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Kamikaze Koopa is a type of Koopa Troopa that first appeared in Super Mario World. Kamikaze Koopas are only

Artwork of a Kamikaze Koopa in Mario 3D World.

found when there is a yellow Beach Koopa that gets into any color Koopa Shell. The Shell will flash a variety of colors and will follow Mario around. If Mario jumps on the shell it will not have the Koopa pop out. It can only be defeated if Mario does a Spin Jump on it or if Yoshi eats it. They can also be defeated by falling into gaps, or using Star power. If a Yoshi does eat it they have three abilities, creating small earthquakes when landing on thr ground, flying, and spitting out Fireballs.

Game appearances

Mario 3D World

They return in Mario 3D World as enemies.

Mario 3D World Description

See a yellow Beach Koopa? Ok. See a shell next to it? RUN!!!