr. Star Mr. Star makes a comeback to help the player by giving him/her food and other items on emergency moments, like when the player has low health, low lifes, etc.
139px-KRtDL Waddle Dee.png Bandanna Dee Bandanna Dee appears as the minigame host and replaces Mr. Star in The Arena/The True Arena doing something similar.
Reisen KDL3D.png Reisen Reisen is a little Witch owner of the main hub which is The Magical Centennial Palace. You can give her a determined amount of earned Crystal Roses to obtain domain on severeal rooms to practice and decorate to your liking.


  • Acchi
  • ArmorDee
  • Bang-Bang
  • Balloon Bomber
  • Babut
  • Baton Waddle Dee
  • Bio Spark
  • Birdon
  • Blade Knight
  • Blipper
  • Blow Dust
  • Boing-Cappy
  • Bouncy
  • Bomber
  • Bronko
  • Bronto Burt
  • Bun
  • Bubble Head
  • Burning Leo
  • Buzzy Bat
  • Caller
  • Cappy
  • Capsule J2
  • Chilly
  • Cool Spook
  • Cupie
  • Dale
  • Droppytear
  • Flamer
  • Flappy
  • Foley
  • Fow
  • Galbo
  • Gaw Gaw
  • Gim
  • Gip
  • Glunk
  • Gnight
  • Gordo
  • Heat Phanphan
  • Hiboki
  • Hina
  • Hole
  • Hot Head
  • Knuckle Joe
  • Laser Ball
  • Leafan
  • Lightning Bomber
  • Lovely
  • Metarun
  • Needlous
  • Noddy
  • Oohroo
  • Pengy
  • Pichikuri
  • Plasma Wisp
  • Poppy Bros. Jr.
  • Rocky
  • Rozy
  • Sanchang
  • Scarfy
  • Shadaz
  • Shotzo
  • Simirror
  • Sir Kibble
  • Skully
  • Skylly
  • Sparky
  • Squishy
  • Starman
  • Stoppy
  • Tavow
  • Togezo
  • Twister
  • UFO
  • Uppydown
  • Waddle Dee
  • Waddle Doo
  • Voolck
  • Vortex
  • Walky
  • Water Galbo
  • Whattar
  • Wheelie
  • Whippy
  • Whispy Woods Jr.
  • Witchy


Image Mid-Boss Health Copy Ability Description
Bonkers 3D.png Bonkers 150 Hammer Bonkers is a hammer-wielding simian. He attacks with his hammer, and by throwing exploding coconuts.
Bugzzy 3D.png Bugzzy 160 Suplex Bugzzy is a giant bug with two legs. He attacks by grabbing and throwing the player, charging at him, and also by shooting small ladybugs.
Chef Kawasaki KDL3D.png Chef Kawasaki 115 Cook Chef Kawasaki, a cook that attacks with everything he has, plates, a frying pan, etc. If the player is caught in the frying pan , Kawasaki will cook him/her.
Shadow Kirby KDL3D.png Shadow Kirby 170 None Shadow Kirby is Kirby's alternate form, from a different dimension. Shadow Kirby attacks the player with, exactly, all of Kirby's attacks, he can inhale the player, jump and run at him/her, etc.
Haboki 150 Clean Haboki sweeps the ground, creating dust clouds that can harm Kirby, and occasionally leaps, making two dust clouds appear where it lands.
IronMamNew.png Iron Mam 130 Mace Iron Mam attacks with punches depending on how far Kirby is from her. If the hero is next to her, she will just punch him. If he is a short distance away, she will throw her fist in his direction. If he is far away, she marches across the screen, punching the ground.
King Doo KDL3D.png King Doo 100 Beam As expected from a Waddle Doo, he can use a beam whip attack, which appears essentially identical to a regular Waddle Doo's. King Doo can use the beam whip in the air after a jump and also has the Wave Beam ability, firing a large blast of energy sideways across the field. He also has a non-beam attack, which involves simply charging across the screen.
Kracko Jr KDL3D.png Kracko Jr. 132 Cloud Kracko Jr. attacks mainly just by moving around the screen, trying to collide with Kirby. He also can make Waddle Doos or bombs, a trait that the elder Kracko lacks.
Little Blade 120 Wing Little Blade is Dyna Blade's little counterpart. He's weaker than Dyna Blade, but uses similar moves, and lacks of other moves that Dyna Blade can do. Little Blade attacks by flying across the screen, and can also bite the player.
Mawsaw 148 Ninja Mawsaw is a tricky and big mouse. Mawsaw uses various ninja moves to attack, he can charge at the player, get and throw him/her to damage him/her. He can also throw knifes, and can jump from the walls.
Meta-Knights Varies None Four knights with various weapons- Ax Knight, Javelin Knight, Mace Knight, and Trident Knight. Kirby needs to defeat each one separately to defeat the mid-boss. They each can be inhaled like normal enemies (but it takes longer to inhale them), and they even appear as normal enemies sometimes.
Phantomizer KDL3D.png Phantomizer 152 Axe Phantomizer is a big ghost whose ability is the manipulation of cutting axes, throwing and smashing them at Kirby to damage him.
Mr Frosty KDL3D.png Mr. Frosty 110 Ice A walrus with overalls who throw ice blocks, swallows and freezes Kirby, or just runs around with its mouth open.
Poppy Bros Sr KDL3D.png Poppy Bros. Sr. 80 Bomb The jumping larger version of Poppy Bro Jr. He hops all over the stage and throws bombs, which can be shot right back at him.
Sandoron 160 Sand A big hand made of sand which can use various moves to trap and damage Kirby. He can crumble and reappear in another side of the stage.
Queen Dee 75 None Queen Dee has some abilities, unlike normal Waddle Dees. However, those abilities are from Waddle Dees that wield a weapon, such as a parasol, or a spear. Queen Dee can attack with the parasol and descend slowly with it. She also attacks by throwing spears and also by jumping around.
ZazzBeez 126 Gravity ZazzBeez is a giant Bee with legs. He's a stronger version of Bugzzy. He attacks with similar attacks to Bugzzy, however, he also can shoot honey balls and can attack by throwing spikes.


Image Boss Abilities Description
WhispyWoodsy.png Whispy Woods None

Whispy Woods attacks by spitting wind at Kirby and shaking himself to throw big apples at him. Whispy can also swallow Kirby and spit him out to damage him. The battle against Whispy is similar to his battle in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, as you can move around him.

Lololo & Lalala KDL3D.png Lololo & Lalala None Lololo and Lalala's battle has similarities to past Kirby games, but there are some differences. They move green blocks and sometimes Gordos at the sides in a maze-like stage. After Kirby performs enough damage on them, they will fly and will charge at him.
Kracko KDL3D.png Kracko Beam, Cloud Kracko moves around the screen trying to hurt Kirby. He can shoot thunderbolts and can make a electric shield around him. Kracko can throw his gold spikes around and can summon Co-Krackos.
Cockraich Lava This huge enemy walks on the walls, swinging its tail, to hurt Kirby. It spits huge lava balls and can try to stomp Kirby.
Master Hand and Crazy Hand KDL3D.png Master Hand & Crazy Hand Fighter Master Hand and Crazy Hand's battle is basically pretty similar to the battles of the Super Smash Bros. series battles of both hands. They make various moves together such as clapping, ounching, launching missiles, etc. trying to hurt Kirby.
Dyna Blade 3D.png Dyna Blade None Dyna Blade only appears in Extra Mode replacing Florencia. Dyna will fly and try to dive at Kirby, she'll also try to bite him. She is able to fly to the background and then dive at the front screen trying to hurt Kirby.
Mr Shine and Mr Bright KDL3D.png Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright Burning, Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright only appear in Extra Mode replacing Cloudstrike. They have to be battled using the Shooting Star. Mr. Shine will spit fireballs at Kirby while Mr. Bright will spit little stars. They both can also dive at Kirby and perform some moves together.
Rose King Dedede None Rose King Dedede is a false King Dedede created by Rozery. Kirby must battle him and Rose Knight before fighting against Rozery himself. He mimics all King Dedede's moves.
Florencia Leaf, Ice Florencia is able to create a cold wind of petals and throw it at Kirby, freezing him. She can also jump from a side of the screen to another and quickly throw cutting petals at Kirby.
Daroach Fire, Spark

Daroach returns in The True Arena. He'll reuse most abilities from his past appearances.

Scorpeon Needle, Animal Scorpeon is able to climb the walls in the background and appear out of nowhere to attack Kirby in different ways. He will throw spikes at him or try to jump and attack with his claws.
Cloudstrike Cloud, Spark Cloudstrike is able to spit wind at Kirby to push him away. He can also use a shield of electricity to protect himself and try to follow Kirby to hurt him, launching electric lasers.


None Kabula must be fought with a Shooting Star. Kabula will move upwards and downwards and will sometimes dive at Kirby. Kaula is able to shoot missiles.
Zero Two KDL3D.png Zero Two None Zero Two returns but only in The True Arena. However, his battle is different. He's able to teleport and is really quick, throwing hurtful magic from his eye at Kirby and trying to hurt him at any cost. He's also able to flap his wings and send Kirby to the background. He'll also perform aerial moves to hurt Kirby.
Galacta Knight-1- (1).png Galacta Knight None Galacta Knight is a warrior that uses several sword techniques. He reuses his moves from past games. He can only be fought in The True Arena.
Marx Cutter, Beam Marx returns but is only fought in The True Arena. Marx reuses his moves from past games.
Rose Knight None Rose Knight is a false Meta Knight created by Rozery that must be fought as well as Rose King Dedede, before Rozery. He mimics Meta Knight's moves.
Rozery KDL3D.png Rozery Dark, Rose, Cutter Rozery is the final boss. Rozery is able to perform various magical attacks such as teleporting, diving at Kirby, using cutting petals, creating voids, using big brambles to trap Kirby, etc. In the second phase of the battle he'll grow wings and will use the other Rose Scepter, making him much more powerful.
Master Rozery Dark, Rose, Leaf Rozery's transformation. He will also teleport and do most moves he could do in his previous form, however, he's now able to summon enemies to attack Kirby, and can heal himself if not interrupted in time. Master Rozery will also throw dark magic at him and will try to hurt Kirby making big, spiky plants come from the ground.
Rozery Soul Dark, Rose, Cutter, Leaf Rozery Soul is Rozery's "resurrected" form. He'll do most moves Rozery is able to plus some more tricky moves. He's also seemingly faster and stronger. He can only be fought in The True Arena, making him the true final boss.

Copy Abilities

To see the in-game descriptions (flavor texts) and the Ability movesets, check: Kirby's Dream Land 3D/Abilities

New Copy Abilities

Image Name Helper Description Notes In-Game Icon
Robot Kirby KDL3D.png Robot Shadaz Allows Kirby to shoot missiles that will go directly to the most nearby enemy. Robot Kirby can also charge electric balls and shoot them. Kirby can shoot electric balls by pressing the B button. He's also almost invincible like Metal.
Robot Icon KDL3D.png
Rose Kirby KDL3D.png Rose Rozy (Hina sometimes) Kirby is able to shoot several brambles at many directions and can spit rose petals to attack enemies with them. The brambles can trap enemies and immobilize them.
Rose Icon KDL3D.png
Lava Voolck Lets Kirby charge and shoot meteorites from his volcano hat. He can also spit lavaballs to burn enemies and can walk on lava. Meteorites can be bigger if moving the circle pad around while charging. He can also surf on lava like Water Kirby does with water.
Lava Icon KDL3D.png
Sand Kirby KDL3D.png Sand Blow Dust Lets Kirby move faster than normal. He can also run on quicksands normally and can  crumble with the wind and remake himself in other distances. None
Sand Icon KDL3D.png
Crystal Kirby KDL3D.png Crystal Whattar Allows Kirby to shoot crystals in the selected direction, which will bounce everywhere for a short period. Kirby can also twist like a spinning top. While spinning, Kirby can bounce and can spin on water for a short period of time.
Crystal Icon KDL3D.png
Mace Kirby KDL3D.png Mace Mace Knight Lets Kirby turn around and throw a massive mace at foes. Kirby can make a twist with it. Kirby is a bit slower than normal due to the mace's weight.
Mace Icon KDL3D.png
Axe Kirby KDL3D.png Axe Ax Knight Kirby is able to make several moves with his ax. He can throw it, spin with it and even cut things such as little trees. Axe Kirby is able to cut ropes.
Axe Icon KDL3D.png
Clock Kirby KDL3D.png Clock Stoppy (3 uses only) Lets Kirby stop the time for a short period of time. Everything, including enemies and obstacles will stop moving. While everything stops moving, Kirby still can attack and defeat foes. This ability doesn't work in Boss battles, but it does work with Mid-Bosses.
Clock Icon KDL3D.png
Bulb Kirby KDL3D.png Bulb Lightning Bomber (1 use only) This ability is similar to Light Kirby, but it can light up extremely dark areas for a higher time, and for just one time. None
Bulb Icon KDL3D.png
Spring Kirby KDL3D.png Spring Bouncy (Boing-Cappy sometimes) Using this ability, Kirby can transform into a spring-like form, enabling him to bounce, harming enemies he bounds into. Kirby can't bounce on lava or water, but he can bounce on walls and obstacles like spikes.
Spring Icon KDL3D.png
Gravity Kirby Upside KDL3D.pngGravity Kirby Downside KDL3D.png Gravity Uppydown Kirby is able to jump like he's on the moon. He can walk on the underside of platforms and make foes go zero-grav. None
Gravity Icon KDL3D.png
Cloud Kirby KDL3D.png Cloud Skylly Allows Kirby to create cloudy platforms and bounce on them to reach higher areas. He can also ride on the clouds and throw lightning to protect himself. The cloud platforms will disappear within a few seconds of being created.
Cloud Icon KDL3D.png
Dark None (1 use only) The exact opposite to Bulb Kirby. Dark Kirby is needed to darken areas that are too bright to see, for the same purpose as Bulb Kirby has by lightening up areas, discovering passages and other objects. It is also able to damage enemies that cannot be damaged otherwise, except Gordos. Nothing can beat a Gordo. None
Dark Icon KDL3D.png

Returning Copy Abilities

Image Name Helper Description Notes In-Game Icon
Animal Kirby KDL3D.png Animal Gaw Gaw Allows Kirby to dig down to get anything from under the ground. None
Animal Icon KDL3D.png
Beam Kirby KDL3D.png Beam Waddle Doo Lets Kirby release a beam, which attacks enemies within its range. None
Beam (icon).png
Beetle Kirby.png Beetle Beetley Kirby can use the horn on his helmet to attack and impale enemies. He can also fly flapping his wings that appear on the back of his helmet. None
Bell Kirby.png Bell Dingle Kirby is able to smack enemies with his bells and send out hurtful sound waves. He can also throw bouncing bells.

Kirby can protect himself with his bell hat, if he's touched while guarding, the bell will also send out hurtful sound waves.

Bomb (Artwork).png Bomb Poppy Bros. Jr. Allows Kirby to throw bombs or set one down, which explode either after a short time or when it touches an enemy. None
Bomb (Icon).png
BubbleKirby.png Bubble Bubble Head Allows Kirby to send an array of bubbles to capture his enemies inside them, making them fly away, or easier to swallow them. None
Bubble Icon KDL3D.png
Burning Kirby KDL3D.png Burning Burning Leo (Flamer sometimes) Lets Kirby launch himself forward in the form of a fireball, harming enemies and lighting fuses of cannons. Kirby can light up fuses, like Fire, Jet, Hammer and Lava abilities.
Burning Icon KDL3D.png
KTD Circus.png Circus Shakinguin Allows Kirby to perform various circus-related attacks to harm enemies. None
Clean Kirby KDL3D.png Clean Broom Hatter (Hiboki sometimes) Apart from being able to hurt adversaries with the cleaning instrument itself, performing this action causes white dust clouds to be raised in front of Kirby, which act as harmful projectiles towards opponents. Kirby cannot move while cleaning.
Clean Icon KDL3D.png
Cook Kirby KDL3D.png Cook None (1 use only) Allows Kirby to put all of the enemies on screen inside of the pot, and turn them into food. This one-use ability turns all normal enemies on-screen into food. The only drawback is that it is powerless against mid-bosses or bosses.
Cook Icon KDL3D.png
Cupid Kirby KDL3D.png Cupid Cupie Using this ability, Kirby may fly using angel wings and shoot arrows at his foes, which can cut the ropes holding up platforms. None
Cupid Icon KDL3D.png
Cutter.png Cutter Sir Kibble Lets Kirby throw boomerang cutters at enemies, which can cut ropes. Cutter is one of six abilities (the others being Sword, Ninja, Axe, Cupid, and Spear) that can cut ropes.
Cutter (Icon).png
Fighter (Artwork).png Fighter Knuckle Joe Enables Kirby to perform a variety of martial arts-based moves against opponents, as well as shoot energy, which can be powered up, at enemies. None
Fighter (Icon).png
Fire Kirby KDL3D.png Fire Heat Phanphan (Galbo or Hot Head sometimes) Allows Kirby to shoot fire breath, burning any enemies within its distance and letting him light the fuses of cannons. Fire Kirby can light the fuses of cannons, a trait it shares with Jet, Hammer, Lava and Burning.
Fire (Icon).png
Freeze Kirby KDL3D Final.png Freeze Chilly Allows Kirby to create a cold force field around him that freezes enemies. Freeze Kirby can turn enemies into Ice Cubes and kick them, just like Ice Kirby. However, unlike the Ice ability, Freeze Kirby can also do this underwater, but it replaces the ability of spitting water.
Freeze Icon KDL3D.png
Ghost Kirby KDL3D.png Ghost None Allows Kirby to possess enemies and use their attacks, as well as use them as a shield if he gets attacked. The Ghost ability is very rare, and can only be obtained by defeating the Ghost-like mid-boss hidden in secret rooms in levels, similar to U.F.O. That boss is located in only 4 stages in the whole game.
Ghost Icon KDL3D.png
Hammer Kirby KDL3D.png Hammer Bonkers Using a large hammer, Kirby can attack enemies and pound stakes into the ground. Hammer Kirby can light the fuses of cannons when his mallet is on fire, and can also pound stakes into the ground like Stone Kirby. The hammer can be used underwater.
Hammer icon.png
Hi Jump Kirby KDL3D.png Hi-Jump Starman Allows Kirby to jump high distances, attacking any enemies along the way. None
HiJump icon.png
IceKirby3D.png Ice Pengi Lets Kirby freeze enemies into ice cubes with his chilly breath, as well as freeze water. This ability allows Kirby to freeze enemies in an ice cube and then kick the ice cube, potentially hitting other enemies with it.
Ice (Icon).png
Jet Capsule J2 Allows Kirby to perform one of several jet-based attacks. He can charge up his jetpack and also can light up fuses. Like Spark, charging this ability up makes it more powerful, although Jet is charged with the B button instead of the D-Pad. It can be used to light fuses.
Jet Icon KDL3D.png
Laser Kirby KDL3D.png Laser Laser Ball Allows Kirby to shoot lasers from a special headband. The lasers can also bounce off of some objects, ricocheting in another direction. None
Laser Icon KDL3D.png
Leaf Kirby3D.png Leaf Leafan Lets Kirby shoot swirling leaves, and throw them mostly in a vortex fashion. Works similarly to boomerang cutters. None
Leaf (Icon).png
Metal Kirby KDL3D 2.png Metal Metarun Makes Kirby turn into metal, where he can either turn into a ball, or attack regular enemies by merely walking into them. Kirby is almost invincible with this ability, as he can walk into enemies, on spikes, lava and other obstacles. However, Bosses and Mid-Bosses are the exception, as Metal Kirby is vulnerable to them.
Metal Icon KDL3D.png
Needle Kirby KDL3D.png Needle Needlous Lets Kirby extend pointy spikes from his body that protects him from incoming attacks. Kirby can't move while extending his spikes.
Needle icon.png
Ninja Kirby KDL3D.png Ninja Bio Spark Gives Kirby many of the abilities a ninja can have, including the ability to walk on water and shoot shurikens. Ninja Kirby can cut ropes.
Ninja (Icon).png
Paint Kirby KDL3D.png Paint None (1 use only) This is a very rare ability that allows Kirby to fling paint everywhere, causing a large amount of damage. This rare ability can be found only in the boss battles of Master Hand & Crazy Hand, Scorpeon, and Dark Matter, and has different effects depending on what boss it's used on.
Paint Icon KDL3D.png
ParasolKirby.png Parasol Parasol Waddle Dee Provides Kirby a parasol, which he can protect him from many threats above him as well as hurt enemies. Parasol can be used underwater, and it also guards attacks.
Parasol (Icon).png
Spark Kirby KDL3D.png Spark Sparky (Plasma Wisp sometimes) Grants Kirby the ability to create a force field of electricity around him, which harms enemies, and he can also shoot plasma. The plasma needs to be charged up, like the Jet ability.
Spark icon.png
Spearkirby.png Spear Spear Waddle Dee Wields Kirby with a spear that he may use to cut objects such as ropes. Kirby may also throw his spears, usually dashing before executing his attack. The Spears sometimes can bounce on walls instead of sticking into it.
Spear (Bar).png
Stone Kirby KDL3D.png Stone Rocky Allows Kirby to assume an invincible rock form, letting him squash foes and pound stakes into the ground, but rendering him immobile until he transforms back. If the player presses the B button, Kirby can turn into a stone, leaving him invincible. He can turn back to normal with another tap of B.
Stone (Icon).png
Suplex Kirby KDL3D.png Suplex Bugzzy Lets Kirby to grab an enemy and toss it into another, or kick one from above. None
Suplex Icon KDL3D.png
Sword Kirby.png Sword Blade Knight Wielding a sword, Kirby can slash at his enemies even underwater. Sword Kirby can cut ropes and use his sword underwater.
Sword (Icon).png
Throw Kirby KDL3D.png Throw Bun Lets Kirby grab an enemy by inhaling and toss it into the direction specified with the directional pad. Some enemies can bounce on the walls after being tossed.
Throw Icon KDL3D.png
Tornado Kirby KDL3D.png Tornado Twister Enables Kirby to temporarily turn into an invincible tornado, which can hover and harms all enemies it touches. Kirby is totally invincible while turning into and tornado and flying around, even to Bosses and Mid-Bosses.
Tornado icon.png
UFO Kirby KDL3D.png U.F.O UFO A rare ability that lets Kirby fly and shoot strong beams and lasers. If he completes an area, the ability is lost. U.F.O, just like Ghost, is a rare ability that can be only obtained by defeating the UFO-like enemy lurking in hidden rooms from some levels. This ability is lost after exiting a level or finishing it. Only 3 stages contain the U.F.O ability.
UFO Icon KDL3D.png
Water Kirby KRTDL.png Water Droppytear Allows Kirby to surf on a form of water he creates, thus being able to easily traverse through lava. He can also neutralize lava blocks (though not lava itself) using the ability. If the player moves the circling pad from left to right, the wale will increase its size.
Water (Icon).png
Wheel Kirby 3D.png Wheel Wheelie Turns Kirby into a tire, where he can ride through terrain, hurting any enemy in his path. Wheel Kirby transforms completely into a Wheel, like Stone Kirby transforms into a stone.
Wheel Icon KDL3D.png
WhipKIRBY.png Whip Whippy Wields Kirby with a whip which he can use to attack by lashing out it in several ways. Kirby cannot whip large or heavy enemies such as Metarun, and it also can only damage Bosses and Mid-Bosses, but can't trap them.
Whip (Icon).png
Wing Kirby KDL3D.png Wing Flappy (Birdon sometimes) Allows Kirby to perform one of several winged attacks, such as shooting feathers and spread his wings to fly. None
Wing icon.png
YoYo Kirby KDL3D.png Yo-Yo Gim The ability allows Kirby to utilize a bright red yo-yo to smack around enemies from a safe distance. The yo-yo could also pass through walls and floors. None
YoYo Icon KDL3D.png
Crash (Artwork).png Crash None (1 use only) Immediately defeats all enemies on the screen. Can only be used once. This ability comes only from Bomber.
Crash (Icon).png
Mikekirby.png Mike None (3 uses only) Lets Kirby sing his favorite song and defeats all enemies on screen. Can be used three times. Acts similar to crash, but can be used three times, each time more powerful than the last.
Mike (Icon).png
Sleep None (1 use only) Puts Kirby to sleep for a few seconds, keeping him from moving and leaving him defenseless. However, it can also heal HP. Kirby is vulnerable to any attack while sleeping, although he slightly recovers his health.
Sleep icon.png

Super Copy Abilities

Image Name Enemy Description In-Game Icon
Ultra Sword.png Ultra Sword Super Blade Knight Kirby sweeps a sword, cleaver, cutlass, kendo stick, gold paper fan, swordfish, or Galaxia in a wide arc in front of him.
UltraSword icon.png
Monster Flame Kirby KDL3D.png Monster Flame Super Hot Head Kirby summons a large, fiery dragon that destroys everything in its path and lights fuses.
MonsterFlame icon.png
Flare Beam Kirby KDL3D.png Flare Beam Super Waddle Doo Kirby creates a large ball of electricity. It can be used to break blocks, activate switches, and defeat enemies.
FlareBeam icon.png
Snow Bowl Kirby KDL3D.png Snow Bowl Super Chilly Kirby transforms into a large snowball that absorbs any enemy that comes in contact with him.
SnowBowl icon.png
Hammer Kirby.png Grand Hammer Super Bonkers Kirby enlarges his hammer and performs a powerful overhead swing, smashing it on the ground beneath him, generating a shock wave. Moves objects down one unit.
GrandHammer icon.png
Giga Cutter KDL3D.png Giga Cutter (New) Super Sir Kibble Kirby wields and throws a large cutting boomerang that destroys everything on the way and then returns to Kirby to be used again. It can be thrown at several distances.
GigaCutter Icon KDL3D.png
Sparkling Spark Kirby KDL3D.png Sparkling Spark (New) Super Sparky Kirby summons a big tornado made of electricity that attracts enemies and then blasts them in a plasma explosion. It can make big blasts of electric energy on metallic rooms/areas.
SparklingSpark Icon KDL3D.png
Beast Water (New) Super Water Galbo Kirby turns into a giant water bubble that splashes on foes and traps them inside to later explode and blow them away off the screen. It can be very useful in lava stages.


All main levels include one boss stage, which is included in the stage count.

Level Nr. World Name Stages Magic Orbs Boss(es) Description
Level 1 Pop Star Pear Plains

5 15 Whispy Woods A grassy and easy level with valleys, trees and a lot of vegetation. Some stages are played underground.
Level 2 Pop Star Strawberry Sands 5 12 Scorpeon A level featuring dunes, pyramids and various ruins.
Level 3 Pop Star Peanut Pond 5 18 Lololo & Lalala An oceanic level with beaches, seas, and also coral caves.
Level 4 Pop Star Butter Building 6 20

Cloudstrike Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright
in Extra Mode only

This level contains a large tower that extends up into the sky. Some stages are located on the clouds instead of the tower.
Level 5 Pop Star Lemon Land 6 20


Is a strange level, containing stages that are played either on the land, on the clouds, in the ocean, etc.
Level 6 Pop Star Cookie Crater 7 15 Cockraich A level set outside and inside of a volcano. With lavafalls and craters blowing up everything.
Level 7 Pop Star Vanilla Valley 7 19

Florencia Dyna Blade in Extra Mode only

This level's theme is icy and snowy  throughout. Some levels are set inside icy caves and snowy mountains.
Level 8 Strange Galaxy Halberd 5 21


This level is located inside Meta Knight's Halberd.
Level 9 Strange Galaxy Dire Dimension 7 10

Master Hand
Crazy Hand

A level set in a strange place, being in a specie of zero-gravity dome.
Level 10 Dark Dimension Dark Dimension - 0

Rose King Dedede

Rose Knight

Master Rozery

This is a boss level where the final boss is fought. It is a dark, eerie, alternate dimension with various rose petals around.


Image Name Effect Description
Crystal Rose Gives Kirby a life after collecting 50 of them, and invincibility (for a short period of time) after collecting 100. Those little crystals with rose appearances can bring Kirby lives and even invincibility. little red ones worth 1, small green ones worth 5, medium blue ones worth 10 and big golden ones worth 20.
1UP KDL3D.png 1UP Gives Kirby a life after... nothing. Just by collecting one Kirby automatically obtains an extra life. This item gives Kirby an extra life and the player an extra chance to beat the game. They're placed in almost every stage, in hidden areas of it.
Food Replenishes small portions of Kirby's health.  Any kind of food can replenish Kirby's health in different ways. Some may replenish small parts of it, others may replenish half of the whole health bar. Kirby can also replenish other player's health bars if sharing some with them.
Maxim Tomato KDL3D.png Maxim Tomato Replenishes all of Kirby's health bar. This powerful tomato restores all of Kirby's health when eaten or inhaled. They are said to be Kirby's favorite food.
Invincibillity Candy Makes Kirby completely invincible. This super rare candy is located in a few stages in the game. They make Kirby invincible for a short period of time.
Magic Orb Allows Kirby to use the Dimension Traveler after collecting 100. Very important collectibles that must be obtained throughout the game. There's a total of 150, but 100 are needed to make the Dimension Traveler work again.
Amazing Capsule Brings Kirby random good stuff that can benefit him. A rare object that may contain any thing, but only the good stuff. It may contain food, Crystal Roses, 1UPs and some even have a Magic Orb.
Switch Can bring Kirby various surprises after being pressed. There are four types of switches: the purple and regular ones can open doors. The blue ones can activate waterfalls. The green ones can activate obstacles such as spikes, and the big, yellow ones can make items appear such as Amazing Capsules or open extremely secret passages.
Cannon An object that launches Kirby out of screen to another part of the stage. The first forms of the Cannon require the associated fuse to be lit by Kirby himself, before racing the spark running along the fuse to the Cannon, jumping into it, and being blasted off to a side screen or secret area on the stage.
Pep Brew Replenishes half of Kirby's health bar. It is an energy drink contained in a yellow bottle that can be found in various locations on the field. It can be considered one of the "Foods".
Warp Star KDL3D.png Warp Star Brings Kirby a ride to another part of the stage. It is a large, yellow star, usually seen to be floating, that flies Kirby to another part of a stage once he gets on it.
Shooting Star Brings Kirby a ride and allows him to shoot mini stars. Apart from being able to ride on it, Kirby can also shoot little stars that can damage foes. It's an obligatory object in some stages and Boss battles.

Downloadable Content

Main ArticleKirby's Dream Land 3D/DLC

Downloadable Content will be available after the release of the game and will be split into various packs of various themes such as characters, worlds, etc.

Character Pack

Release Date: TBA 2013

  • Waddle Zap - Waddle Zap is a Waddle Doo with better skills at the Beam abilities. He can also perform some Spark ability.
  • Kid Knuckle - Kid Knuckle seems to be a little experienced Knuckle Joe at martial art moves. He can perform various abilities tha Fighter Kirby can do.

World Pack

Release Date: TBA 2013

  • Melon Markplace: Melon Markplace is some kind of town with various little shops of food, clothes and other stuff here and there.
  • Grape Gardens: This world is a retro one exactly similar to Grape Garden from Kirby's Adventure from NES
  • Rainbow Resort: Retro name but with very different stages. This level is very difficult to pass.

Ability Pack

Release Date: Unknown

  • Magic - This is an ability that allows Kirby to perform various magical tricks.
  • Mirror - This is an ability that lets Kirby create mirror images of himself to confuse enemies and perform multiple attacks at once.
  • Baton - A new ability that allows Kirby to do several moves with a baton and attack foes.
  • Missile - This ability allows Kirby to turn into a big missile and launch himself at foes

Minigame Pack

Release Date: Unknown

  • Food & Food: A fun minigame that consists in a rain of food and collecting them.
  • Kirby Kart: That name seems...familiar.... You can play with various characters of the Kirby universe in a fun go-kart racing game!

Special Pack

Release Date: Unknown

  • Spray Paint - This is an extra which contains colored sprays to change the character's color palettes.
  • Custom Belly - This is an extra which contains different designs for Kirby's Star Storage.
  • Enemy Special - An extra that can change the design of some enemies. This can be turned on/off.
  • Character Special - An extra that can change the design of the characters. This can be turned on/off.



This is a section about this game and to see people opinions.


  • This game brings back almost every Copy Ability seen in past Kirby installments
    • The abilities not shown in this game are Balloon, Ball (maybe because of the fact that Spring has a similar moveset), Backdrop (Suplex is near-identical), Copy, Light, Smash and Mini. Plasma can be considered in since its abilities are attached to Spark's moveset and Spark's design is actually Plasma's, but is still being Spark.
  • Kirby's Robot Copy Ability hat/appearance highly resembles Samus Aran's helmet, but silver instead.
  • Bulb Kirby and Lava Kirby are similar to two Copy Ability mixes seen in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.


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