Kirby SSBUltimate.png
Artwork from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
SPECIES Kirby (or Pink Puff Ball)
Planet Popstar
King Dedede (foe)
Meta Knight (rival)
Waddle Dee (friend)
Ribbon (friend)
Starfy (friend)
Kirby (species)
Rick,Coo,Kine,Nago,Pitch,Chuchu (animal friends)
Gooey (friend)
Prince Fluff (friend)
Tiff (friend)
Tuff (friend)
WEAPONS Copy Ability
Makiko Ohmoto (anime and games)
Mayumi Tanaka (other media; such like Tv commercials (Kirby before was spoke with the Human speech))

Kirby is the titular and main character of Nintendo's Kirby series. He is a pink puffball with stubby hands and red feet. This appearance can be misleading as he is courageous and tough. He will stop at nothing to save his home planet, Pop Star, from its dastard King Dedede. Kirby's trademark move is to inhale an enemy and copy its powers.



Canonically Kirby has appeared in every Kirby game to date, appropriately as he is both the main protagonist and playable character of every game. Kirby has also appeared in various manners through cameos or as representation for his series (usually alongside fellow characters; Meta Knight and King Dedede) in the Super Smash Bros. Games.

Fanon Appearances

Kirby Fan Games

Crisis! (Neverworld)

In Neverworld Kirby becomes the second Meta Knight. He has been confirmed to take the original Meta Knight's place as Black Knight in the Chess Squad during the Nintendo Civil War. His original armor (right) is rickety and badly made, and is destroyed during a fight with Link. He then upgrades it, becoming more powerful (see below).

The Wheelzen series

In the first few games, it is not stated whether Kirby is alive in this timeframe of Dreamland. However, in Wheelzen Atomic 2: Darth Kirby, Kirby turns himself into Lord Overlord and attempts to destroy the world making him the main villain.

Kirby D.I.Y

In Kirby D.I.Y, Kirby is the main protagonist in the Play Adventure mode preset adventures and main hero in the game. He is already unlocked at the beginning of the game along with Knuckle Joe.

Kirby: Lost Time

In this game Kirby is humanized and the main protagonist. He fights to destroy The Infinite to keep Known Space from being ripped apart.

Kirby: The Ultimate Fighting Magic!

Kirby was a main character once again in Kirby: The Ultimate Fighting Magic!. There, he chases Kurodon in Black Spinach version or Shirodon in White Succotash version down when they steal his recipe.

Kirby Superstar Party

Kirby is a Character It has Pink in a Party & Story Mode.

Puffball Party

Kirby is the main protagonist of Puffball Party, where he saves Dreamland and Popstar from the forces of evil. He chases after Nightmare in this game. His special move is his signature move, inhale where he sucks up any nearby stars. In minigames he has balanced stats and can float in the air to reach platforms that are high.

  • Speed: 3/5
  • Jump: 3/5
  • Sprint: 3/5
  • Toughness: 3/5
  • Attack: 3/5

The Return Trilogy

Kirby is the main playable character of the Return Trilogy, three Kirby games all linked by the common theme of the past coming back to fight Kirby. As such they are classic 2D Platforming Games like most Kirby Games and allow Kirby access to his various Copy Abilities and standard abilities such as inhaling, spitting and sliding.

Kirby: King of Dreamland

In Kirby King of Dreamland, Kirby must help save Planet Popstar from being sucked into a massive Black Mass which is revealed to be Dark Matter, the game was the first to feature the return of Dark Matter in true essence and although the Final Boss is not truly Zero is reflected as a very similar Character.

Kirby Doom of Dreamland

In Kirby Doom of Dreamland, Kirby must save Dreamland from having been warped to a mysterious location in which a resurrected Zero warns Kirby that by trying to save Dreamland he will be destroyed. This game featured a more story driven aspect to the trilogy and also introduced the least abilities of the three.

Kirby Hero of Dreamland

By far the largest game of the trilogy, in Kirby Hero of Dreamland, Kirby, King Dedede and others fall into a new Mirror Dimension caused by the crossover of the shattered panes of glass of the Dimension Mirror. This game introduced the first non-Zero form Final Boss in the Story Mode, Zero Kirby who looked very similar to Kirby and Dark Matter's Swordsman Form instead.

This game also featured the Final Arena a sidestory that summarizes the main series Kirby titles and Kirby's battles with the various evils of those games. In it Kirby comes face to face with most (aside from 02) of the True Antagonists from his games (excluding Spin-Offs) and must fight them in a style very similar to the True Arena or the Boss Endurance. After which Kirby fights the ultimate combination of his enemies and effectively what was intended to be his undoing, the Wretched Soul. However Kirby overcomes this monsterous individual and proves that not matter who he faces, Kirby can always find a way to overcome his foes.

Kirby's Dimension Journey

Kirby and three other multicoloured Kirbys are summoned to defeat Nightmare after being released after being defeated earlier. Each coloured Kirby has different personalities to make different from each other.

Kirby: Nova Zoo

Kirby is the main character of Kirby: Nova Zoo. The story begins with Kirby eating cake before he and the cake, as well as many residents of Dreamland are abducted by the titular Nova Zoo. Kirby manages to escape his confinement by sucking the glass off his cell, although while looking for his cake he comes across Susie, Marx, Chef Kawasaki, and Gryll. They prepare to fight him before Susie manages to convince them otherwise, making the argument that Kirby is so much stronger than everything on the Zoo and may serve as the only means to escape.

Kirby's strength in this game is accentuated by the sheer amount of powerful abilities he has at his disposal. Not only is the Robobot Armor back, but so is Hypernova from Triple Deluxe and the Super Abilities from Return to Dream Land. He doesn't fight alone though; using Dream Allies, which mostly consist of people Kirby has beaten in the past, he verges on unstoppable with the powers of Susie, Marx, and more.

Kirby Twinkle Terror

Kirby is one of the central playable characters and main protagonists of Kirby Twinkle Terror, alongside King Dedede, Meta Knight, and the new character Lance Doo.

Kirby and the Celestial War

Kirby takes a major role in saving Planet Popstar from Lady Singulon and her forces, along with King Dedede, Bandana Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, and Marx. He is tasked with collecting the Nova Shrine from Croxan.

Kirby Dreamcast

Kirby Dreamcast on SEGA Dreamcast released in 1999 same as Sonic Adventure.

Crossover Fan Games

Star Team Heroes

Despite his victory against Kirthar, He's one of the victims of the Kirthar's Snap Finger.

Mario & Kirby Baseball

In Mario & Kirby Baseball, Kirby is one of the default captains from Dreamland. He has slow speed and fair batting, and his strong point is pitching. His team name is the Kirby Gluttons.

Kirby Superstar Platinum

Kirby once again finds himself going through some of his greatest adventures in Kirby Superstar Platinum. But now, he has to save the world from evil once again in the new quest, The Adventure that ended all Adventures.

Mario & Kirby: The Hope of All Realms

Kirby is one of the few major protagonists of Mario & Kirby: The Hope of All Realms. Kirby helps Mario on his journey to defeat the evil King of Koopas, Bowser and the self proclaimed king of Dreamland, Dedede. In some episodes Kirby transforms into a copy ability like in Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, however he can inhale some of Mario's power up items to gain a respective copy ability. Two new copy abilities, Slime and Powder, rarely appear in the series. Slime appears more frequently than Powder.

Super Wario & Kirby Maker

Kirby is one of the starring characters in this game alongside Wario. Kirby has all of the copy abilities he had in Kirby's Adventure and some power-ups that Wario has allows him to transform into some of his copy abilities.

Super Smash Bros. Fan Games

Super Smash Bros. Adventure

Kirby will appear as a playable character in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Adventure. He will have to traverse Brinstar, which is Samus's home. He will be able to use his Hammer to attack enemies, and will be able to use Swallow to suck up his enemies, and then spit them out at another enemy, which will then proceed to bounce off and hit every other enemy in sight. Nothing else has been confirmed, however.

Super Smash Bros. Channel

Kirby is a default character in Super Smash Bros. Channel. His moveset stays the same as in Brawl, with the exception of his Up Smash, which is replaced by the Hi-Jump Leap, and his Final Smash, which is replaced by Crash Kirby.

Super Smash Bros. Endgame

Kirby appears in Super Smash Bros. Endgame as a starter character. He retains his moves from SSB4, but his Final Smash, which is the Hypernova ability, where he sucks up his opponents. It's unknown what is his role in the story mode of the game.

Brandon's Super Smash Bros.

Kirby! Right Back at Ya!

Kirby reappears in BSSB, the reboot of Super Smash Bros. Kombat. Kirby, once again is a default playable character. He retains some of his Smash 4 moves. His aerial side attack is replaced with a hammer spin. He has his Final Smash as The Rainbow Curse where the background goes to the Kirby & the Rainbow Curse background and Kirby, as a ball, comes and rolls along the screen, hitting anyone in his path. Sometimes rainbow lines will come and Kirby will ride on them, tricking players into jump and getting hit. After a few seconds, Kirby turns to normal and the background goes back to the main stage.

Super Smash Bros. Bloodlust

Kirby is a starter playable character, again in the ninth installment. Kirby retains some of his Smash 4 moves, and his Final Smash is The Rainbow Curse.

Super Smash Bros. Frozen & Boiling

Kirby reappears in Super Smash Bros. Frozen & Boiling, where he is a starter playable character. It's unknown what his special moves are.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Fighters

Kirby is a returning veteran in SSBUF. He confirmed to appear on May 25, 2018 along side the rest of the original 8.

Type Name Type Name
Universe Kirby Full Name Kirby
Home Stage Dream Land Main Track Dream Land (64)
Alt. Track Green Greens Neutral Special Inhale
Side Special Hammer Flip UP Special Final Cutter
Down Special Stone Final Smash Ultra Sword
On Screen Appearance Crash lands a warp star Boxing Ring Name HHHHHYYYYY
Number of Palettes 12 Availability Starter

Other Umbrella Games

Minor Appearance Games

New Super Mario Bros. Super Star

Kirby appears for the first time in a NSMB game, along with Meta Knight. He can puff-jump and inhale certain enemies that come out of ? Blocks to gain his trademark abilities, as well as all new ones.

Malicious (series)

In the Malicious series, Kirby is a main character. He first appears in Happy Face D.I.Y. where he is a secret character. He later appears again as an unlockable fighter in Happy Face's Fantendo Smash Bros..

Star Hedgehog: Adventurous Team

Kirby appears as a playable character in Star Hedgehog: Adventurous Team. He can perform multiple jumps thanks to his floating abilities and inhale enemies. He can use some copy abilities by grabbing powerups:

  • Fire Flower: Fire Kirby
  • Super Leaf: Parasol Kirby
  • Hammer suit: Hammer Kirby
  • Frog suit: Penguin Kirby
  • Propeller Mushroom: Propeller Kirby
  • Blue Shell: Wheel Kirby
  • Chaos Emeralds: Ultra Sword Kirby

Mario Kart Burst

Kirby is an unlockable lightweight character in Mario Kart Burst. To unlock him, the player must win any cup in 50cc. However, the player must have a file of Kirby's Return to Dreamland before doing the cup, or Kirby cannot be unlocked.

Paper Mario: The Jewel of Heart and Paper Mario: The Jewel of Soul

Kirby is an optional partner in Paper Mario: The Jewel of Heart and Paper Mario: The Jewel of Soul that can be obtained only within a Trouble Center password. When this password was entered at the Trouble Center, a trouble marked "Find me!" by ???, who Mario finds is actually Kirby, was automatically accepted. If the player finds him in front of Dr. Koopert's General Hospital, he reveals that he has went to the hospital due to his foot injury. He wants to go to the adventures with Mario, and automatically joins the party. Outside of battle, Kirby has the same ability has Parakarry and the Yoshi Kid, to carry Mario over gaps that he can't jump over. His moves came from from any Super Smash Bros. games.

Epic Mario Kart

He Is a starter Character And has good speed.His sepical item is suck n' spit

Lets-a-go, Mario

Kirby appears as a DLC Character in Lets-a-go, Mario. He acts like he does in most of his games. He can inhale enemies and either spit them out or swallow them to gain an ability. He retains all of his abilities from previous games, along with some new ones, such as Shell Kirby and Ring Kirby. He can also fly, but unlike previous games, save for Kirby 64, he can only fly for a limited time. Kirby can have his color changed, too, like in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror and Kirby Squeak Squad.

Puyo Puyo: Shonen Jump

Kirby is one of the special guest characters in Puyo Puyo: Shonen Jump.

Mario Kart: V² Circuit

Kirby appears as a unlockable racer in Mario Kart: V² Circuit. Like the rest of the characters, he can be unlocked randomly by placing first in a Grand Prix on any engine class. Alternatively, he can be purchased at the shop by collecting Coins. He is a lightweight with a medium size. He has poor speed, poor acceleration, good handling and great traction.


Pikachu's Final Destiny

Kirby appears in Pikachu's Final Destiny as a cameo/cutscene character. He, along with Birdo, Link, Olimar and Pikmin and Diddy Kong, playing hide and seek in Pokemon Plaza.

Pikachu's Final Destiny 2

Kirby appears as a non-playable character in Pikachu's Final Destiny 2. He shows Pikachu how to complete a harder level.

RenarioExtreme series

Kirby appears as a cameo in some RenarioExtreme series games. He also appears in Renan!, where he is working with the other protagonists. However, his feet are paler than his original appearance.

Pokémon Zircon & Topaz

Kirby was used as a placeholder in Pokémon Zircon & Topaz, replacing the famous Missingno. and other glitch Pokémon from other generations. Surprisingly, he actually works as a regular Pokémon. He can have both genders, and knows Sketch and Swift, referring to his Copy Abilities and star-spitting.

Fan Fiction

Kirby Deluxe Journeys

Kirby appears once again the this thrilling fan fiction.


An amiibo figure of Kirby exists! For more info about this amiibo, see this page.
Amiibo Kirby.png


  • Originally, Kirby was white in his artworks to compare his sprites on the Game Boy. This was due to the misunderatanding of whether Kirby should be Pink (Masahiro Sakurai's choice) or Yellow (Shigeru Miyamoto's choice).


Copy Abilities

Normal Abilities

Super Smash Bros. Abilities

Mixed Abilities

Special Abilities

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Adachi Adeleine AiAi Aisya Akiho Alexandra Alolan Grimer Alph Amy Apollo Arle Ashley Baby Bowser Baby Mario Bad Box Art Mega Man Bald Bull Banjo Birdo Blue Bowser Bowser Bowser Jr. Callie Captain Falcon Captain Syrup Captain Toad CD-i Zelda Chibi-Robo Cofagrigus Comal Coo Crazy Dave Daisy Dark Pit Dark Samus Dawn Deoxys Diddy Kong Dixie Kong DJ Candy Doc Louis Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr. Dr. Luigi Dr. Mario Dry Bowser Duck Hunt Eiscue Elma Emily Falco Fay Fighter Foreman Spike Fox Funky Kong Ganon Ganondorf Garbodor Gex Gligar Goku Gooey Goomba Gruntilda Hades Haruka Hilda Hongo Icarus Ice Climbers Ike Incineroar Jigglypuff Jack Frost Jody Kapp'n Kat Kid Kazooie Kine King Boo King Dedede King K. Rool JSSB Character icon - Kirby.png Kohga Koopa Troopa Kritter Kumatora Kunoichi Lady Sia Lana Laylee Lickitung Lin Link Litten Little Mac Lu Bu Lucina Ludger Luigi Luigi Mario Magearna Maki Mareanie Maria Marie Marin Mario Mario Mario Marx Mawile MC Ballyhoo Medusa Mega Man Meloetta Meta Knight Metal Sonic Midbus Midna Mike Mimi Mio Monokuma Moon Morpho Knight Mr. Game & Watch Mumbo Nester Nikolai Noble Six Olimar Oliver Omega Metroid PAC-MAN Palutena Paper Mario Peach Penguin Phoenix Pico Pikachu Piplup Pipsy Pit Plum Pom Pom Professor Chops Purah Purple Wind Pythagoras Rabbid Mario Ragna Rash Raven Ravio Ray Mk II Reporter Richtofen Rick R.O.B. Robirdo Rosa Roserade Rover Rowlet Rudy Ryu Sakura Samus Shantae Shokora Shadow Mario Simon Sirfetch'd Skull Kid Snivy Sonic Sora Spring Man Steve Sukapon Sylux Takamaru Tepig Tethu Tetra Thanatos The Arbiter Tiki Timber Tin Star Tiny Kong Toadette Tom Nook Toon Link Torizo Tropius Tsubasa Twili Midna Ukiki Urban Champion Viridi Wanda Wario Wart Wiggler Wii Fit Trainer Yarn Yoshi Yooka Yoshi Young Link Yu Yuanji Yukimura Yuri Zelda Zero Suit Samus Zoroark Mii Mii
Alternate Characters
Alex Baby Luigi Corporal Paraplonk Dry Bones Iggy Koopa King Koopa Kurokuma Kylie Koopa Larry Koopa Lemmy Koopa Ludwig von Koopa Morton Koopa Jr. MeeMee Miranda Miu Monodam Monokid Monophanie Monosuke Monotaro Ms. PAC-MAN Rabbid Peach Rick Wheeler Roy Koopa Shirokuma Toad Wendy O. Koopa Wii Fit Trainer (male)
Assist Characters
Abra Agitha Aparoid Appletun Arcade Bunny Attacky Sack Avalugg Barbara Bastiodon Bewear Big Blacephalon Bleak Boldore Bomberman Bonkers Bonsly Bowser Buizel Burrowing Snagret Cang Captain Rainbow Carnivine Celica Chain Chomp Chandelure Charizard Chirp Chunky Kong Chun-Li Cinderace Congazuma Conkeldurr Crabominable Creeper Cryogonal Cupid Cyndaquil Darkrai Daruk D.D. Dead Hand Decidueye Delibird Ditto Doom Slayer Devil Dillon Dragapult Dr. Kawashima Druddigon Dr. Wright Dunsparce Eggplant Wizard Electrode Dragonblood Prince Alolan Exeggutor Expresso the Ostrich Fauster Flapple Flurrie Franziska F-Type Gardevoir Ghirahim Goldeen GonGon Greedent Greninja Grovyle Gulpin Hammer-Bot Harry Hero's Shade Hitmonchan Hum Gree Ice Hockey Player Illumise Isaac Isa Jo Jill Jin Kamek Kasumi King Daphnes Kiryu Knuckle Joe Komaru Kosha Krystal Kyogre Lakitu Leaf Linkle Lord Fredrik Lucario Lucas Lunala Lurantis Mad Jack Magikarp Magnemite Magnus Mama Alolan Marowak Melmetal Metroid Mew Mewtwo Milla Mimikyu Mipha Misdreavus Moblin Mona Termina Moon Mother Brain Mr. Mime Mr. Patch Musashi Musharna Naotora Nickit Nightmare Nihilego N.M.E. Sales Guy Noibat Octorok Off the Hook Palkia Panzersoldat Pauline Phosphora Pichu Posse Pincurchin Pirabbid Plant Prank Primarina Prince Peasley Probopass Puyo Pyukumuku Qbby Qwilfish Alolan Raichu Ray Mk III Mega Rayquaza Red Resetti Revali Rhyperior Rockhopper Roland Salazzle Alolan Sandslash Satebô Seedot Serika Seviper Sherm Shinobu Sigilyph Smick Snip and Clip Spinarak Spinda Stakataka Stonjourner Galarian Stunfisk Stunky Tangela Taranza T.E.D.D. The Prince Tingle Tornadus Totodile Toucannon Toxtricity Twin Wardens Urbosa Vanillish Volleyball Player Waddle Dee Wesker Whacka Wobbuffet Xerneas Zacian Zamazenta Zero Zigzagoon Zip
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5-Volt · Arwing · Bandit · Bulblin · BowWow · Cheep Cheep · Chum · Death Egg Robot · Elgyem · Elline · FG II-Graham · Fish · Jamano · Joulion · King Bulblin · Marshal · Mr. Saw · Mr. See · Ruined Dragon · Slowpoke · Squirt · Treat Spider · Ultimate Chimera · Waddle Dee · Zero Adamant Suid · Ant Trooper · Arachnus · Bad Guy · Baron Brrr · Bob-omb · Bokoblin · Bullet Bill · Boom Boom · Capsule Machine · Chippy · Chompasaurus · Chuchu · Clown Acrobot · Clubberskull · Conga · Dodrio · Draglet · Driblee · Eggrobo · Exisal · Feline Clapper · Fire Demon · Flighty Joustmite · Fronk · Gabon· Galoomba · Gastly · Glalie · Grizzo · Guardian Stalker · Hammer-Bot · Hayreddin, the Territorial · Hefty Goonie · Jammerjab · Kobber · Lakitu · Lantern Ghost · Lynel · Magnemite · Magon · Medusal Slurker · Merenguy · Metroid · Mimicutie · Mingy Jongo · Miniblin · Monoeye · Mr. Chicken · Negative Man · Orne · Peek-a-Boom · Petilil · Porygon2 · Ptooie · Puffy Blowhog · Punch · Raven · Regigigas · Ringle · Schnautzel · Shotzo · Skuttler · Spiny · TAC · Tengu · Tiki Goon · Tinkerbat · Twilit Messenger · Ty-foo · Virus · Waddle Dee · Waddle Doo · Yariko Crazy Hand · Dark Emperor · Giga Mermaid · Master Hand · Metal Face · Orchid Palms · Petey Piranha · Rathalos · Ridley · Ultra Necrozma
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Amul · Ann Takamaki · Argorok · Arsene · Axe Knight · Big Urchin · Blizzy · Black Kyurem · Blazing Bat · Blue Pikmin · Bob-omb · Boo · Boolossus · Boom Stomper · BowWow · Bravoman · Budew · Bumper the Badger · Bumpety Bomb · Burnya · Buruccho · Buzz-Buzz · Caeda · Carbuncle · Caterpie · Chao · Cutiefly · Dingpot · Dipple Drop · Don-chan · Dragoneel · Drippy · Drumstick the Rooster · Dusty · Elle Mel Marta · Ellie the Elephant · Enguarde the Swordfish · Expresso the Ostrich · Fierce Deity · F.L.U.D.D. · Fomantis · Fryguy · Genie · Gil · Gohma · Goomba · Gordo · Greenie · Grrrol · Happy Mask Salesman · Hoofer · Hoppip · Item Shopkeeper · Javelin Knight · Jenya · Judge · Junior Clown Car · Kab-omb · Kamek · Karate Joe · King · King Dodongo · Kissy · K.K. Slider · Klaptrap · Koopa Paratroopa · Krunch · Litwick · Lloyd · Mace Knight · Majora · Manhandla · Mappy · Masked Dedede · Maya Fey · Mechakoopa · Mecha Kuri · Megaleg · Mii · Missile · Morgana · Mr. Stevenson · Nanako Dojima · Needlenose · Neo Metal Sonic · Ninji · Nitpicker · Nudger · Parry the Parallel Bird · Peashooter · Perry · Piddles · Pidgit · Pirate Goom · Poochy · Pooka · President Koopa · Professor E. Gadd · Proto Piranha · Black Puffle · Purple Pikmin · Rabbid Luigi · Rabbid Yoshi · Rambi the Rhino · Ram Bunkshus · Rattly the Rattlesnake · Red · Red Baron · Red Pikmin · Reshiram · Ribbon · Rock Pikmin · Runner · Ryuji Sakamoto · Sandy · Smasher · Rusty Slugger · Servbot · Sima Zhao · Snapjaw · Squawks the Parrot · Squitter the Spider · Super Sonic · Swanna · Tarosuke · Tatsu · Telly Vision · Thwomp · Timmy Nook · Tiptup · Toadsworth · Tommy Nook · Trident Knight · Tron Bonne · Trucy Wright · Tsukimaru · T.T. · Valkyrie · Virus · Waddle Dee · Wario-Man · White Pikmin · Wind Fish · Winged Pikmin · Winky the Frog · Wonder Momo · Xii · Yarr · Yellow Pikmin · Ziggy
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Boolossus · Boo Mario · Bowser · Blue Bowser · Bowser Jr. · Megaleg · Larry Koopa · Morton Koopa Jr. · Wendy O. Koopa · Iggy Koopa · Captain Toad · Cat Peach · Chain Chomp · Cloud Mario · Fire Mario · F.L.U.D.D. · Koopa Clown Car · Mega Mushroom · Mario · Penguin Mario · Peach · Propeller Mario · Rock Mario · Toad · Toadette · Waluigi Birdo · Boo Buddies · Blooper · E. Gadd · Fuzzy · Metal Form · Whomp
JSSB Donkey Kong series white ver.png
Candy Kong · Lord Fredrik
JSSB Wario series white ver.png
9-Volt · Fauster
JSSB Legend of Zelda series white ver.png
Ball and Chain · Deku Leaf · Majora's Mask · Mipha
JSSB Pokemon series white ver.png
Abra · Drifloon · Spinarak
JSSB Animal Crossing series white ver.png
Katrina · Mr. Resetti
JSSB Metroid series white ver.png
Adam Malkovich · Arachnus
JSSB Kirby series white ver.png
Nightmare · Noddy · Prank
JSSB Rhythm Heaven series white ver.png
Mr. Chicken
JSSB Kid Icarus series white ver.png
Back Shield · Centurion · Eggplant Wizard
JSSB Punch Out series white ver.png
Disco Kid · Doc Louis · Donkey Kong · Giga Mac · Glass Joe · King Hippo · Little Mac · Von Kaiser
JSSB F-Zero series white ver.png
Blue Falcon · Captain Falcon · Pico · Rick Wheeler · Wild Goose
JSSB Pikmin series white ver.png
JSSB Xenoblade series white ver.png
JSSB EarthBound series white ver.png
Franklin Badge · Negative Man
JSSB Ace Attorney series white ver.png
Apollo Justice · Franziska von Karma · Miles Edgeworth · Larry Butz · Judge · Phoenix Wright
JSSB Sushi Striker series white ver.png
General Kodiak
JSSB Other series white ver.png
Dr. Wright · Hammer Slam Bowser Devil · Dr. Wright · F-Type · Rusty Slugger · Zethia
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