Kimiko is a major character in the Tessellate series, being the best friend of Tiffany. After meeting unexpectedly, their friendship helped them to escape Tess when they assumed she was a threat. In the second game, she appeared as the final boss, appearing in Tiffany's cognition whilst in a coma. It was revealed that she only existed within Tiffany's head, as a way to cope through the stress her mother traumatised her with when she was younger, also confirming that Tiffany suffers from Schizophrenia.

When in her cognition, she had an alternate appearance where she wore knee-high black boots, black trousers, and a black crop top. As well as a black crown and a cape of shadows.


Kimiko is very upbeat and cheerful, she's also an optimistic and makes sure to encourage Tiffany as much as she can in order to defeat the evil in their world. She finds solace in helping others and encouraging them to do the best in their lives. Kimiko would always be supportive of Tiffany throughout her life, as she explained that she existed in different entities throughout Tiffany's life to help her emotionally as she never had parents. 


Kimiko isn't the most athletic person, however she knows how to use a Korean weapon called the Woldo. She is very experienced with only this weapon, and when presented with the complexity of the Revolverise, she had no idea how to use it, and thus passed it on to Tiffany.



Kimiko appears in Tessellate as Tiffany's main helper and aid. She helps her through the city and encourages her at all times to make sure that she does what's right. 

Tessellate: Bad Luck

Kimiko's role in Bad Luck is none existent until the final boss battle, which happens to be against her. Upon defeat, Kimiko reveals that she was created as a result of Tiffany's schizophrenia. 



Kimiko loathes Tess, and finds all of her actions heartless and cold. Kimiko has stated that Tess is one of the first people she has truly hated before in her entire life. It is likely these emotions and feelings were the repressed feelings Tiffany had for her mother over the years before meeting her, which all congregated inside of Kimiko.


Kimiko thought of herself as Tiffany's best friend, as she could easily understand how she felt at all times, and empathize with her.


  • Kimiko was originally going to be a Tess personality, but as the story developed I decided to change her identity.
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