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Kiddy Kong
BIRTHPLACE Donkey Kong Island
CLASS Sidekick
WEAPONS Wateroll

Kiddy Kong is a gorilla member of the Kong family who appears in the Donkey Kong series of games. He is brothers with Chunky Kong, and shares his strength. His signature move is his Wateroll.


Trapped in a Volcano

In Donkey Kong Continent, Kiddy Kong is the second Kong rescued. He is held prisoner in the volcano K4. When Diddy Kong fights Bazuking in Bazuking Battle, Kiddy is freed from Krocodile Isle. In this game, Kiddy has Wateroll and the Chilled Child attack.

Lost in the Caves

In Ultra DK, Kiddy appears in the third level and is the third unlockable character. He is kidnapped by the Kremlings and is guarded by Krusha. After a Kong frees him, he becomes playable.

Donkey Kong Knockout

Kiddy Kong appears as a secret character in the Wii boxing game Donkey Kong Knockout. Kiddy appears as half of a team with his brother Chunky Kong. Kiddy is wrapped around Chunky's arm. They are the strongest pair in the game but also the slowest. Their special move is to both roll at the opponent knocking them on their back.

To unlock them all of the other Kongs and Kremlings must be unlocked.

Donkey Kong Racing

Kiddy Kong appears as a playable character in the multiplayer Wii racing game Donkey Kong Racing. He appears as part of the Kong category.

NRL Player

Kiddy Kong is a player on the Donkey Kong Wilds team on the multiplayer Wii sports game Mario Rugby League. He is a strong character with average speed and poor skill. His special skill is to use his Wateroll as an extended tackle.

Kiddy Kong In Action

Kiddy Kong appears as a downloadable character in Super Smash Bros. DS: Rise of the Defeated, along with his brother, Chunky Kong, and some other Kongs.

Let's Race 2

He's In Donkey Kong Kart D.I.Y.

Cricket Player

Kiddy Kong appears on the Kouragous Kongs team in Donkey Kong Test Cricket. Template:SMASBcharacters