WARNING!: This article will include content from the recently released Kirby: Planet Robobot, which has only been released officially in Japan. With that said, spoiler warnings will be included in sections that contain content involving Planet Robobot for those who don't want the game spoiled for them. So, without further ado, let us begin the article!

Kirby's Dream Land: Daydream Isle
Logo by .vectorDestiny (tbc)
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory logo
Publisher(s) FantendoLogo2014Large
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Kirby
Predecessor Kirby's Dream Land: Shattered Star
Release Date(s) Q1 2019
Mode(s) TBA
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E10

Kirby's Dream Land: Daydream Isle is an upcoming Kirby series title game coming out in 2019 on the Wii U. Not much is known currently as of now, but it is the second title in the Kirby: Rise of Zero Tetralogy, following Kirby's Dream Land: Shattered Star. 27 regular abilities are introduced, as well as a "signature power ability" known as Daydream, which, similarly to Hypernova, Super Abilities, and the Robobot Armor, affects terrain and is needed to get through many levels. The game builds off of what it's predecessor introduced by partially continuing it's story.

The game follows Kirby going on an adventure throughout the elusive Daydream Isle, a super-sized resort planet, to find his friends, King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandanna Dee, after they go there with him for a vacation of sorts and they are all seperated, following a mysterious attack by a Dark Matter swarm.


Game Modes


The story begins like any other regular day in Dream Land would: with the entire land at peace. Kirby and Meta Knight are at King Dedede's castle, where Dedede, alongside advocate Bandanna Waddle Dee, are attempting to locate more Dark Matter clusters, as Meta Knight has concluded that the swarm-like race has returned to Pop Star after years of being away. Kirby seems worried, but Dedede is confident that they'll be gone before they know it. Soon enough, however, a Waddle Doo comes in, stating that he has a letter for King Dedede. Dedede opens it, and finds that he, alongside three guests, have been invited for a two week trip at a space-like resort known as the Daydream Isle. Dedede and Kirby are instantly attracted to the beauties of the resort, and Dedede decides to take Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, and Kirby with him.

After boarding the Halberd to go to the planet where the resort is, the four, alongside Meta Knight's crew, start heading towards the planet. However, everyone besides Meta Knight fail to notice that the ship isn't alone in space: soon enough, giant shadow clusters begin forming and breaking through the ship. The ship begins falling to Earth, and Kirby braces himself for the impact. The ship, sure enough, crashes on the planet.

Kirby wakes up to find that he is alone: Dedede, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, and the entirety of the crew have all disappeared, leaving Kirby to fend for himself on the strange planet. Kirby leaves the destroyed Halberd, only to run into creatures that resemble Waddle Dees, but are much more ferocious. Before Kirby can fight back, however, the creatures are attacked by something invisible, and, soon enough, the swarm of creatures retreat. The thing that attacked the creatures was a chameleon-like creature named Leoni. Leoni introduces themselves and explains that a species known as Dark Matter has taken control of this resort, using it as a base and luring unknowing creatures from around the galaxy to attempt to build an army. Leoni states that they escaped the clutches of the Dark Matter, and that they know that Kirby was seperated by his friends: Leoni then offers to help Kirby, to which he immediately agrees. With that settled, Leoni and Kirby set off towards the first level, Towering Tracks.

After defeating Wiliest Woods in Towering Tracks and Saendugon at Ravenous Road, Kirby and Leoni find that most of the rest of the resort has been blocked off: however, one remaining world seems to still be accessible. The two manage to slip in right as the entrance to the sector is sealed, leaving the two trapped in Oddball Obelisk. Determined, the two head off to find the source of the magic sealing off the resort entrances. They meet the source herself as a gorgon named Rivuve, alongside a statue of Bandanna Waddle Dee. Kirby manages to defeat Rivuve, which causes the statue to reform into Waddle Dee himself, as the barrier magic disappears, and the other remaining sectors open.





Animal Ability Star NewSpider Ability Star NewAbility Star ArcherAxeIcon KDLSSBallIcon KDLSSBatonIcon KDLSSAbility Star BeamBeetleKirbyAbility Star BellAbility Star BombAbility Star BoneBubble Ability Star NewBuilder Ability StarAbility Star CannonCard Ability Star NewEgg Ability StarCircus Ability Star NewClean Ability Star NewCloud Icon KDL3DComet Ability Star NewAbility Star CrashCrystalIcon KDLSSAbility Star CupidAbility Star CutterDragonIcon KDLSSPen Ability StarAbility Star ESPAbility Star FightingAbility Star FireFlare Ability StarGardener Ability StarGenie Ability StarGhost Ability Star NewGlassIcon KDLSSGold Ability Star NewAbility Star HammerPumpkin Ability Star NewAbility Star Hi-JumpAbility Star IceAbility Star JetAbility Star LaserAbility Star LeafLight Ability Star NewMagicKirbyAbility Star MikeAbility Star MirrorMissileIcon KDLSSMossIcon KDLSSMummy Ability Star NewAbility Star NeedleAbility Star NinjaPaint Ability Star NewPaper Ability StarAbility Star ParasolParty Ability StarPendulum Ability StarAbility Star Poison KPRPropellorIconKDRPuppeteer Ability StarRhythm Ability StarSand Ability Star NewSheriff Ability StarAbility Star SleepSlime Ability StarSmashIconSmokeIcon KDLSSAbility Star SparkAbility Star SpearSport Ability StarAbility Star StoneAbility Star SwordAbility Star TornadoTreatIconKDRTribal Ability StarAbility Star UFOAbility Star WaterAbility Star WheelAbility Star WingAbility Star SuplexYoYo Icon KDL3DDreamIcon KDLSS

The ability total is heightened from it's predecessor to a whopping regular 80 abilities, a huge spike from the last game. While the game cuts six abilities from the last title (Doctor, Throw, Suplex, Top, Spacial, and Dream), the game introduces 28 new regular abilities, being the most a Kirby title has ever introduced, as well as bringing back seven abilities that have been cut from the past (ESP, Yo-Yo, Jet, Ghost, Magic, Bubble and Cupid). It also introduces the new Daydream ability, an in-stage ability that must be used to affect terrain and collect special collectibles, not unlike the Super Abilities, Hypernova, or the Robobot Armor.

For those who wish to see the movesets for each of the abilities, see here! Or, to see an individual ability's set instead of going to the entire page, just click that ability's icon.


Ability Description Tagteamer
KDLDI ArachnidKirby
Little Miss Muffet better run quickly, because this spider is a bit more hungry then usual. Arachnid Kirby can climb walls, shoot webs to trap enemies in, crawl up web lines, and can bite an unsuspecting foe. Now all we need is a theme song!
Spider Ability Star New
KDLDI BoneKirby New
Coming back from the dead just became much more dangerous. Kirby, with the help of this weird skull mask, can now wield bones like a professional skeleton. Throw bones, use bones as a Melee weapon, and even trap opponents in bone cages! BONES!
Ability Star Bone
Can we fix it? Maybe. Depends on how I feel. Anyways, Builder Kirby! This hardhat of an ability (literally) basically gives Kirby a mandatory tool belt: complete with a saw, wrench, screwdriver, hammer, and a stack of bricks which you can build up to barracked enemies with.
Builder Ability Star
KDLDI CannonKirby
BANG! Kirby sets the cannon up, aims, and fires! Or something! Cannon Kirby can fire large, slow cannonballs from his hat or arm to do massive damage to opponents. They can even be charged up to do extra damage!
Ability Star Cannon
Moto Shotzo
Shuffle, deal, and win! Card Kirby can send out flurries of cards to attack, and can summon specific projectiles from cards, like Jokers, Spades, Hearts, and even the almighty Ace! Now that's deadly!
Card Ability Star New
KDLDI ChickenKirby
Kirby's a chicken now?! Bc-gawk! Kirby, donning a fancy chicken-styled hat, can now trap enemies in eggs and throw them around. He can also flap for a few seconds, and, if an enemy is trapped in an egg for long enough, they'll hatch and attack enemies for you!
Egg Ability Star
KDLDI CloudKirby
Kirby's head is in the clouds! Literally! Anyways, this ability allows Kirby to use the sky to his advantage: not only is his Air Meter doubled in size, but he can also use clouds in both offensive and defensive ways, like using them as barriers or shooting thunderbolts from them.
Ability Star Cloud

Kirby is a star, right? So this isn't too unorthodox. I hope. Comet Kirby can turn into a living comet! Shooting forward, upward, or, of course, down to Earth is just one part: you can also use rock and ice based-attacks for elemental flair, and you can summon shooting stars.
Comet Ability Star New
KDLDI DrawKirby
Time to get creative, because Kirby has a pencil now! With this pointy new writing stick, Kirby can draw up...practically anything, really. Bombs, spikes, swords, parasols, thunderbolts, flame bursts, and ice cubes are just to name a few: just draw! He also has an eraser for the really stubborn enemies.
Pen Ability Star
KDLDI FireworkKirby
Colors, everywhere! BANG! BANG! Kirby can turn into a literal firework and fire huge colorful blasts everywhere, destroying everything on screen and solving all puzzles, losing the ability!...of course, if that's not your style, you can create smaller versions of the blasts in your palms.
Flare Ability Star
KDLDI GardenerKirby
"You Waddle Dees get off my lawn!" Gardener Kirby took a lot of time to fix up his garden, so the Waddle Dee who treated on his roses are gonna pay! Complete with a watering pail, a rake, and a lawn mower, this ability combines many deadly tools to be efficient in both puzzle-solving and combat.
Gardener Ability Star
Rake Hatter
KDLDI GenieKirby
Hocus pocus! Kirby must've found a magic lamp, and his third wish wasn't for more food, but for this ability! Genie Kirby can toss magic lamps, which explode and leave behind large amounts of smoke: he can also fire shooting stars, and ride on a magic carpet!
Genie Ability Star
KDLDI GoldKirby
Okay, who in their right mind would give Kirby the Midas Touch?! Fortune may or may not have gotten to this puffball's head. Kirby can now shoot gold coins like bullets, slam the ground with gold bars, and use a golden hand to turn enemies into gold. GOOOOOLD!
Gold Ability Star New
KDLDI HauntKirby
BOOOO!!—that wasn't scary at all. Shoot. Anyways, this haunting hat of Kirby's must have some spooky spirits in them, because this ability allows Kirby to do everything Halloween-related! Pumpkin bombs, bat summoning, candy bullets, and riding on a witch's broomstick is just a few spooky things.
Pumpkin Ability Star New
KDLDI MummyKirby
Come out of your coffin to fight! This seemingly endless roll of bandages can be slashed and whipped around with ease, making it a very versatile and deadly weapon, especially against bosses. Unfortunately, Kirby is slowed down in this form due to his mummy-like figure.
Mummy Ability Star New
KDLDI PaperKirby
Well, Paper Mario already exists, so this isn't too much of a stretch. One paper hat gives Kirby the ability to wield paper like an element: creating weapons out of paper doll chains, giving opponents paper cuts, and folding weapons out of paper to temporarily use.
Paper Ability Star
KDLDI PartyKirby
Happy birthday!...oh wait, wrong party. Party Kirby takes Dream Land back to 1999 with his varied utility belt of fun weapons! Party horns, balloons, surprise gift boxes, and razor-sharp confetti galore! WEEEE!
Party Ability Star
KDLDI PendulumKirby
"You're getting veeeeery sleepy..." Kirby can now control enemies at his own will. Scary. The pendulum on its own makes a good ranged weapon for slashing, but Kirby can sacrifice the pendulum to possess an enemy, or even a mid-boss! It allows you to play around.
Pendulum Ability Star
KDLDI PropellorKirby
Now, it's easier then ever to reach for the stars! Spin upwards with your new propellor cap to reach for the sky easily, and even slash foes with the blades of your hat! You can even blow foes away with a strong breeze! WHOOSH!!
KDLDI PuppeteerKirby
What a show, with the newfound puppets! With this ability, Kirby can control puppets to attack for him, or even go into the background to solve puzzles that Kirby otherwise can't. It's fun to be in control!
Puppeteer Ability Star
KDLDI RhythmKirby
Clap to the beat! Rhythm Kirby allows Kirby to bang a drum alongside the music playing in the background, and banging it to the beat of the background will unleash huge sound waves! He can also attack with many other instruments, like violins and triangles.
Rhythm Ability Star
KDLDI SandKirby
Become ruler of the desert! With this new ability, you can use your Pharaoh Staff to summon sand to create weapons, explosives, and just use sand to slash opponents with the particles. You can even turn into sand to fly across the wind easily!
Sand Ability Star New
KDLDI SheriffKirby
Yee-haw! Take aim as the sheriff of the town of Dream Land! This ability combines sharp-shooting and the ability formerly known as Whip to create a monstrously powerful combatitive weapon. Use a whip for up close and personal, while the pistol can create some sharp-shooting techniques.
Sheriff Ability Star
KDLDI SlimeKirby
Ewwwwww, slime, everywhere! Oh well, better make use of it! The slime can be used to form small, explosive bubbles, burn holes through rope, melt ice, and even turn into a stretchy whip to hit opponents from everywhere!
Slime Ability Star
KDLDI SportKirby
Hey, batter batter, hey batter batter! SWIIIIING! Sport Kirby steps up to plate with all of his new sporty gear! A baseball bat for Melee combat, balls of every kind to bash opponents, and a football helmet to charge and do massive damage! TOUCHDOOOWN!
Sport Ability Star
KDLDI TreatKirby
Sweet, sweet victory! This delicious ability gives Kirby a series of delectable types of weapons to utilize: chocolate blasters, lollipop hammers, cherry bombs, sugar smoke, and a large ice cream cone to fire scoops!
KDLDI TribalKirby
Living in a jungle with nothing to live off of besides fruit, hunted animals, and your own wits must be useful if you're trying to fight. Thankfully, we can skip that entire process. Tribal Kirby can fire rapidfire arrows, throw long sticks, and can even start fires with the tap of a button!
Tribal Ability Star
Tribal Dee
KDLDI WrestlerKirby
This ability is actually a combination of three past abilities: Backdrop, Suplex, and Throw! Kirby can charge forward and grab an opponent where he can slam them into the ground, toss them into the air, or even stomp on them like a twig. This ability is a lot of things, and violent is one of them.
Ability Star Suplex


Ability Description Tagteamer
Animal Art
Rawr! Put on that cutesy animal cap of yours and get the powers of scratching and digging! Animal Kirby's powerful claws can not only deal huge damage with combos, but it is also used to dig deep into the ground to uncover buried treasure.
Animal Ability Star New
Gaw Gaw
KTD Archer artwork
Robin Hood must've rubbed off on Kirby a little, or else this ability wouldn't come to be! Archer Kirby is a master of the bow and arrow, meaning that Kirby can fire arrows at a fast, powerful rate. He can even obtain unlimited invincibility with a hiding move!
Ability Star Archer
If hammers and swords don't do the job, then Kirby can just sign up as a horror movie axe murderer! Whoopee! Anyways, Axe Kirby's huge weapon is powerful and ranged, meaning that it is an extremely efficient weapon. It also has underwater capabilities!
Boing! Boing! BOING! Lose your limbs and bounce around like a ball! This ability allows Kirby to bounce all around, dealing damage to those who get caught in the bouncing radius. You can also bounce off walls with ease, and slam into the ground with huge force!
BallIcon KDLSS
Here comes the Kirby parade! This baton can be twirled around with such agile flair that it makes a surprisingly efficient weapon. Smack and twirl opponents around with the tap of a button!
BatonIcon KDLSS



The game has a total of 9 worlds, being a little more faithful to past Kirby titles by having less worlds then the previous title (11).

Name Description Level Count Crystal Count Boss(es)
Towering Tracks All aboard the Daydream Isle Express! This first world seems to be a cross between a generic grass world and...a train station? Funny how that works. You need to board the train to get from place to place, and the worlds are very grass-based: until you begin running from the train itself. 6 ?? Wiliest Woods
Ravenous Road Tasty! This sweet wonderland of the world seems to be a certain puffball's paradise. Chocolate rivers, mountains of candy and cream, and so much more can be found in this exquisite section. Oh, and an ice cream sundae monster!—wait, what? 6 ?? Saendugon
Oddball Obelisk Something magical seems to be keeping Kirby away from the other sections of the resort, and he may have just found it. This odd world features many floating pillars and temples, and seems to take place in a highly magical wonderland filled with many deadly possibilities. 7 ?? Rivuve
Pop-Up Paradise If a spacial temple filled with magic guarded by a gorgon wasn't weird enough, then you'll love this section. Seems like the entire world looks like a giant pop-up storybook. Platforms, enemies, and objects will pop out from the background, and all the locations look like they came straight from a fairy tale. 7 ?? Prince Daringly
Igneous Island A volcano that's seconds away from exploding, a lost village with many odd secrets and deadly inhabitants, and coconuts with odd effects? Sounds right at home here. This world takes place on a vast, tropical island out on a sea-like area, where a volcano rests smack in the middle. Better hope it doesn't erupt while you're there. 8 ?? Ashed Kracko
Chaotic Carnival Whether it's riding a roller coaster while batting enemies off the ride, or finding a hidden world by riding a carousel, the Dark Matter's carnival seems to be the weirdest world yet. There's even a circus tent where some surprising events are set to unfold. 7 ?? Trapededeze
Circus Freaks
Abstract Algorithm Inside the coding of the gates to the final world where Dark Matter rests is where you will find the Abstract Algorithm: an extremely mind-boggling tower where a giant spinning core operates as the main controlling force: here, you'll find puzzles galore, as well as a fighting chamber and even a miniboss rush before facing the core itself! 8 ?? Matter Knight
Late Lair Night has fallen in the resort that never sleeps: things will only go uphill from here, right? Anyways, the Late Lair is a screwed up combination of many elements from each world, with every level corresponding to another world: whether it be a fast-paced roller coaster ride, or a side-scrolling level where the Abstract Algorithm is being torn apart right behind you. 8 ?? Dark Matter Swarm
The Daydreamer
?!?!?!?!?!?! The Daydream Isle was seemingly torn apart by both Leoni's explosive betrayal and The Daydreamer's destruction, but what remains is where Kirby must face one final challenge, by facing off against Dark Matter once more. 3 N/A

Matter Knight Squared
NeGaTiVe ZeRo

LeoniBlack Knight
NeGaTiVe LeoNi


Stage Elements



Mid-Bosses are bosses that are fought in the middle of levels that are much weaker then regular bosses, and not very complex. When defeated, there's a chance for Mid-Bosses to be inhaled to obtain an ability. There is a total of 25 mid-bosses in-game.

Mid-Boss Description Ability
Guillot An armored warrior with large blades where their arms would be. Guillot mostly attacks by slashing their blade limbs around slowly but powerfully, being able to deal lots of damage with only a few hits. Other attacks include slashing around in the air, throwing small hand-axes, and forming it's two blades together and slamming them into the ground, forming a shockwave. AxeIcon KDLSS
KDLDI Tingaling

Ability Star Bell
Poppy Bros. Sr SSU

Poppy Bro Sr.
Ability Star Bomb
Skeletomb Ability Star Bone
Bubbleboros Bubble Ability Star New
Telepathos Ability Star ESP
Heat Phanphan Ability Star Fire
Rake Hatter Gardener Ability Star
KDLDI Geminee

Genie Ability Star
Tedhaun Kirby

Ghost Ability Star New
Frachsta GlassIcon KDLSS
Royale Gold Ability Star New
Bonkers Kirby

Ability Star Hammer
Mr. Frosty

Mr. Frosty
Ability Star Ice
KDLDI Dabrazam

Bombar Kirby

MissileIcon KDLSS
Waiu Ability Star Ninja
Inky Squishy Paint Ability Star New
KSSU Jukid

Puppeteer Ability Star
Slerpent Slime Ability Star
KDLDI AshedKrackoJr.

Ashed Kracko Jr.
SmokeIcon KDLSS
Blocky Ability Star Stone
Dubior Ability Star UFO

Ability Star Suplex
KDLDI Indabocks

Yo-Yo Ability Star New


Both Modes

These bosses appear in both the main game and WATMK!!. Note that in WATMK!!, bosses and mid-bosses that have already appeared in the main game will have the "Alpha" title at the end of their names (i.e., Wiliest Woods Alpha). If you don't want to spoil the game's story and haven't read it yet, go to the story or just skip this section.

Boss World Description Abilities
KDLDI WiliestWoods

Wiliest Woods
Towering Tracks What look like a fiery descendant of Whispy Woods. Wiliest Woods lays in the final stop on the Daydream Isle Express, where you must fight him in order to continue onwards towards the next section. Wiliest Woods stays in the background for the first phase, but comes into the foreground for the second phase.

Phase 1
During the first phase, Wiliest Woods stays in the background. Because of this, he can only be hit by attacking his roots, which come into the foreground in order to hurt Kirby. Wiliest Woods' attacks are pretty basic here: he can spit out wind puffs to blow Kirby around, shake his leaves to send fruits out to the foreground as projectiles (with bananas being able to be inhaled for the Cutter ability), and he can use his roots to stab at Kirby. Hit his roots enough times for the second phase to begin.

Phase 2
When Wiliest Woods' health is down to half, he heaves his roots out of the ground and hops onto either the left or right side of the arena in the foreground. During this phase, Wiliest Woods is more vulnerable to attacks, but his attacks are faster and stronger. He also has a few new attacks: he can send out large wood pillars to smash Kirby with, he can blow out small wispy fireballs that are extremely fast and inhalable for Fire, and he can summon Leafans and Willows to attack for him. He can also spin around now, sending fruits and enemies everywhere. Whittle his health down to nothing and the battle will end.

Ability Star LeafAbility Star FireAbility Star Cutter
KDLDI Saendugon

Ravenous Road This creature looks like a five-flavored ice cream monster who lives inside it's own cone. Tasty, yet terrifying! Saendugon resides at the end area of Ravenous Road, where Kirby must face it in order to continue his travels. Saendugon is a large monster who is powerful, but can't dodge attacks too well due to it's size.

Phase 1
The first phase begins with Saendugon on the foreground plane, attacking Kirby while residing in it's cone and staying still. Saendugon has 4 basic attacks during this phase: it can fire cherry bombs that explode with contact with the ground (which can be inhaled for Bomb), it can fire bits of his cone to deal small damage in large amounts, it can blast bits of it's own ice cream into the air to rain down on Kirby (which give the Treat ability), and it can summon chocolate needles from the ground to skewer Kirby with.

Phase 2
At half health, Saendugon's cone shell will shatter, enabling him to leap into the background, where a glass ice cream cup lays. Saendugon will fall into it as the second phase begins. Aside from retaining the Cherry Bomb and ice cream firing attack, Saendugon's ice cream attack is hugely buffed, as the ice cream can form into enemies that Kirby must fight himself. Killing these enemies, however, will deal damage to Saendugon. Saendugon can also fire an ice cream beam from the background to deal damage to Kirby. When it's health is next to nothing, Saendugon will leap back into the foreground to deal with Kirby itself, but attacking it one more time will finish it for good.

TreatIconKDRAbility Star Bomb

Oddball Obelisk Ability Star StoneCrystalIcon KDLSS

KDLDI PrinceDaringlyRegular

KDLDI PrinceDaringly

Prince Daringly
Pop-Up Paradise Ability Star SwordGold Ability Star New
KDLDI AshedKracko

Ashed Kracko
Igneous Island Ability Star FireAbility Star SparkAbility Star BeamSmokeIcon KDLSS

Chaotic Carnival CircusKirbyAbility Star HammerParty Ability Star

Matter Knight
Abstract Algorithm Ability Star SwordComet Ability Star NewAbility Star Tornado

Abstract Algorithm Pen Ability StarPaint Ability Star NewGhost Ability Star New

Dark Matter Swarm
Late Lair None

The Daydreamer
Late Lair Ability Star BeamMagicKirby

?!?!?!?!?! Ability Star BeamAbility Star FireAbility Star IceAbility Star SparkAbility Star Cutter

Ability Star BombAbility Star StoneAbility Star LeafAbility Star Water Ability Star Poison KPRTribal Ability StarPaint Ability Star New

Main Game Exclusive

These bosses only appear in the main game. They also appear in the regular Arena.

Boss World Description Abilities

Matter Knight Squared
?!?!?!?!?!?! Ability Star SwordComet Ability Star NewAbility Star TornadoAbility Star ArcherGold Ability Star New

NeGaTiVe ZeRo
?!?!?!?!?!?! Ability Star LaserAbility Star MirrorAbility Star ESP

We Are The Meta-Knights!! Exclusive

The True Arena Exclusive




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