King koopland

Promotinal artwork. Notice the stuff he is holding. These are called White Bombs, but didnt make it into the final game.

King Koopland is the evil king of Gritzy Desert. He doesnt look that much like a Koopa, but more like a monkey. He appears in Paper Princess Peach, and a boss. He flies around on his Magic Carpet, and says that he doesnt have the time to get off. He is pretty much a procastinator, and hypnotised the people of Gritzy Desert to do his bidding. Peach and her friends fight all the way up to his castle, where he is mad at Peach for killing his men. He then attacks her, and a battle starts. His attacks include whishing up a sandstorm and thrustin it at Peach, Pulling out bombs from nowhere and throwing them at Peach, and just smashing at Peach. Once around 20 damage has been tooken off, his carpet faids away, and he is forced to fight without his carpet. His only attack in this form is to kick Peach.

Once defeated, he fades away like his carpet, and reveals a Crystal Heart.