Kate Alen
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Kate's artwork for Super Smash Bros. Galactic Battle
Availability Unlockable

Kate Alen (ケイトアレン, Keitoaren) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Galactic Battle.

In the F-Zero series, Kate Alen is one of the many racers of the F-Zero Grand Prix, and in her time away from the track, is a hit singer known around the Universe for her vocal talent.

Kate Alen is voiced by Danielle Nicolet in the English version of the game, replacing Karen Neil from the 4Kids dub of the anime


Kate Alen is a fictional character who debuted in the 1998 Nintendo 64 title F-Zero X, where she was one of the many unlockable new racers. 

Within the F-Zero series, Kate Alen is a notable performer, a talent of which she acquired from her famous family. With both of her parents having been recording artists and being in a band with her ten brothers called the Alen Eleven, it was expected of Kate when she turned 21 to go solo. 

Eventually, Kate grew bored with her mega popstar lifestyle, even with the immense amount of popularity that she had acquired across the universe.

It wasn't until she was asked to perform at the Opening Ceremonies for the latest F-Zero Grand Prix that she realized she wanted to race. Getting a new machine, Kate and her Super Piranha have both become a mainstay at the Grand Prix, with Kate joining the many racers becoming hopeful that she can win the Grand Prix. 

As a bonus to her fans, she's recorded quite a bit of new songs based around F-Zero.

How to Unlock

  • ???
  • ???
  • Get her to join your party in The Elemental Labyrinth.

With the exception of the final task, completing one of the above will lead to Kate challenging the player to a battle on Mute City X. Defeating her will unlock her for regular gameplay.


Name Description
Neutral attack N/A Kate throws out two punches, followed by a butt slam towards the opponent.
Forward Tilt N/A Kate tosses three holographic records towards the opponent.
Up Tilt N/A Kate places her fist in the air and begins to twirl around in a circle, ending with an electric-based piranha biting the opponent.
Down Tilt N/A Kate crouches down and kicks the opponent forward.
Dash Attack N/A Kate charges forward, bashing opponents with her massive afro.
Forward Smash N/A Kate holds back her electric-based piranha, before launching them away with a spiky variant. Similar to Piranha Plant's forward smash.
Up Smash N/A Kate holds her electric-based piranha back, then launches the opponent backward with the spiky variant.
Down Smash N/A Kate pulls on a string, then steps out of the way quickly, allowing a large stage light to appear from a Warp Gate, and hit the opponent.
Neutral Aerial N/A Kate swipes at the opponent with a holographic record.
Forward Aerial N/A Kate tosses a holographic record forward at the opponent.
Back Aerial N/A Kate tosses a holographic record backhanded towards the opponent.
Up Aerial N/A Kate sends a holographic record towards the opponent via a Warp Gate.
Down Aerial N/A Kate sends a holographic record down towards the opponent via a Warp Gate.
Grab N/A Kate grabs the opponent with a bite from her electric-based piranha.
Pummel N/A Kate repeatedly tasers the captured opponent.
Forward Throw N/A Kate sends a lightning bolt towards the opponent from her taser, electrocuting the opponent and launching them forward. 
Back Throw N/A Kate sends a lightning bolt towards the opponent from her taser, electrocuting the opponent, and launching them backward.
Up Throw N/A Kate sends a lightning bolt towards the opponent from her taser, electrocuting the opponent and launching them upward.
Down Throw N/A Kate slams the opponent down and begins to electrocute them with her taser, launching them away in a random direction.
Neutral Special

Piranha Taser

Kate brings out her taser and sends out a Piranha made of electricity to bite the opponent. The piranha will fade away instantly, but will still electrocute opponents for a short time afterward.
Side Special Microphone Lasso Kate brings out a microphone and begins to toss it around as if it were a lasso. Any opponents in the way of the lasso are instantly bought over to Kate, where she can use any of her attacks. It is considered one of Kate's best combo-starters.
Up Special Warp Gate Kate jumps into a Warp Gate from F-Zero: GP Legend, which will teleport her to a random area. Notably, if Kate is attacked during the teleportation, she has a chance to counterattack the opponent with her taser but comes at the cost of being difficult to attempt. Kate will also become helpless if Warp Gate is used in midair, making a risky recovery.
Down Special High Note Kate takes a deep breath before performing a high note at the top of her lungs. When fully charged, the move is capable of breaking shields, and stunning opponents. However, it must be fully charged to take advantage of the impressive range of the move. 
Final Smash Super Piranha Kate calls out for the Super Piranha, yelling out "Super Pirhana, do your thing!". The Super Piranha then launches the opponent(s) into a generic F-Zero track, where Kate appears driving her machine. Notably, the Super Piranha gains a set of electric-based teeth, which deals a bit of extra damage towards the opponents as they are hit by it. Kate then performs a stylistic pose before returning to the stage.

Other Animations

Animation Description
On-Screen Appearance The Super Piranha spins to a stop, while Kate jumps out. The Super Piranha drives away afterward.
Taunt 1 Kate looks towards the camera and blows a kiss at it, followed by a short wink.
Taunt 2 Kate summons a holographic mirror and begins examining herself, notably her hips. She then looks around, blushes, and sends the mirror away, giggling.
Taunt 3 Kate clears her throat, followed by singing a few notes out loud. She then says, "Still got it!"
Star KO Yells out, "No, this can't be happening to ME! Noooo!" before disappearing into the sky.
Screen KO
Character Selection Screen
Crowd Chant Go, Kate, It's Your Birthday! Go, Kate, It's Your Birthday!
Victory Pose 1 Kate spins around like a ballerina, several times, ending the pose by saying, "Honey, this victory is going to be a GREAT recording!" before smiling with her teeth.
Victory Pose 2 Kate drives up in her Super Piranha, then jumps out with a dynamic pose.
Victory Pose 3 Kate stands around with her eyes closed and her head turned up as she ignores both John Tanaka and Mr. EAD who have bouquets of flowers ready for her.

Role in The Elemental Labyrinth

Kate was among the fighters present at the ceremony hosted by Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Kate was present during the clash between Hearth, Floe, Master Hand, and Crazy Hand. During the clash between the six deities, Kate appeared alongside both Jigglypuff and Pauline attempting to sing the beams away. This proved fruitless as upon being given the nod by Balder, Midbus charged forward and launched all three into Amperage's beams, placing Kate, Pauline, and Jigglypuff under his control.

Role in Classic Mode

Kate will appear as an opponent in all variations of Classic Mode. She can also appear as an ally in any variations of Classic Mode.

A Little Love Never Hurt Anyone

Kate's Ultimate style Classic Mode is named, A Little Love Never Hurt Anyone and features Chauncy as the final boss. Kate's opponents are all characters are hurting emotionally within their home series, primarily due to various factors. The exception to this is the 6th round, which is a free-for-all against the other performers of the roster, Pauline, Tsubasa, Azura, Jigglypuff, and Ribbon Girl

Round Opponent(s) Stage
1 Lucas Magicant
2 Aisya and Veronica Coliseum
3 Ashley Mizuki Edward Island
4 Katsuragi ???
5 Shadow and Terry Bogard Bogard Arena
6 Pauline, Tsubasa, Jigglypuff, Ribbon Girl, and Azura Fourside
N/A Bonus Round N/A
Final Chauncy Nursery

Alternate Costumes

Image Color Notes

Smash Taunts

Palutena's Guidance

Snake's Codecs

Fighter Spirits

Kate's Fighter Spirit can be obtained by completing Classic Mode. It is also available periodically for purchase in the shop for 500 coins. Unlocking Kate in The Galactic Battle allows the player to preview the first spirit below in the Spirit List under the name "???". As a Fighter Spirit, it cannot be used in Spirit Battles and is purely aesthetic. Each Fighter Spirit has an alternate version that replaces them with their artwork in Galactic Battle.


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