King Polar is the main villian of The Legendary Climbers and The Adventures of The Dark Climbers. He is the King of the Polar Bears!

The Legendary Climbers

King Polar makes his first appearence in The Legendary Climbers. It is thought that the main villians in this game are The Dark Climbers, but it is revealed that he is actually controlling them with a special chip! You must fight him at the end of the game with the Dark Climbers, since he captures the Ice Climbers!

The Adventues of The Dark Climbers

King Polar makes his second appearence in The Adventures of The Dark Climbers. He is seen at the begining of the game, capturing The Dark Climbers, then drop them in the middle of no where! His boss fight at the end of the game is even harder, because most of his attacks have either gotten stronger, or just have more accuracy!

Fantendo Fighters

King Polar is set to appear in Fantendo Fighters. He was put into the game at the last moment! Eterwho was supposed to be a fighter, but was replaced by King Polar. He is going to be an unlockable fighter. He is one of the only villians in the entire roster that is known at the moment. His Home Stage is going to be King Polar's Lair.


Ground Stomp: King Polar stomps on the ground, causing a big rumble!
Power Jump: King Polar jumps up in the air, then comes crashing back down!
Polar Bear: King Polar summons a Polar Bear.
Scepter Fire: From his septer, he shoots 5 small fireballs.
Scepter Ice: Works like Septar Fire, but shoots 5 iceballs.
Icey Whirlwind: King Polar spins around, freezing the Dark Climbers if they come to close.
Royal Trumpet: Plays on his trumpet, but the notes sound horrible so if they touch the notes, they will take damage!
Freezing Tempature: Slams his hands down to the ground, causing the platform to turn icy for 5 sec.
Capt-O-Copter: Hops into a little helicopter shapped like a Freezie, that will try to pick The Dark Climbers up. If it does, King Polar jumps out, causing the copter to fall and explode!
Snowy Day: Once King Polar is down to his last bits of health, he will make clouds and have ice falls down. If any hits King Polar, it will have him regain a tiny bit of health. You can block this by jumping on top of him and keep using Dark Beam upwards, which will disinagrate the snow. If you manage to block snow from hitting King Polar, he will fall over, knowing he has lost! He can only use this attack once!


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