Kate Alen
GX Kate Alen
Kate Alen as she appeared in F-Zero GX.
AGE 30
ETHNICITY African-American
CLASS Singer
F-Zero X (1998)F-Zero: Climax (2004)

Kate Alen is an F-Zero pilot in the F-Zero series. She pilots the Super Piranha.


Kate Alen is an extremely popular singer and dancer known throughout the galaxy for her meaningful songs combined with powerful dance moves. Being born of two parents who were already famous composers, she was naturally thrust into the music business along with her ten brothers and sisters, and eventually made it out as a sensation on her very own at the age of 21 with her hit single, "A Little Love Never Hurt No One". She had happened upon the F-Zero circuit after performing for the opening ceremonies of various Grand Prixs, realizing that her natural sense of rhythm, strong will, and peak physical fitness would do her well in the racing scene. With this decision made, Kate had her many sponsors craft the Super Piranha for her and she was off to the track to prove that she was a woman of many miraculous talents!

Game Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Universe

Kate Alen appears as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Universe. However she must be unlocked before she can become playable. Like her fellow F-Zero pilots, Kate can call out for the Super Piranha for her Final Smash. In addition, the Super Piranah can be spotted racing on the Mute City stage, even if Kate is fighting.

F-Zero U

Kate Alen returns as a playable character once again in F-Zero U. Due to the fact that F-Zero U takes place 10 years after F-Zero GX, Kate is now 40 years old. In addition, her brother James Alen appears as new pilot.

Other Media Appearances

The Stories of New Tendo City

Kate Alen appears as a character in the series, the Stories of New Tendo City. She keeps her role as a pop-star, but is also a fashion model, an actress, and a talk-show host. She is a regular participant in "F-Zero", a "Reality Show" about racing in the 26th Century. She is often potrayed as one of the most common people to pick an argument with Pauline on their talk show, choosing to argue with her on just about anything, as well as being restless and always wanting to be out and about. In addition, Kate Alen is also a lesbian in the series, and has only recently come out to her fans. She has began a relationship with fashion model, actress, and professional boxer, Twintelle since her  coming out, and is often seen clubbing with Disco Kid, and Ribbon Girl.

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