The King of Hoadrens is a large Hoadren and the main antagonist of the Catchers series. He leads the Hoadren army, and came up with the idea of invading the Earth's realm. He mainly uses Green and Orange energy in his attacks, allowing him to heal his servents helping him attack and hurt the opposer.


Before Rich can battle him, he accidentally causes the airship to crash. Rich chases him as he flees up a mountain, although Hoadren Wizards try to stop him. At the top, they create a portal, but Rich throws a Stun Bomb at them and they are knocked out. The Wizards return and make a battlefield for them to fight on. Rich must avoid his Green Bombs and Flare Sword and try to jab him. Sometimes, the Wizards will summon a Hoadren Heavy for Rich to defeat.

When the King almost dies, he merges with the wizards and the platform acends to another dimension where people cannot die. The King is now a light being with 4 Orbs giving him power. Rich must trick him into breaking the orbs, in which case the King will de-merge with the Wizards and fall back to the mountain. The Kin tries to get up, but Rich hits him and he falls off the mountain. All the Hoadrens in the Earthly realm will turn to dust and go into a portal infront of Rich.

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