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Adventure Mode serves as the main "offline" mode in Kingdombound. The mode allows you and up to four players to go on an adventure, traversing various levels and defeating powerful foes in order to stop the Lich from destroying the two kingdoms and taking over the Ancient Valley!


Long ago, before the Kingdoms of Arcandia & Elytius stood where they are now, there was lives a now long-gone kingdom: The Kingdom of Darkenwald. Ruled by King Tyrius, he ruled over his kingdom with an iron fist, imposing his tyrannical claws onto the innocent people and killing those he saw as enemies or betrayers of his kingdom. Eventually, after a massive revolution, he was eventually killed, and after obtaining two treasures, the Scepter of Order and the Jewel of Unity, that Tyrius hid in his castle, the people of Darkenwald became the new rulers of the Ancient Valley.

After the events however, the kingdom would fall into even more disarray. The people had no idea who would rule them, leading to constant fighting and an eventual split in the people. They ended up building two seperate kingdoms, Arcandia and Elytius, and each kingdom took one of the treasures for themselves, Arcandia taking the scepter and Elytius taking the jewel. Legend has it that those who had possession of both treasures would become the true ruler of the Ancient Valley, and thus, the two kingdoms would participate in a war between eachother that would last until today.

Throughout all of this, Tyrius' restless soul lie deep underneath the kingdom. Althought he wished to rest in peace the constant war and battle of the two kingdoms led to him eventually going mad. 500 years later, his soul and the remains of his kingdom would rise from the ground and into the sky. Now known as the Lich, he had only one goal: Destroy the two kingdoms.

Obviously, both kingdoms and their current rulers, King Maroon of Arcandia and Princess Maya of Elytius, were concerned at the prospect of them and their kingdoms being destroyed. They are meeting at the Adventurer's Guild and discussing any sort of plans they had. That's when you come in. Seeing you barge into the room gave them the perfect idea! Send this random person they just met on an incredibly dangerous adventure!

The Lich's floating citadel is protected by a magical forcefield, which can only be destroyed by defeating the his Six Guardians. It's up to you and your band of adventurers to venture across the Ancient Valley, defeat the Six Guardians, and save the two kingdoms from total ruin! (whether you like it or not)


Unlike the original game's Adventure Mode, Retold's Adventure Mode goes for a more co-op focused, dungeon crawler, beat-em-up style. You and up to three other players (whether they be CPUs, other players locally, or online) as one of the game's classes are tasked with navigating through a level to reach a goal. Because of the presence of four players, the gameplay emphasizes teamwork in both combat and navigating through the various levels. If a player is killed, they can be revived by their allies, or by finding a Life Fairy, which is randomly dropped by enemies if at least one player is completely dead.

The game is split up into 7 main worlds, with each world having four levels. These levels generally follow a similar structure, traversing across various landscapes and occasionally having to fight a small group of enemies. The end of every second and fourth level ends with a boss. The worlds can be completed in any order, with the exception on the final world, The Lich's Citadel, which can only be accessed by completing every other worlds.

The player can set one of four difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard and Insane. The higher the difficulty the stronger and more plentiful enemies become, and the less you are able to revive enemies (Easy lets you revive as many times as you want, Normal only allows 3, Hard only allows 1, and Insane prevents you from doing so at all).


Verdant Forest

Located on the lowermost part of the map, the Verdant Forest is a forested and grassy area where many of the Ancient Valley's Orc population and plant life live. The Forest Guardian, Yggdrasil watches over this area, but the Lich's arrival has corrupted her and her subjects into becoming aggressive.

Peaceful Meadows Peaceful Meadows takes place in an open grassy plains with some trees and forests strewn about. Being the first stage, the level is rather simple and straightforward, with only a few, rather weak enemies, attacking you.
Goblin Forest Goblin Forest takes place in a forested goblin settlement. The first half of the stage is more forested, while the second half takes place in a wooden-built base with large log walls and platforms. Goblins, Orcs and Wargs are found throughout the stage, attacking the heroes from their fortifications.
Kobold Cave Kobold Cave takes place in a network of underground caverns. As its name implies, it is the home of the Kobolds, alongside other enemies like Slicerbats. The cave itself is dark, being illuminated by shiny crystals that jut out of the walls.
The Great Oak Verdant Forest's main dungeon, the Great Oak takes place in a massive temple built out of a large tree. The home of Yggdrasil, she's been corrupted by the Lich's influence, causing her the normally peaceful plant life that live within the tree to become aggressive.

Celestia Coast

Located on the lower right of the map, Celestia Coast is a serene beachside with cliffs and hidden undersea temples. Many aquatic creatures live within this area, including the mighty Kraken, a monster reawakened by the Lich, said to be able to sink entire ships.

Serene Lake ?
Cliffside Falls ?
Mermaid Reef ?
Undersea Shrine ?

Sandy Ruins

Located on the lower left of the map, the Sandy Ruins is a desertous region with many ancient temples from the Ancient Valley's past. Many dangerous creatures guard the ruins of this area, including the mighty Titanos, an ancient weapon reawakened by the Lich.

Arid Dunes ?
Rugged Ruins ?
Ancient Tomb ?
Titan's Pyramid ?

Midnight Hill

Located on the upper right of the map, Midnight Hill is a decrepit mansion surrounded by a dark and eerie swamp. Covered in a dark purple haze, many secrets lie within the mansion, including spirits and various other spooky creatures. Arachne, the Queen of Spiders, lives within the mansion, spreading the Lich's influence.

Rotten Swamp ?
Cursed Library ?
Lost Labyrinth ?
Spider's Palace ?

Frosty Peaks

Located on the uppermost part of the map, Frosty Peaks is a snow-covered mountain, and the highest point in the Ancient Valley. Various ice-elemental monsters live within the mountains, though once you reach the top, you'll find yourself in the territory of Harpies. Their god, Quetzalisk, is under control by the Lich, causing havoc by raining high winds and lightning.

Snowy Weald ?
Glacial Cavern ?
Blizzard Summit ?
Tower of Gales ?

Smoldering Caverns

Located on the upper left of the map, Smoldering Caverns is a massive, lava-filled volcano on the outskirts of the Ancient Valley. Various-fire elemental monsters manage to live within the area's caverns, including the Valley's Naga population. The great dragon lord, Tiamat, lives within the heart of this volcano, and is the most toughest of the Lich's guardians.

Scorching Path ?
Naga Temple ?
Blazing Canyon ?
Dragon's Nest ?

The Lich's Citadel

After defeating all six of the Lich's guardians, the dark clouds above the Ancient Valley part, revealing the Lich's Citadel floating high in the sky. As the final area of the game, it is easily the toughest of the game's main worlds, with incredibly tough foes and challenges that the heroes will face. Will they be able to save the Ancient Valley from total destruction?

Floating Battlegrounds ?
Grand Halls ?
Treacherous Ascent ?
Journey's End ?



Your standard Slime, it's found all across the Ancient Valley. They are the weakest of the enemies, having very low health and dealing little damage. However, they often appear in groups, overrunning your party if you aren't careful.
Big Slime
A larger version of the Slime, the Big Slime is a bit more dangerous than its normal Slime counterpart, thanks to its increased health and damage. When killed, it splits into four Slimes.
Giga Slime
A massive Slime, the Giga Slime is the most dangerous of the Slimes, having the most health and damage. Notably, they are capable of eating buildings whole, so be careful when you're trying to defend an Outpost! When killed, it splits into two Big Slimes.
A mischievous forest-dwelling creature, Goblins are small, annoying little critters. Wielding knives, they use their small size to their advantage, jumping and slashing at players.
Goblin Archer
A hooded Goblin wielding a bow, Goblin Archers are the main ranged enemies of the Orc hordes. They typically stay their distance, firing at your party from afar. However, they are pretty easy to deal with once you get up close to them.
A savage creature that lives in the outskirts of the Verdant Forest, Orcs are some of the tougher foes you'll face early on. Equipped with axes, they are melee-focused but deal higher damage than Slimes, making them more dangerous.
Orc Brute
A powerful Orc warrior, the Orc Brute is a masked killer wielding a large axe. Much like a Berzerker, they can go into a rage, charging towards the nearest enemy and striking with a powerful axe attack. Watch for when its eyes shine red, and dodge accordingly!
Monstrous wolves corrupted by the Lich's magic, Wargs are vicious hunters. Often attacking in packs, they typically coordinate their attacks, targeting a player and striking in tandem. Because of their speed, they can be hard to outrun.
Warg Rider
Having allied themselves with Wargs, these Warg Riders are Goblins who utilize their vicious mount to fight together as a terrifying combo. The Warg utilizes its agility to run around at high speed, letting the Riders fire off arrows from a distance. Take out the Rider and the Warg will go on the offensive, acting like a normal Warg.
Cave-dwelling mole-like creatures, Kobolds are a primarily subterranian folk. When threatened, they'll dig under the ground, using their claws to burrow around at high speed. Once they get near, they'll pop out and strike. After doing this however, they are often left vulnerable, so use the opportunity to strike!
Vicious bats corrupted by the Lich's magic, the Slicerbats make their home in dark and decrepid places across the Ancient Valley. Swooping down on unsuspecting people, they'll attack with their bladed wings and tail. Though weak, they often appear in groups.
Plant-like folk, while the Mandrakes cultivated by humans are rather gentle, the ones found in the wild can be quite territorial. Utilizing their healing nectar, they provide support to nearby enemies, healing them. It's best to try and target them in a fight.
Small mushroom-like creatures, the Myconids, despite their cute appearance, are dangerous thanks to their poisonous gas. They are typically ranged-focused, tossing out mushrooms that explode into poisonous gas clouds, blinding players and dealing damage overtime. They are vulnerable up-close.
Tall tree-like giants, Treants act as guardians of Yggdrasil, not tolerating anyone who dare go against her. An early game tank, while slow, their slashes can deal pretty good damage. Their biggest strength is the ability to punch the ground to create roots, acting as temporary walls to protect enemies and block off players.
Mystic protectors of the forest, Centaurs are deer-like humanoids equipped with magical bows. They attack from long-range, their arrows being capable of piercing through targets. It's best to try and split up when encountering their enemy, in order to avoid being skewered.
Dangerous lizard-like folk, the Lizardmen seemed to have aligned themselves with the Seafolk in order to protect their home. Equipped with a spear and shield, they utilize their shield to protect themselves, blocking against frontal attacks. Strike them from behind or above.
Bird-like humanoids, Harpies are a standard common flying enemy. Equipped with a spear, they attack by diving down and slashing with it. Since they typically fly in the air, they're more easily defeated through the use of ranged attacks.
Harpy Mage
A Harpy with owl-like traits, Harpy Mages are a more-ranged focused Harpy. They avoid getting close to the ground, and attack by summoning and launching sharp winds to launch from afar. Take them down with ranged attacks.
Bomb Fairy
Territorial butterfly-like creatures, Bomb Fairies are known for their ability to store heat and expel it when it is threatened. Upon seeing a player or obstacle, they'll immediately float towards them and, upon getting close, blows up, dealing heavy damage to anyone nearby. Avoid getting close to them.
Half-fish, half-humanoid creatures, Mermaids live within the coastal regions of Celestia Coast. Equipped with tridents, they are capable of attacking with them, either by stabbing them forward, or creating powerful thunderbolts to stun anyone nearby. Take them out from a distance.
An armored crab-like creature, the Karkinos are tough enemies to crack. They primarily attack with their claws, either performing forward slashes, or jumping in the air and slamming down to strike nearby foes. However, they are rather slow. Appears as a miniboss.
Golden fox-like spirits, Kitsunes are said to bring luck and fortune to anyone who encounters them. They can appear rarely in any of the game's levels. If you spot one, kill it, and you'll get some Gold. Just be careful, as they can attack by launching ghostly fireballs, and if not killed in time, will disappear.




The mid-boss of Verdant Forest, after our heroes make their way through the Goblin Forest, they find themselves in a large arena surrounded by cheering Goblins and Orcs. Their leader, a massive Ogre, then jumps in, roaring out and challenging the heroes to a fight. A massive creature equipped with a spiked club, he'll surely make for a dangerous first challenge!

Strategy: The Ogre, being the first boss of the game, is rather simple. Due to his slow speed, his attacks are easily telegraphed. He's also always vulnerable, allowing more ranged classes to stay behind and pick him off while the more melee-focused classes distract him and tank his damage. Just be careful as the arena is surrounding by spikes and several of the Ogre's attacks can knock you into them, dealing damage. After losing a third of his health, he'll jump into the massive throne in the background and summon out a horde of enemies. The first horde he summons will have Orcs, Goblins and Goblin Archers, and the second horde will have these alongside Warg Riders and Orc Brutes. Defeat these hordes, and he'll jump back in. Continue hitting him until he has no more health.
His list of attacks include:

  • Club Smash: The Ogre raises his club into the air before slamming it down. A simple attack that can be dodged by moving to the side.
  • Club Swing: The Ogre wings up before swinging his club in front of him. Move away when he's charging this move.
  • Slam: The Ogre jumps before slamming his club into the ground, dealing damage to anyone under him. Move away if he's targeting you.
  • Roar: The Ogre jumps into the background and roars, summoning out groups of his subjects to attack you. Defeat them and he'll jump back in.


  • Retold's Adventure Mode is inspired by various games, including various fantasy beat-em-ups like the Dungeons & Dragons Capcom games, alongside Dragon's Crown and The Legend of Zelda franchise (specifically Four Swords and TriForce Heroes)