Developer(s) Nextgen solo logo4
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) BluevoltLogo
Genre(s) 3D Action-Adventure Platformer
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Story Mode
Age Rating(s) E10Rating
Media Included Bluevolt HD Blu-Ray Disc
Kenny's Kwest 2: The Xedel Return (第二にケニーのクエスト、昔の戻り in Japan) is a 3D adventure platformer by NextGen Solo. It is the sequel to Kenny's Kwest, and features a more detalied and crisp art style, along with much larger worlds, and more of them than the first game, since the Bluevolt has much more space and power to use than the Nintendo DS, on which the first game was released.


Kenny must once again face off against his imaginary race of ancient evil, the Xedel, in an all-new world within a dream, where the Xedel have corrupted previous dreams and thoughts of Kenny's for him to conquer as he tries to find a way to wake up. Along the way, he'll find out the mysterious backstory of the ancient evil, and it's true leader that hides behind the puppet deity Kenny defeated in his first encounter with the Xedel.

Later, in the penultimate world, Dreamception, it is revealed that the true leader of the Xedel is none other than the corrupted form of Kenny's girlfriend, known in this world as Lady Xedel.


Kenny's Kwest 2 combines the pure platforming from the first game with new exploration, action, and even puzzle elements that makes the game go at a faster pace and is also more difficult to complete. Each world holds many collectibles, including one new tool or weapon after a mid-boss (like the Zelda series, but without dungeons), a Xedel Kingdom Key Fragment after the world's boss, and exclusive to the first 5 worlds, Purity Vessels, which you need enough of to open the way to Xedelos' Sky.

Note: In the Xedel Kingdom worlds, you receive a fragment of the Lady's Castle key after defeating a boss.


The worlds of 2K2 are more varied than the first game's. Instead of having worlds with levels that become useless after the first visit, the worlds of 2K2 are filled with collectible items to grab and secrets to find, and after you're "done" with the first 5 worlds and defeat the Intermission boss level, you must return to those first 5 worlds to enter their darker and more difficult areas.

World Image Description
2K2 World 1

Plateau Plains: The first world of 2K2, Plateau Plains serves as an introductory stage for the game. The weakest enemies and challenges are located here.

Off in the distance you can see Epika Mountain Range and on the opposite end, Shivering Seas.

Mistladen Forest

Mistladen Forest: A dense forest with an eerie overhang of mist over it. This level gives you the first glimpse of the "horrible monster" told of in the prologue, though you don't get to fight it.

On the highest points of this world you can see a bit of the Epika Mountain Range.

Epika Mountain Range

Epika Mountain Range: Behind the stone-cold gray mountains you can see from the past 2 worlds, a red-hot volcano and surrounding rust-colored spires sit intimidating travelers! Many fire hazards are located around this area.

You can see most of the hub world from the highest point in this world.

Shivering Seas

Shivering Seas: What was once a warm resort-like beach has been reduced to an ice-covered wasteland with little flowing water. What lies beneath the ice?

You can see the Epika Mountain Range and the Plateau Plains on opposite ends of this world.

Omnixedel Tower

Omnixedel Tower: The ominous tower from the beginning of the game is now open! Inside, it is pretty grand and spacious.

The tower has one window, however the cloud cover obstructs view of the worlds, even at the top of the tower.

Xedelos' Sky

Xedelos' Sky: The horrible monster has awakened! This is a "battle arena" level: it is only the epic boss fight! After defeating Xedelos, you will complete Xedel Kingdom Key.

Xedelos' world is too high in the sky and shrouded in clouds to see anything below.

Paralyzing Plateaus

Paralyzing Plateaus: By using the Xedel Kingdom Key on the door in Plateau Plains, you open the first Xedel World! The difficulty level is raised significantly throughout the Xedel Worlds.

In Xedel Worlds, view outside of the world is obstructed by Darkstone Matter.

Dreadfear Forest

Dreadfear Forest: The second Xedel World, this forest is plagued with spooky residents and a raging thunderstorm! Can you dodge the falling trees?

In Xedel Worlds, view outside of the world is obstructed by Darkstone Matter.

Epika Volcano

Epika Volcano: A twist on the Xedel World formula, this world is not a new area off of the Epika Mountain Range, but rather the inside of the volcano! Be careful, an eruption is on schedule!

In Xedel Worlds, view outside of the world is obstructed by Darkstone Matter.

Hurricane Ocean

Hurricane Ocean: The once-frozen sea is now completely melted, thanks to the tropical storm over the area! Sail a boat around and explore the remains of the once-pristine islands.

In Xedel Worlds, view outside of the world is obstructed by Darkstone Matter.


Dreamception: After returning from the 4 Xedel Kingdom worlds, Kenny is attacked and falls into a deep sleep...this is the last world of the game!

In Dreamception, it is obviously impossible to see the outside world. However, this world incorporates elements from all the past worlds.

Lady Xedel's Castle

Lady Xedel's Castle: This is it! A straight shot through the evil mastermind's stronghold and then to the final fight with Lady Xedel and Pure Xedelos!

But wait! After those battles, the game is not over! There are still many secrets to find, including a hidden battle with Pure Xedlior.

Major Characters

Image Description

Kenny: The hero of this game, Kenny is trapped in another one of his vivid dreams, trying to find a way to wake up while defeating the evil Xedel. He is very skilled at platforming and combat, which fits nicely with the nature of his adventure.


Pure Xedlior

Xedlior: Lady Xedel's second-in-command, this scary-looking fiend is a thorn in Kenny's side for a lot of the adventure. In the beta of this game, Xedlior was the primary antagonist.

After the game is over, you have the option to complete the game a second time on a higher difficulty, which culminates in a battle with Pure Xedlior.

Xedelos Full

Pure Xedelos Full

Xedelos: The ancient Xedel Dragon, Xedelos is the "intermission boss" of the game, separating the first 5 worlds from the last 5. At the end of the game, it is revealed that Lady Xedel is the human form of Xedelos.

Xedelos is also the final boss of the game, appearing as the stronger "White Dragon", Pure Xedelos.

Lady Xedel

Pure Lady Xedel

Lady Xedel: The primary antagonist of this game, she remains hidden for most of the game. Her technical first appearance is as Xedelos, than her human form is first shown in the penultimate world, Dreamception, right before you complete that world and move on to her castle, where you get to fight her.

In the "second quest" mode of this game, you fight her Pure Form instead of her Normal Form. She is the only boss in the second quest where you don't fight the Normal Form at all.

Second Quest: Hero's Dream

After completing the main game, you can start a new file and choose the difficulty setting of "Hero's Dream" for a whole new experience!

Here are the changes to the main game in Hero's Dream mode:

  • The difficulty is significantly raised
  • You retain all your stat upgrades and items if you link your Hero's Dream file to your normal one
  • You cannot upgrade anything. If the upgrade is necessary (such as on an item), when you first find that item it will be fully upgraded to fit that requirement
  • All Xedel-styled bosses retain their Normal colors until the very end, the exception being Lady Xedel, which you only fight in Pure Form
  • The final boss is Pure Xedlior instead of Pure Xedelos
  • Kenny can obtain the Xedel's Form, a new power that changes his look and gives him more health

Promotional Art


  • This game was originally titled Kenny's Kwest 2: Mindgame, and had included a new character. She was removed during the revamp of the project.
  • The fact that the world, Dreamception, is the last true world in the game and a combination of smaller challenges is a reference to the last true world of Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, Spongebob's Dream.
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