Kirby's Dimension Journey

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Box art minus any PC, 3DS or Wii U logos.
Developer(s) Mario Obsessed Fanon Interactive
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) PC logo, Nintendo 3DS Logo, Wii U Logo
Genre(s) Adventure, 2D Sidescroller
Release Date(s) 2016
Mode(s) Single Player
Multiplayer (1-4 Players)
Age Rating(s)
OFLC G rating

Kirby's Dimension Journey (星のカービィのクロス オーバーの旅 Kirby's Cross-over Journey) Is a spin-off of the Super Mario: Dimension Journey series. It instead has the player control Kirby through several worlds from other video games/TV series.


The game takes place right after the events of Super Mario: Dimension Journey 2 when Nightmare has been defeated and the Mario Bros travel back home. Miyuki Takara is tidying up the house after the brothers stay during their adventure when she finds an orb left on the table. She opens it curiously and Nightmare's remaining power is released, allowing Nightmare to finish what he lost. The universe is now ruled by him and his minions, keeping everyone in order and even destroying the portal to the Mushroom Kingdom to prevent the Mario Bros from re-entering the dimensions. Feeling responsible, Miyuki wishes upon four shooting stars that someone will come to help. It turns out however that the shooting stars where four Kirbys riding on their warp stars. They somehow hear the call for help and start an adventure to save the world from Nightmare again.


Wii U

  • Move = Direction pad/analogue stick.
  • Sprint = "Move" done twice in quick succession.
  • Swallow = Y button.
  • Jump = B button.
  • Float = B button multiple times.
  • Duck = Down on the D-pad/A-stick.
  • Slide = "Duck" + B button.
  • Eat object = Down on the D-pad/A-stick.
  • Pause game = Start (+) button.
  • Discard ability = Select (-) button.
  • Use ability = Y button.
  • Summon CPUs = X button.


  • Move = Direction pad/analogue slider.
  • Sprint = "Move" done twice in quick succession.
  • Swallow = Y button.
  • Jump = B button.
  • Float = B button multiple times.
  • Duck = Down on the D-pad/A-slider.
  • Slide = "Duck" + B button.
  • Eat object = Down on the D-pad/A-slider.
  • Pause game = Start button.
  • Discard ability = Select button.
  • Use ability = Y button.
  • Summon CPUs = X button.


  • Move = Direction keys.
  • Sprint = "Move" done twice in quick succession.
  • Swallow = Z key.
  • Jump = Space bar.
  • Float = Space bar multiple times.
  • Duck = Down key.
  • Slide = "Duck" + Space bar.
  • Eat object = Down key.
  • Pause game = Escape key.
  • Discard ability = Q key.
  • Use ability = Z key.
  • Summon CPUs = A key.


Image Name Role Info
Kirbys KDJ Kirby Playable The main character of the game. He and his other selves can float, inhale enemies to copy their abilities.
Miyuki Takara SM-DJ2 Miyuki Takara Guide If you talk to her she will give advice related to helping get through the game without many issues.
[[File:]] Toad Guide If you talk to him, you can get info on the controls and game gimmiks.


# Name Source Levels Boss
1 Green Hill Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 6 Dr Eggman
2 Autumn Plains Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage 6 Ripto
3 Forest of Illusion Super Mario World 8 Whispy Woods
4 Bikini Bottom SpongeBob SquarePants 7 Plankton
5 Space Colony Super Monkey Ball 2 9 Mr. Shine + Mr. Bright
6 Wily Castle Mega Man 2 6 Dr W. Wily
7 Fullmoon Night Monkey Ball 2 Nightmare orb, Nightmare


NOTE: The button usage is about the Wii U version.

This section is under construction.
Character appearance Icon Name How to use
Fire Allows the player to breath fire by pressing Y and dashing like a fireball by pressing in the player's direction and Y at the same time.
Mirror The player can shoot gems as projectiles, split in two to damage foes and even reflect enemy damage.
Sword Pressing Y will allow Kirby to slash with his sword. Enjoy cutting up enemies now!
Angle Kirby can fly faster than floating by multi-jumping. Pressing in a direction and pressing Y at the same time will cause Kirby to air dash and pressing Y will let Kirby shoot a straight arrow.
Ice Pressing Y allows Kirby to breath ice, freezing enemies and turning them into ice blocks which the player can knock back, hitting and destroying certain objects on the way.
Plasma Pressing Y will make the player shoot out a plasma beam which differs from the amount of charge. The player can charge their power up by rapidly pressing left and light alternatively.
Cutter The player can throw a cutter that acts like a boomerang that will destroy enemies upon touching it.


  • The four Kirbys in the game are assigned to a different personality:
    • The normal Kirby is childlike and happy;
    • The blue Kirby is always panicking;
    • The red Kirby is serious;
    • And the yellow Kirby is much like the normal Kirby.
      • Although these personalities don't alter their gameplay, they do add more depth to the characters and makes them different from each other.
  • A sequel has been planned.
  • Kirby has also been planned to be in the Super Mario: Dimension Journey (TV Show) due to the game's release.
  • The idea of four Kirbys saving the day is taken from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.
    • However, unlike the amazing mirror, the green Kirby is absent in favour of the blue one.
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