Kirby's Airride 2
Developer(s) Emerald Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) NX/3DS/Wii U
Genre(s) Racing
Series Kirby Air Ride
Predecessor Kirby Air Ride
Successor ?
Release Date(s) ?
Mode(s) Air Ride, Top Ride, City Trial, Custom
Age Rating(s) All Ages
Media Included NX Disc/Cartridge
Available Input Gamecube Controller, NX Controller

Kirby's Airride 2 is the second Kirby racing game and the first Kirby game to feature a built-in level editor.

Air/Top Ride

Here are the racing modes in-game. In Air Ride, you can race on courses either pre-built or edited while you need to get out of the dreaded 4th place and into the 1st place. Abilities can make you have different effects, as the Items (non-ability items) can give you lots of things. In Top Ride, you are racing from a top down perspective on small maps. Items matter the most here.

City Trial

You are one of 8 Kirbys trying to be the winner. Collect Stat Boosts to boost your stats. Look for Legend Parts. Choose a machine. And just mess around with your friends in many maps and stadiums!


Create your own stadiums and machines! It's cool! The level editor has a limit of 64 Control Points (For standard 4-lap maps) or 128 points (3-Lap) 192 points (2-lap) and 256 points (1-lap). The Machine creator is like F-zero GX's system, where better parts have more weight. Put your creations down below. (Stages): 

Author Laps Control Points Name Image Download


Author Best Aspect(s) Worst Aspect(S) Name Image Download
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