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Developer(s) NextGen Solo Logo2
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Release Date(s) JPN: June 25th, 2011

NA, EU, AUS: July 12th, 2011

Mode(s) Story

KwestShop (Worldwide Release: July 2011)

Age Rating(s) ERating
Media Included DS Card
Kenny's Kwest is a 2D side-scrolling platformer for the Nintendo DS, made by NextGen Solo. It was first announced on (insert date here) and was officially published on May 27, 2011. It is slated for a Summer 2011 release.


Kenny was never the best at paying attention in class. Often his active imagination would take him away to an epic adventure, full of heroic quests and mystery. Then, when he was done living through the quest, he'd draw down a pivotal scene from it to keep a memory of it had he ever want to return.

It was a typical day at school for Kenny, and he'd just gotten home, drawing of his latest daydream in hand. After the evening rolled past, he quickly went to bed, eager to see what dream he would have, if one at all. But, this very night, he dreamed of the same world that he had drawn down earlier! Now, this was an uncommon occurence already, but something awoke him, in the middle of the night. A massive vortex of light, erupting from the drawing and pulling everything in with it, including Kenny!

After he passed out in the vortex, he woke up again, but quickly jumped up, ready to face what fate had thrown him.

Some rolling hills?

A tree?

He wondered where he was, until he saw the Kajons. They were dinosaur-like, small creatures about 3/4 of Kenny's height, and they were carrying what looked to be a human wrapped in a mummy-type wrapping. They were mumbling a language (Kajospeak) unknown to Kenny, as a line of 5 of them passed by, 3 hoisting the captured body in the air.

Full story coming soon.


Kenny's Kwest's levels are built like a pure platformer, much like the Kirby series, namely Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland. However, 2K does not incorporate any power-ups except for a rare invincibility item. 2K's worlds have one overworld level that leads into the world map. These overworld levels are 2D and are split into "screens" meaning that it's a long span of sections accessed by running off the screen left or right.

Worlds & Levels

World Map

World Information

World 1 Floating Hilltops Icon

World 1: Floating Hilltops

This is the first world of Kenny's Kwest, and introduces you to the controls and is the place that the story intro ends. The levels here are easy and include grunt-level enemies.

World 2 Mysticmist Ruins Icon

World 2: Mysticmist Ruins

The second world introduces you to the theme of evil in the game; the blue-and-black aesthetic. With this, Mysticmist Ruins also has the first aesthetically evil enemies, the Grabbos.

World 3 Undersea Icon

World 3: Undersea

The third world is a water and swimming-based area. A lot of enemies from the first world are now made for the water and put into this world. On the map, this world is interesting; its exit is not where you also enter.

World 4 Icecave Wonders Icon

World 4: Icecave Wonders

The fourth world is a very cold one indeed; all of it is inside a giant ice fortress. This world really steps up the difficulty in the game, and includes the entrance to the skies once beaten.

World 5 Kajokloud Icon

World 5: Kajokloud

The infamous home of the Kajons is here! No, it's not the end of the game quite yet, but you are now breaching the inner defenses of the evil group! Prepare to face King Kajorzin! But isn't the end?

World 6 Swamplake Forest Icon

World 6: Swamplake Forest

The deadly swamp is a floating island, much like Floating Hilltops. Prepare to be tricked out of your mind when the Lillypeons jump up from the goop and attack! And you thought they were just harmless lilly pads...

World 7 Dragomsky Castle Icon

World 7: Dragomsky Castle

Meet the Dragoms! The wispy dragon creatures made of clouds have not caused any trouble, until the Kajons angered them, and blamed Kenny for it. Now you have to pass through, to get to the last world.

World 8 Xedelkajon Outpost Icon

World 8: Xedelkajon Outpost

The true enemy is exposed. The Xedels were an ancient civilization that created the Kajons using their evil powers. Now it's time to kill their leader, and leave this world.






  • Kenny's Kwest is the opposite project alongside Where All Dead Things Go....
  • Rumors of a DLC pack are going around, some entitling it the Kenny's Kwest + Pack.
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