Kirby's 3D Adventure: Time-Travel Journey is the first 3D Kirby game ever made and it's for the Nintendo 3DS.


Playable Characters

  • Kirby-The pink puffball is now in his first 3D adventure, just on a journey to collect the eight Magic Time Emeralds. (He has yellow, blue, and green palette-swaps too.)
  • Bandanna Dee-The Waddle Dee with an spear and wearing an blue bandanna is on an journey to collect the eight Magic Time Emeralds too. (He has green, yellow, and cyan palette-swaps too.)
  • Meta Knight-The masked swordsman puffball is ready for action just to be fair. He is unlockable.
  • King Dedede-The self-proclaimed king of Dreamland even has a way to find the eight Magic Time Emeralds. He is unlockable.
  • Taranza-You know that six-hand alien from Kirby: Triple Deluxe, he's now playable! He is unlockable.
  • Kir-lina-The female puffball girlfriend of Kirby is here and she's gotten an parasol in her hands. She is unlockable.

Non-Playable Characters

  • Aznarat-An evil version of Taranza and he's an master of technology whereas Taranza is a master of puppetry. He serves as the main antagonist and has the eight Magic Time Emeralds.
  • Captain Timebeard-An human pirate who's the guardian of the Time Planet who always tricks the heroes into his traps and works for Aznarat.

Worlds & (Sub-)Bosses

Here are the six worlds with six (sub-)bosses of the Time Planet. Also, there are eight Magic Time Emeralds, two in each two levels of a world (except for Orange Dungeon and Silver Lair).

  1. Green Entrance-Bonkers, Clockwork Woods
  2. Yellow Ruins-King Doo, Pyramid Hider
  3. Indigo Town-Poppy Bros Sr, Spike-Con
  4. Orange Dungeon-Squidlink, Sweet Stuff
  5. Red Street-Bomb-Man (There was no sub-boss.)
  6. Silver Lair-Aznarat's Piston Crusher (There was no sub-boss.)

Soundtrack (Credit goes to the people who made those songs)

  • Green Entrance: KTD Grassland Theme
  • Sub-Boss: SMW Boss Theme
  • Clockwork Woods Boss Fight: Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis) Zones 1, 3, 5, and 7 Boss Theme
  • Yellow Ruins: KRtDL Ruins Theme
  • Pyramid Hider Boss Fight: Sonic 2 (Genesis) Boss Theme
  • Indigo Town: Sonic 3 Marble Garden Zone Act 1
  • Spike-Con Boss Fight: Sonic & Knuckles Act 1 Boss Theme
  • Orange Dungeon: NSMBU Underground Theme
  • Sweet Stuff Boss Fight: Sonic 3 & Knuckles Act 2 Boss Theme
  • Red Street: KSS(U) Mallow Castle Theme
  • Bomb-Man Boss Fight: Sonic 1 (Genesis) Boss Theme
  • Silver Lair: DKC Factory Theme
  • Aznarat's Piston Crusher Boss Fight/Final Boss: Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis) Zones 2, 4, and 6 Boss Theme

More coming soon......

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