Karda is the cloud-like robotic hero in the game Beta-Mites, he is considered INDIGO Studios' mascot.


Karda's (sucky) concept art


Karda is short and stubby, with a puffy cloud like body with two short teeth. His eyes are a bright yellow near the edges of his head, he also possesses yellow gloves with a small arm-cannon on his right hand.

He also has bright green boots, in which small jets are placed inside - allowing him to double jump.


Karda is quite carefree and playful, usually not picking a fight - but also has a determined attitude. He is quick to judge, however, and can be somewhat dim from time-to-time. Though he is kind-hearted and usually is found lazing around, and is not one to pick a fight, only wanting to stop Professor Beta's plot to leave a more peaceful lifestyle in Rural City.


Karda's has appeared in Beta-Mites, Beta-Mites 2, and Beta-Mites 3. All in which his role is the hero.


  • Karda's name derives from the "Kardashev Scale", a scale measuring the technological advancement of a single nation.
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