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Kid Icarus: Dark Skies is a new Kid Icarus game in development for the 3DS. It is the sequel to Kid Icarus: Uprising and will be developed by Moonlight Studios.


Pit is sent out on another mission from Palutena to save Skyworld from destruction. When, Hades returns to get his revenge. Pit begins to fight Hades and loses. However, when Hades is about to strike his final blow, Magnus and Gaol arrive and knock him back. Palutena then rescues them all from the battlefield. After recovering, Pit thanks them and asks what reward they wanted. In agreement, they wished to become angels like Pit. After a discussion with Palutena, Pit agrees to get the angel wings for them, as long as they helped him find Daedalus. The trio of friends then set off to find Daedalus.



Image Name Description Chapter Introduced...
Pit2 Pit The Main Character. Pit is an angel who serves the Goddess, Palutena. Chapter 1: The Return of Hades
424px-Palutena Uprising Palutena Palutena is the Goddess of Light, who aids Pit in his missions to defeat the Underworld Army. Chapter 1: The Return of Hades
Magnus Magnus Magnus is a mercenary who fights the underworld army. After saving Pit, he is rewarded with Angel Wings. Chapter 1: The Return of Hades
Gaol Gaol is Magnus' mercenaric partner. She also recieves Angel Wings for saving Pit. Chapter 1: The Return of Hades
Daedalus Daedalus is the creator of the Angel Wings. Pit needs to find him, so he can reward Magnus and Gaol. But, Pit needs to venture through his Maze of Puzzles.
Dark pit Dark Pit Dark Pit is Pit's clone created in the Mirror of Truth. Dark Pit is captured by an evil monster and Pit saves him.
Siderus Siderus is God of the Stars. Siderus helps Pit in many of his adventures.
Zeus Zeus is King of the Gods. Zeus helps Pit out by helping to solve Daedalus' lair of puzzles.
Viridi Viridi Viridi is the Goddess of Nature. Viridi is captured by Hades but, Pit rescues her.
306px-Phosphora2 Phosphora Phosphora is a member of Viridi's army. Pit helps her out when Hades attacks her base.
Medusa2 Medusa Medusa is a Gorgon, who once ruled the underworld. Palutena revives her so that she can find the last key in the underworld to solve Daedalus' lair.
Helios Helios is the Titan of the Sun. He holds one of the keys into Daedalus' Lair.
Athena Athena is a Goddess of many things, including Wisdom, Civilisation, Mathematics and Strategy. She holds one of the keys into Daedalus' Lair.
Hermes Hermes is the God of Boundaries and Transitions. He holds one of the keys into Daedalus' Lair.
Hephaestus Hephaestus is a God of many things, including Technology, Sculptors, Fire and Volcanoes. He holds one of the keys into Daedalus' Lair.
Hestia Hestia is the Goddess of many things, including Hearth, Architecute, family and the State. She holds one of the keys into Daedalus' Lair.
Demeter Demeter is the Goddess of the Harvest. She holds one of the keys into Daedalus' Lair.
Aphrodite Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love. She holds one of the keys into Daedalus' Lair.
Apollo Apollo is the God of Light. She holds one of the keys into Daedalus' Lair.
Artemis Athena is the Goddess of many things, including Hunting, Wild Animals and Childbirth. She holds one of the keys into Daedalus' Lair.
Ares Ares is the God of War. He holds one of the keys into Daedalus' Lair.
Poseidon Poseidon is the God of the Sea. He holds one of the keys into Daedalus' Lair.
Hera Hera is Queen of the Gods. She holds one of the keys into Daedalus' Lair.


Image Name Description Chapter Introduced...
HadesKidIcarus Hades Hades is Lord of the Underworld. He commands the Underworld Army. Chapter 1: The Return of Hades
Persephone Persephone is Hades second in command. She can control plantlife.
Hectate Hectate is one of the key members in the Underworld Army. She had the power of magic.
Thanatos Thanatos Thanatos is one of the key members in the Underworld Army. He is the god of death and can change his shape or form.
Amazon pandora
Pandora/Amazon Pandora Pandora is one of the key members in the Underworld Army. She can change into her Amazon form via a potion.
Stheno Stheno is one of Medusa's older sisters. She is immortal.
Euryale Euryale is one of Medusa's older sisters. She is immortal.


Name Task Boss
Chapter 1: The Return of Hades The Player must battle Hades, but only in the air. Hades
Chapter 2: The Sundial Conquest The Player must find the Sunshone Hourglass and find the Sundial within it. But, the player must beat Solarium first. Solarium
Chapter 3: Tunnel of Terror The Player must find the Relic of Boreas and escape the Tunnel of Terror, which he made to protect it. Boreas Ghost
Chapter 4: Pursueing Daedalus The Player must Daedalus's lair and try to enter. Once there, a puzzle must be solved to enter. The 20 keys are missing. The Player must find all 20 keys to find Daedalus. -
Chapter 5: Scythe of Demeter The Player must find the Scythe of Demeter and return it to Palutena. Demeter
Chapter 6: Hera's Permission The Player must find Hera and ask for permission to ressurect a being. She agrees and gives him a gift, but now he has to face her pet. Horror Hound - Bloodbeagle Bloodbeagle
Chapter 7: Emerald of the Blazing Sun The Player must find Helios' Key: The Emerald of the Blazing Sun. Twinbellows
Chapter 8: Game of Strategy The Player must complete Athena's strategy game to recieve her Key: The Unknown Lock. Ignotum
Chapter 9: The Spring of Creation Off of the Daedalus Trail, Magnus and Gaol investigate a spring that the Underworld Army are interested in. Once there, Hades has resurrected Pandora. Pandora/Amazon Pandora
Chaper 10: Plague of Creatures As well as Pandora, Hades resurrected an army of vicious dinosaurs. Magnus and Gaol must defeat them. Creataporibus
Chapter 11: Hermes in the Sky Lair The Player must now find Hermes Key: The Portal Spear. However, they must travel through a maze of lairs and portals to find it. King EelEye
Chapter 12: The Pyramid Factory The Player must find Hephaestus' Key - The Broiling Harpoon. Kobil Warrior
Chapter 13: Bullding of Hestia The Player must destroy the infection in Hestia's Palace. Then, she will give the player her key: The Hearth Bow. Smongi
Chapter 14: Love of the Enemy Aphrodite poses five trials for the player to overcome. The player must battle Magnus, Palutena, Gaol, Dark Pit and Phosphora, then she will give the player her key: The Love Blade. Magnus, Palutena, Gaol, Dark Pit, Phosphora
Chapter 15: Revenge of the Aurum Fleet The Aurum Fleet return and steal Apollo's Key: The Light Shadows. Now, Pit and Apollo must battle the Aurum Fleet. Aurum Queen
Chapter 16: Swarming in Aurum The Aurum Fleet advance their attacks on Viridi's Nature City. Pit and Apollo must stop them. Aurum Spacecraft
Chapter 17: The Ending of the Aurum The Aurum's final warrior stands before Pit and Apollo - It's the return of Pyrrhon. Pyrrhon
Chapter 18: Fleet of Hunters Artemis has been held hostage by his minions. The player has to save him and then find his key - The Hunter Claws Possessed Artemis
Chapter 19: War of Gods Ares has turned the whole world into chaos. All of the Gods now fight. If the player can stop the gods fighting, Ares will reward him with his key - The Martian Arm -
Chapter 20: Walking on Water Pit must find Poseidon's Key - The Sea Scarab. However, Pit must locate him within the sea. Poison Stream
Chapter 21: Shoot for the Stars Pit is searching for the Shooting Stars, which is Siderus' Key. But, Siderus has been lost in the Sea of Stars and when Pit goes to find him, The Space Pirate Ship appears. Space-Pirate Captain
Chapter 22: Zeus' Gift Pit must make his way to the Temple of the King and recieve Zeus' Key - The King's Cannon Hedraw
Chapter 23: Hidden amongst the Wind Palutena now offers her Key to Pit. However, she locked the key away in the wind. Winged Collosus
Chapter 24: The 4 Treasures: Part 1 Pit must find the four sacred treasures, which will be the last 4 keys to Daedalus' Puzzle. Pit must find the Mirror of Athena. Glowing Cascade
Chapter 25: The 4 Treasures: Part 2 Pit must find the four sacred treasures, which will be the last 4 keys to Daedalus' Puzzle. Pit must find the Winged Sandals of Hermes. Aurum Pit
Chapter 26: The 4 Treasures: Part 3 Pit must find the four sacred treasures, which will be the last 4 keys to Daedalus' Puzzle. Pit must find the Sword of Hephaestus. Eyedropus
Chapter 27: The Resurrection Pit must now use Hera's Powers, which he earnt earlier in the game to resurrect someone. However, Palutena is keeping it a secret. -
Chapter 28: Helm of the Underworld

Pit must find the four sacred treasures, which will be the last 4 keys to Daedalus' Puzzle. Pit must find the Helm of Hades. However, he is unable to enter the underworld due to it being heavily guarded. Then Palutena's Resurrection comes to the rescue

Chapter 29: Into the Underworld Medusa has now been revealed as Palutena's resurrection. Medusa must now help Pit and find the Helm of Hades. Super Giant Reaper
Chapter 30: Finding Daedalus Pit can now enter Daedalus's lair. Once Pit has found his craftroom, all that is left is two pairs of nearly completled angel wings and evidence that Hades has kidnapped him. Pit returns the wings to Palutena, who finishes them, whilst Pit deals with Hades leaving present. Thanatos
Chapter 31: Persephone and Hectate Persephone and Hectate attack Skyworld. Now, with Angel Wings, Magnus and Gaol must defeat them. Persephone and Hectate
Chapter 32: The Lost Centurion Palutena reckons the Lost Centurion is still alive and must be found. If found, the Lost Centurion will help find Daedalus. Centurion Skeleton
Chapter 33: The Lunar Sanctum Viridi asks Pit if he can find one of her commanders - Arlon. Pit must revisit the Lunar Sanctum and rescue him from the Elite Chaos Kin. Arlon the Serene (controlled by the Elite Chaos Kin)
Chapter 34: Stronghold Starlight Arlon informs Pit about Cragalanche. He states that he is on a nearby planet. Pit investiagtes and finds him. But, an Arlon impersonater blocks his path. Arlon the Nebula
Chapter 35: The Evil SIsters Medusa is attacked by Euryale and Stheno - her two Gorgon sisters. Magnus and Gaol come to help her. Euryale and Stheno
Chapter 36: Divinity and the Devil Phosphora is travelling across the Galaxy in her Lightning Chariot, when she is attacked by Pandora. Pandora/Amazon Pandora
Chapter 37: The Hell Descent Gaol falls ill in Skyworld. Pit must now venture down below the earth to find the Coupling. The Coupling is a flower that can heal any angelic wounds and the underworld is after it. Lilyposion
Chapter 38: The Sacred Treasures Pit and Phosphora must find the Sacred Treasures within Palutena's hidden temple. Then, the treasures attack. Three Sacred Treaures
Chapter 39: The Invasion The Underworld has invaded Skyworld. Pit and his friends - Palutena, Magnus, Gaol, Viridi, Phosphora and Medusa must defend their home. -
Chapter 40: The Final Battle Pit must now gather his forces to defeat Hades. He then defeats him and believes that he has won. However, Hades returns in his massive form and knocks Pit out of Skyworld. Due to him just using his flight, he is unable to use his wings. When suddenly, he reappears. Hades is shocked when Dark Pit and Dyntos arrive. Now, Palutena, Magnus, Gaol, Viridi, Phosphora, Medusa, Dark Pit and Dyntos fight Hades. However, they lose. Hades, believing that he has won, prepares to destroy Skyworld, when the twelve Gods unite and destroy him. Hades and Gigantic Hades



  • Goddess Bow (Starting Weapon)
  • Dark Pit's Bow
  • Lightning Flash Bow
  • Hera's Bow
  • Underworld Bow


  • Bark Blade
  • Relic Blade
  • Sunshone Blade
  • Demeter Scythe


  • God Claws
  • Reaper Claws
  • Phoenix Claws
  • Hunter Claws


  • Reaper Eyes
  • Blazing Emerald Orbitars
  • Light Shadows
  • Shooting Stars


  • Persephone Arm
  • Hectate Arm
  • Unknown Arm
  • Martian Arm


  • Cursed Palm
  • Bolt Palm
  • Poison Drop Palm
  • Sea Scarab Palm


  • Shell Cannon
  • Cragalanche Cannon
  • Siderus Cannon
  • King's Cannon


  • Medusa Staff
  • Stheno Staff
  • Euryale Staff
  • Viridi Staff


  • Thanatos Club
  • Boreas Club
  • Magnus Club
  • Goddess Club


  • Pandora Harpoon
  • Daedalus Crossbow
  • Standard Crossbow
  • Broiling Harpoon


  • Amazon Pandora Spear
  • Gaol Spear
  • Jungle Spear
  • Portal Spear


  • Dyntos Hammer

Treasure Hunts

In the game, there are 14 treasure hunts. Each one corresponding to a God. If the player completes one of the treasure hunts, they unlock the weapon based on that God.


Name Task Reward
Your First Boss Complete Chapter 1 100 Hearts
Your Second Boss Complete Chapter 2 200 Hearts
A Crisis Worth Fighting For Enter Crisis Mode (Idol) - Pit
Your Armoury Begins Collect your First Weapon (Idol) - Goddess Bow
My Health is Set End a Mission with Full Health (Power) - Health Lv.1














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