Developer(s)  ?
Publisher(s)  ?
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Playstation 4
Genre(s) Action, Real-Time Strategy
Release Date(s) April 24th, 2020
Age Rating(s) ESRB: T
PEGI: 16

Kingdombound is an upcoming action real-time strategy video game developed by Lazy Studios

The game was released on April 24th, 2020 on the Nintendo Switch, XBOX One, Playstation 4 and PC. The game is rated T by the ESRB for Violence, Blood and Gore and Mild Language. 


Kingdombound focuses on the ongoing fued between two kingdoms, the Red Kingdom of Arcandia, and the Blue Kingdom of Elytius. For generations the two families have absolutely hated eachother, and wished to obtain the other kingdom's most prized treasure to show how much better they are. The heirs to the thrones, King Maroon and Princess Maya, wish to continue the fight to obtain the treasure, doing so by hiring warriors, magic-users and assassins to help them steal the treasure. You, as one of the twelve classes, join this war, with the promise of fame and riches.  In the game's adventure mode, the Purple Kingdom, Darkenwald, ruled by the evil Lich, threatens to destroy everyone. The two kingdoms temporarily work together with the help of the player to defeat him.


Kingdombound is a top-view real-time strategy game with various aspects of action games. The player takes control of one of 12 main playable classes, part of one of the two kingdoms mentioned above. The player completes various objectives, based on the mode.

Basic Gameplay 

The player can use Move their character with the left control stick, Face a direction with the right control stick, and Aim an opponent with the ZL button to attack them more precisely. The player can also Jump with the button to go over small gaps or reach higher areas. 

The player can perform a basic Attack by pressing the ZR button, which changes in the player is aiming or not, along with three Abilities, which can be used by pressing the L, R, and X button. The attack and abilities that the player uses change depending on which class that they are playing as. With the B button, player can Grab objects like materials and bombs, Throw them, enter siege weapons to be launched, have troops follow them or stay in place, or revive recently dead allies.


A large focus of Kingdombound is on Building. Buildings are objects that the player can place in certain modes to provide support in both offense and defense. To build an object, the player must gather materials. The game features three types of materials:

  • Wood: Wood can be collected from Lumber Mills. When working, a Lumber Mill generates one piece of wood per second.
  • Stone: Stone can be collected from Mines. When working, a Mine generates one stone every two seconds.
  • Crystals: Crystals can appear in two ways. Either killing 10 players, or killing 25 troops. Upon achieving that, a crystal is spawned where that last player or troop is killed, giving you a chance to grab it.

Though the player can hold up to 10 materials, players gain a speed debuff when they attempt to hold more than 3 materials (if the player is playing as a Pirate this material limit raises to 6 materials). Crystals have the weight of 3 materials. Lumber Mills and Mines will run out of materials if used too much, and require time to recharge.

Once you have materials, you can bring them to your base's storage bin. Once you have materials in your storage bin, you can finally start building. Buildings (with the exception of Siege Weapons) can only be built and placed in your territory (usually around your base and any points you've captures), or free territory (certain areas between you and your opponent's area that both of you can place buildings in). You gain more territory the more of the objective you complte. After some time, the building you've just created will sit there and be in operation. Buildings have health which can be depleted from enemy damage. Once a building is destroyed, it can't be recovered. Certain buildings also lose health overtime, and will be destroyed after time passes.

Siege Weapons

Siege Weapons are buildings designed with damage in mind. They can help support you with taking objectives, holding off groups, or destroying your enemy's gates. They are the only buildings that can be placed in enemy territory.

Building Description Materials
Bomb Bombs provide tons of explosive power, causing powerful damage to anyone in its blast radius. They explode once thrown and after a certain amount of time passes. Can be used in conjunction with Cannons and Catapults.
  • 1x Wood
  • 5x Stone
Fire Bomb Fire Bombs aren’t as powerful as normal Bombs, but their explosions release fire that damages  anyone that touches it. They explode once thrown and after a certain amount of time passes. Can be used in conjunction with Cannons and Catapults.
  • 5x Wood
  • 1x Stone
Poison Bomb Poison Bombs aren't as powerful as normal Bombs, but their explosions release a noxious gas that blinds anyone that touches it. They explode once thrown and after a certain amount of time passes. Can be used in conjunction with Cannons and Catapults.
  • 5x Wood
  • 3x Stone
Electric Bomb Electric Bombs aren't as powerful as normal Bombs, but their explosions electrocute anyone near it, stunning them for a time. They explode once thrown and after a certain amount of time passes. Can be used in conjunction with Cannons and Catapults.
  • 3x Wood
  • 5x Stone
Cannon Cannons launch whatever is placed into them a far distance. Use them to fire bombs or even your fellow classes as a means of transportation, or as a means of attack.
  • 10x Wood
  • 15x Stone
Catapult Catapults lob whatever is placed into them up into the air. Though the distance you travel isn’t as far as the Cannon’s, the Catapult allows you to launch over enemy walls and barricades, making it a great way of launching a surprise attack.
  • 15x Wood
  • 10x Stone


Defenses are buildings designed with defense in mind. They are helpful for defending or castle or preventing your enemies from approaching your territory.

Building Description Materials
Wooden Barricade A barricade made of wood that serves as a wall against oncoming enemies. Direct contact with these barricades will cause some damage, and their cheap cost allows them to be built in large groups. However, fire can destroy them very easily.
  • 10x Wood
Stone Barricade A barricade made of stone that serves as a wall against oncoming enemies. Its larger health amount than the Wooden Barricade makes it more suitable for defense, though this barricade is more expensive than its wooden variant.
  • 10x Stone
Spike Trap Wooden spikes placed on the ground. Stepping it causes you to take damage, along with slowing you down. It loses health overtime and can be destroyed with fire.
  • 10x Wood
Trapdoor A trapdoor placed on the ground. Once placed, this trapdoor cannot be seen by enemies, at least until they get near, in which they activate. Though a trapdoor will temporarily stun anyone that activates them, you can place bombs and even yourself it to ambush your foes. Once it is used, it explode.
  • 5x Wood
  • 5x Stone
Lookout Tower A tower that can be climbed up to provide a vantage point and protection against grounded foes. Ranged classes and troops can use it to create a safe place to fire from, and it can allow ground troops to attack Harpies.
  • 10x Wood
  • 10x Stone
Ballista A large crossbow, the Ballista can cause rapid damage with a constant barrage of arrows. They are unable to automatically fire like troops, requiring that someone man it for it to cause damage. They also must be reloaded with wood, and have low health which makes them vulnerable to bombs. However, they have one of the most powerful damage of any thing in the game, making them a great way to deal with a massive push.
  • 12x Wood
  • 12x Stone

Troop Spawners

Troop Spawners are buildings that spawn troops to support you in battle. Great for providing extra support in both offense and defense. After some time, the Spawner will explode.

Building Description Materials
Slime Cauldron A building that creates weak but numerous Slimes to support you in battle.
  • 1x Crystal
Orc Barracks A building that creates armored Orcs to support you in battle.
  • 2x Crystals
Golem Mine A building that creates sturdy Golems to support you in battle.
  • 4x Crystals
Harpy Nest A building that creates flying Harpies to support you in battle.
  • 3x Crystals
Centaur Stable A building that creates speedy Centaurs to support you in battle.
  • 4x Crystals
Kitsune Den A building that creates sneaky Kitsunes to support you in battle.
  • 3x Crystals
Goblin Hut A building that creates bow-wielding Goblins to support you in battle.
  • 2x Crystals
Fairy Volcano A building that creates exploding Bomb Fairies to support you in battle.
  • 3x Crystals
Naga Pit A building that creates vicious Naga to support you in battle.
  • 4x Crystals
Mandrake Tree A building that creates healing Mandrakes to support you in battle.
  • 5x Crystals
Nekon Fort A building that creates cute Nekons to support you in battle.
  • 5x Crystals
Mermaid Pond A building that creates stunning Mermaids to support you in battle.
  • 4x Crystals


As the player plays the game, they can earn various collectibles.

  • Gold: When players participate and finish in a match, they will earn Gold. Gold serves as the basic currency of this game, can be used to buy weapons in the Weapon Shoppe, or cosmetics in the Market. You earn more Gold the more you win in matches.
  • Experience: When players participate and finish in a match, they will earn experience. Once a player earns enough Experience Points, they will Level Up. This serves as a basic progress indicator, unlocking various things like new weapons and things in the Meetup Area. You earn more Experience the more you win in matches.
  • Ranking: When players participate and finish in a Ranked Match, their Ranking will be affected. Once a player earns a high enough ranking they will Rank Up. Similar to Experience, it serves as a progress indicator, it increases your chances of rarer items in the Market appearing. Your rank will go up if you win a Ranked Match, but go down if you lose. Your ranking determines what Rank you are in. Every player starts in Beginner's Rank. Raising you rank enough allows you to increase your rank. Rank up three times and you move onto a higher league, from Bronze, to Silver and finally to Gold.
  • Guild Points: When players win a round in Co-op, they earn Guild Points. The higher your guild points, the better prizes you will get.


Battle Controls

  • Left C-Stick: Move
  • Right C-Stick: Face
  • ZL: Aim
  • ZR: Attack
  • L: Ability 1
  • R: Ability 2
  • X: Ability 3 
  • Y: Build Mode
  • A: Jump
  • B: Interact (Grab, Command Troops, Revive)
  • Direction Buttons: Taunts/Voice Commands

Building Controls

  • Left C-Stick: Select / Move
  • Right C-Stick: Face
  • ZL: Pick-up building
  • ZR: Place building
  • L: Increase distance of building
  • R: Reduce distance of building
  • X: Open Building List
  • A: Select building
  • B: Cancel building
  • Y: Battle Mode
  • Direction Buttons: Taunts/Voice Commands

Command Controls

  • Left C-Stick: Select / Move
  • Right C-Stick: Face
  • ZL: Aim/Target
  • ZR: Attack
  • L: Send Troops
  • R: Stop
  • X: Return
  • Y: Build Mode
  • A: Jump
  • B: Interact (Grab, Command Troops, Revive)
  • Direction Buttons: Taunts/Voice Commands

​​Controls are shown as if the player is playing the game on the Nintendo Switch. The controls may change depending on game console, and the player can customize the controls in the settings. 

Meetup Area

The Meetup Area serves as an area where travelers can meet and join the war between the two kingdoms. It serves as the game's main hub and features various things for the player to do.

Bulletin Board The Bulletin Board is the player's destination for joining online matches. When selecting the Bulletin Board, the player is given the option to join a random server, or select servers with preferences like certain modes and/or maps.
Ranked Board

Unlocked upon reaching Level 15, the Ranked Board allows players to join ranked matches. They feature several difference from normal matches:

  • Teams are limited to 6 players.
  • Players are limited to two of the same class per team (1 player for Paladin, Monk, Druid, Priest, Bard and Warlock). This is to emphasize team balance and stop players from using too powerful tactics (like having a team of only Berzerkers).
  • VS Lich is not an available game mode.
Battle Guild The Battle Guild allows the player to play matches offline, locally or wirelessly against CPUs and nearby players.
Guard Keep The Guard Keep, added in the Co-op Update, allows the player to play Co-op modes, working together with other players or friends to protect your castle from hordes of enemies. Completing matches will allow you to earn prizes.
Mysterious Portal This mysterious portal transports the player to the Ancient Valley, and serves as access to the game's Adventure Mode.
Weapons Shoppe Unlocked upon reacing Level 3, the Weapons Shoppe allows the player to use the gold they collect to purchase new weapons. More weapons will unlock to the player the higher their level becomes.
The Market Unlocked upon reaching Level 5, the Market allows the player to use the gold they collect to purchase cosmetics. Cosmetics will cycle every day, though rarer cosmetics will appear the higher your level and rank is.

Game Modes

Online Modes

The game features 10 online game modes at launch that the player can play. In online, up to 24 players can be playing at once, 12 players on each team. There are a few exceptions however.

  • In Ranked Matches, this is reduced to 12 players, 6 per team.
  • VS Lich reduces the number of players to 13, with one player as the Lich facing off against everyone else.

2 more modes (Treasure Plunder and VS Lich) were later added as free DLC.

Castle Defense

One team must defend their castle and treasure from the other team. The defending team has two outposts that, if taken control of, will open the gate into the castle. If the treasure is captured, the attacking team wins. If times runs out, the defending team wins.

Strategies (Offense) Strategies (Defense)
  • Be prepared for whatever the defending team is going to do. Make sure to use area-of-effect weapons against troops, and siege weapons against their defenses.
  • If you have enough firepower, you can destroy the enemy's gate. This is a great option if you don't have enough time or the enemy is low on defenses.
  • You can use catapults to launch yourself over enemy walls.
  • If the enemy takes control of your outposts, you can recapture them. It's recommended to do so since the door will open if all of the outposts are controled by the enemy.
  • Make sure your castle is well fortified if the enemy breaks in. Use barricades, trapdoors, and plenty of troops to take care of the enemies.
Castle War Both teams must defend their castle and treasure from eachother. Take control of the outposts to open the enemy gates to the castle. Capture the enemy's treasure to win, but don't let the other team capture yours.
  • Strategies used in Castle Defense will also apply to Castle War.
  • Be sure that not too many of your team attack the castle all at once. Someone needs to stay behind in case the enemies attempt a sneak attack while you're gone.
Castle Control Two teams must fight to take control of the castle. Once one team has control, they will start to gain points. However, the other team can capture the castle by taking control of it, making the other team unable to gain points. Once a team reaches 100 points, they win. 
  • Make sure your team has a good balance of offense and defense. You'll need somebody to defend the castle once you're done capturing it.
  • Make sure you grab some materials as well. You'll need barricades and other defenses once you have control of the castle.
  • Though gates and barriers don't need to be destroyed, cannons and catapults can still help kill your enemies and defend the castle.
  • If at least one enemy is inside the castle, points will not be gained. Kill them quickly to continue getting points.
Outpost Control Two teams must fight to take control of three outposts. The more outposts a team has, the more points they will produce. Once a team reaches 200 points, they win.
  • Strategies used in Castle Control will also apply to Outpost Control.
  • Always be aware of the state that your outposts are in. If an outpost isn't being defended, that means the enemy can obtain it and get more territory to build stuff and attempt to gain control of the other outposts.
Escort One team must escort their wagon to the end of the map while another team must prevent them from doing so. If the wagon reaches a checkpoint, the time increases. If the wagon makes it to the end, the attacking team wins, but if time runs out, the defending team wins.
Strategies (Offense) Strategies (Defense)
  • Warriors, Berzerkers, Mages and Rogues push the wagon twice as fast as other classes.
  • Defensive classes are useful for protecting the wagon from being stopped, as if one enemy is near the wagon it will stop.
  • Though troops can't help push the wagon, they can help with distracting the enemies or defending the wagon.
  • If no enemies are pushing the wagon for some time, the wagon will go backwards.
  • You can't place barricades on the wagon trail, so don't even try.
  • Placing trapdoors with bombs near the near the path is a great way of creating an almost undodgable trap.
  • Troops can help distract your enemies, and drive them away from the wagon.
Escort Race Each team has to escort a wagon to the end before their opponent escorts their wagon to the end. The team that escorts their wagon to the end wins.
  • Strategies used in Castle Control will also apply to Outpost Control.
  • Have a good offense and defense. It's integral for your team to multitask both pushing the wagon and preventing the enemy from pushing theirs.
Capture the Flag Each team must capture the enemy flag, steal it, and take it back to their base to earn points, all while defending your own flag from being stolen. If you are killed while holding the flag, a team member can pick it up, but if is left for 1 minute, it will go away. Once time runs out, the team with the most points wins.
Strategies (Offense) Strategies (Defense)
  • Faster classes like Berzerkers and Rogues can be helpful in grabbing the flag.
  • If a teammate dies while they are holding the flag, you can grab the flag and bring it with you.
  • Barricades, bombs and ballistas are helpful in defending your flag.
  • If an enemy has stolen your flag, kill them and grab your flag back to put it back into place.
  • Killing an enemy by pushing them off a cliff or other one-hit-kill areas will cause the flag to go back to your base, without even needing to grab it.
Siegeball Each team must grab a ball that randomly spawns on the map and throw it into the enemy goal to earn points. If you are killed while holding the ball, someone else can grab it. Once time runs out, the team with the most points wins.
  • Strategies used in Capture the Flag will also apply to Siegeball. Grabbing the ball from a dead enemy will put in your hands, giving you the chance to throw it into the enemy's goal.
  • You can't attack while holding the ball, as attack will have you throw the ball. Always be weary of that.
  • If you have the ball and are about to die, you can pass it to an ally so the enemy can't grab it from you.
Deathmatch Both teams must compete to get 50 points before the other team does. You get one point for killing an enemy. Once a team get 50 points, they win. Building is disabled in this mode.
  • Try not to get killed. You don't want to be giving the enemy free points.
  • Reviving an ally will cause your enemies to lose a point so reviving is reccomended (especially as a Priest since they revive faster than other enemies).
Battle Royale Each team must fight to be the last to survive. In this mode, if you are killed, you are eliminated. Once every member of the enemy team is dead, you win. Building is disabled in this mode.
  • Strategies used in Deathmatch will also apply to Battle Royale, however, with higher stakes since you don't respawn after you are killed. Reviving is crucial in this mode.
Treasure Plunder

Added in the Summer Update, each team must grab as much gold as possible and bring it to their base to earn points, while defending them from the enemy. Gold are scattered around the map, and if you are killed you will drop any gold you were holding. Once time runs out, the team with the most points wins.

  • Strategies used in Capture the Flag will also apply to Treasure Plunder. Grabbing gold from dead enemies allows you to steal them and bring them with you.
  • You can carry up to 20 gold.
  • You can steal gold from enemy base by going near it. The longer you stay in the enemy base, the more gold you'll steal. Just be careful, as if enemies get into the capture area, you will stop stealing gold from them.
  • Look out for Treasure Chests! Grab these and bring them to your base and you'll earn 10 points! However, it's presence is always made known on the map, so it's a race to see which team will get it first!
VS Lich Added in the Halloween Update, a team of players must face off against one, randomly selected player taking control of the Lich. In this mode, if you are killed, you are eliminated. If the players defeat the Lich, they win. If the Lich kills everybody, he wins. Building is disabled in this mode.
Strategies (Team) Strategies (Lich)
  • Strategies used in Battle Royale will also apply to VS Lich.
  • At the start you are given a 1 minute period before the Lich appears. Use it to your advantage.
  • The Lich is very powerful and has a lot of health, but you'll want to avoid very large groups as they can drain your health quite fast.
  • During the 1 minute start period, the player can move around and look at the team, but cannot interact with them. You can use this to your advantage to learn what the team is doing and come up with a strategy that counters theres.

Co-Op Modes

Accessed from the Guard Keep, the game features 2 co-op mode. Up to 6 players work together in a single match.

Monster War

Work together to protect your castle from being destroyed by hordes of AI-controlled enemies. Survive for six waves and you and your group wins. Wave three and six will have you fight against a mini-boss enemy.

Ranked War Only available once you have enough Guild Points, Ranked War is a harder version of Monster War, with more dangerous and powerful enemies. Wave three and six will have you fight against multiple mini-bosses.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode serves as the game's main singleplayer mode, with the player adventuring through the Ancient Valley to defeat monsters and defeat the evil Lich. Accessed from the Mysterious Portal, the mode plays as a beat-em-up as you adventure through various levels, taking out enemies and completing objectives. The Adventure Mode somewhat takes the role of a tutorial as well, as it allows the player to learn of various mechanics.



Kingdombound features 12 main playable classes. Each class has different stats, weapons and skills to make them unique from eachother. Classes are put into one of three categories: Offense, Defense and Support. Each class has a male and female variant, with each class' color changing depending on which team they are on.


Offense classes are best suited towards taking down objectives, and causing as much damage as they can.




The latest in a line of famous heroes, the heroic and headstrong Warrior serves as the Kingdombound's balanced offensive fighter. Wielding a sword and shield, they possess a good balance of speed, damage and defense, and their skills allow them to take down most foes without having trouble in areas, making them great for beginners. However, while their broad range of abilities is useful, they aren't as specialized as other classes.

Health Speed
200 Medium
Attack Name Description Cooldown
Basic Attack Sword Slash The Warrior performs a quick slashing attack. It has a good area of effect in front of them, allowing it to be used to take down groups of enemies if they are clumped together. N/A
Aiming Attack Sword Stab The Warrior performs a quick thrust forward with their sword. It's just as quick as the sword slash, but trades the area of effect in front of them for a thin, but longer-ranged attack. N/A
Ability 1 Shield Bash The Warrior charges forward and smashes enemies in their way with a damaging shield bash. The attack will push back the target along with nearby enemies. 10 seconds
Ability 2 Blade Beam The Warrior launches a wave of energy forward. A good projectile that can go through multiple enemies before disappearing. 15 seconds
Ability 3 Spin Attack The Warrior spins around like a tornado, dealing damage to anyone around them. The player cna move while spinning, albiet slowly, and pressing the attack button while the performing the attack allows the Warrior to perform a quick dash in that direction. Using this too much however will cause the Warrior to become dizzy for a short time. 25 seconds
Taunt Description
Up Taunt The Warrior triumphantly raises their sword into the air.
Side Taunt The Warrior bangs their sword and shield together before smirking and swinging their sword in front of them.
Down Taunt The Warrior stabs their sword into the ground and crosses their arms, looking forward as their scarf blows with the wind.




Coming from a vicious clan of warriors who yearn for blood and battle, the Berzerker serves as your close-ranged powerhouse. They run headfirst into battle and destroy everything in their way with their massive battle-axes. They possess good speed and damage, but their defense is lacking, so players are incentivized to keep moving while playing as them.

Health Speed
125 Fast
Attack Name Description Cooldown
Basic Attack Axe Swing The Berzerker swing their axe in front of them. Covers a good area in front of them and causes good damage, but the attack itself is pretty slow.  N/A
Aiming Attack Axe Slam The Berzerker slams their axe downward, creating a shockwave that damages grounded enemies. A quicker attack that covers more distance, but does less damage. N/A
Ability 1 Battlecry The Berzerker lets out an intimidating roar. Anyone around them will have their speed reduced for a short time. 20 seconds
Ability 2 Jumping Crush The Berzerker leaps into the air before coming back down and perform a mighty axe swing to anyone below them, creating a shockwave to damage nearby enemies. The Berzerker can move a short distance during the jump, allowing them to go over traps and obstacles. 15 seconds
Ability 3 Berzerk Rage The Berzerker flies into a blind rage, increasing their speed and damage for a short time. Lasts for 4 seconds. 30 seconds
Taunt Description
Up Taunt The Berzerker steps forward and roars, attempting to intimidate the enemy.
Side Taunt The Berzerker puts their fists together and cracks their knuckles.
Down Taunt The Bezerker suddenly pulls out a piece of meat on a bone and bites into it before putting it away.




Intelligent and focused magic-users, the Wizard (Witch if female) is the best class for crowd control. A magic-user that wields tomes, they cast dangerous fire spells that, while not causing much damage on their own, light enemies on fire, dealing damage to them overtime. The size of their attacks make them great for taking down large groups, or enemies in tightly-packed areas. Their fire can deal extra damage to wooden structures.

Health Speed
175 Slow
Attack Name Description Cooldown
Passive 1 Mana The Wizard, when using their normal attack, uses mana. They have up to 100 mana, but if the Wizard runs out of Ammo, they become unable to use these attacks. The mana regenerates automatically when not attacking. N/A
Passive 2 Burn Immunity The Wizard cannot be lit on fire. N/A
Basic Attack Flamethrower The Wizard fires a stream of fire from their hands. Damages enemies near them and lights them on fire. Using it slowly drains your mana. N/A
Aiming Attack Fireball The Wizard launches a small fireball from their hands. Lights enemies that touch it on fire. If launched at an enemy already on fire, it deals extra damage. Launching a fireball uses 20 mana. N/A
Ability 1 Explosion The Wizard launches a small fireball forward. The fireball will slowly fly forward, dealing little damage to anyone in its way. Press the ability button again to detonate the fireball, dealing powerful damage to anyone in its radius. 15 seconds
Ability 2 Firestorm The Wizard creates a trail of flames in front of them. This trail will damage enemies and light them on fire, and will stay on the map for some time. Useful for seperate enemies or preventing them from escaping. 25 seconds
Ability 3 Meteor

The Wizard charges up before launching themselves in the desired direction, or diving downward if used mid-air. Causes good damage against burning enemies, but can also be used as a way of escape.

20 seconds
Taunt Description
Up Taunt The Wizard poses while pointing upwards. A small fireball flies into the air  before exploding, similar to a firework.
Side Taunt The Wizard floats in the air and poses as if they are lying on their side. Their tome flies in front of them as the Wizard reads some of it.
Down Taunt The Wizard briefly floats, channeling firey energy before creating an explosion around them.




Cold and silent assassins for hire, the Rogue is a tricky and dangerous ambush class. They can be quite hard to play as they have low health and must be aware of their surroundings. However, they have the ability to take down important buildings and isolated enemies, and they can easily get in and out of tough situations.

Health Speed
125 Fast
Attack Name Description Cooldown
Basic Attack Dagger Slash The Rogue quickly slashes enemies with their dagger. Deals light damage, but is extremely fast. N/A
Aiming Attack Throwing Knives The Rogue tosses three throwing knives forward. They deal very little damage, but can be hard to see. Great for harassing enemies from afar. N/A
Ability 1 Smoke Bomb The Rogue tosses a gas bomb that gases nearby enemies, limiting their vision for a short time. 20 seconds
Ability 2 Assassinate The Rogue strikes a pose before they begin slashing everybody around them, causing powerful damage. You can move while performing the attack, though your speed is greatly reduced. 25 seconds
Ability 3 Cloak The Rogue becomes invisible from enemy sight for a short time. Great for sneaking into or away from enemy territory. Attacking or using any abilities will cause the Rogue to immediately reappear. Lasts for 10 seconds. 15 seconds
Taunt Description
Up Taunt The Rogue pulls out their dagger and tosses it into the air, before catching it and putting it away.
Side Taunt The Rogue smiles while performing a cutthroat gesture.
Down Taunt The Rogue sarcastically smiles and shrugs.


Defense classes are best suited towards protecting allies and defending central points.




Holy warriors who wish to protect the innocent, the Paladin is the best class for defending allies. With their heavy armor and sturdy shield, they can absorb tons of damage, provide support with buffs and protection, and deal tons of damage to nearby enemies. However, they are the slowest of the classes, and they have trouble dealing with ranged classes.

Health Speed
400 Slow
Attack Name Description Cooldown
Basic Attack Sword Slash The Paladin performs a slashing attack. Causes good damage and has a good area of effect in front of them, but is considerably slow. N/A
Aiming Attack Holy Shield The Paladin creates a shield in front of them, blocking all oncoming attacks at the cost of making the Paladin unable to attack. Can be used to defend allies behind you. Unlike other abilities, it has its own health bar that depletes if it takes damage, but recharges when not in use. The Paladin's movement speed is reduced while the shield is up. N/A (Posesses 500 health)
Ability 1 Thunder Slash The Paladin launches an electric blast from their sword that creates an explosion, stunning all enemies and buildings in its radius for a short time. 15 seconds
Ability 2 Armored Tackle The Paladin charges forward, shield-first, damaging any enemy in their way and reducing any damage they take while they perform the charge. 20 seconds
Ability 3 Rally The Paladin rallies nearby allies, increasing their speed and damage for a short time. Useful for quickly getting to objectives or assisting in and against pushes. 30 seconds
Taunt Description
Up Taunt The Paladin thrusts their sword into the air as light gleams from it.
Side Taunt The Paladin closes their eyes and puts their fist on their chest before pointing forward as their cape blows behind them.
Down Taunt The Paladin stabs their sword in front of them, posing as their cape blows in the wind.




Skilled archers who hunt various beasts and monsters, the Hunter (Huntress if female) excels as a ranged sniper. Wielding a bow and arrow their attacks grant them the best range of all the classes, allowing them to shoot down enemies from any distance, and making them great for area denial. However, they can struggle at close range due to their limited options.

Health Speed
125 Medium
Attack Name Description Cooldown
Passive Double Jump The Hunter can jump a second time while in mid-air, allowing them to access higher areas than most classes and go across longer gaps. N/A
Basic Attack Quick Shot The Hunter quickly fires an arrow straight forward. Can't hit enemies above you or in the air, but useful in mid-range. N/A
Aiming Attack Snipe Shot The Hunter fires an arrow into the air that lands on an enemy. They can charge the shot to increase the damage of the arrow. When fully charged, the Hunter loses the ability to move, but a moving reticle appears and allows the Hunter to fire anywhere within a certain distance. Hitting the enemy in the head deals double damage. N/A
Ability 1 Hunter's Mark The Hunter marks an enemy they are looking at. A marked enemy will cause all the arrows fired from the Hunter to have a slight homing effect, making it easier to hit them. However, after some time or if that enemy moves far away from the Hunter, the mark goes away. 20 seconds
Ability 2 Beartrap The Hunter tosses down a beartrap. The beartrap is invisible to enemies until they step on it, causing them to get slowed down. Only one beartrap can be active at a time, and attempting to place a second one will cause the previous one to disappear. 15 seconds
Ability 3 Multi-Shot The Hunter pulls out several arrows, leaving them unable to move. From there, the Hunter can perform either one of two attacks, depending on which attack they use, with them firing four arrows in quick succession when using Quick Shot, and them raining down arrows in an area when using Snipe Shot. 30 seconds
Taunt Description
Up Taunt The Hunter triumphantly jumps while raising their fist into the air.
Side Taunt The Hunter puts their hand above their eyes and looks around, before spotting something and opening their eyes.
Down Taunt The Hunter points their bow in various directions while readying an arrow, before putting the arrow away.









Skilled combatants that wish to find power through mind and spirit, the calm and collected Monk is a tricky class that requires patience and proper resource management to play. Wielding a spear, they primarily attack from mid-range, avoiding enemy attacks and preventing them from getting too close. Once enough time has passed, they can transform into the Dragon, a close-ranged class that can cause powerful damage, but their presence can make them a big target.

Health (Monk) Speed (Monk)


Health (Dragon) Speed (Dragon)
350 Slow
Attack Name Description Cooldown
Basic Attack


Spear Flurry The Monk quickly stabs enemies multiple times with their spear. Deals rapid damage from a relatively short range. N/A
Basic Attack


Dragon Claw The Dragon punches nearby enemies. Hold the button to charge up a powerful punching attack, though charging slows your movement a bit. N/A

Aiming Attack Monk

Spear Strike The Monk stabs enemies with their spear. Does less damage than Spear Flurry, but makes up for it by having great range. N/A
Aiming Attack


Dragon Shot The Dragon launches a fireball from their mouth. The fireball explodes on contact and deals more damage if an enemy is on fire N/A
Ability 1


Deflect The Monk spins their spear in front of them. Deals damage to nearby enemies, but also reflects oncoming projectiles, sending them right back to their users. 10 seconds
Ability 1


Dragon Upper The Dragon performs a flaming uppercut that launches them into the air and creates a shockwave that knocks back enemies in front of them. Causes good damage, though is also useful for getting to high areas. 10 seconds
Ability 2 


Quick Strike The Monk quickly teleports in the desired direction. A good way of disorienting the enemy. After performing the teleport, you can attack immediately after. 10 seconds
Ability 2


Dragon Charge The Dragon flies forward and charges forward. The attack knocks back any enemies in its way. 15 seconds
Ability 3


Dragon's Might The Monk charges up before transforming into the Dragon. Creates a short-ranged explosion that knocks back nearby enemies. 120 seconds
Ability 3


Dragon Blast The Dragon charges up before creating a fiery explosion around them, causing powerful damage to anyone nearby. If used, it reverts the Dragon back into the Monk. N/A
Taunt Description
Up Taunt (Monk) The Monk spins their spear before planting the bottom of the spear on the ground.
Up Taunt (Dragon) The Dragon flies into the air and performs a flip before flying back to the ground.
Side Taunt (Monk) The Monk stomps on the ground and strikes a pose before making a beckoning gesture.
Side Taunt (Dragon) The Dragon roars as small fire particles appear from their mouth.
Down Taunt (Monk) The Monk sits on the ground, crosses their legs, and begins meditating before getting back it.
Down Taunt (Dragon) The Dragon summons two fireballs and smashes them between their hands, creating a small explosion.




Mysterious protectors of nature, the Druid are a rather unique class that focuses on debuffing enemies. Wielding staffs, they rely on sapping the energy from enemies and making them unable to escape from them and their enemy's attacks. They are great for area denial and setting up coordinated attacks.

Health Speed
175 Medium
Attack Name Description Cooldown
Basic Attack Energy Sap The Druid creates a field around them that drains the health of nearby enemies and transfers it to you. N/A
Aiming Attack Energy Snare The Druid creates energy tendrils that latch to enemies and drains their health, transferring it to you. N/A
Ability 1 Nature's Curse The Druid creates a green blast in front of them that makes players unable to use their abilities for a short time. It also disables siege weapons, trapdoors, ballistas and spawners in the radius. 15 seconds
Ability 2 Tendril Trap The Druid tosses a small patch of vines that sticks to surfaces. By pressing the ability again, and the trap will detonate and explode, dealing damage to anyone in the radius, along with causing knockback. The trap can be destroyed if it takes enough damage. 15 seconds (after detonation)
Ability 3 Earthwall The Druid creates a wall of vines a distance in front of them. Acts like a normal wall and can be destroyed if it takes enough damage, though it disappears after enough time has passed. Can be used to block off certain areas to enemies or prevent them from escaping. 15 seconds
Taunt Description
Up Taunt The Druid lunges forward as their eyes suddenly flash a greenish glow and large tendril grow behind them.
Side Taunt The Druid twirls their staff before raising it into the air.
Down Taunt The Druid scoops up some dirt, as a flower suddenly grows from it. They then plant the flower into the ground. The flower will stay there (though can be destroyed if someone steps on it).


Support classes are best suit toward supporting their allies with heals and buffs.




A holy warrior who wishes to heal the sick and injured, the Priest (Priestess if female) are your team's best class for healing. Despite their lack of combat abilities, they have the ability to quickly and efficiently heal allies and provide constant support on the battlefield, making them integral to a team's strategy.

Health Speed
150 Medium
Attack Name Description Cooldown
Passive 1 Quick Revive The Priest can revive dead allies twice as quickly as all other classes. N/A
Passive 2 Regenerate The Priest slowly regenerates lost health (3 a second) N/A
Basic Attack Stave The Priest bashes the enemy with their staves. It has short range and deals little damage, though it has a chance to do knockback. N/A
Aiming Attack Holy Light The Priest launches a blast of light at distant foes. The range is useful when under attack, though the attack itself doesn't deal much damage. N/A
Ability 1 Healing Beam The Priest launches a beam of light that latches onto enemies, constantly healing them and increasing their max health. N/A
Ability 2 Heal Bomb The Priest tosses a bomb that explodes into bright light, healing allies touching it and knocking away enemies in the initial blast. 10 seconds
Ability 3 Blast Jump The Priest throws a heal bomb under them, launching them into the air and knocking back nearby enemies. Useful for making an escape or quickly getting to an injured ally. 15 seconds
Taunt Description
Up Taunt The Priest spreads their arms and closes their eyes as a beam of light appears around them and causes them to rise in the air. After a few seconds, the light disappears and the Priest falls to the ground.
Side Taunt The Priest spins around before striking a pose.
Down Taunt The Priest pulls out a Heal Bomb, spinning it on their finger, before throwing it into the air and grabbing it, before putting it away.




A wandering musician who wishes to bring positivity wherever they go, the Bard (Dancer if female) provide your team with various buffs to support them in battle. Armed with a guitar (or tambourines) they use the power of song and dance to give their allies morale-boosting effects. However, despite their speed, they are extremely frail, and have little ways of defending themselves.

Health Speed
125 Fast
Attack Name Description Cooldown
Passive Song Effects While equipping a song, you gain certain effects. With Heal Song, you slowly restore health, and with Speed Song you gain a speed boost. N/A
Basic Attack Heal/Speed Song The Bard plays a song that regenerates the health or boosts the speed of nearby allies while damaging enemies for little damage. N/A
Aiming Attack Loud Heal/Speed Song The Bard plays a song either regenerates the health or boosts the speed of allies, while damaging enemies in front of you for little damage. Covers less area, but has more range, and has a chance of knockback. N/A
Ability 1 Song Swap The Bard swaps between one of two songs, a song that heals allies or grants them a speed boost. 5 seconds
Ability 2 Refresh The Bard plays a unique song that removes debuffs and reduces the ability cooldown of nearby allies by 5 seconds. 15 seconds
Ability 3 Powersong The Bard increases the speed of their current song for a short time, doubling their effectiveness. Using the song to attack enemies with cause knockback. 15 seconds
Taunt Description
Up Taunt The Bard gets up on one leg and waves.
Side Taunt The Bard pulls out their music sheet (changes depending on which one they have equipped) and examines before putting it away.
Down Taunt The Bard plays a short solo with their instrument.




Wizards who sold their souls to demons in exchange for incredible power, the Warlock is a great class for guarding objectives and supporting allies. Wielding a scythe, they have the unique ability to create summons, and collect blood from fallen players as a damaging projectile or as a way to enhance your summon's powers.

Health Speed
200 Slow
Attack Name Description Cooldown
Passive Blood The Warlock can store up to 150 blood from dead players, and can be used in conjunction with Blood Bullet to damage enemies and enhance and heal your summons. You gain 25 blood per player. N/A
Basic Attack Scythe The Warlock slashes nearby enemies with their scythes. The attack is quite slow, but causes great damage and covers a wide area. N/A
Aiming Attack Blood Bullet The Warlock launches a shot of searing blood forward. Firing them at a summon allows you to enhance their powers. Every Blood Bullet you fire uses 25 blood. N/A
Ability 1 Skeletal Sentry The Warlock summons a skeleton that stands in place, launching blasts of energy at nearby enemies. Enhancing it allows you to increase its damage and range. It can be enhanced twice, each upgrade needing 50 blood. Two skeletons can be active at a time, and attempting to place a third one will cause the previous one to disappear. 30 seconds
Ability 2 Eldtrich Support The Warlock summons an eldritch creature that stands in place, healing nearby allies. Enhancing it allows you to increase the rate at which it heals and, if fully enhanced, also grants allies a temporary speed boost. It can be enhanced twice, each upgrade needing 50 blood. Only one eldtrich can be active at a time, and attempting to place a second one will cause the previous one to disappear. 30 seconds
Ability 3 Dark Vortex The Warlock launches a dark void that pulls in nearby enemies. Allows you to pull enemies into you and your allies' attacks, making it useful for harvesting blood. 15 seconds
Taunt Description
Up Taunt The Warlock poses while maniacally laughing.
Side Taunt The Warlock stomps the ground while spinning their scythe behind them.
Down Taunt A group of skeletons appear under the Warlock, forming a skeletal chair, which the Warlock sits in with a smug face before getting up, causing the skeletons to go away.




Sea-traveling outlaws that search for riches, the Pirate may not be the best in direct combat, as their guns don't deal that much damage, but they work really well when used in combination with buildings. They can move more materials than other classes, and can increase their power with the Tinker ability.

Health Speed
150 Slow
Attack Name Description Cooldown


Building Expert The Pirate can carry up to six materials rather than the normal three that other classes can do. They can also build buildings slightly faster than others. N/A


Ammo The Pirate has 15 shots, and if the Pirate runs out of shots, is unable to use his normal attack. They will automatically begin reloading a second after not firing. N/A
Basic Attack Shotgun Blast The Pirate fires three bullets in a spread shot. This weapon is best used up close or against groups. N/A
Aiming Attack Pistol Shot The Pirate shoots a bullet forward. Deals less damage than the Shotgun, but possesses great range. N/A
Ability 1 Tinker The Pirate tinkers with a nearby buildings, increasing its health and damage. Can also be used to stun enemies if you are in a pinch. 15 seconds
Ability 2 Pull Anchor The Pirate tosses an anchor that latches onto structures and enemies, pulling the Pirate toward them. Great for bringing you to an important area, or for getting enemies in line of a Shotgun Blast. 10 seconds
Ability 3 Bomb Store The Pirate stores a bomb they are holding and can use them at a later time. This allows the Pirate to continue attacking while holding the bomb. If the Pirate is killed, the bomb will be dropped and will activate to damage unsuspecting foes. N/A

Ability 3 Deathmatch & Battle Royale

Bomb Pull In Deathmatch & Battle Royale (since building is disabled in those modes), the Pirate instead pulls out a bomb, which can be thrown at enemies to cause heavy damage. 20 seconds
Taunt Description
Up Taunt The Pirate begins twirling their pistol, before accidentally firing a round into the air, startling them and causing them to put the gun away.
Side Taunt The Pirate points forward and laughs hysterically.
Down Taunt The Pirate pulls out their Pull Anchor and spins it around before putting it away.


These are classes that are only playable in certain modes.



The reanimated evil king of Darkenwald, the Lich was once a powerful king before being defeated by the two kingdoms. 300 years later, he's back, and he's threatning the kingdoms with total destruction! He appears as a playable character only in the VS Lich game mode. Wielding powerful soul magic, his incredible power requires an entire group of warriors to take him down..

Health Speed

(changes depending on number of enemies)

Attack Name Description Cooldown
Passive 1 Float The Lich is unaffected by terrain and ground-based hazards. N/A
Passive 2 Rage Mode When the Lich reaches half health, his speed and damage slightly increases. N/A
Basic Attack Soul Blade The Lich summons a blade of soul energy in front of him. Hold the button to charge it, transforming it into a powerful blast around you. N/A
Aiming Attack Soul Blast The Lich launches an exploding ball of soul energy. Hold the button to charge it, transforming it into a powerful laser. N/A
Ability 1 Soul Lightning The Lich rains down lightning around him, stunning nearby enemies. 30 seconds
Ability 2 Soul Cannon The Lich charges up before launching a massive blast of soul energy forward. Flies slowly, but pulls in nearby enemies before exploding. 30 seconds
Ability 3 Necromancy The Lich summons five sword-wielding skeletons to attack you. A great distraction. 30 seconds
Taunt Description
Up Taunt The Lich laughs maniacally.
Side Taunt The Lich swipes his staff in front of him before posing while putting the staff on his shoulder.
Down Taunt The Lich gathers soul energy before creating an explosion behind him.


Troops are non-playable characters that can be summoned from Troop Spawners. When a troop is spawned, they will wait around their spawn building. From there, players can use the interact button to Command them. Commanding will cause any friendly troops in your sightlines to follow you. From there, you can either Send them forward to attack enemies or grab materials, Stop them to have them stay in a certain area and guard if in enemies come near, or Return them to have them return to you, as long as you are nearby. There are 10 troops available in the game, each with their own abilities. A team can only have 30 active troops at a time.


Melee Troops are troops that attack enemies at close range.



Common gelationous creatures with a large appetite, Slimes are the cheapest of the troops to create. They have the lowest health and don't do much damage, though their good speed is quite helpful. Their largest strength is their production time, which is quite fast, allowing them to be produced in large amounts.

They are spawned from Slime Cauldrons, and can carry 1 material.

Health Speed
50 Fast
Attack Name Description
Attack Chomp The Slime bites the enemy as an attack. Has very short range and deals mediocre damage.



Forest-dwelling hunters that tend to aggress against humans, Orcs are the most well-rounded of the troops. With well balanced stats, they are more resilent than the Slime, though not as slow as the Golem.

They are spawned from Orc Barracks, and can carry 2 materials.

Health Speed
125 Medium
Attack Name Description
Attack Axe Swing The Orc swings their axe in front of them. Covers a good area in front of them.



Constructs of rock and clay given life through magic, Golems are the tankiest of the troop. Boasting high health and the ability to create a shield, Golems are a great way of providing support in defending areas. However, they are quite slow.

They are spawned from Golem Mines, and can carry 3 materials.

Health Speed
300 Slow
Attack Name Description
Passive Hard Body The Golem is immune to knockback.
Attack Rock Hand The Golem swipes forward, dealing good damage to nearby enemies. Has a chance of knockback.
Special Attack Crystal Barrier The Golem projects a small shield in front of it to block attacks for a short time. Protects players behind it as well.



Bird-like humanoids that live high in mountains, Harpies are a unique and evasive melee troop. Their largest strength is their ability to fly, allowing them to avoid melee attacks and attack enemies in high areas with their spears. However, they are vulnerable to projectiles and fire.

They are spawned from Harpy Nests, and can carry 1 material.

Health Speed
100 Medium
Attack Name Description
Passive Flight The Harpy flies above grounded foes and obstacles, and is immune to melee attacks from the ground.
Attack Spear The Harpy stabs enemies below her with their spear. Can hit aerial foes along with grounded ones.
Special Attack Carry Command a Harpy and it will grab you, allowing you to traverse over obstacles, and get up to high areas. You cannot attack while the Harpy is carrying you, and attempting to do so will cause the Harpy to drop you. The time you are carried is determined by the class you are playing as. Getting damaged will cause the Harpy to drop you.



Horse-people who serve as forest guardians, Centaurs are a powerful offensive troop. Though not as tanky as the Golem, they can withstand some damage, attacking with their spears, and have the unique ability to Charge, allowing them to easily get close to the enemy and destroy powerful targets and structures. However, they have a slow production speed, and they become dazed after using their charge.

They are spawned from Centaur Stables and can carry 3 materials.

Health Speed
175 Medium
Attack Name Description
Attack Glaive Slash The Centaur swings their glaive in front of them, damaging enemies in a pretty large area in front of them. Doesn't deal as much damage compared to other troops.
Special Attack (1) Charge The Centaur winds up before speeding forward, ramming into the first enemy in her way and knocking them backwards. Stuns them for a second upon impact.
Special (2) Carry Command a Centaur and you will begin riding on its back, increasing your speed. You cannot attack while the Centaur is carrying you, and attempting to do so will cause you get off the Centaur. Getting damages will cause the Centaur to drop you.



Mischevious fox-women who are masters of illusion, Kitsunes are a sneaky troop that can help in surprise attacks. They have the unique ability to go invisible, making them great for an ambush. However, they have low health, and aren't the cheapest troop, making them somewhat hard to use.

They are spawned from Kitsune Dens and can carry 1 material.

Health Speed
75 Fast
Attack Name Description
Attack Dual Knives The Kitsune slashes the enemy with their dual knives. Attack speed is very fast.
Special Attack Cloak The Kitsune makes themselves temporarily invisible, allowing them to sneak up to enemies or buildings. This only lasts for a limited time. Always used when an enemy is nearby.


Range Troops are troops that attack enemies from a distance.



Small and mischevious cousins of Orcs, Goblins are the cheapest of the ranged troops. Like the Slime, they have low health and damage, great speed, and the ability to be created at high speeds.

They are spawned from Goblin Huts, and can carry 1 material.

Health Speed
75 Fast
Attack Name Description
Attack Arrow Shot The Goblin fires an arrow into the air to land onto an enemy.


Bomb Fairy

Elusive bug-like creatures that store heat in their body as a defense mechanism, Bomb Fairies are one of the most destructive of the troops. They have the ability to create damaging explosions, similar to a bomb. Unlike bombs, they are weaker, but can created a bit faster than them.

They are spawned from Fairy Volcanos, and can't carry materials.

Health Speed
25 Fast
Attack Name Description
Attack Explosion The Bomb Fairy uses its stored heat to create an explosion around it, damaging nearby enemies. Kills them after use.



A snake-like race that live in deserts, Nagas can easily create tons of fiery havoc across the map. With the ability to launch fireballs, these fireballs explode and can light entire groups on fire. A great troop only hindered by their slow production speed.

They are spawned from Naga Pits, and can carry 2 materials.

Health Speed
175 Slow
Attack Name Description
Attack Naga Claw  The Naga slashes nearby enemies with her claws. Only used if enemies get too close.
Special Attack Flame Hand The Naga forms a fireball into her hands and tosses it forward. Explodes on impact and lights anyone in the radius on fire.


Support Troops are troops that focus on supporting their allies rather than directly attacking enemies.



Elusive plant-like creatures whose nectar has healing properties, Mandrakes are a very useful support troop. They can passively heal nearby allies, making them useful for offensive attacks. However, they have low defenses and can't defend themselves.

They are spawned from Mandrake Trees, and can carry 1 material.

Health Speed
100 Medium
Attack Name Description
Passive Healing Aura The Mandrake slowly restores the health of nearby allies.
Attack Leaf Whip The Mandrake's arms extend and they use them to slap enemies with their leaves like whips. Has a chance of knockback.



Intelligent cat-like creatures, Nekons are not the best classes for combat, due to their low damage and health. However, their cuteness creates a morale boosting effect around them, increasing nearby allies' damage and speed.

They are spawned from Nekon Forts, and can carry 1 material.

Health Speed
75 Fast
Attack Name Description
Passive Morale Boost The Nekon boosts the power and speed of nearby allies.
Attack Claw Slash The Nekon slashes nearby enemies with their claws. Deals very little damage. Has a chance of knockback.



A race of fish-like humanoids that live in grand underwater kingdoms, Mermaids are a great damage supporter. Despite their slow speed, their tridents do good damage for a support troop, and they have the ability to stun enemies with electricity.

They are spawned from Mermaid Ponds, and can carry 1 material.

Health Speed
175 Slow
Attack Name Description
Attack Trident Stab  The Mermaid stabs nearby enemies with their trident. Only used if enemies get too close.
Special Attack Thunder Spark The Mermaid raises her trident into the air and unleashes a blast of electricity that stuns enemies and buildings for a short time.

Non-playable Characters

Character Description


King Maroon

King Maroon is the current ruler of the kingdom of Arcandia. He wants the best for Arcandian's people and, unlike his ancestors, believes the war between him and Princess Maya's kingdom is unecessary. However, wanting to fulfill his dad's dying wish, he, reluctantly, joins the war in an attempt to continue his family's legacy.


Princess Maya

Princess Maya (No not Queen Maya. NEVER call her a queen.) is the current ruler of the kingdom of Elytius. Behind her initially innocent and cute demeanor, is a ruthless tyrant who wishes to prove how much better she is than everyone else. She holds an extreme hatred toward Arcandia, and is willing to do anything if it means getting her enemy's treasure.



Frey is a skilled blacksmith who runs the Weapons Shoppe in the Meetup Area. Trained by dwarves at a young age, she has a fascination for weapons, and enjoys trying to craft the most powerful weapons possible. She enjoys going on long tangents about the capabilities of the weapons she crafts, sometimes even talking about how easily they can break bones or chop off heads.


Milo & Ecto

Milo is a traveling Nekon merchant who appears in the Market, selling various hats and outfits for the player to buy. Despite his welcoming and relaxing appearence, he's secretly greedy and even somewhat spiteful, sometimes talking under his breath for leaving after not buying anything, or attempting to buy something that you don't have enough gold for. He also boasts about how valuable certain costumes are, eagerly hoping you'll pay thousands for them. He's always accompanied by his pet slime, Ecto, who serves as his mascot.



Guards are servants of the two kingdoms, serving primarily as managers of the Meetup Area. Several can be found around the Meetup Area, running various services and generally making sure nothing bad happens.


Kingdombound features 28 maps on launch. Each map can only be played in certain modes, and are shown as either Control, Escort, Flag and Battle, depending on which mode they are played in. More maps are planned to be added in updates.

War Maps

War Maps are available in Castle Defense and Castle War. These maps are normally the largest maps in the game. Team's spawn areas and castles are on opposite sides of each other, with two to three outposts in between. 

Map Description

Barrier Cliffs

Cursed Necropolis ?
Frozen Peaks (War) ?
Greenford (War) Greenford is a small meadow town located between the two kingdoms. The war variant is the largest of all three variants. The first part of the map consists of a small and tightly-spaced town, while the middle is much more open with large fields, and the end features the castle, which is a simple straight hallway into the treasure room. There are three outposts, one located in a small square in the town, and two on opposite sides in the field area.
Oriental Village ?
Pirate's Landing (War) Pirate's Landing takes place on a deserted island. The war variant is the largest of all three variants. The castles are on each side of the island (on this map they are pirate ships), with them being connected by the beaches on both sides of the island's perimeter. Players can also go through the jungle in the middle, which is where the two outposts can be found.

Control Maps

Control Maps are available in Castle Control and Outpost Control. They are similar to Control Maps, but are smaller and a bit more condensed. Team's spawn areas are on opposite sides of each other, with the Castle or Outposts located in the middle.

Map Description


Frozen Peaks (Control) ?
Greenford (Control) ?
Mirage Desert ?
Pirate's Landing (Control) ?
Scholar's Archives ?

Escort Maps

Escort Maps are available in Escort and Escort Race. They are normally the longest maps, consisting of one or two (in Escort Race) trails for the wagon(s) to follow. The defending team's spawn is always some distance between the attacking team's spawn, and as the wagon crosses a checkpoint, the spawns move further through the map.

Map Description

Dragon's Domain


Forbidden Forest

Tower of the Ancients ?
Underground Mines ?

Flag Maps

Flag Maps are available in Capture the Flag, Siegeball and Treasure Plunder. They are similar to Control Maps, but are smaller and a bit more condensed. Team's spawn areas are on opposite sides of each other, and the flags (goals in Siegeball) are normally in some distance away from the spawn area.

Map Description

Ancient Citadel (Flag)


Castle Town

Fae Forest ?
Goblin Camp ?
Greenford (Flag) ?
Pirate's Landing (Flag) ?

Battle Maps

Battle Maps are available in Deathmatch, Battle Royale and Lich Battle. They are normally the smallest of the maps. Spawn areas are on opposite sides of eachother.

Map Description

Ancient Citadel (Battle)

The Abandoned Citadel takes place in a large and abandoned castle. The battle variant version of this map is smaller, featuring one large square in the middle, along with two squares beside it, connecting to the large square with a large hallway, alongside a smaller hallway beside it.

Berzerker Bowl

The Berzerker Bowl takes place in an arena used by Berzerkers as a gladitorial arena. The arena is the simplest, consisting of a large circle. However, after one minute has passed, the edges of the circle will become lined with spikes, damaging players that touch them.
Grand Collosseum The Grand Colloseum takes place in a massive Roman-style arena. The map consists of a large circle in the middle, alongside a small ring of hallways around it. The hallways have access to a stairway that leads to a second floor that surrounds the circle in the middle, allowing ranged classes to attack from above.
Lich's Lair ?
The Galleon The Galleon takes place on a massive pirate ship. The arena consists of two floors, the deck on top and the inside. Players can knock enemies off the deck and into the water below to instantly kill them.
Weapon's Chamber The Weapon's Chamber takes place in an underground dungeon. Split into various rooms, bottomless pits, spikes, and massive blades litter the stage, making characters with knockback very effective. 


In the Weapons Shoppe, the player can purchase various weapons. These weapons will change up a classes's stats or change some of their abilities, allowing players to further locate a playstyle they enjoy the most.


Cosmetics are unlockable items that players can equip onto their character to change their appearence. They can be purchased from Milo in the Market. Cosmetics are split between CommonRareSuper RareSpecial and Event cosmetics, determining how likely you are to obtain them. The chances of rarer cosmetics appearing can be increased by increasing your ranking in Ranked Matches. Commons have the highest chance and Super Rares are the lowest chances. Special cosmetics are automatically obtained when completing certain actions. Event cosmetics are Rare cosmetics that only appear during certain time frames.

Cosmetics are split between Hats and Clothing. Certain hats and clothing, known as Sets, when worn together may give characters special effects or changes to their taunts.

Update History

Since the game's release, Kingdombound recieved various updates to correct glitches and bugs, and add new features and content. These updates would add free content for players to download.

Update Highlights Release
Summer Update
  • Added Treasure Plunder game mode.
  • Added new maps.
  • Added new weapons.
  • Added new costumes.
  • Bug fixes.
5 June 2020
Swords & Shields Update
  • Added new weapons for the Warrior and Paladin.
  • Bug fixes and weapon changes.
28 August 2020
Halloween Update
  • Added VS Lich game mode.
  • Added new maps.
  • Added new weapons.
  • Added new costumes.
2 October 2020
Holiday Update
  • Added new maps.
  • Added new weapons.
  • Added new costumes.
4 December 2020
Might & Magic Update
  • Added new weapons for the Wizard and Warlock.
Bows & Barbarians Update
  • Added new weapons for the Hunter and Berzerker.
Anniversary Update
  • Added new costumes.
April 24th 2021
Healing Harmony Update
  • Added new weapons for the Priest and Bard.
Co-op Update
  • Added the Guard Keep to the Meetup Area.
  • Added Centaur Stable and Kitsune Den as placable buildings.
Thieving Trouble Update
  • Added new weapons for the Rogue and Pirate.
Mystic Madness Update
  • Added new weapons for the Monk and Druid.



  • This is the third original game series that CrakaboLazy4090 has created, after KillGames and the Constructinator series.
  • Kingdombound is inspired by many games.
    • The gameplay is similar to MOBAs like League of Legends, though is primarily inspired by Fat Princess.
    • The various game modes, story, unique classes, and variety of weapons is inspired by Team Fortress 2.
    • The Meetup Area is inspired by Splatoon and Splatoon 2.
  • All of the characters in Kingdombound are free to use! As long as you keep them in character, I'd be glad to see these characters in any of the crossovers or umbrella games you want to have them in.


  • Kingdombound went through many, many revisions before becoming what it is now today. It was everything from a Paper Mario-styled RPG, to a tactical RPG, to a more traditional MOBA.
  • When the game was thought up as an arena-style game, the creators experimented with a more 3D, FPS camera style. This felt weird in the creators eyes as it would weird having a game focusing almost entirely on melee combat feeling like an FPS.
  • Among the various character designs, the Slime is the oldest and most consistently appearing of them.
  • The amount of playable characters was experimented around, from 9 to even 36. 12 was decided as a good number since it would give the game a way to highlight each of the characters.
  • Warriors, Berzerker, Paladins, Hunters, Rogues, Wizards and Priests appeared in the game's earliest incarnations. The Druid, Monk, Warlock, Pirate and Bard were added later on to add more gameplay variety.
  • The game was originally going to have only 7 troops (Slime, Orc, Harpy, Goblin, Golem, Mandrake and Mermaid). The Bomb Fairy, Naga and Nekon (originally the Dragling) were added to create variety.

Classes & Troops

  • Of the characters, the Berzerker, Dragon, Druid, Naga and Mandrake are the creator's favorite designs.
  • The Warrior, Slime and Nekon are considered the game's mascots.
  • Every class in the game is confirmed to be human, with the exception of the Hunter who is an elf.
  • There were two classes that were scrapped or tweaked during development.
    • Peasant: The Peasant was a support class. They would have been horrible in combat, but would be able to quickly gather materials to create buildings. Their abilities would later be given to the Pirate, who was originally just going to be a ranged offensive class.
    • Mermaid: The Mermaid (Merman if male) was a spear-wielding defensive class. The class was scrapped very early in development, the spear was given to the Monk (who originally used your fists as weapons) and the Mermaid would later appear as a spawned troop.
    • Vampire: The Vampire appeared in very early versions of the game. It was not really known how they would have played. They would later be replaced with the Warlock.
    • Samurai: The Samurai was a katana-wielding offensive class. The class, alongside the Sorcerer and an undecided third class, were considered to appear as part of an update, however, because the developers didn't want to mess with the balance of the game, they were scrapped. Their playstyle wasn't developed at the time, so it isn't known how they would have played.Their weapon, the Katana, would later become an unlockable weapon from the Warrior.
    • Sorcerer: The Sorcerer was an ice wielding defensive class. Similar to the Samurai, they were going to be added in an update, but the creators didn't want to mess with the game's balance. They would have been introduced with the Freeze status effect, slowing down enemies and preventing them from escaping. The Tome of Ice, one of the Wizard's unlockable weapons, would have been similar to how they would have played to an extent.
  • Several classes had their abilities changed during development:
    • The game originally never had the ability to aim, so abilities like Holy Shield and Fireball were originally abilities. Aiming was primarily added to bring diversity to each classes' moveset.
    • The Warrior originally had the ability to Shield attacks, similar to the Paladin but much smaller. This was removed as it didn't really fit the Warrior's offensive playstyle, and to make room for a more diverse moveset.
    • The Warrior also originally had Power Slash, a powerful close-ranged slash. It was removed to give Warrior a more diverse moveset.
    • Firestorm was originally a large area of fire rather than a trail. It was changed due to how much damage it could do.
    • The Rogue was originally given the ability to climb walls. This was scrapped due to being too powerful.
    • The Rogue originally had the abilities Sabotage, allowing them to instantly destroy buildings, and Disguise, allowing them to disguise as an enemy player. These were changed primarily to make the Rogue more of an offensive fighter.
    • The Mummies that could be summoned by the Warlock with the Rotting Scythe were originally going to be a Giant Skeleton. However, because they act differently from the normal Skeleton, they were changed to make them more distinct.
    • The Druid originally had the ability Etherial Form, allowing him to become invincible for a short time but be unable to attack enemies. It was replaced with Tendril Trap to make Druid more of an effective fighter.
    • The Druid was originally going to be a support class. However, when Etherial Form changed to Tendril Trap, their moveset became much more damage oriented, not fitting the support role. They were swapped with the Warlock, who was originally a defensive class.
  • From fastest to slowest, the speed of the classes are: Rogue, Bard, Berzerker, Monk, Hunter, Warrior, Priest, Druid, Pirate, Wizard, Warlock, Paladin, Dragon
    • This list also affects the time that class is carried by a Harpy, with the Rogue being the longest and the Dragon being the shortest.
  • The Female Monk underwent a redesign during development. This was primarily done because the creators, overtime, didn't really like their old design.
  • Early on, the Dragon was originally a more, traditional wyvern rather than the more humanoid dragon featured in the game. They would have been a support troop, attacking from above and being able to carry players and items across the map. While this could be done when the game was 3D, when the game was switched to top-down, it made them hard to balance and work. They were scrapped for some time, before becoming transformations for the Monk, prompting their change in design.
  • The Bard was one of the hardest classes to create costumes for, since the male and female variants have such drastic changes in appearence.
  • The Bard was almost scrapped from the game, however, according to the developers, "With all of these other standard RPG classes, it felt a bit weird not having any sort of bard in the game." Before he was finally kept, the Druid would have had a similar playstyle, buffing nearby allies.
  • Several troops were considered to appear or changed during development. These include:
    • Warg: Replaced with the Orc as the balanced melee troop. They'd later appear as an enemy in Adventure Mode.
    • Orc: Originally served as the game's tanky melee troop, but was replaced with the Golem.
    • Golem: Went through the most changes of all of the troops. Originally a ranged tank that launched crystals from its back, it's ability changed to being able to breath fire, before turning into a melee-based tank.
    • Succubus: Was originally added as the fireball-launching troop. Was replaced with the Naga. They'd later appear as an enemy in Adventure Mode.
    • Dragling: Originally served as the buffing troop. Was replaced with the Nekon.
  • The creators added the Slime's "ears" to make them more recognizeable from other slimes in other video games.
  • The Bomb Fairies were redesigned during the game's development to give them a cuter design. Their original design had a more bug-like design, with their skin being red/blue (depending on the team).
  • The Nekons were inspired by the Felynes from the Monster Hunter series.
  • According to the creators, the Ghost's wearing a fake cloak and head. Their actual body is the wisp.

Other Characters

  • King Maroon and Princess Maya are named after different shades of red and blue respectively.
  • Princess Maya apparently hates being called a queen because it makes her feel old.
  • Though several races and creatures were considered, Milo was decided to be a Nekon since it would sort of fit the personality of an initially cute but sly and greedy salesman.
  • The Lich is inspired by Merasmus from Team Fortress 2.
  • The Lich was originally called the Necromancer. This was changed to the Lich because it was seen as a more powerful title.


  • Some game modes were scrapped during development.
    • Free-for-all versions of Battle Royale and Deathmatch was considered to appear in the game. They were scrapped since it went against the team-based gameplay.
    • A scrapped game mode called Capture the Dragon was originally going to appear in the game. It was a free-for-all mode inspired by Juggernaut modes of other shooting games, with players being tasked with grabbing onto a dragon and using it to kill everyone else. If the dragon's health is reduced to zero, the player riding it was killed and someone else could grab onto it. It was removed because it went against the team-based gameplay. The creators ended up adding the Dragon as a playable character instead, and this mode would later inspired the VS Lich game mode.
  • VS Lich was originally not going to feature the Lich, instead featuring a character known as the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut was scrapped early in development of this mode, as the developers loved the idea of making the Lich a playable character.
  • VS Lich is primarily inspired by the Juggernaut game mode from the Call of Duty games, and VS Saxton Hale, a community-made game mode from Team Fortress 2.
  • Treasure Plunder was originally going to be Present Plunder. This was changed to remove the Christmas theme and allow it to become available at all times.
  • Treasure Plunder is inspired by Clam Blitz from Splatoon, and Robot Destruction (a scrapped mode) from Team Fortress 2.
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