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Keyhole Gaming
The Keyhole Gaming logo.
Type of Company Developer/Publishing Company
Founder(s) LockyX2 (tbc)
Founded at/in Setember 24, 2000. (The Tris Company)
January 1, 2013 (Keyhole Gaming)
Headquarters Ohio, USA.
Area(s) Served World.
Owner(s) Nobody at the moment.
No. of Employee(s) 13
Subsidiaries KG's Reviews
The only way to use the key to the realm of the epic games, is on the Keyhole Gaming

The company slogan.

Keyhole Gaming (previously known as "The Tris Company") is a fanon developer/publishing game company founded on September 24, 2000. The company is well known for projects like Super Smash Bros. Charged! and Super Fantendo Squad Go!. The company also has your own club named Club Tris.


Picture User Rank
Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Smash Bros. Wii U 3DS.png Shy guy yellow (tbc) Second in command, Employee
Goomba New.png LightningLuigi93 (tbc) Employee
Paint Kirby.png MarioGameChampion (tbc) Artist
Goomba New.png RedNocturneofFlame (tbc) Employee
Goomba New.png PabloDePablo (tbc) Employee
Goomba New.png MariogumballX (tbc) Employee
Goomba New.png ϞPlazzapϟ (tbc) Employee
Goomba New.png Meme911 (tbc) Employee
Goomba New.png Blue Jay of Lightning (tbc) Employee

Retired Members

Picture User Rank
Goomba New.png DyBowser57 (tbc) Employee
Goomba New.png Laser Pikachus (tbc) Employee
Paint Kirby.png SuperToadMan56 (tbc) Artist
Gold mariosdf.png LockyX2 (tbc) Ex-Owner, Founder


Logo Name Type
Nintendosilverlogo.png Nintendo Silver Home Console
Nintendobubblelogo.jpg Nintendo Bubble Portable/Home Console


Made by Locky

OBS: All games on this section are now abadoned. You can contact the ex-owner, talk page if you want any of those pages.
Capcom vs. Sega: The Battle of the Century

DX Mario Kart
Fantendo Smash Bros. Extreme
Ghost Trick 2
Kirby Battle Royale
Kirby Super Star Supreme
Mario: The Alternate World'
Pikachu's Adventures: The Mystery of Gorigin
Resident Evil: Zero Time
Sonic Advance 4
Super Mario All-Stars DX

Made by Other Users

Glitch 2: The X Files*
Mario Kart '13
Sega All Star Battle*
Super Mario Jumps*
Super Nintendo Racing
Super Smash Bros. Explosion*


More info here.


WorkingOn.png Secret of the Keyhole


  • Keyhole Gaming Awards: A event like Fantendo Awards, but, more focused on characters, games and fan-fictions.