King Bowser! Calm down! Remember your bloodpressure!
Kammy Koopa, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Kammy Koopa

Kammy Koopa or Kammy is an evil Magikoopa. Her greatest feat is her magic. In the game it is heavily implied she is the mother of Kamek, though it is also implied that she is either his sibling or spouse. Her broom can allow Bowser and Co. to travel faster. She also is his adviser in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.


Kenny Koopa: The Original Saga

Kammy Koopa's Stats
Location Bowser's Castle
HP ????
Power ????
Defense ????
Koopa Points 900
Coins ????
Items ????

Kammy Koopa is one of the Magikoopa leaders along Kamek that guard Bowser from all threats. She always despised Kenny Koopa be because of his attitude towards her. She is a boss in Kenny Koopa: The Original Saga.

Super Paper Adventure

In Super Paper Bros. She appears as a boss at Jibber Jabber City where it is found out that she has be possessed by the dark spirit, Boowzer after Lord Boo and Yoshi defeat her Boowzer is found and battled.

Bowser RPG

Kammy acts as a partner.

A Dark Tide

Kammy appeared in Super Mario: Dark Tide, and she accompanied Bowser as a chef.

Brewing the Beginning

Kammy returns as a boss in Nintendo Stars: The Beginning. She is the third boss of Chapter 15 following Kamek.

NRL Player

Kammy Koopa is a player on the Bowser Villains team on the multiplayer wii sports game Mario Rugby League. She is a speedy character with average skill but poor strength. Her special skill is to push foes with a magic spell to avoid tackling.

Paper Mario and the Elemental Sages

Kammy returns in Paper Mario and the Elemental Sages. She is another miniboss character. Her first appearance is in Chapter 2, having just finished checking up on King Bob-omb's project, and attacks Mario. She is defeated, and flees, yelling that she will defeat Mario next time. 

She appears again in Chapter 7. She is taking a break at University Mush when Mario arrives. She decides getting revenge on Mario is more important than her break, but gets trounced. She flies away, grumbling that she should have stayed on her break.

Her final main story appearance is in Chapter 11. She is battled alongside Bowser. However, she is yet again defeated. Kamek and Bowser Jr immediately jump in after the two lose. She vanishes after the battles.

Like Kamek, she appears in a few Bowser interludes. She is with Bowser, encouraging him to join in the Bowser Day celebrations in the Chapter 2 interlude, berates the people of the Shy Guy Raid Camp for giving up, only to be dragged away by Fly Guys and tossed outside the camp in the Chapter 5 interlude, and is found being on break - and promptly fireblasted by Bowser - in the Chapter 9 interlude. 


Chapter 2: "This is Kammy Koopa. She's another member of Bowser's inner circle. Max HP is 15, Attack is 2, Defense is 0. Her attacks are magic blasts and dropping Small Blocks on our heads, potentially leaving us Confused. She's not much of a threat, so let's take her out fast."

Chapter 7: "Kammy Koopa is back in action! In spite of being on break.... Max HP is 35, attack is 3, defense is 0. Her normal attack is the smae, but her blocks are upgraded to Stone Blocks. She can also summon a block and morph it into an enemy, Heal 10 HP, and make copies of herself. Let's show here why she should stay on break."

Chapter 11: "Kammy's back in action. This time alongside Bowser! Max HP is 50, Attack is 4, Defense is 0. Her old attacks are the same - albeit the Block Morph foes are stronger, copies are stuck until Bowser goes down, and the blocks are now Metal Blocks. She can also make Bowser or herself Big, Swift, Second Wind, or raised attack. Let's close this witch's magic show!"



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