This article is about the mascot of Yolo Games. You may be looking for Kid Kiba or his series.

Kibas new look after Yolo Games +1.
Full Name Kiba the Slime
Current Age 14
Gender Male
Species Slime
Vulnerable To Fire
Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Contrive

Kiba is the mascot of Yolo Games. He is a small green Slime who wields a sword known as Kiesa.


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AoK Series
Adventures of Kiba Part 1: The Adventure Begins - Adventures of Kiba Part 2: "Hey, Who Broke the Fourth Wall?"
Falc Series
Falc-The Fastest Peregrine Falcon On Earth
Fennchu (series)
Mudkeep (series)
Mudkeep-Legends Begin
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Yart/ Yolo Kart - Island of Colabia - Fantendo Smash Bros. Xtreme
Galexial Gaming
Rise of the Forgotten (Episode 1)
Super Moo Cow and Spytato
The Adventures of Super Moo Cow and Spytato (and friends!) Part 1-This game is not as stupid as you think (its worse!)
No Company
Terrarimon - Ikimono Red and Yellow
Super Moo Cow and Spytato
Super Moo Cow-Spytato-Super Baa Sheep-Super Neigh Horse-Super Derp Squid
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Yolo Games-Rareware (fannade)-Kitty Curse Co.
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