Kirby's Dream Land: Shattered Star
Logo by Lumogo (tbc)
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory logo
Publisher(s) FantendoLogo2014Large
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Q3 2017
Adventure, Ability Challenges, Waddle Dee's Quest, Minigame Madness, The Arena, The True Arena
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Kirby
Predecessor Kirby: Planet Robobot
Kirby's Dream Land: Shattered Star is the upcoming 27th installment in the Kirby series, being released in Q3 2017 on the Wii U as celebration for Kirby's 25th anniversary, alongside Soulless Dreamland. The game follows a Return To Dreamland-esque formula, as a 2.5D platformer that is playable locally with up to five players, as well as online missions and multiplayer for the story mode. The game features the return of various features and mechanics from previous titles, among them being Helpers, Figurines, Animal Buddies, various game modes, and local multiplayer.

The game follows the adventures of Kirby, a legendary star being living on a planet called Dream Land, as he, alongside King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandanna Dee, have a run-in with a psychic being known as Samien, who claims to come from an alternate realm to Dream Land, known as Lucid Star. Samien tells the four that he was exiled from his home by a maniacal ruler named Diculia, after he attempted to overthrow the dictator. Kirby and co. make the decision to help their new friend, by collecting artifacts spread over Dream Land called Kinestars, which, if 100 are gathered, can open up a portal to bring the collectors to Lucid Star. As such, the adventure follows Kirby, Samien, and co. as they travel across Dream Land, fighting faces both new and old to collect the Kinestars.

Like its predecessor, Kirby's Dream Land: Shattered Star has Amiibo compatibility; however, it is used in a different fashion. While Planet Robobot uses Amiibo to give Kirby abilities, Amiibos are now used to give Kirby a Helper; having not appeared since Super Star and it's remake, tapping in a Kirby line Amiibo will now summon a helper; as such, new lines of Kirby series Amiibo have been released, of the various abilities Kirby use in this game, and tapping in an Amiibo will summon that ability's helper. The helper has the same Health Bar as Kirby, and will disappear when their health is depleted OR when Kirby swallows them; Kirby can also swallow the helpers to recieve the ability himself. Only one of each Helper Amiibo can be used a day, though multiple amiibo can be used every day. Using a currently existing Kirby line amiibo (Kirby, Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee) will give Kirby either a customized version of a pre-existing ability (Hammer, Sword, or Spear) or will allow Kirby to use the Smash ability, like Planet Robobot.

Gameplay & Mechanics

The gameplay stays very true to titles like Return to Dream Land, Triple Deluxe, and Planet Robobot: a mostly linear 2.5D platformer where Kirby must float, inhale, slide, and flip between backgrounds to travel across the many levels to reach the end door. Kirby's gameplay is almost entirely similar to past titles, as he is still able to inhale enemies for their abilities, as well as fly, slide, and crouch. There are a few gameplay mechanics that return for the ride, however: most notably, the background swapping introduced in Triple Deluxe, also present in Planet Robobot. Using a 3D Warpstar, Kirby can switch between the background and foreground and travel between those two planes; enemies, obstacles, and collectibles can also appear from the background, and enemies can even attack from there.

Another returning gimmick is the return of Animal Buddies: however, they are used in a different way. Several different worlds feature a single one-player level where Kirby must ride an Animal Buddy to the finish in a specific amount of time, while also trying to collect collectibles. Rick can be seen in World 1, Kine in World 3, and so on. Missing the time limit results in the loss of a life, while completing the challenge rewards the player with a figurine of the level's Animal Buddy.

Just like the previous titles, Shattered Star also features small Stars that act similar to the Coins in the Mario series; collecting 100 stars will yield a 1-Up, adding to the life count. Yellow stars are worth one star, green are worth five, red are worth ten, and blue are worth twenty. There are also various other collectibles available: most notably, Treasure Chests can be found all over the game, with at least one being available in each level. Treasure Chests can contain multiple. Items that can be found in chests range from healing items, 1-Ups, spray paint to make Kirby a different color, Copy Pedestals to put in the ability room, or scrolls which has a purpose of allowing the unlocking of more attacks for Abilities. Also available are items called Figurines, which have numerous methods of collecting: collecting in minigames, in random Treasure Chests, as prizes for completing Ability Challenges, and more. Figurines, as explanatory, are figurines of various characters from the Kirby timeline, with over 200 being available for collection.

Most importantly, however, there are Kinestars: bright, crystallized stars that, when 100 are collected can open up a passage to Lucid Star. As such, 100 must be collected to proceed with playing the game: however, many more Kinestars exist, and collecting all of them are needed to unlock the True Arena.

The Wii U GamePad also allows for some different gameplay mechanics: most specifically, this is where you can view your treasure, check Kirby's collectibles thus far, and use a new feature, the Star Shot. When Kirby doesn't have an ability, swallowing five enemies that don't give out abilities with allow Kirby to fire a large star forward, doing massive damage. This, of course, gives players incentive to swallow even overlooked enemies to try and obtain this Star Shot.

Another major new mechanic is the Air Meter: in a similar vein to Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, any character that can fly (Kirby, King Dedede, or Meta Knight) each have an Air Meter which goes down the more a player stays airbourne: when the Air Meter runs out, the player drifts to the ground and cannot fly for a few more seconds. This adds challenge to the game, as players can no longer fly over everything from here on out. Similarly, some levels feature Anti-Flight Zones, where characters are not able to fly; of course, abilities that allow transportation are allowed, like Wing and Hi-Jump.

Game Modes

Story Mode

The most basic mode, this is a linear platformer mode that follows Kirby, Dedede, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, and new character Samien as they try to collect 100 Kinestars and 9 Spacial Stones to unlock a portal to bring Samien to his realm, Lucid Star, in order to stop a maniacal ruler.

Minigame Madness

This mode contains three minigames that are playable with up to five players. Winning these minigames yield prizes for the Story Mode.

Ability Challenges

Up to five people can play as different colored Kirbies, where each Kirby must use the same ability to complete a puzzle-based obstacle course. 48 of these courses exist, one for every ability (minus Crash, Mike, Sleep, and Dream) and one for regular Kirby. Winning an Ability Challenge yields that ability's figurine.

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6
Rank 1 Sword Cutter Fire Beam Parasol Fighter
Rank 2 Spark Hi-Jump Archer Beetle Leaf Stone
Rank 3 Bomb Water Crystal Spear Needle Ninja
Rank 4 Tornado Hammer Animal Paint Ice Suplex
Rank 5 Doctor Circus Axe Poison Mirror Top
Rank 6 Baton Glass Bell Moss Smoke Wing
Rank 7 Wheel Laser Clean Throw Dragon Missile
Rank 8 Ball Smash UFO Light Spacial Kirby

Strato Patrol EOS: Starry Skies

An indirect sequel to the minigame in Mass Attack, up to five players can take control of a character in a shoot-em-up title where players must recieve upgrades and take out enemies big and small. The game contain seven waves, each one more difficult then the last.

Wave Enemies Mid-Bosses Bosses
Wave 1 Beanbon, Waddle Dee, Bronto Burt, Waddle Doo, Sir Kibble, Hot Head, Twister, Grizzo, Poppy Bros. Jr Poppy Bros. Sr x 2 Flowery Woods
Wave 2 Chip, Flamer, Scarfy, Kabu, Whippy, Galbo, Waddle Doo, Sodory, Snooter, Beetley Moundo Mr. Dooter
Wave 3 Blipper, Snorkel Dee, Squishy, Glunk, Flotzo, Shotzo, Gordo, Sawtail Tortletummy King Eelongo
Wave 4 Scarfy, Twister, Starman, Beetley, Sparky, Spinum, Flame, Parasol Waddle Dee, Parasol Waddle Doo, Laser Ball, Gordo Kracko Jr. Kracko
Wave 5 Sparky, Electrohead, Laser Ball, UFO, Space Waddle Dee, Plasma Wisp, Sodory, Space Oohroos Dubior Space Oohroo Starspreader
Wave 6 Laser Ball, Parasol Waddle Doo, Blade Knight, Sword Knight, Sodory, Plasma Wisp, Space Oohroo, Armoir, Rapade Javelin Knight, Ax Knight, Mace Knight Captain Vul
Wave 7 Meteorites, Gordo, Shotzo N/A Necrodeus

Gourmet Race

A new version of the famous game from Super Star, Gourmet Race has up to five players racing against each-other to eat the highest amount of food and reach the end first. Winners recieve prizes.

There are four levels, each with their own gimmicks and obstacles.

Level Obstacles Gimmick
Rocky Road Spikes, falling rocks N/A
Adventerous Armory Spinning blades, spikes Blade levers
Callous Central Cars, potholes, buildings Racing cars
Explosive Endgame Lava spurts, magma rocks, meteors Exploding volcano

The Arena

(After completing the Story Mode for the first time, this game is unlocked.)

A boss-rush-esque mode where Kirby—as well as up to four other players—can pick an ability to head into each of the main Story Mode's bosses. There are 18 bosses, including four mid-boss clusters, Diculia, Diculia Core, and Dream Diculia.

The True Arena

(After completing both The Arena and Waddle Dee's Quest, this game is unlocked.)

An extremely difficulty variation of the Arena, this rather follows the bosses of Waddle Dee's Quest. This game includes all of the Dream variations of every boss (including mid-bosses), Dream Diculia, Dream Samien, and, finally, a surprise endgame boss in the form of Dark Matter.

Waddle Dee's Quest

(After completing the Story Mode, this game is unlocked.)

An "extra mode" for the game, the mode follows Waddle Dee, in an alternate reality where only he and Samien traveled across Dream Land, rather then Kirby, Dedede, and Meta Knight joining them. All bosses and enemies are stronger, bosses and mid-bosses have more power and are given the "Dream" title, and the final boss, instead of Dream Diculia (who is a penultimate boss here), is a corrupted form of Samien.


One sunny day in Dream Land, Kirby was spending his day in a way that only he could; sleeping, eating, fishing, and exploring the vast land of Dream Land. Meanwhile, King Dedede and Bandanna Dee are at Dedede's Castle, and Dedede notices that a lot of the Waddle Dees that came to the castle were somehow missing, as were many other enemies who served the king. Suspicious that many of his underlings were missing, Dedede and Waddle Dee venture outside to search for, as Dedede called them, "the slackers".

Somewhere else in Pop Star, Meta Knight and his crew are sailing on the Halberd above the planet of Dream Land, exploring for anomalies that Meta Knight previously discovered: when Captain Vul asks why Meta Knight is searching for these, he explains that, for many years, anomalies have been occurring across the planet, and that these anomalies may have been caused by dark forces to destroy the planet of Dream Land, which is why Meta Knight is making it his goal to destroy the anomalies to bring lasting peace to Dream Land once and for all. Suddenly, Meta Knight notices something falling towards Dream Land, like a shooting star. He starts steering the Halberd towards the location of the falling star.

King Dedede and Waddle Dee continue their outdoor search, and come across a napping Kirby. After inadvertently waking him up, the two are about to continue when, out of nowhere, the same figure that Meta Knight starts plunging towards Dream Land, as crystallized star-like objects fall from its body. As the figure lands in a large plain area, Kirby sees it and starts going towards where they landed, as do King Dedede and Waddle Dee.

Kirby reaches the figure first, as he finds that it is a black-capped humanoid creature with a black cape who seems to have been knocked unconscious by the fall. Kirby quickly checks to see if the creature is alive, as Dedede and Waddle Dee reach the location and join Kirby. The creature wakes up, realizing that he is missing something, and begins to panic. As the Halberd lands in that location and Meta Knight finds them, Meta Knight, thinking the other three are in danger, attacks the creature, but, before he can, he is thrown back, as shown by some kind of psychic power they have. Kirby, wary but still friendly, attempts to approach the creature.

He introduces himself as Samien, claiming to be a psychic magician from an alternate realm to Pop Star. He explains that he has a dilemma: he comes from a parallel universe to Pop Star known as Lucid Star, and Samien was one of the monarch's, named Diculia, three warriors. Samien says that the ruler, Diculia, was an extremely maniacal and sadistic king, and Samien was trying to overthrow him. Samien caught wind of a plan to take over Dream Land using Diculia's power, which would allow the two realms to merge into one giant dark empire; he would send minor sentries to Dream Land to capture creatures and bring them back to Lucid Star to transform them into beasts for his own guard. After hearing this, Samien attempted to stop Diculia: however, Samien, weak from battle, was forced to flee to Dream Land with treasures from the realm: eight Dreamstones, crystals with magnificent power, and 200 Kinestars, crystallized stars that contain energy within them. As Samien was hit by an explosion while he fled to Dream Land, he lost both the Dreamstones and Kinestars, and says that, in order to return to Lucid Star, he must collect 100 Kinestars and all eight Dreamstones to open the pathway to Lucid Star, and stop Diculia from destroying both worlds to make his own dark world.

Kirby, realizing the danger of this plan, decides to help Samien, as do Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee. Samien gratefully thanks the four, and tells them where to find the Dreamstones, as the five head off to Lime Lakeside for the first one.

After defeating the Computer Virus at Apple Adventure and collecting the Chrome Dreamstone, as well as 100 of the 200 Kinestars, the portal to Lucid Star opens up. The five, alongside Captain Vul, board the Halberd and drive it into the portal to Lucid Star. While the other celebrate how far they've come, Samien watches outside as the ship begins its course to Lucid Star. As they enter the dimension, the five heroes watch in horror as they see many different species of Dream Land being transformed into horrifyingly powerful creatures. Samien in particular seems to be close to a nervous breakdown. As the ship lands in a nearby landform, the five leave. Samien tells them that their destination is Diculia's Castle, and the fastest way there is through Mesosphere Moon, and then Endless Evergreens. The five set off, desperate to reach the castle quickly.

Meanwhile at Diculia's Castle, Diculia, hidden by shadow, finds that Samien and the four heroes have returned. Angry, he sends two sentries, Molotov and Lucidia, to intervene. Reluctant to fight their former friend, the two go off. Nonetheless, however, the five heroes end up defeating both Lucidia in Mesosphere Moon and Molotov in Endless Evergreens.

Eventually, the five heroes reach the castle, and find that Diculia has created a whole dark realm that is based off of his sadistic fantasies of the merged realms. They continue their adventure as they get closer to the Throne Room.

When they finally reach the Throne Room, they are greeted by the attack of soldiers, and a rematch with both Molotov and Lucidia. After defeating them, Diculia shows himself, as he attacks the heroes. They fight Diculia, who is defeated.

Following this, however, he taps into a nightmarish power that makes him invincible to all of the attacks, as he attempts to kill Kirby with a dark projectile. Samien takes the hit instead, and he is sent flying backwards. As his hat falls off, it reveals that not only does he have a scar on his left eye, but he also bares the same mark on his head as Diculia. Before anyone can question, however, Samien orders Kirby, Dedede, and Waddle Dee to go to an area called the Core Room, where a crystallized soul lies, and that they must destroy the core to destroy his shield. Meta Knight stays behind to hold Diculia off from killing Samien.

The three reach the Core Room, and find the core. Dedede immediately goes to attempt to destroy it, but the core takes the hit easily as it restores itself, and it traps Dedede. Dedede then is possessed by the core, and becomes Dream Dedede. Kirby and Waddle Dee must fight Dream Dedede. After defeating him, the core takes a corporeal form, and they must fight the core: the core is defeated, and Diculia is left without his invincibility.

As the heroes return, Diculia takes one final step: destroying Samien's physical form and leaving his cap, and sapping the energy from his essence. Diculia takes on the form of Dream Diculia and hurls himself and the heroes in a dark dimension where nothing except them exists. Damien's soul appears to Kirby and the heroes and, with what little power it has left, gives Kirby the essence of the power of Dream Land: the Dream ability. With this, Kirby challenges and eventually defeats Diculia.

As Diculia slowly withers away, shadows tear out of his body, as he disappears, and the dark veil surrounding Lucid Star disappears. Samien's physical form returns, as he attempts to put the cap back on: however, Meta Knight has it, and he confronts Samien, who tells the others the truth: he is the Prince of Lucid Star, and Diculia's son. He explains that his father was corrupted after trying to tap into both realms' powers, and that Samien was trying to escape to Dream Land with the Kinestars and the Dreamstones to stop him: however, he was brutally attacked by Diculia, causing both the loss of his treasures and his scar to develop.

He then thanks the heroes for helping his realm, and for stopping Diculia. He is quickly joined by Lucidia and Molotov, who comedically overapologize for trying to attack Samien, who, of course, accepts the apology. He then says that he must still collect the remainder of the Kinestars in Dream Land, and says that he will join the heroes back to Dream Land for this sake, leaving the two sentries in charge as the heroes bid farewell to the realm and leave.

Waddle Dee's Quest

Back in Lucid Star, things have finally settled down with the kingdom, with Samien and the two sentries leading peacefully. However, something is bothering Samien: what exactly corrupted his father. He decides to start researching different darknesses plaguing the two realms, and, after hitting many dead ends, he decides to make a bold turn: going back to when his father was corrupted.

Using a large amount of power, Samien opens up a passage to an alternate timeline where he can go back and fight Diculia again: leaving Molotov and Lucidia to lead the kingdom until he returns to the mainstream timeline, he bids them farewell and enters.

As Samien finds himself crash-landing to Dream Land, he finds an odd revelation: out of all of the heroes of the original timeline, only Waddle Dee came to Samien's aid. Baffled but still determined, Samien explains his situation to Waddle Dee, and the two set off to recollect the Kinestars and Dreamstones.

As Samien and Waddle Dee travel to Lucid Star, and then to Diculia's Castle, they're forced to fight Dream Diculia without Kirby's dreamlike powers, but they finally succeed, as Diculia is finally defeated again. However, Samien is not satisfied yet: in a last-ditch effort, he absorbs the darkness tearing out of Diculia himself, becoming Dream Samien, as Waddle Dee must fight his friend.

After Waddle Dee finally defeats Samien, the darkness violently leaves Samien's body, tearing apart everything besides him around it, including Waddle Dee, as Samien is left alone with nothing but the destruction around him...and a blue stone containing a dormant form of the darkness. Samien, both regretful and marveled, decides to return to the current timeline with the dormant dark force.

The True Arena

After facing off against all Dream varients of the mid-bosses and bosses, Dream Diculia, and Dream Samien, Samien appears to Kirby and co. in the final stage, presenting the dormant stone of the darkness. Samien explains that there is only one way to prevent the darkness from corrupting anyone else, and that is to destroy it in its regular form. With that, Samien frees the darkness from the stone, and it takes the form of one of Kirby's first ever foes: Dark Matter.

After fighting three different forms of the Dark Matter (Swordsman, Warlock, and finally True Matter), the Dark Matter is destroyed, and Samien declares a new dawn of both realms, as both the creatures of Pop and Lucid Star celebrate. However, as night falls, a dark figure is seen flying in front of the moon across the sky, as The End screen finally shows.



Character Description Abilities
KRtDL Kirby hi2
Dream Land's powerful star hero! Kirby is a puffball-like creature with the ability to inhale enemies to either spit them out or copy the abilities they possess, which makes Kirby an extremely versatile character to play as. Kirby can also fly for a limited time with the Air Meter. Kirby has a medium-sized health bar, and can fly for a limited time, slide, and, of course, he can inhale enemies to spit them out or copy their abilities. He is also the only character who can use a Star Shot.
King Dedede 7
The greedy king of Dream Land, Dedede somehow manages to be the anti-hero of the day one way or another. Dedede decided to join Kirby to make sure that his underlings can return to his castle to do his bidding. King Dedede uses a modified Hammer Kirby learnset, and he is extremely powerful, though he is slow and has the smallest Air Meter. King Dedede uses his giant hammer in the form of a modified Hammer Kirby attackset. He has a better-then-average health bar, but the smallest Air Meter. He can also fire bombs from his hammer.
Meta Knight
A mysterious warrior, and the captain of the Meta Knights. Meta Knight is a gentlemanly but otherwise quiet swordsman, who pilots the Halberd and travels across Pop Star, searching for anomalies on the planet. Meta Knight is fast, has the largest Air Meter, and uses a modified Sword ability. Meta Knight uses his sword as a method of fast-paced combat with large amounts of strength: he has the largest Air Meter, but the smallest health bar.
Waddle Dee
Waddle Dee
A loyal, faithful servant to King Dedede. This is no ordinary Waddle Dee: this is a Waddle Dee who saved the world with the help of his friends! Bandanna Dee uses a spear in combat, which he can use to glide due to his lack of flight. Bandanna Dee has the largest health bar, but he cannot fly. He can use his spear to propel himself at large heights, as well as use it for ranged Melee combat.
KDLSS Samien
A mysterious being from an alternate world. Samien, formerly a prominent warrior of Lucid Star, an alternate Dream Land, was banished from his land after attempting to oppose the maniacal ruler. Samien uses abilities that are featured in the new Spacial ability. Samien uses the powerful Spacial ability to attack. He has a moderate sized health bar, and can levitate with his spacial powers for a short period of time, making up for his lack of flight.

Animal Buddies

World 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 11 each have an Animal Buddy level where Kirby must, on his own, use the help of an Animal Buddy to reach the end. Each world has one Animal Buddy to use, with the exception of 11, where Kirby must use each Animal Buddy once during the level.

Character Description Debut World
A large hamster that is always eager to help anyone in need, friend or foe. Rick carries Kirby and co. on his back, and he focuses primarily on standard land travel: Rick can only jump once, however. World 1
Kine Anime
An odd-looking fish, Kine has a large enough stomach to hold both Kirby AND a Helper in his mouth! Kine is clunky on land but swift and powerful, being able to travel through water currents and fire explosive bubbles. World 3
A pink, octopus...thing?...who seems very content with traveling with a fellow pink puffball. ChuChu can glide in the wind and focuses primarily on fighting alongside the heroes. World 4
Kirby Coo
A wise owl with capabilities of flight, and focuses primarily at fighting in the air. Coo carries all of his passengers on his talons, and does all of his travel and combat in the air. He's fast, too! World 5
A laid-back kitty-cat who is so lazy, he doesn't even carry Kirby—he just rolls him around like a ball. Nago is the most defensive Animal Buddy, being able to take the largest amount of hits before being taken down. World 7
A different kind of Animal Buddy in the form of a tiny parrot. Instead of being able to play a level normally, Pitch's level turns the level into a shoot-em-up, with Pitch as the weapon, firing at enemies. Abilities affect projectiles that can be used by Pitch. World 9


Character Description
A sort of semi-shopkeeper of the game, Tac can be given Stars in exchange for him going out to find a specific treasure chest in a level that hasn't been found yet: this is useful if you're stuck with trying to find a specific treasure chest.
KDLSS Molotov
One of Diculia's three sentries, a quiet and powerful figure with pyrokinetic powers. Molotov is a different species then both Samien and most other soldiers of Diculia, bearing four hands to attack and use as his own. As said before, Molotov's powers mostly consist of fire energy and explosive energy projectiles.
KDLSS Lucidia
One of Diculia's three sentries, and a much more excitable person then Samien or Molotov. Lucidia is, like Molotov, a different species then most warriors of Lucid Star, bearing the signature dark mask and four hands. Lucidia is a tricky fighter, using portals and summoning enemies over fighting head-on.
KDLSS Diculia
A maniacal ruler of Lucid Star. Formerly a kind and well-rounded King, his research turned him into a corrupted leader. Diculia and his manmade core wield a disgusting amount of magic power, and he is a feared warrior by everyone in Lucid Star.


There is a total of 51 abilities in Shattered Star, the highest amount seen thus far. There are also 10 abilities being newly introduced, plus the new "Final Weapon", Dream. Ball, Clean, Light, Paint, Missile, Spear, Needle, Tornado, Hi-Jump, Beetle, Bell, Laser, Suplex, and Throw all return after being cut from previous games.

Animal Icon KDL3D
ArcherIcon KFT
BallIcon KDLSS
BatonIcon KDLSS
Beam (icon)
Bomb (Icon)
Clean Icon KDL3D
Crash (Icon)
CrystalIcon KDLSS
Cutter (Icon)
Doctor Ability Star New
DragonIcon KDLSS
Fighter (Icon)
Fire (Icon)
GlassIcon KDLSS
Hammer icon
HiJump icon
Ice (Icon)
Ability Star Laser
55px-KRtDL Leaf icon
Light Icon KDL3D
Mike (Icon)
Ability Star Mirror
MissileIcon KDLSS
MossIcon KDLSS
Needle icon
Ninja (Icon)
Parasol (Icon)
Paint Icon KDL3D
Ability Star Poison
Sleep icon
SmokeIcon KDLSS
SpacialIcon KDLSS
Spark icon
Spear (Bar)
Stone (Icon)
Ability Star Suplex
Sword (Icon)
Throw Icon KDL3D
Tornado icon
Ability Star UFO
Water (Icon)
Ability Star Wheel
Wing icon

DreamIcon KDLSS

Italics denote newly introduced abilities.

Ability Helper Description Notes Icon
Animal Kirby KDL3D
Gaw Gaw Dig! Dig! This animalistic ability allows Kirby to scratch, bite, attack, and dig his way to victory, complete with his own fur coat!...that's actually terrifying. Animal Kirby can cut ropes and grass with his claws, and can also dig in fertile dirt. Animal Icon KDL3D
Archer Kirby
Spinum Don a purple cap and fire arrows to your heart's content. Slash with your arrows, hide behind cardboard bushes, and use your bow to slay the most fearsome of monsters! Arrows can cut any and all ropes and grass. ArcherIcon KFT
Axe Kirby KDL3D
Armoir Take a hefty axe and slam your opponents into the dust! Toss it, swing it, and slash anything that happens to be in your way with this. The Axe can cut ropes and grass, and one of the attacks can break metal blocks and hit stumps. Can be used underwater. AxeIcon KDLSS
Ball Kirby
Bubbles With the tap of a button, transform into a bouncy ball! Bounce around endlessly to attack, and bounce into enemies with huge force! Be careful not to get hit yourself, however. Ball Kirby has bouts of invincibility as he is bouncing. While in Ball form, he cannot fly or slide. BallIcon KDLSS
Baton Rapade Kirby looks like he would fit right in with all of the staff holders! Kirby can twirl his baton like a parade band marcher, hitting opponents with it. He can even perform an Olympic-style jump with it! None BatonIcon KDLSS
Beam Kirby Good
Waddle Doo This well-known ability may look silly, but it packs quite a serious punch! Using this new energy-based wand, Kirby can fire all sorts of beams from it, like beam whips, swirl beams, and a charge shot. None Beam (icon)
Beetle Kirby
Beetley This is no bug-sized ability; Beetle Kirby uses fast-paced, hard-hitting horn strikes, in the form of quick and powerful combos. He even sports wings which he can ease his flight with! The horn can cut ropes and grass, the Down Air attack hits stumps, and Kirby's Air Meter loss rate is cut into 2/3 of its regular rate. BeetleKirby
Bell Kirby
Tingaling Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! Kirby gets three bells with this ability: two for fighting, one for fashion (?). These bells can send sound waves to hit as ranged physical weapons; they can even be used underwater! Can be used underwater. BellKirby
Bomb Kirby
Poppy Bros. Jr A literally and figuratively explosive ability, Bomb allows Kirby to summon and throw a seemingly endless amount of Bombs; whether it be tossing, placing, or rolling them around, there are many ways to blow up the innocent creatures of Dream Land. None Bomb (Icon)
Circus Kirby
Tacinat A more fun-then-fight ability, Circus Kirby is a practical balancing act of combat and good times. Circus Kirby takes simple juggling, flaming hoops, balloons, and somersaults to the next level by incorporating them into his battle style. Flaming pins and flaming hoop attacks can light fuses. CircusKirby
Clean Kirby KDL3D
Broom Hatter Kirby goes full-on janitor with this ability, as he is now able to clean the dirty streets of Dram Land. Kirby can sweep enemies around, ride his broom, and throw soapy cloths forward. Kirby's broom and soapy cloths can clean dirty surfaces to reveal items. Clean Icon KDL3D
Crash (Artwork)
Bomber BOOOOOOOM! Power of the SUN! Rain down on my enemies!!!!-*ahem*, sorry. This one-use ability causes all sorts of unexplainable mayhem, causing a huge explosion to rock across the screen, damaging all enemies onscreen. One-use only. Crash (Icon)
Crystal Gemma Kirby, taking minerals to the next level! Crystal Kirby can fire water which immediately forms into crystals, which can be shot out of Kirby's Crystal Wand. He can also balance on a large jewel to ride across lava. Large jewel can hit stumps. CrystalIcon KDLSS
Cutter Kirby
Sir Kibble Kirby's attacks now literally come back around! Cutter Kirby's arsenal consists of many sharp boomerangs, which he can slash and toss around. Kirby can also charge up to throw a bigger cutter. Cutter Kirby can cut ropes and grass, and goes through some platforms. Cutter (Icon)
Doctor Kirby
Docbot The doctor will see you now! Doctor Kirby, donning a pair of spectacles and a lab coat, now can experiment with medicines and clipboards, and can prescribe a painful time to enemies. None Doctor Ability Star New
Dragon Drago It's time to become the majestic dragon! Dragon Kirby puts on a cute dragon cap and wings to gain beastly abilities: breathing fire, blowing opponents away with large wings, and stomping on the ground. GROOOAAAR! Dragon Kirby can breathe fire to light fuses and melt ice, stomp on stumps to ground them, cut ropes and grass with his wings, and his Air Meter decrease rate is halved. DragonIcon KDLSS
Fighter Kirby
Knuckle Joe Punch! Kick! Hadoken! Slap on a red headband and perform various fighting moves, most of them physical: you can even fire a sphere of fierce energy forward to blast away opponents. N/A Fighter (Icon)
Fire Kirby KRTDL
Burning Leo/Hot Head Kirby is LITERALLY on fire now. Punny, right? Your new pyrokinetic powers are far from simple throwing it up: catch yourself on fire, shoot yourself forward in a fireball, and even put your flames to mobility! All attacks can light fuses and melt ice. Fire (Icon)
Glass Brekkia This is a pretty fragile ability. Kirby is now made of glass, and, after being hit and taking damage, Kirby will then shatter into pieces, giving you the chance to fire them everywhere and deal a lot of damage. You can also now phase through certain barriers. Kirby can phase through Glass Barriers, and cut ropes/grass with his pieces, GlassIcon KDLSS
Hammer Kirby KDL3D
Bonkers Because one hammer wasn't enough, have a smaller Dedede! The Hammer ability gives Kirby the ability to smash opponents into the dust with great power and range. Throw it, swipe it, and even set things on fire with it! Can hit stumps, break metal blocks, and fire attack can light fuses and melt ice. Hammer icon
Hi-Jump KRtDL
Starman Go, Super Kirby! Kirby, now in a superhero get-up, can jump to incredible heights like no other. JUMP! You can even charge your pounce up for extra height. Conquer Non-Flight Zones like a champion! None HiJump icon
Chilly/Pengi This is quite a cold ability. With this, even the air Kirby breathes becomes frosty: freeze enemies, water, and lava with a single breath, and conquer even the most fiery enemies with your chilling powers! Can freeze water and lava. Also freezes enemies. Ice (Icon)
Laser Kirby KDL3D
Laser Ball Pew! Pew! PEW! Kirby's new stylish visor can fire lasers to his heart's content, which, while not being incredibly powerful on their own, can bounce off slopes and hills. It can also be charged up for extra speed and power. Bounces off slopes and hills. Ability Star Laser
480px-Leaf Kirby
Leafan Kirby has truly become one with nature: this ability allows Kirby to tap into his Mother Nature side by using leaves to attack. Slicing and showering enemies with sharp leaves has never been so natural. Leaves can cut ropes, but not grass. 55px-KRtDL Leaf icon
Light Cool Ghost The future looks brighter with this ability. Using Kirby's flashy new lantern hat, Kirby can stun enemies with a bright light and light up pitch-black areas. This just proves that Light prevails over Dark, doesn't it? Lights up dark areas. Can be used underwater. Light Icon KDL3D
Mike Kirby
Walky WOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Kirby may not be a great singer, but he's definitely loud, that's for sure! Use a microphone to project a large sound wave to defeat all onscreen enemies: you can only use this thrice, but each wave is more powerful then the last! Three uses only, each use more powerful then the last. Mike (Icon)
Mirror Kirby PlanetRobobot
Simirror Look into the mirror, what do you see?...perhaps...yourself? Use your newly-found mirror wand to shoot some mirror waves that not only do damage, but reflect projectiles back at enemies, doing major damage. It's a nice reflection on oneself. Mirror attacks reflect most projectiles. Ability Star Mirror
Missile Kirby
Capsule J2 Forget throwing bombs, Kirby has gone to the next level and become one! Missile Kirby allows Kirby to transform into a missile to fire himself into enemies and obstacles with agility and power, exploding in contact with a wall. None MissileIcon KDLSS
Moss Gremss Kirby now can spread his power around and infest other enemies like moss on rocks!...oh wait. Moss Kirby can hurl moss around, which spreads across enemies and ground to infest and attack them, making it a tricky ability to use. None MossIcon KDLSS
Needlous Poink! This spiky ability gives Kirby a cute prickly helmet which allows him to shoot out needles from his helmet: he can also use the needles for range, upward attacking, and even mobility. That pinches! Attacks can cut ropes. Needle icon
Ninja Kirby
Bio Spark/Tsukikage Disappear in the shadows and fight like a true warrior with your new ninja-like powers. Cling to walls and slash kunais, throw shurikens, use pyrokinetic powers, and even use a Blossom Storm. Kunais and shurikens can cut ropes and grass. Ninja (Icon)
Parasol Kirby
Parasol Waddle Dee What a serene weapon. Parasol Kirby has an umbrella to use in combat, allowing him to not only attack with it, but use it to gain slow descension and overhead protection from obstacles. Allows for slow falling and overhead protection. Parasol (Icon)
Paint Kirby KDL3D
Paint Roller Red! Orange! Yellow! Green! Blue! Indigo! Purple! Kirby's great paintbrush allows him to spray paint at enemies, paint easels for items and stars, slash paint around, and leave a trail of paint behind him. Can paint easels to reveal hidden items or stars. Paint Icon KDL3D
Poison Kirby
Poisson An incredibly intoxicating weapon, isn't it?...oh wait, forgot about the Age Rating. Poison Kirby can flood the area around him with poisonous liquid, even being able to burst poisonous bubbles and fire toxic beams. Poison damage has never been so satisfying. None Ability Star Poison
KTD Sleep
Noddy Zzzzzzzz.....Sleep Kirby may look useless, but don't underestimate it. Not only does it heal Kirby by a small amount, but, with the Sleep scroll, the sleep ends with a large explosion. One-use only, heals Kirby by 1/4 of his maximum health. Sleep icon
N/A This Amiibo-exclusive ability makes Kirby a ruthless physical fighter! Use all of his Smash moves to your advantage. Hammer Flip! Final Cutter! Burning Charge! Stone Drop! Can solve almost every puzzle in the game in one way or another. Disappears after finishing one level. SmashIcon
Smoke Steam E Appear and disappear from the smoke. Smoke Kirby utilizes different gases and smokes to attack, ranging from poisonous breathing gas to smoke screens to protect himself. None SmokeIcon KDLSS
Spacial Lunr Use the power of stars and space in your own way. Spacial Kirby uses the essence of cosmic existence to form into psychic projectiles that home on enemies. Use barrages of projectiles to your own advantage, and save Lucid Star with your stars! None SpacialIcon KDLSS
KTD Spark artwork
Plasma Wisp/Sparky Bzzzzt! Use electricity in the most monstrous way possible. Not only can I t create thunderbolts and a forcefield of electricity, but charging allows Kirby to release a deadly Plasma Blast! Watch out, enemies! Charge up Plasma Blast with the D-Pad. Spark icon
Copy kirby spear
Lancer Waddle Dee must've thought Kirby well to have him be able to use his spear like this. Use this long weapon with ease by throwing it, striking enemies with it, and even using it as a helicopter propellor. Spears can cut ropes and grass. Spear (Bar)
220px-KRTDL Stone
Rocky Kirby can now transform into a rock!...anticlimactic, right? Fear not, however, because Kirby's statue transformation makes him an almost-invincible rock that can defeat swarms of enemies within a few seconds. Can break Metal Blocks and smash down stumps. Stone (Icon)
Suplex Kirby KDL3D
Bugzzy Dash, grab, slam! Throw yourself forward, grab a projectile or enemy, and slam them into the ground in any formation or way you please! That's satisfyingly strong. None Ability Star Suplex
Sword Kirby
Sword Knight/Blade Knight Whoa, Kirby, nice hat! Kirby's blade is extremely versatile, allowing him to slash in so many different ways, it's unfunny. Slash, strike, fire beams, spin, and even use a Skyward Strike! Can cut ropes and grass, Sword (Icon)
Throw Kirby KDL3DThrow Bun Need to take your anger out on someone? Throw something! Grab a nearby enemy and chuck it into a block blockade, another enemy, a boss, a wall...your pick!...just, uh, don't get too carried away with throwing living creatures, alright? None Throw Icon KDL3D
Top Spinna Spinning around is weird, but using spinning projectiles is another story! Spinning up tops allow them to cut through near anything. Use tops to slice up enemies and obstacles with ease. Tops can cut grass and ropes, and can spin off screws. TopIcon KDLSS
Tornado Kirby KDL3D
Twister Spinspinspinspinspinspinspin!!!! Turn into a blazing tornado to shoot through blocks and enemies with ease, and even fire tornadoes from your hat! Don't spin too fast though...*hurk*. Tornado attacks can spin off screws. Can be affected by flames, electricity, and ice with the use of a scroll. Tornado icon
UFO Take me to your leader!...or your food!...or something! UFO Kirby is a moderately rare sight, disappearing after using it for four levels. However, this is definitely an ability that lives up to its secrecy; now, you can fire different lasers and beams, fly for an unlimited amount of time, and even use a tractor beam to capture enemies, mothership-style! Allows for unlimited flight (with no Air Meter), and can capture enemies. Ability Star UFO
Water Kirby
Droppytear It's time to make a splash! Water Kirby turns Kirby into a hydrokinetic powerhouse, using what is normally seen as a symbol for life as a destructive force. Summon waves, fountain sprays, and water blasts with ease! Water can destroy lava blocks/fire. Water (Icon)
KTD Wheel
Wheelie Bike Vroom vroom...NYOOOOOOOM! Wheel Kirby turns Kirby into a fast, adrenaline-pumped wheel that charges forward at a high speed to run over enemies in a fast manner. And, even better, no traffic lights! Whoopee! None Ability Star Wheel
Wing Kirby KDL3D
Birdon Take to the skies, and fly like a bird! Wing Kirby appropriately gives Kirby a pair of wings, which gives him some easier flight. He can also fire sharp feathers and dive forward to the ground. Halves the Air Meter decrease rate. Wing icon
Dream N/A The final battle has come, and Kirby has the essence of a dream to fight. Will Kirby prevail? Final weapon, main-game only DreamIcon KDLSS


Helpers are enemies that can be summoned by Kirby that can temporarily help Kirby and co., each of which use the same abilities that Kirby uses: for example, Chilly uses all of Ice Kirby's techniques. Helpers are summoned by the use of the Kirby Ability Amiibo line, each of which summon a specific helper: for example, the Ice Kirby amiibo summons Chilly.

  • Animal: Gaw Gaw
  • Archer: Spynum
  • Axe: Armoir
  • Ball: Bubbles
  • Baton: Rapade
  • Beam: Waddle Doo
  • Beetle: Beetley
  • Bell: Tingaling
  • Bomb: Poppy Bros. Jr
  • Circus: Tacinat
  • Clean: Broom Hatter
  • Crash: Bomber
  • Crystal: Gemma
  • Cutter: Sir Kibble
  • Doctor: Docbot
  • Dragon: Drago
  • Fighter: Knuckle Joe
  • Fire: Burning Leo/Hot Head
  • Glass: Brekkia
  • Hammer: Bonkers
  • Hi-Jump: Starman
  • Ice: Chilly/Pengi
  • Laser: Laser Ball
  • Leaf: Leafan
  • Light: Cool Ghost
  • Mike: Walky
  • Mirror: Simirrir
  • Missile: Capsule J2
  • Moss: Gremss
  • Needle: Needlous
  • Ninja: Bio Spark/Tsukikage
  • Parasol: Parasol Waddle Dee
  • Paint: Paint Roller
  • Poison: Poisson
  • Sleep: Noddy
  • Smoke: Steam E
  • Spacial: Lunr
  • Spark: Plasma Wisp/Sparky
  • Spear: Lancer
  • Stone: Rocky
  • Suplex: Bugzzy
  • Sword: Blade Knight/Sword Knight
  • Throw: Bun
  • Top: Spinna
  • Tornado: Twister
  • UFO: U.F.O.
  • Water: Droppytear
  • Wheel: Wheelie Bike
  • Wing: Birdon


In Shattered Star, there is a total of 11 worlds to explore: of these, 8 take place on Pop Star, while the remaining three take place on Lucid Star.

# Name Realm Description Kinestar Count Level Count Boss
World 1 Lime Lakeside Pop Star A calming meadow and forest area where Dedede's Castle and Kirby's Home reside close to. A large, beautiful lake spans across the plains, which makes it a plentiful home for many of the enemies that live there. 10 6 Whispy Woods
World 2 Umeboshi Underground Pop Star An underground labyrinth beneath the entirety of Dream Land, Umeboshi Underground is home to many different ground-dwelling creatures...but also many abundant treasures. 15 6 Digladia
World 3 Cranberry Cataracts Pop Star A huge island with several connected lakesides that are all connected by a giant waterfall in the center. Lying within the waterfalls are many different puzzles to exploit. 15 7 Great Gear
World 4 Icing Islands Pop Star A classic icy level that mostly takes place in a cold island-like area, where the entire formerly tropical area is now snow-covered and frozen over. 15 7 Moracier
World 5 Dough Drifts Pop Star A series of cliffs and mountainous ranges, home to many falling rocks and enemies. The second half of this world takes Kirby to the skies as he must travel in the storming clouds. 20 8 Kracko
World 6 Ravioli Roads Pop Star An urban/suburban city-like location where buildings, roads, and even sewers are the main level design. Even the enemies look like they've been used to city life! 20 7 Mega Titan
World 7 Eggplant Era Pop Star A beautiful cliffside/desert world, always topped off by either a sparkling sunset or a shining moon. There is a day/night mechanic in some levels, which opens up the possibility of different puzzles. 20 8 Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright
World 8 Apple Adventure Pop Star A combination of a volcanic and cosmic world, several planets with antigravity, meteors, volcanoes, and lava lakes are among the things to look out for. 25 7 Computer Virus
World 9 Mesosphere Moon Lucid Star The spacial realm of Lucid Star begins with a technology-based planet filled with various cosmic and mechanical properties, mostly involving the enemies. 30 8 Lucidia
World 10 Endless Evergreens Lucid Star The calm forestland of Lucid Star that leads to the Kingdom, it goes from mild to wild as the forest begins to attack back at those who travel through. 29 8 Molotov
World 11 Dark Dreamland Lucid Star A large castle-like zone where Diculia has fantasized and even created what his dark empire of two worlds would look like: a shadowy realm where danger lurks on every corner. 1 6 Sentries
Dream Dedede
Diculia Core
Dream Diculia


Most of the enemies in the game are able to be inhaled for Kirby to recieve a copy ability. Many of these are weak and can be defeated quickly with a good copy ability.

  • Acchi
  • Armoir
  • Bang Bang
  • Beetley
  • Birdon
  • Blade Knight
  • Blipper
  • Bomber
  • Bouncy
  • Brekkia
  • Bronto Burt
  • Broom Hatter
  • Bubbles
  • Burning Leo
  • Cappy
  • Capsule J2
  • Chilly
  • Chip
  • Cool Ghost
  • Docbot
  • Drago
  • Droppytear
  • Electrohead
  • Ferne
  • Flamer
  • Flotzo
  • Gaw Gaw
  • Gemma
  • Gremss
  • Grizzo
  • Gordo
  • Heavy Knight
  • Hot Head
  • Ice Head
  • Lancer
  • Laser Ball
  • Leafan
  • Lunr
  • Kabu
  • Knuckle Joe
  • Mirra
  • Needlous
  • Noddy
  • Parasol Waddle Dee
  • Pengi
  • Plasma Wisp
  • Poisson
  • Poppy Bros. Jr
  • Prank
  • Rapade
  • Rocky
  • Rudduh
  • Scarfy
  • Sir Kibble
  • Shotzo
  • Simirror
  • Soarar
  • Sodory
  • Sparky
  • Spinum
  • Squishy
  • Starman
  • Steam E
  • Sword Knight
  • Swoosh
  • Tacinat
  • Telloph
  • Tick
  • Tingaling
  • Tsukikage
  • Twister
  • UFO
  • Waddle Dee
  • Waddle Doo
  • Walky
  • Wapod
  • Wheelie
  • ZZZipi


In the Kirby series, mid-bosses are simply bosses that are fought in the middle of regular levels that are weak compared to regular bosses, and who can be inhaled for abilities when defeated.

Midboss Description Ability
Poppy Bros Sr KDL3D
Poppy Bros. Sr
A jolly-looking humanoid boss with an explosive smile, Poppy Bros. Sr seems to be the one who teaches all the little Poppy Bros what and what not to explode. Poppy Bros Sr. attacks with a fairly predictable pattern, as he bounces around the fighting space, all the while hurling bombs at Kirby. Kirby can swallow these bombs and spit them back to retaliate. Bomb (Icon)
A gorilla-like monster wielding a bulky hammer. Bonkers mostly attacks with his giant hammer, which he performs various techniques that Hammer Kirby can use with it. He can also throw coconuts, because...I guess he feels like it? Ability Star Hammer
Mr Frosty KDL3D
Mr. Frosty
A jolly ol' walrus with a fashionable tank top. Mr. Frosty is, despite being a chunky and rather tubby creature, is ironically nimble, and he has abilities to breath ice breath and throw ice cubes. He also seems to like dancing...alright then? Ice (Icon)
PhanPhan Kirby
Phan Phan
A hyperactive and acrobatic elephant with a trunk that he uses to throw both apples and any players he captures. He can roll across the stage in an attempt to grab and toss a player. Throw Icon KDL3D
Bugzzy 3D
A swift and powerful stag beetle, Bugzzy can dash forward and grab an unlucky played to slam them into the ground. He can also summon tiny ladybugs to fly at Kirby. But jeez, someone must REALLY be fun at parties to slam enemies so hard... Ability Star Suplex
Blocky An angry-looking sentient stone...yes, really. Blocky is extremely slow for the most part, but can jump high in the air to squish players into the dust. He can also summon Rockies to fight alongside him at times. Stone (Icon)
Bombar Kirby
An airplane-like mechanical creature with an endless utility belt of missiles, bombs, and bullets. Bombar mostly relies on his flight to fight, as he can soar between backgrounds to fire missiles and rockets, and divebomb unlucky opponents. MissileIcon KDLSS
King Doo
The supposed "king" of all Waddle Doos, apparently. King Doo attacks like a regular Waddle Doo: all of his attacks revolve around the use of beams. Ranging from charge shots to beam whips, King Doo has extremely dangerous ranged power. Beam (icon)
Kibble Blade A heavily-armored and supersized Sir Kibble, basically. No, that's actually what he is. Kibble Blade manipulates several large cutters to toss around the arena and slash players with. He also has the cutter on his helmet, which he can also fire and slash with. Cutter (Icon)
Dubior A UFO-like machine that was built in a Halcandran factory, Dubior is erratic and filled with glitches. Dubior attacks by summoning other UFOs, firing electricial projectiles, and using a tractor beam to capture a player a for a few seconds. Ability Star UFO
Hornhead A giant stag beetle that looks a bit similar to Bugzzy, but has plenty of differences. Hornhead is slow, but hits hard, and he uses his horn to attack Kirby in an up-close-and-personal fashion: he can also go in the background to attack and fly around with his tiny wings. BeetleKirby
Kracko Jr KEH
Kracko Jr.
A cloud-like eyeball of the same species of Kracko, but at a younger age. This quick creature fires electric bolts and can summon weak enemies at is own disposal. Spark icon
Paint Roller
Paint Roller
A former boss sporting a sporty cap and a pair of slick roller skates. Paint Roller has two easels that he can use to draw up enemies; he can also speed around the arena and spray cans of paint. Paint Icon KDL3D
Spinna A top-like creature that seems a bit annoyed at something. Spinna mostly attacks with its body—a literal top—which can send any unlucky opponents flying. It can also drill into the ground with it and pop back out. TopIcon KDLSS
Draguardian A fierce dragon-like creature with two heads. Draguardian flies from the arena to the background, spitting fire, and flying downwards at players. It can also spew poisonous gas, and send out sound waves. DragonIcon KDLSS
KDLSS FraschtaFraschta A female wizard-like figure made completely out of glass. Fraschta can break off parts of her wand and body to fire at Kirby and other players, and completely shatter to reform on the other side of the screen. She can even shoot glass projectiles! GlassIcon KDLSS


Each boss is fought at the last level of every world, and the first 8 serve as protectors of a different Dreamstone.

Boss Description Abilities
Whispy Woods
A sentient tree and the well-known guardian of the forest by Lime Lakeside. Whispy is the most basic boss, as he can't even move usually, but he's no foe to underestimate if you aren't careful. Whispy's main attack is sending down apples, worms, and spiky fruits from his leaves to rain down on the players: he can also fire roots from the ground and shoot his nose forward like a knife. At half health, Whispy can jump into the background (hey, don't question it) and fire roots and flower seeds from there, and he can only be attacked by hitting the roots. He guards the Ruby Dreamstone. Leaf (Icon)
Digladia A mechanical creature that possesses two drills for arms. Being able to dig through the ground with ease, Digladia utilizes the dirt-made walls, floor, and ceiling to attack Kirby by drilling into him. Digladia can also make rocks fall, shoot the drills as projectiles, and summon a few mole-like enemies. At half health, Digladia reveals a third drill, attached by an appendage on it's back, making the fight even harder, as Digladia's attacks become stronger and more versatile. It guards the Sapphire Dreamstone. Stone (Icon)CrystalIcon KDLSS
Kirby GreatGear
Great Gear
An ancient rusted gear who, alongside other bosses, make a surprise boss appearance after appearing only once in a past game (Mass Attack). Great Gear, like it's original fight, Great Gear is almost entirely invincible; however, he has a single weak point that can be exploited as the Gear rotates: attacking the weak point does damage. During the fight, Great Gear will send out several claw-hand appendages to drop bombs and rocks on Kirby, can fire gears to roll around, and can summon enemies. At half health, he gains another attack in the form of spewing water to overflow the arena, which will disappear after a few seconds, but makes attacking harder. It guards the Diamond Dreamstone. Bomb (Icon)Stone (Icon)
Moracier A gargantuan eel with a large, icicle-like tail. Wielding both ice and electric elemental powers, Moracier is a force to be reckoned with. Moracier dives to and from holes in the ice, and he can fire electric beams from his mouth. He can also drop icicles on Kirby and swing his tail across the arena. At half health, Moracier becomes extremely agile, and his icicles turn into giant icy snowflakes that deal massive damage if not dodged. He guards the Amethyst Dreamstone.

(Note: Moracier is replaced by Wham Bam Jewel in Waddle Dee's Quest.)

Ice (Icon)
Kracko KDL3D
A sentient cloud that was created with dark magic long ago to fight Kirby, Kracko is a classic boss that isn't going anywhere. Kracko uses various cloud-like abilities: summoning stormclouds, firing electric bolts, making it hail under him, and summoning wind around the arena, alongside summoning three different enemies, consist of his arsenal. At half health, Kracko forces Kirby to stay on his feet by bringing him into the background/foreground with powerful arena-sized thunderclouds. He guards the Emerald Dreamstone. Beam (icon)Fire (Icon)Spark icon
Mega Titan
Mega Titan
Normally a small titan-like creature, Mega Titan uses a set of gargantuan armor to fight, making him vulnerable to all non-electricial attacks: therefore, he can only be hurt by the Spark ability or being knocked into the electric forcefield. During the fight, Mega Titan tries to use his four robotic fists to pound Kirby into the ground, as well as firing missiles. After being knocked into the forcefield seven times, the armor will disappear, and the Head must be destroyed by attacking it only a few times. He guards the Onyx Dreamstone. MissileIcon KDLSS
Mr Shine and Mr Bright KDL3D
Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright
Yep, Kirby is fighting the sun and the moon now...yep. Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright fight as a take-turns type of battle, as the two share a health bar, but only one fights at a time as the other stays in the sky. Mr. Shine will fire flaming projectiles and set up flares on the ground, and fire solar beams from the sky. On the other hand, Mr. Bright uses a rolling attack and throws large cutters on the ground, and makes it rain meteors in the sky. When either Shine or Bright are defeated, the defeated star will go into the sky and give off large energy that is hard to dodge, making the battle hard. The two guard the Cobalt Dreamstone. Cutter (Icon)Fire (Icon)
KSS Computer Virus
Computer Virus
A sentient computer virus with seven different forms in the entire game: Slime, Puppet, Wizard, Knight, and glitch are it's regular forms, while Slime and Puppet are replaced by Dragon and King in Waddle Dee's quest. The forms it take are Slime, Puppet, Wizard, Knight, Dragon, King, and, finally Glitch, with each form being fought in a random order (except for Glitch, which is always fought lost), each with their own attacks. The combat is turn-based, with Kirby and the virus taking turns to attack each-other, and Kirby can get two random abilities to help out if he is in a pinch. The virus guards the Chrome Dreamstone. ALL
KDLSS Lucidia
One of the two major sentries under Diculia, Lucidia is a bit more laid-back then Molotov, but she puts up quite a tough fight. Lucidia uses psychic projectiles during her fight, firing them all over the arena, as well as summoning mirrors to bounce projectiles around. She can even spin around and send out tornado-like projectiles to bounce around and cause mayhem. SpacialIcon KDLSSAbility Star MirrorTornado icon
KDLSS Molotov
One of the two major sentries under Diculia, Molotov is extremely dangerous as a fighter and fights like a true warrior. Molotov is extremely agile and powerful, and uses explosive psychic projectiles to battle. He can also fire flare beams across the horizontal range of the arena, fire poisonous energy, and shoot needles from the ground and ceiling. SpacialIcon KDLSSAbility Star PoisonNeedle icon
KDLSS DiculiaDiculia The maniacal leader of Lucid Star has finally shown his face, and puts up quite a hard fight. Diculia has an unlimited barrage of psychic projectiles to fire in arrays of bullet-like formations, making him extremely dangerous. He also can summon flare lasers, large, uninhalable mirrors, boomerang-like projectiles, and he can even make it rain colorful bullets. At half health, he starts summoning vortexes that can suck up Kirby, or send out dangerous explosive projectiles. SpacialIcon KDLSSCutter (Icon)Paint Icon KDL3D
Dream Dedede After Diculia's Core takes control of Dedede's mind and body, he takes a dangerous form and must fight Kirby. In the first phase, Dedede uses his hammer and uses his regular attacks, and he also uses dark energy spheres. At half health, however, Dedede loses his hammer and replaces all of his attacks with attacks with a battleaxe. After each phase, his weapons can be swallowed by Kirby for use. Hammer iconAxeIcon KDLSS
Diculia Core After losing control of Dedede's body, Diculia's Core takes on an extremely agile stained-glass form, who, while not taking too many attacks, is very powerful. It attacks by firing barrages of glass shards to attack. GlassIcon KDLSS
Dream Diculia After Diculia absorbs Samien's essence, he becomes the deadly form known as Dream Diculia. Dream Diculia's attacks, all use a different form of psychic projectiles in different formations, each corresponding to one ability of Kirby's or another of his. Dream Diculia uses swords, hammers, flails, and barrages of bullet-like formations with the psychic energy. Can Kirby use the essence of a dream to defeat this horrifying creature?! DreamIcon KDLSS
Wham Bam Jewel
Wham Bam Jewel
Wham Bam Jewel is a living statue of a long-lost crystallized goddess, and she replaces Moracier in Waddle Dee's Quest. Wham Bam Jewel uses three crystallized hands to attack from the background in the first phase, slamming Waddle Dee with them, dropping crystals from them, and even firing lasers from the fingertips. After the first phase, the hands are destroyed, leaving the head: the head fires lasers from her crown, and she also fires spikes from the crown and uses eye lasers, as well as more falling crystals. CrystalIcon KDLSSAbility Star Laser
KDLSS DreamSamien
Dream Samien
After Samien lets the darkness corrupt him, he turns into this terrifyingly powerful alternate form of him. Dream Samien uses barrages of psychic projectiles that are hard to dodge, as well as using dark energy formations to blast Waddle Dee, and fire dark beams across the arena. You need to fight your take him down, or Lucid Star is doomed! SpacialIcon KDLSS
Miracle Matter
Dreamy Matter
Dreamy Matter, alongside Dreamy Queen, is a dreamlike reincarnation of a former enemy called Miracle Matter, and one of three True Arena-exclusive bosses. Miracle Matter is a terrifying being, having taken Kirby's ability away pre-battle: during the battle, Dreamy Matter takes on 11 forms that each correspond to one of Kirby's abilities: Fire, Ice, Spark, Needle, Stone, Bomb, Cutter, Sword, Parasol, Leaf, and Crystal. During the fight, Kirby must use projectiles of Dreamy Matter's forms on its corresponding form to damage it: each form can take two hits before disappearing. You must destroy all 11 forms to defeat it. Don't worry, it'll give your ability back when it's defeated! Fire, Ice, Spark, Needle, Stone, Bomb, Cutter, Sword, Parasol, Leaf, Crystal
Soul of Sectonia
Dreamy Queen
Dreamy Queen is a dreamlike reincarnation of a former enemy named Queen Sectonia, and it puts up quit the fight. One of three True Arena-exclusive bosses, Dreamy Queen flies around the arena firing projectiles, like crescent cutters, paint blobs, and vines. She can also summon ant-like enemies to fight for her. Needle, Leaf, Cutter, Crystal
KDL2 Dark Matter
Dark Matter
The most powerful Dark Matter known currently, Dark Matter is a surprise finale to the game, being the driving villains in the story. This Dark Matter takes on three forms, each more dangerous then the last. His swordsman form uses fast blade combat and flying sword attacks, his warlock form uses dark magic and dark lightning, and his blob form uses dark lightning, magic projectiles, and summoned mirrors. This is quite an intense finale! Sword (Icon)Spark iconPaint Icon KDL3DAbility Star Mirror

Collectibles and Items

These are items that can obtained in levels: whether it be small things for points or lives, items that can be picked up and sued for the sake of puzzles, or treasure that is available by opening chests.

Item Usage
KRTDL Warp Star
Warp Star
Kirby's most iconic method of transportation, hopping onto a Warp Star allows Kirby and company to ride to a far distance, as most of these take players to somewhere else in the level.
3D Warp Star
An alternate version of the regular Warp Star that brings all riders to either the foreground or background, depending on whatever current plane the players are in.
Copy Pedestal A pedestal which holds the essence of an ability in it. These can appear either before a boss fight or in chests to be put in the Ability Room.
Commonplace items that can be dropped by some enemies, Food can heal Kirby by a small amount. This is helpful in a pinch.
Maxim Tomato KDL3D
Maxim Tomato
An extremely rare food item that, while not looking very edible, can heal Kirby by 100%, or basically fully heal Kirby.
Maxim Tomato Box A multiplayer-exclusive item, this box appears in place of all Maxim Tomatoes: this box can be carried by a player, and, when thrown, opens up to the nice prize of a Maxim Tomato. This is helpful when players are in a pinch, as any player can carry this during a level.
Invincible Candy
An extremely rare food item that, when consumed, makes all users invincible for a few seconds: you can now run through enemies and obstacles to your pleasure, without getting hurt!
A rare collectible item that can be absorbed to give Kirby an extra life. A common prize for winning a minigame or End Goal game.
Star Chip
This odd-looking object may look like a small Kirby, but this is actually a commonplace collectible: collecting five of these yields a 1-Up! There are always 15 in each level.
Kinestars Dimensional star-like artifacts with great power sealed in them. 100 of these are needed to travel to Lucid Star, with 2-5 of them spread out within each level. There are 200 total stars, however.
Figurines Unique collectible items that show a figurine of a past Kirby character or item. While some are level or mission-specific, most others appear as random treasure chest goodies or minigame prizes. Collect them all!
Full list of figurines found here.
Spray Paint Rarer collectible items that can be applied to Kirby, Dedede, Meta Knight, or Waddle Dee to change any of their color or costume. There are 25 Kirby colors, and 10 for each of the other characters.
Ability Scroll This rare item unlocks a secret technique for a specific ability; the ability it unlocks is randomized. These can be found in Treasure Chests only.
A heavy item that fires powerful cannonballs for about a minute: characters can carry these with them to solve puzzles, but at the cost of losing the ability to use regular attacks unless the cracker is thrown, which will then explode.
KDLSS BalloonBomb
Balloon Bomb
A heavy bomb that inflates every few seconds, until it explodes. These must be carried and thrown at specific extremely sturdy objects to move or destroy them, but not throwing it before it explodes will make the holder pay the price.


All art made by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc) goes here. Icon art credit to Shadow Inferno (tbc), Samien 3D Art credit to Plazzap (tbc).


The game has, as of thus far, received praise from various Fantendo users, praising it for it's story, and both new and old mechanics brought in to make it creative. Sr.Wario's show, Fantendo Critic Weekly gave Shattered Star a High-Level Recommend, with this game and Happily Ever After being the highest ranking articles featured on Week 1. .snickedge's show, Duck Soup Reviews, gave the game a Featured rating, praising it's new abilities, worlds, and story.


  • In a similar fashion to Adventure, Canvas Curse, Return to Dreamland and Triple Deluxe, the worlds spell out an anagram: in this case, it's the music for the Final Boss, "LUCIDREAMED".
  • Various names in the game seem to us Latin inspiration for the names.
    • Samien, if replacing the e with a u, is an anagram from animus, which translates to mind in English.
    • Loligarg is a combination of gargantuan and the Latin word for squid, loligo.
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