King Boo
LM3 King Boo
King Boo's artwork for Super Smash Bros. Galactic Battle
Availability Unlockable
King Boo (キングテレサ, King Teresa) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Galactic Battle.

King Boo is the king of the Boos, and the arch-nemesis of Luigi, being the same vein as Mario's rivalry with Bowser. King Boo has kidnapped and held hostage members of the Mushroom Kingdom on many occasions and has even participated in Sports and Kart Races.

King Boo is voiced by Toru Asakawa, who is reprising his role and has been voicing the character in all appearances since his debut in Luigi's Mansion.

How to Unlock

  • ???
  • ???
  • Get him to join your party in The Galactic Battle.

With the exception of the final task, King Boo will challenge the player to a battle on Luigi's Mansion. Defeating him will allow him to be used for regular gameplay.


Name Description
Neutral attack N/A King Boo slaps forward twice followed by launching his entire body towards the opponent.
Forward Tilt N/A King Boo floats forward while headbutting any opponents within his way.
Up Tilt N/A King Boo performs an upwards headbutt, attacking with his crown.
Down Tilt N/A King Boo licks any nearby opponents with his tongue, longer range than Bowser Jr's.
Dash Attack N/A King Boo rushes forward, headbutting any opponents.
Forward Smash N/A King Boo hides his face with his arms, then opens them up, revealing a scary face that can stun opponents who were caught in it. King Boo can use the attack afterward, except it will change to him swinging his crown downwards.
Up Smash N/A King Boo swings his tongue above him.
Down Smash N/A King Boo spits multiple miniature blue fireballs on the ground in front of him.
Neutral Aerial N/A King Boo spins around, emitting blue flames from his arms during the spin. Hits multiple times.
Forward Aerial N/A King Boo swings his crown downwards, can be meteor smashed if sweetspotted.
Back Aerial N/A King Boo spins around with his tongue outstretched. Hits multiple times.
Up Aerial N/A King Boo launches his crown upwards.
Down Aerial N/A King Boo flips upside down and flies downwards. Can self-destruct if not properly used.
Grab N/A King Boo grabs the opponent with one arm.
Pummel N/A King Boo punches the opponent.
Forward Throw N/A King Boo throws the opponent forwards telekinetically.
Back Throw N/A King Boo throws the opponent backward telekinetically.
Up Throw N/A King Boo tosses the opponent upwards telekinetically.
Down Throw N/A King Boo slams the opponent on the ground telekinetically and spits blue fire on them.
Neutral Special Blue Fireball Launch King Boo charges up a blue fireball from his mouth and spits it out in a quick sphere.
Side Special Boo Swarm King Boo summons a swarm of Boos towards the opponent. Multiple hits.
Up Special Boo Teleport King Boo teleports to a different area of the stage depending on which direction was pressed.
Down Special Scare Counter King Boo hides his face, and when attacked, retaliates with opening his face. The scary expression will stun the opponent, allowing King Boo to attack. King Boo will still take damage during the attack.
Final Smash Bowser Suit King Boo dashes forward, knocking all nearby opponents onto the roof of Luigi's Mansion, where he sits in the Bowser Suit, laughing evilly as he spits out fireballs towards the captured opponents, followed by several spike bombs that explode on each opponent, launching them.

Other Animations

Animation Description
On-Screen Appearance A swarm of Boos appears, and keep on flying away until King Boo ends it by appearing on the stage.
Taunt 1
Taunt 2
Taunt 3
Star KO King Boo groans as he flys into the sky.
Screen KO King Boo slams the screen with his tongue sticking out and his eyes shut.
Character Selection Screen
Crowd Chant All hail King Boo! All hail King Boo!
Victory Pose 1
Victory Pose 2
Victory Pose 3

Role in The Elemental Labyrinth

King Boo was among the many fighters present at the ceremony hosted by Master Hand and Crazy Hand. King Boo was present during the clash between Hearth, Floe, Master Hand, and Crazy Hand. During the clash between the six deities, King Boo was seen fighting alongside Luigi, Yuri, Mio, Mayu, and Miu, but upon being given the nod by Balder, King Boo threw Luigi into Floe's beams, vaporizing him and placing him under her control, while proceeding to shove all four girls into the beams of Boreas, placing them under his control. King Boo then intentionally let himself be vaporized by Boreas' beams in order to serve him.

Role in Classic Mode

A Collection of Paintings

King Boo's Ultimate style Classic Mode is titled.

Alternate Costumes

King Boo switches between his Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario designs for his costumes. His alternate colors are based on various ghosts encountered in the Luigi's Mansion games.

Image Color Notes
White King Boo's most recent appearance as of Luigi's Mansion 3.
White King Boo's alternate design as it recently appeared in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
Gold Based on the color scheme of the Gold Ghost from Luigi's Mansion.
Pink Based on the color scheme of a Pink Boo.
Blue Based on the color scheme of Blue Twirler from Luigi's Mansion.
Purple Based on the color scheme of Bogmire from Luigi's Mansion.
Green Based on the color scheme of a Greenie from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
Red Based on the color scheme of a Slammer from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.


  • King Boo is the first, and so far only ghost fighter to be playable in Super Smash Bros. Galactic Battle.
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