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White gloves! A cute little moustache! Soft shoes! How did you get out of my...? ... Huh? Wait just a second... Your clothes Hey, you must be Luigi! Whoa, you had me a bit confused for a moment there! What? You want me to release Mario? Riiiiight. No, no, no. I will not give up my favorite decoration. I like Mario just where he is. Hey, so what's that you got there? A Poltergust 3000?! Uh oh! What should we do, Boos? Good idea, guys! All Boos in this area, gather your strength! We'll blow him away!!! ... We'll take a big Boo breath... ...and blow you away!!
King Boo, in Luigi's Mansion
King Boo
キングテレサ Kingu Teresa
King Boo in his normal appearance and his appearance in the Luigi's Mansion series.
OCCUPATION(S) King of ghosts
Invisibility, Teleportation
Luigi's Mansion
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi's Mansion 3
Super Mario Sunshine
Toru Asakawa

King Boo is a major antagonist in the Mario series, serving as the main antagonist of the Luigi's Mansion series and Luigi's arch nemesis. He is also an ally of Bowser and has helped him in his schemes, but is shown to be perfectly capable of enacting villainous plans himself, as he's been able to capture Mario on multiple occasions.

King Boo, as his name suggests, is the king of all ghosts, and in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is shown to be the ruler of the Paranormal Dimension. He has a deep hatred for the Mario Bros., especially Luigi, stemming from them defeating various Boos on their adventures. While not the biggest Boo, he has abilities that far surpass that of the average ghost, and wields a number of magical powers. As shown in Luigi's Mansion, his power is directly proportional to the number of Boos in his vicinity.

King Boo's design is inconsistent and changes from game to game. Usually, he simply appears as a larger Boo with a crown that resembles that of Princess Peach. In the Luigi's Mansion series, he has a far more sinister appearance, with a blue mouth and tongue, pink eyes shrouded in darkness, and a jewel on his crown that grants him his powers. The reasoning for this is unknown.


Luigi's Mansion

King Boo makes his debut in Luigi's Mansion. Prior to the events of the game, Professor E. Gadd manages to capture Boolossus, and uses a device known as the Ghost Portrificationizer to turn him into a portrait and hang it in the gallery of his lab in Boo Woods. This angers King Boo, and he and his army of Boos storm the lab to free Boolossus, as well as all the other ghosts E. Gadd captured.

Following this, King Boo creates a giant mansion next to the professor's lab that he, his Boo minions, and the freed portrait ghosts use as a base of operations. He then decides to exact revenge on Mario and Luigi for attacking all the Boos on their adventures. He sends a letter to Luigi, saying he won a mansion in a contest and provides a location for the prize. Suspicious about winning the mansion since he didn't enter the contest at all, Luigi asks Mario to investigate, saying he will arrive shortly after. Mario agrees and checks out the mansion for himself, but is quickly overwhelmed by King Boo's forces and is trapped in a painting, hung in the Secret Altar in the basement of the mansion. Happy with this turn of events, King Boo waits for Luigi so he can capture him and hang him next to Mario.

While exploring the mansion, Luigi presses a button in the Storage Room, opening a door and causing a swarm of Boos, including King Boo, to attack Luigi. However, they stop when they notice he has the Poltergust 3000, given to him by Professor E. Gadd. Since it is one of the few things King Boo fears, he and his Boos retreat, with him hiding in the Secret Altar.

In order to battle King Boo, Luigi must retrieve a key to the Secret Altar in Vincent Van Gore holds in the Artist's Studio on the third floor of the mansion. Even after he retrieves the key, Luigi still can't enter the Secret Altar without King Boo blowing him back to the Foyer on the first floor. Since his power is related to the number of Boos in the mansion, Luigi can weaken this power by finding and capturing Boos with the Poltergust 3000. Once 40 of the mansion's 50 Boos are defeated, King Boo loses the ability to blow Luigi back, and challenges him himself. Eager to turn Luigi into a painting and hang him next to Mario, King Boo makes the Mario painting transform into a Bowser painting, which inhales Luigi into an arena that resembles the mansion's roof, where he fights a giant Bowser. In reality, this is King Boo in a Bowser suit that he controls from the inside and uses as a shield.

King Boo battling Luigi with the Bowser Suit.

From inside the suit, King Boo can spit fireballs and inhale Luigi and spit him out. He can also throw spiked bombs that explode after some time; Luigi can use the Poltergust 3000 to suck in the bombs and throw them in the Bowser suit's mouth, causing it to explode and blasting the suit's head off, exposing King Boo. Luigi can then use the Poltergust 3000 to attack King Boo, but must dodge the floating Bowser head that shoots icy blasts at him. After awhile, King Boo will go back into the suit as the head reattaches itself. This cycle must be repeated until King Boo is defeated and sucked into the Poltergust 3000. Once defeated, Luigi takes King Boo's crown, worth 5000G, and puts it with his treasure collection. Professor E. Gadd then frees Mario from his portrait, and turns King Boo into a portrait to hang it in his gallery.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

After the events of Luigi's Mansion, Professor E. Gadd sold his portrait of King Boo in a garage sale, allowing him to escape the portrait and seek revenge. While E. Gadd is studying the ghosts in Evershade Valley, King Boo breaks the Dark Moon that hangs over the valley, turning the once-friendly ghosts into very hostile ones and minions of King Boo. E. Gadd enlists on Luigi's help once again, this time with his new Poltergust 5000 found in Gloomy Manor.

King Boo confronting Luigi in the Paranormal Dimension.

King Boo hides in Treacherous Mansion, the last mansion explored in the game. While exploring it, Luigi finds out that he captured Mario in a painting just like he did before. After securing the last piece of the Dark Moon, King Boo kidnaps Luigi and sends him to the Paranormal Dimension, where they have their final battle, with King Boo planning to exact his revenge on Luigi for his previous defeat.

King Boo has several attacks, from shooting lightning bolts on the ground to summoning spiked balls to cover the arena. He can also leap into the air and fall on Luigi, causing a shockwave that can still hit him if he misses. After being damaged by the Poltergust 5000, Luigi will then be chased by him down a hallway, with obstacles that needed to be carefully maneuvered around. After being defeated, King Boo is sucked into the Poltergust 5000, once again captured by E. Gadd, and the Dark Moon is put back together, restoring peace to Evershade Valley.

Luigi's Mansion 3


Paper Luigi

King Boo appears late in the game, taking Princess Daisy, Princess Eclair, and the Chestnut King at the wedding of Eclair and the Chestnut King. He tries to get the Marvellous Compass and Star Sprites, but fails to. In the end, he uses the three members of Royalty to boost his power with a special machine. He later gets the Compass and Star Sprites, and supercharges his machine, becoming Lord Fear.

Luigi Vs King Boo: Quest for the Princess

King Boo will appear as the main antagonist in Luigi Vs King Boo: Quest for the Princess. Here, he kidnaps Princess Daisy in an effort to conquer Sarasaland, and Luigi comes to rescue her. Nothing much else has been confirmed, however.

Mario Rugby League

King Boo is a player on the Bowser Villains team on the multiplayer wii sports game Mario Rugby League. He is a skillful player with average strength and speed. His special skill is to phase through players to avoid tackling.

Luigi & Waluigi

King Boo is the Boss of Boo Island in Luigi & Waluigi and gains a new transformation called King Boom Boo.

Mario Singalong Rocks!

King Boo makes his debut in the Mario Singalong! Series in Mario Singalong Rocks! to unlock him you have to complete Story Mode twice and sing The Animals House of the Rising Sun in Karoke Mode at least once. King Boo reappears in Mario Singalong Down Under! as a default character. To unlock him in Mario Singalong Legends! you have to sing "Every Breath You Take" by The Police in Karoke mode at least once and complete Story mode twice.

McBoo's Mansion

King Boo appear as a half main, half minor character in the McBoo's Mansion series. He is the leader of the Boo Troop and McBoo & co's boss. He was weakened and was wounded at his ego by the events of Luigi's Mansion, making him very short-tempered.

Super Waluigi!

King Boo appears as the main antagonist and final boss of Super Waluigi!. He steals a legendary treasure from Waluigi and uses it for his own evil purposes. As the final boss, he appears both as his regular form and a new form. When in his first form, he uses his screams, crown, and tongue to attack. If you ground pound his tongue 3 times, he burps up the crown, but then falls on it.

The second phase is harder. King Boo, with the power of the crown, is now part of the Moon. In this form, he can shoots beams of lasers at you, uses his tongue to smash things, and even spits up smaller Boo's. You have to ground pound his tongue 5 times. If you do, he shrinks back into King Boo, and disappears, leaving the crown for you.

Mario Kart Burst

King Boo has been confirmed to be an unlockable heavyweight character in Mario Kart Burst. He is unlocked by winning lighting cup on 100cc.

Captain Toad: Pokémon Trainer

King Boo appears in Captain Toad: Pokémon Trainer as a member of Royal 4 (the game's Elite 4). He specializes in Ghost and Dark type Pokémon. He can be challenged for the fisrt time after defeating the Team Shell. His room is located at Peach's Castle's secret tower, between Lady Rosalina's room and The Big Door.

Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star

I’ll be sure to make space for you fools on the walls of my throne room after I turn you into paintings! Once I’m through with you, Mario and E. Gadd are next on my list! Then my gallery will TRULY be complete! Bluh huh huh huh huh!
Legend of the Chaos Star Part 8

King Boo was first mentioned by Mario in the fifth chapter as the latter was consoling Luigi after his lost to Bowser two chapters prior. It wasn't until the eighth chapter that King Boo made an actual appearance. In that chapter, King Boo and his underlings showed up at Ludwig's horror castle as Luigi/Mr. L, Lady Bow, Vivian, Doopliss, Mimi, and Nastasia were in the process of searching for one of the eight Purity Stars.

Upon hearing Mr. L boast that he wasn't afraid of ghosts, King Boo immediately recognized his voice as Luigi's, and showed up to confront him. Much to King Boo's annoyance, Mr. L stated that he had no recollection of him. Shortly afterwards, King Boo tried to coax Bow, Vivian, and Doopliss into joining him and the other Boos, claiming that Luigi "takes sheer pleasure and delight in stripping ghosts of their freedom". Unfazed by King Boo's manipulation attempt, the three of them turned down his offer. Shortly afterwards, King Boo ordered his army to attack the heroes. After Doopliss had all of the Boos transformed into pigs (with the exception of King Boo's newest recruit, Shade, who left the area minutes prior to the battle), King Boo decided to have him sealed behind a painting in order for his powers to wear off. He then did the same to Nastasia for a similar reason, figuring that he and the other Boos would have a better advantage if Luigi were to be transformed back into his original, "cowardly" self.

Once the Boos were changed back to normal, King Boo decided to merge with all of them and became King Boolossus. Although Luigi and the remaining heroes tried fighting him off, King Boolossus, due to his immortality, continued to recover from any and all damage that was inflicted upon him. As such, they had no choice but to flee, with King Boolossus promptly giving chase. After they reach a dead end, King Boolossus held Luigi, Bow, Vivian, and Mimi down with telekinesis, materialized, and merged the picture frames that he intended to trap them in. Just as he was in the process of doing so, Professor E. Gadd used the Pixelator to warp the Poltergust 5000 into the room, breaking King Boolossus's concentration. Not wanting to get sucked up again, King Boolossus tried to flee, but Luigi managed to keep him from doing so by snagging him just in time before he flew through the wall, effectively putting an end to the deranged ghostly king's ambitions once again.

Just as Professor E. Gadd pixelated himself into the area to congratulate Luigi and company in person, he revealed that Shade, of all people, was the one who informed him about their dire situation. After Doopliss and Nastasia were changed back to normal, E. Gadd decided to bring the Poltergust 5000 back to his laboratory in order to run King Boolossus through the Ghost Portrificationizer. After Luigi and company were finished defeating Ludwig and retrieving the Purity Star that he had in his possession, they all went to E. Gadd's laboratory, where a surprise birthday party for Luigi (and by extension, Mario) was being held.

Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Switch

King Boo appears in Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Switch (mainly known as Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Deluxe) as a playable character. He is a Tricky character type and his special move is Painting Shot. He is a starter character. His default partner is Boo. His team name is the King Boo Kings.

Mario & Luigi: Sage Quest

King Boo reappears in Mario & Luigi: Sage Quest as a boss fought in the Conundrum Manor (though in reality his fight takes place in the Paranormal Dimension). King Boo is first seen when the brothers reach a certain floor in the mansion, seen having a tea party with multiple Boos. Once he notices Mario and Luigi (and begins to lament the times where he kidnapped and trapped Mario in a painting, and Luigi had to defeat him using the Poltergust 5000), he orders the Boos to take care of them (forming the boss Jumb-Boo). He is seen again on the top floor of the manor, where he transports Mario and Luigi to the Paranormal Dimension for his boss battle. After being defeated, he disappears and leaves behind the gems on his crown, which are used to open the entrance door (which was locked earlier once the bros enter the manor for the first time).


His attacks are similar to the ones used in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, though he has new attacks; King Boo will create shockwaves by slamming into the ground four times, which will knock Mario and Luigi away for the rest of the attack duration should they be hit by the attack. Depending on which position he is in before he slams into the ground, either Mario and Luigi must jump first before the other bro jumps. If he slams into the ground hard (which makes the shockwave bigger, stronger and slower-moving), the attack will end prematurely, though spiked balls will fall onto the bros, which must be countered with a Hammer. He will also try to slap both bros by splitting into two and floating up to them, which should be countered by Hammering him multiple times to get him to stop. He can also summon Boos to capture the current Ally they have in their party, and threatens to harm them should they directly attack them or his minions, similar to how he did this with Paper Mario in the aforementioned game.

When he is low on health, King Boo will resort to slamming the platform, tilting it and launching the bros into the window of a mansion hallway, where he will chase after them via rolling into them in an attempt to flatten them. While traversing through the hallway, Mario and Luigi must jump over opened drawers that will stop them dead in their tracks, sand patches that will slow them down, and suits of armor that will swing their axes downwards. After avoiding all of those dangers, Mario and Luigi will hop right back on the main platform and the battle resumes after that. If King Boo catches up to one of them, they will take major damage.

Super Speedstar RPG

King Boo makes an appearance as a boss in Super Speedstar RPG, under the moniker of Phantom King Boo. King Boo's appearance in this game takes on a reddish tint and appears with the Phantom Ruby in his crown as opposed to his original gemstone. His boss battle has him inflict the Fear status on the party, which allows them to become more susceptible to his attacks. He attacks with Bowser heads that fire off fireballs and getting illusionary boos to attack his fear-stricken opponents. When defeated, it's revealed that it's actually the doing of Infinite, who disappears immediately afterwards.

Mario Tennis: Heroes Vs Villains

King Boo appears as a playable character in Mario Tennis: Heroes Vs Villains marking his first appearance in a Mario Tennis game. King Boo is a tricky type having curved slices but slower hits and ball speeds. King Boo’s zone shots are Dissapear (King Boo dissapears and reappears either forwards or backwards) and Crown Teleport (King Boo throws his crown left or right then magically appears under it before it falls to the ground. King Boo’s Special Shot is Cursed Flight in which King Boo flies up quickly to the moon then comes crashing down to hit the ball. King Boo’s hero is Luigi and his Hero Special Shot is Painting Trap where he throws a painting at Luigi who gets stuck in it for a shot time. If Luigi uses his Villian Special Shot Cancel King bok will Throw the Painting But Luigi will step out of the way just before.

Mario & Sonic at the Previous Olympic Games

King Boo appears as a rival. At the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics, he is a rival in Alpine skiing and at the Athens 2004 Olympics, he is a rival in judo.

Mario Kart: Infinity Remix

King Boo appears as an unlockable character in Mario Kart: Infinity Remix, unlocked randomly after winning a gold trophy on any cup and engine class. He is a cruiser weight character, meaning that he has decently high speed and weight stats, but poor acceleration and handling stats. He also has balanced traction and mini-turbo stats.

King Boo also has an alternate costumes based on his appearance in the Luigi's Mansion series, unlocked by winning a gold trophy as King Boo.

Super Smash Bros. Charged

King Boo appears in Super Smash Bros. Charged as a playable newcomer. He has 30 alternate costumes total, with 15 being based on his normal design with the other 15 based on his design in the Luigi's Mansion series.

King Boo has a few unique quirks, such as him being constantly floating above ground, allowing him to not only dodge some low-profile attacks, but also be completely immune to shockwave-based attacks that only affect grounded opponents, such as POW Blocks. More crucial to his playstyle are his Boos which can appear to cheer him on; when he deals 25% damage, a Boo will appear, increasing his stats somewhat. He can have up to five Boos at once, more than doubling his stats and making him much harder to defeat. However, if he takes 35% damage, one of the Boos will disappear, lowering his stats. Should he be KO'ed, all the Boos will disappear.

King Boo's moveset is based on his attacks in the Luigi's Mansion series, as well as abilities other Boo enemies have, including making scary faces from the Paper Mario series for his forward smash and teleporting for his up special. He can use his side special, Portrait, to trap enemies in a portrait and leave them vulnerable to attack, similar to Yoshi's Egg Lay in previous Smash titles.

Super Mario Maker Chi

King Boo appears in Super Mario Maker Chi as a placeable boss. To obtain him, you must give a Big Mushroom to a Boo, which will turn into Massiboo. Massiboo must then be shaken. King Boo summons lightning bolts in columns and swoops downwards to try and hit the player. King Boo's hit box is his crown, which must be hit three times with stomps or blocks. The crown can also be attacked with 10 fireballs to defeat King Boo. Up to three can be placed in a subarea, sharing a placement limit with Massiboo.

Placing a Super Crown on King Boo will transform him into Princess Boo, who attacks with lightning columns and a quicker lunge attack move with her hip inspired from Peach's side special from Super Smash Bros.. Princess Boo has a bigger hit box than King Boo but has to be attacked with 20 fireballs. Princess Boo can also use the Super Crown's power to escape pits if somehow pushed down one.

Star Team Heroes

He's one of the survivors of Kirthar's Snap Finger


  • King Boo can obtain the King Boom Boo form without the four Gold Boos, although it will be weaker.


White gloves! A cute little moustache! Soft shoes! How did you get out of my...? ... Huh? Wait just a second... Your clothes Hey, you must be Luigi! Whoa, you had me a bit confused for a moment there! What? You want me to release Mario? Riiiiight. No, no, no. I will not give up my favorite decoration. I like Mario just where he is. Hey, so what's that you got there? A Poltergust 3000?! Uh oh! What should we do, Boos? Good idea, guys! All Boos in this area, gather your strength! We'll blow him away!!! ... We'll take a big Boo breath... ...and blow you away!!
King Boo, Luigi's Mansion

Aahh, I could just stare at my Mario painting for hours! It's true what they say about fine takes utterly refined sensibilities to truly appreciate it! The way you plead for help, Mario... I find it so...satisfying. Perhaps that is merely because I remember how much trouble you've caused me in the past. ... Seriously, though, who would actually believe that mansions get given away in contests?! Talk about stupid! What do they feed you Mario brothers anyway...gullible soup? Your brother came all this way just to get turned into a painting... It's just terrific. However... This Mario painting looks lonely... I must have a Luigi painting as well! Then my gallery will truly be complete! Bleah HA HA! I am not afraid of you, fool! I fear only that infernal Poltergust 3000 you carry on your back! Stupid machine! But I am a KING among Boos! I swear it... I shall fear no mere house-cleaning device!! I must say...I despise the way you SHWEEERRPP-SHLOOOOP-WHOOORPP-SHLEEEOOORG-vacuumed up all my friends! Don't imagine that I'll flee... I'll fight you like a true Boo! Now join your brother... ...inside the painting!
King Boo, Luigi's Mansion

Mwah ha ha! Now what do we have here? Why, if it isn't my old pal Luigi! Or is it Baby Luigi? I can't tell the difference. Hey, remember that time you trapped me in a painting for all eternity? Good times. But guess what? I GOT OUT! And now I'm painting the town RED! Yes, it was I who broke the Dark Moon! This power-enhancing jeweled crown of mine made it easy. And now that all the ghosts of Evershade Valley are under my control, it's time to take my rightful place as supreme ruler of your world! You, that annoying scientist, and all your friends will look great hanging from the wall of my throne room!
King Boo, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Gwahaha! If it isn't my good friend, Luigi! It's me, your ol' pal KING BOO! Y-You're not telling me you FORGOT ME!? Well, I certainly haven't forgotten YOU! You, that ratty vacuum cleaner, and that stinky old geezer who made it! I haven't forgiven what you did to me, so I've led the ghosts here in an uprising! But you... you and that DISGUSTING machine just SHLEEEERP-SHWOOOOOP-SWHLOOORPSHLOOOORP-SHWEEEERPed them all up! You think I'll let you get away with that!? You're going down this time, Green 'Stache!
King Boo, Luigi's Mansion Arcade

Why is it that I have to deal with someone all the time?! First it was McBoo, now it's you!
King Boo, Kenny Koopa: The Original Saga

You think you can just hop on top of me? Well I got a surprise for you
King Boo, New! Super Mario Bros. 4D

Congrats, you made it to the top of the tower! But now, you will be destroyed! Hahahahaha!!
King Boo, Super Mario Galaxy: The Legend of the Ultra Stars


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Speedster Yoshi | Toad | Baby Mario | Baby Luigi | Dixie Kong | Koopa Troopa | Luma Spooky Speedster | 9-Volt | Il Piantissimo Kip | Iggy Koopa | Baby Toad | Bob-omb Buddy
Goalie Diddy Kong Wiggler | Kritter | Paratroopa | Lakitu | Candy Kong | Star Bunny | Kamek | Ashley | Whomp Wrinkly Kong | Lemmy Koopa | Paragoomba | The Chimp
Trickster Daisy | Toadette | Boo | Dry Bones | Rosalina Young Cricket | Orbulon | Shroob | Fly Guy | Baby DK Kopter | Ludwig von Koopa | Toadbert | Bee
Tackler Wario Pom Pom | Pianta | Lubba | Jimmy T. | King Boo | Dry Bowser | Baby Bowser | Baby Wario Kludge | Roy Koopa | Goombella | Hungry Luma

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SuperMushroomNSMB2.png Mario Kart Hyperspeed SuperMushroomNSMB2.png
Default Characters ToadBaby MarioBaby LuigiKoopa TroopaLakitu
BowserDonkey KongWarioWaluigiKing Boo
Unlockable Characters ToadetteBaby PeachBaby DaisyKoopa ParatroopaElvin Gadd
BirdoBowser Jr.Diddy KongKamekMona
RosalinaPetey PiranhaWigglerBoom BoomPianta
Downloadable characters Mushroom pack: ToadsworthHammer Bro.Pom Pom
Halloween pack: Dry BonesAshleyDry Bowser
Flower pack: Shy GuyNabbitDimentio
Christmas pack: Pointy TuckMr. BlizzardFish Poker Pops
Star pack: GoombaBooR.O.B.
Special pack: Baby WarioNokiShigeru Miyamoto
Boss Characters TopmaniacDry BowserGiant Pokey
Mushroom pack: Big Bully
Flower pack: Goomboss
Star pack: King Bob-Omb
Special pack: Bowser
Mario Kart Silver

Playable Characters

Default Characters
ToadToadetteBaby MarioBaby LuigiKoopa TroopaLakituMarioLuigiPrincess PeachYoshiBirdoDiddy KongBowserDonkey KongWarioWaluigiKing BooWigglerMii

Unlockable Characters
Baby PeachBaby DaisyShy GuyKoopa ParatroopaDry BonesBooGoombaToadsworthPrincess DaisyBowser Jr.NabbitNokiMonaDixie KongKamekProfessor E. GaddRosalinaPetey PiranhaDry BowserKing Bob-OmbPiantaCranky KongBoom BoomPom Pom

Downloadable Characters
Surprise Pack MIPSWhittleAshleyHammer Bro.KritterPauline
Heroes Pack Baby WarioBaby Donkey KongTimer the TigerNeilRobotic Operating BuddyMr. Game & Watch
Villains Pack ShroobKoopa KidDimentioMouserMetal MarioAntasma
Koopalings Pack Ludwig von KoopaRoy KoopaWendy O. KoopaMorton Koopa Jr.Iggy KoopaLemmy KoopaLarry Koopa


Red ShellRed Shell TrioGreen ShellGreen Shell TrioBanana PeelBanana Peel TrioBlooperBob-OmbFire FlowerStarLightning BoltBullet BillBlue Spiny ShellMushroomMushroom TrioGolden MushroomPOW BlockRed BooWhimpFreezieBowser's ShellMega MushroomMini MushroomDash PepperPropeller MushroomYoshi EggFake Item BoxOil BarrelHeartSuper LeafTweesterBumperPotted Piranha PlantBoomerang Flower

Super Smash Bros. Fusion
Hero's Fusion Requiem of the Ancients
Wii U   Playable Characters
SSB Mario Series.png Mario · Luigi · Princess Peach · Bowser · Toad · Rosalina

SSB Pokémon Series.png Pikachu · Jigglypuff · Red (Squirtle · Ivysaur · Charizard) · Mewtwo · Blaziken

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png Link · Wolf Link · Princess Zelda · Sheik · Ganondorf · Vaati

SSB R.O.B. Series.png Ice Climbers · Mr. Game & Watch · R.O.B. · Sheriff

SSB Kirby Series.png Kirby · King Dedede · Meta Knight

SSB Wario Series.png Wario · Captain Syrup · Ashley

SSB Star Fox Series.png Fox McCloud · Falco Lombardi · Krystal

SSB Fire Emblem Series.png Marth · Ike · Lyn

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png Donkey Kong · Diddy Kong · Dixie Kong

SSB Yoshi Series.png Yoshi · Kamek · Baby Mario & Baby Luigi

SSB Metroid Series.png Samus Aran · Zero Suit Samus · Adam Malkovich

SSB Kid Icarus Series.png Pit · Magnus

SSB EarthBound Series.png Lucas · Ness

SSB F-Zero Series.png Captain Falcon · Jody Summer

SSB Pikmin Series.png Captain Olimar

SSB Wii Fit Series.png Wii Fit Trainer

SSB Animal Crossing Series.png Villager

SSB Mario Classic.png Paper Mario

SSB Punch-Out Series.png Little Mac

SSB Xenoblade Series.png Shulk

SSB Eternal Darkness Series.png Alexandra Roivas

SSB Rhythm Heaven Series.png Karate Man

MiiSymbol.png Mii

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png Primid

SSB Sonic Series.png Sonic the Hedgehog

SSB Mega Man series.png Mega Man

Pac-Man SSB symbol.png Pac-Man

3DS   Playable Characters
SSB Mario Series.png Mario · Luigi · Princess Peach · Bowser · Toad

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png Link · Princess Zelda / Sheik · Ganondorf · Young Link

SSB Pokémon Series.png Pikachu · Jigglypuff · Charizard · Mewtwo · Victini

SSB Kirby Series.png Kirby · King Dedede · Meta Knight

SSB Fire Emblem Series.png Marth · Ike · Lyn

SSB Star Fox Series.png Fox McCloud · Falco Lombardi · Krystal

SSB R.O.B. Series.png Mr. Game & Watch · R.O.B. · Sheriff

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png Donkey Kong · Diddy Kong

SSB Wario Series.png Wario · Ashley

SSB Yoshi Series.png Yoshi · Kamek

SSB Kid Icarus Series.png Pit · Magnus

SSB EarthBound Series.png Lucas · Ness

SSB Metroid Series.png Samus Aran / Zero Suit Samus

SSB Pikmin Series.png Captain Olimar

SSB Animal Crossing Series.png Villager

SSB Rolling Western Series.png Dillon

SSB F-Zero Series.png Captain Falcon

SSB Punch-Out Series.png Little Mac

SSB Xenoblade Series.png Shulk

SSB Sonic Series.png Sonic the Hedgehog

SSB Mega Man series.png Mega Man

SSB BravelyDefault.png Agnès Oblige

Wii U   Assist Trophies

SSB Special Symbol.png Cubivore · Warrior Mech Gauss · Mike Jones · Cupid · Hiro · Jill · Captain Rainbow · Barbara · Zip

SSB R.O.B. Series.png Balloon Fighter · Helirin · Devil · Color TV Game 15 · Muddy Mole · Goku · Dr. Wright · Sutte Hakkun

SSB Mario Series.png Lakitu · Hammer Bro. · Koopalings · Chain Chomp · Waluigi

SSB Kirby Series.png Magolor · Gooey · Adeleine · Knuckle Joe · Nightmare

SSB Wario Series.png Kat & Ana · 9-Volt · Wanda · Tenshi

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png Tingle · Skull Kid · Cucco · Alfonzo

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png Cranky Kong · Klaptrap · Rambi · Chunky Kong

SSB Kid Icarus Series.png Phosphora · Magnus · Eggplant Wizard · Mimicutie

SSB Fire Emblem Series.png Chrom · Nowi · Lucina

SSB Metroid Series.png Metroid · Dark Samus

SSB DS Series.png Elite Beat Agents · Rusty

SSB Animal Crossing Series.png Isabelle · K.K. Slider

SSB EarthBound Series.png Jeff · Porky Minch

SSB Punch-Out Series.png Bald Bull · King Hippo

SSB Pokémon Series.png Youngster Joey

SSB Golden Sun Series.png Isaac

SSB Sin and Punishment Series.png Saki Amamiya

SSB F-Zero Series.png Samurai Goroh

SSB Splatoon Series.png Inkling

SSB Rhythm Heaven Series.png Glee Club

SSB Yoshi Series.png Toady

SSB Xenoblade Series.png Riki

SSB Sonic Series.png Shadow the Hedgehog

3DS   Assist Trophies

SSB R.O.B. Series.png Balloon Fighter · Helirin · Devil · Color TV Game 15 · Muddy Mole

SSB Special Symbol.png Dr. Wright · Captain Rainbow · Barbara the Bat · Zip

SSB Kirby Series.png Magolor · Gooey · Adeleine

SSB Mario Series.png Lakitu · Hammer Bro.

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png Cranky Kong · Klaptrap · Rambi

SSB Metroid Series.png Metroid · Dark Samus

SSB Kid Icarus Series.png Eggplant Wizard · Mimicutie

SSB Wario Series.png Kat & Ana · 9-Volt

SSB DS Series.png Elite Beat Agents · Rusty

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png Skull Kid · Alfonzo

SSB Animal Crossing Series.png Isabelle

SSB Golden Sun Series.png Isaac

SSB Sin and Punishment Series.png Saki Amamiya

SSB F-Zero Series.png Samurai Goroh

SSB EarthBound Series.png Jeff

SSB Rhythm Heaven Series.png Glee Club

SSB Yoshi Series.png Toady

SSB Xenoblade Series.png Riki

SSB Sonic Series.png Shadow the Hedgehog

Wii U   PokéBall Pokémon

SSB Pokémon Series.png Staryu · Snover · Meowth · Scraggy · Snorlax · Magikarp · Unown · Bonsly · Lopunny · Gulpin · Weavile · Wobbuffet · Mawile · Cacturne · Lapras · Qwilfish · Delibird · Dodrio

SSB Legendary Pokémon Series.png Entei · Palkia

3DS   PokéBall Pokémon

SSB Pokémon Series.png Staryu · Snover · Meowth · Scraggy · Snorlax · Magikarp · Unown · Bonsly · Lopunny · Gulpin · Weavile · Wobbuffet · Mawile · Cacturne · Lapras · Qwilfish · Delibird · Dodrio · Entei · Palkia

Wii U   Stage Bosses

SSB Metroid Series.png Gandrayda · Ridley

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png Phantom Ganon

SSB Mario Series.png Bouldergeist

SSB Kid Icarus Series.png Hades

SSB Sonic Series.png Knuckles the Echidna

3DS   Stage Bosses

SSB Metroid Series.png Fire Spawn

SSB Kirby Series.png Marx

SSB Big Brain Series.png Dr. Lobe

SSB Pokémon Series.png Giratina

SSB Sonic Series.png Metal Sonic

SSB Mega Man series.png Wily Machine 1

Wii U   Adventure Bosses

SSB Mario Series.png Bowser · King Boo*

SSB Pokémon Series.png Cyrus · Mewtwo*

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png Ganondorf · Majora*

SSB Metroid Series.png Ridley

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png King K. Rool

SSB EarthBound Series.png Porky Minch

SSB Wario Series.png Shake King*

3DS   Adventure Bosses

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png Master Hand

Wii U   Trophies

SSB Mario Series.png Mario · Luigi · Bowser · Princess Peach · Toad · Rosalina · Bowser Jr. · King Boo · Koopa Troopa · Goomba · Princess Daisy · Bouldergeist · Waluigi

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png Donkey Kong · Pauline

SSB Yoshi Series.png Yoshi · Kamek

3DS   Trophies

SSB Mario Series.png Mario · Luigi · Bowser · Princess Peach · Toad · Rosalina · Bowser Jr. · King Boo · Koopa Troopa · Goomba · Princess Daisy · Bouldergeist · Waluigi

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png Donkey Kong · Pauline

SSB Yoshi Series.png Yoshi · Kamek

Smash Run Enemies
SSB Mario Series.png Koopa Troopa · Koopa Paratroopa · Goomba · Wiggler · Boo · Nabbit · Bullet Bill

SSB Yoshi Series.png Shy Guy · Birdo · Big Beanie · Nep-Enut · Lantern Ghost

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png Kritter · Tiki Goon · Tiki Buzz · Pointy Tuck · Fish Poker Pops

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png Bokoblin · Cursed Bokoblin · Technoblin · Octorok · ReDead · Dodongo

SSB Kid Icarus Series.png Monoeye · Reaper · Syren · Clubberskull · Cellular Shildeen · Tribyte

SSB Metroid Series.png Metroid · Zebesian · Polyp · Gunzoo · Omega Metroid

SSB Kirby Series.png Bronto Burt · Broom Hatter · Waddle Dee · Waddle Doo · Poppy Bros. Jr. · TAC

SSB EarthBound Series.png Spiteful Crow · Pigmask Soldier · Starman · Hippie

SSB Wario 'Stache Series.png Bandinero · Shortfuse · Magon · Spear-Mask

SSB Star Fox Series.png SharpClaw · RedEye · Wolfen

SSB Rhythm Heaven Series.png Sneaky Spirit · Monkey · Barista

SSB R.O.B. Series.png Polar Bear · Gang · Wild Gunman

SSB Wrecking Crew Series.png Eggplant Man · Gotcha Wrench

SSB Pikmin Series.png Bulborb · Fiery Blowhog

SSB Animal Crossing Series.png Jack · Katrina

SSB Special Symbol.png Infantry & Tanks · Mii


Playable Characters

Default Characters
Larry KoopaLemmy KoopaIggy KoopaRoy KoopaWendy O. KoopaMorton Koopa Jr.Ludwig von KoopaLavora KoopaDolly P. KoopaJackson KoopaRisen KoopaEllen D. Koopa

Unlockable Characters
Gwendoline KoopaJustin KoopaMulgarth KoopaMortisha Koopa

DLC Characters
Rivals Pack
Lady G. KoopaKevin Koopa
Unusual Pack
Jinkesse KoopaIago Koopa
QR Code
Dragonia KoopaNoah KoopaPatti L. KoopaThomas Koopa

Non-Playable Characters

MagikoopasBowserBowser Jr.


Goomba ValleyDiamond MineGhoulsome GatewayShipwreck BeachKoopashell AirlinesCircus WastelandsBowser´s Space Tower (Unlockable)Koopa City (DLC, Rivals Pack)Snowball Park (DLC, Unusual Pack)



Chargin' ChucksDiamondoPetey PiranhaKing HisstocratLakithunderSpongebombMesmeraldaKoopa ArmyChief Chilly


King GoombaKing BrolderKing BooGooper BlooperKing Sumo Bro.Motley BossblobBowserBowser Jr.King Snow Pokey


Goomba ValleyDiamond MineGhoulsome GatewayShipwreck BeachKoopashell AirlinesCircus WastelandsBowser´s Space Tower (Unlockable)Koopa City

Super Mario Kart 8+
Playable Characters
Mario Kart 8 drivers FEATHER Baby Mario · Baby Luigi · Baby Peach · Baby Daisy · Baby Rosalina · Lemmy
LIGHT Toad · Toadette · Koopa Troopa · Shy Guy · Lakitu · Larry · Wendy · Isabelle
MEDIUM Peach · Daisy · Yoshi · Cat Peach · Female Villager
STANDARD Mario · Luigi · Tanooki Mario · Iggy · Ludwig · Male Villager
CRUISER Donkey Kong · Rosalina · Waluigi · Metal Mario · Pink Gold Peach · Roy · Link
HEAVY Bowser · Wario · Dry Bowser · Morton
New drivers FEATHER Paratroopa · Sprixie Princess
LIGHT Dry Bones · Toadsworth · Spike
MEDIUM Bowser Jr. · Diddy Kong · Ashley
STANDARD Birdo · Nabbit
CRUISER King Boo · Wiggler · Zelda
HEAVY Honey Queen · Pianta · King Bob-omb
Downloadable drivers FEATHER Yellow Sprixie Princess · Red Sprixie Princess · Blue Sprixie Princess · Light Blue Sprixie Princess · Orange Sprixie Princess · Purple Sprixie Princess
LIGHT Tostarenan · Olimar
MEDIUM Callie · Marie
HEAVY Boom Boom · Funky Kong · Petey Piranha
via amiibo at launch Fire Mario · Ice Luigi · King Boo · Meowser · Gold Mario
Version 3.2 Yarn Yoshi · Captain Toad · Boomerang Peach · Silver Luigi · Wario
Alternate colours Green Paratroopa · Blue Paratroopa · Yellow Paratroopa · Blue Toad · Green Toad · Yellow Toad · Purple Toad · Red Koopa Troopa · Blue Koopa Troopa · Yellow Koopa Troopa · Green Shy Guy · Blue Shy Guy · Light Blue Shy Guy · Yellow Shy Guy · Pink Shy Guy · Black Shy Guy · White Shy Guy · Orange Shy Guy · Green Lakitu · Yellow Lakitu · Green Dry Bones · Blue Dry Bones · Red Dry Bones · Red Yoshi · Blue Yoshi · Light Blue Yoshi · Yellow Yoshi · Pink Yoshi · Black Yoshi · White Yoshi · Orange Yoshi · White Tanooki Mario · Pink Pianta · Yellow Pianta
Non-Playable Characters
Hazards Barrel · Bone Piranha Plant · Boo · Cataquack · Chain Chomp · Cheep Cheep · Conkdor · Deku Baba · Dry Bones · Fire Snake · Freezie · Frogoon · Goomba · Keese · Mechakoopa · Monty Mole · Mr. Resetti · Octoomba · Piranha Plant · Pokey · Screaming Pillar · Shy Guy · Sidestepper · Swoop · Thwomp · Tiki Goon
Background Characters Boo · Boomerang Bro. · Dry Bones · Fire Bro. · Fishbone · Goomba · Hammer Bro. · Jellybeam · Koopa Paratroopa · Lakitu · Luma · Mini Toad · Noki · Pianta · Shy Guy · Toad · Unagi · Yoshi · Blathers · Cyrus · K.K. Slider · Mabel · Reese · Rover · Sable · Tom Nook
Mario Kart 8 items Coin · Green Shell · Triple Green Shells · Banana · Triple Bananas · Red Shell · Triple Red Shells · Boomerang Flower · Fire Flower · Potted Piranha Plant · Mushroom · Triple Mushrooms · Golden Mushroom · Bullet Bill · Super Horn · Blooper · Star · Bob-omb · Lightning · Crazy Eight · Spiny Shell
New items Blue Coin · Double Cherry · Boo · Fake Item Box · Freezie · Cape Feather
Mario Baseball Triple Play logo sideways.png
Captains MarioLuigiPeachYoshiWarioDonkey KongBowser Jr.BowserRosalinaDaisyBirdoWaluigiDiddy Kong
Players 9-VoltAnaAshleyBaby DaisyBaby DKBaby LuigiBaby MarioBaby PeachBaby WarioBanditBlooperBone GoombaBoo (Red Boo)Boom BoomBoss Sumo Bro.BrolderBroozerBullyBumperCandy KongCappyCaptain SyrupCaptain ToadChargin' ChuckChinchoChunky KongClawgripCranky KongCrazee DayzeeDino PiranhaDixie KongDon BongoDonkey Kong Jr.Dr. CrygorDrumstickDry BonesDry BowserE. GaddFighter FlyFly GuyFryguyFunky KongGearmoGlydonGobblerGoombaGoombossGreenieHammer Bro. (Boomerang Bro. · Fire Bro.)HarietHiderHoneybeeHoney QueenHuckit CrabHuffin' PuffinIggy KoopaIl PiantissimoJaxiJimmy T.KatKiddy KongKing Bob-ombKing BooKing K. RoolKoopa ParatroopaKoopa TroopaKritterKrunchLakituLanky KongLarry KoopaLemmy KoopaLubbaLudwig von KoopaLumaMad SciensteinMagikoopaMajor BurrowsMekabonMetal Mario (Gold Mario)MonaMonty MoleMorton Koopa Jr.Motley BossblobMouserNabbitNinjiNokiOctoomba (Elite Octoomba)Pak E. DermParabonesParagoombaPaulinePeepaPenguinPennyPetariPetey PiranhaPiantaPidgitPink Gold PeachPionpiPipsyPlessiePlumPom PomProfessor ChopsRangoRexRoy KoopaRudy the ClownShy GuySlammerSledge Bro.SnifitSpewartSpike (Stone Spike)Sprixie PrincessStanley the BugmanSumo Bro.Taj the GenieTanukiTatangaThe ChimpTiaraTimberTiny KongToadToadetteToadsworthTopperTostarenanTrapeetleT.T.VirusWaddlewingWartWendy O. KoopaWhittleWhompWigglerWrinkly KongXananabYoshi
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