Karate Joe
SSB Rhythm Heaven Series
Universe Rhythm Heaven
Availability Starter
Final Smash Power Kick

This page is about Karate Joe in the context of Super Smash Bros. Combat only! For the character in other contexts see Karate Joe.

Karate Joe is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Combat, and is unlocked from the start. Karate Joe is the first character seen in the Rhythm Heaven series, starring in the "Karate Man" minigame, punching bombs and pots. Watching Karate Joe is the first character to be based off of rhythm. When Karate Joe attacks to the beat of the music, he becomes much more powerful. Karate Joe is pretty average otherwise, having decent speed, having medium weight, and decent recovery. Karate Joe's effectiveness depends on the music playing, so a player can exploit this.


  • Standard SpecialHit 3 – Karate Joe hits three projectiles towards opponents. The button can be held to hit all three projectiles, but pressing the button over and over to the rhythm increases the strength of the projectiles.
  • Side SpecialBomb – Karate Joe kicks a bomb towards opponents that explodes upon contact with something, be it the ground or an opponent.
  • Up SpecialBarrel Explosion – Karate Joe hides inside a barrel and causes it to explode, propelling him high into the air. Shrapnel from the explosion can damage opponents.
  • Down SpecialCombo – Karate Joe traps opponents in a combo that works similar to Marth’s Dancing Blade; being more powerful and rhythm-based.
  • Final SmashPower Kick – Karate Joe kicks opponents, causing them to rise into the air. Karate Joe then delivers a devastating rhythm combo to them before slamming them into the ground with a giant explosion.

Victory Theme - "Dreams of Our Generation"

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