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Guys, I just want you to know that we never would've gotten this far if it wasn't for working together. We've been through a lot, and this battle will decide the fate of Ascerth.
Kaiden, Champions of Ascerth: The Chronicles, Chapter 22: Taking the Volcano

Kaiden Damuth Male
156 lbs
23 years old Human
FULL NAME Kaiden Damuth
POWERS Swordsmanship
Leadership skills
Hyper Mode
BIRTHDAY June 16th

Orian (father, deceased)
Nikari (daughter)
Tova (son)


Elina (wife)

BIRTH LOCATION Farhorn Village

Seeing new places


Not having a weapon on him
Relying too much on supernatural enhancements


Kaiden is the main protagonist of the game Champions of Ascerth, and one of Ghostrealm Studios's mascots. Once the lone survivor of Farhorn Village's krexxon attack, he would later stop their invasion and become one of the planet's saviors, before eventually taking on the Circle of Shadows and even getting embroiled in a conflict on the continent of Buzokai. Throughout further projects, Kaiden was given more development and now acts as one of the major characters within the Ghostverse.

Kaiden dies during the events of Ghost Story, becoming a pawn in Tobura's scheme to collect souls. He undergoes a new role, serving under the title of Sanctus Ferrum. He carries out Tobura's will, unable to control himself, even less so in appearances after Ghost Story due to being bonded with an even more malicious soul. Heavily dangerous, especially given his immense power, he is the greatest threat to the Hopebringers now behind Tobura herself.


Kaiden's Design

Kaiden tends to have unkempt light brown hair, and is almost never seen without his armor on. Said armor is relatively light, which allows for greater flexibility in combat. Kaiden is also of average weight and stature, though he is on the leaner side.

Kaiden's initial design had a different armor design, and a lighter skin tone.

Sanctus Ferrum's Design

After the events of Ghost Story, Kaiden is known as Sanctus Ferrum and is a servant of Tobura. His skin tone stays the same but he is also grafted with parts from another soul to make him more blood thirsty and to snuff out any part of the old Kaiden. This results in him having a second demonic mouth under his face, which ocasionally snarls or yells, exposing how macabre Kaiden's body has become since his death. His hair has gotten paler and his eyes lack pupils, being pure white sclera with glowing green lines down from his eyes to his second mouth. He also has a new pair of winged horns which glow green at the very tips.

Kaiden's armor, which was formerly blue, has become black with green highlights and has a overall more decayed and spiked look. He also has Tobura's symbol over his chestplate now as opposed to the blue flower symbol he had formerly. He has a new sword for his right hand, replacing his old purple hilt sword. This sword can spray acid onto the blade to make cuts super painful.


Kaiden's Personality

Kaiden is relatively calm, rarely bursting out in anger. As someone who's rarely been outside of his hometown of Farhorn Village, he is eager to see new places and explore the world around him. Towards others, he can be relatively sociable, though when arguing about something, he will discuss his point constantly. Other times, he can be socially awkward, especially when he's in a new place.

Yet, Kaiden can be prone to breaking down emotionally when immense trauma or pain occurs. Being the lone survivor of his village being burnt down has left him with mental scars that will probably never heal. He was also a bit oblivious to romance initially, but has learned to express compassion for those he cares for.

While initially seeking adventure and taking on battles head-on, Kaiden now yearns for peace more than anything, likely due to the bonds he's formed with those he cares for. He has a sense of honor about him, and refuses to do anything that goes against it. He values life immensely, and as such refuses to fight anyone who isn't prepared to fight back. Generally, Kaiden is a protector of the innocent and believes that the universe is generally a rough place.

Sanctus Ferrum's Personality

Reborn as a mindless puppet killer for Tobura, Kaiden is most absent from control, sedated under Tobura's life energy. Sparks of the original Kaiden ocassionally appear in moments of weakness, but Sanctus Ferrum is more concerned with self-preservation and carrying out the will of Tobura.

When he is grafted with the spirit of a demon, the demon ocasionally flares up in moments of extreme violence or tension. These moments are best illustrated by flapping open the new second mouth present on Sanctus Ferrum's body. This spirit is bloodthirsty and any ties it had to the world before are mostly absent. It acts as a conflicting presence inside Sanctus Ferrum to fight off any of what remains of the original Kaiden's personality.

Despite this, Kaiden is still fighting inside for his right to his own body and conciousness- but as far as anyone is concerned, including the Hopebringers- Kaiden is a lost cause and Sanctus Ferrum must be stopped, even if it results in Kaiden being permanently lost. Sanctus Ferrum shows no empathy or emotion most of the time- any spurring of feelings like that are the rare result of Kaiden gaining control.


In combat, Kaiden prefers the use of two melee weapons at once, preferably swords. He tends to target enemy weak points and utilize the area around him to fight. However, he can be prone to recklessness in the heat of battle, going after individual targets instead of backing off and handling different foes.

That being said, Kaiden is more than capable of handling a myriad of weapons. Spears, axes, you name it. He's also relatively skilled in unarmed combat, and outside of combat Kaiden is a shrewd tactician, able to point out weak points within enemy formations.

Kaiden's specific abilities/powers are listed here:

General Combat Techniques

  • Armed Techniques: Kaiden has a wide array of techniques he can use when armed with a weapon, which he generally prefers.
    • Power Strike: Kaiden's Power Strike technique is a heavy-handed strike forward from his weapon(s) that generally leave an opponent hurt and confused. He tends to use it quite often.
    • Parrying: Kaiden can take advantage of his weapon(s) to the point where he can use an opponent's strength against them, often looking into their fighting style during the battle.
    • Ferocious Charge: Kaiden has refined his movement in battle to the point where he can lunge at opponents, taking them by surprise and landing a devastating blow.
    • Disarm: Kaiden can force his opponent's weapon out of their grasp with a strike to the hands that doesn't try to cut them off, but instead tries to deceive and trick the opponent.
  • Unarmed Techniques: When left without a weapon, Kaiden is not defenseless, and knows a few unarmed techniques. He also occasionally uses these moves even while wielding a weapon.
    • Surprise Kick: When locking weapons with a foe, Kaiden might surprise them by kicking them forward, before taking advantage of the opening with an attack.
    • Sucker Punch: Kaiden might sucker punch an opponent when cornered by them or anticipating a fight.

Equipment/Equipment-Specific Techniques

  • Zalvosh Swords (formerly): Gifted to Kaiden when he first visited the superweapon beneath Ascerth, the Zalvosh Swords were his greatest asset as a fighter and were once said to be the standard-issue weapons of the zalvosh species. Both swords were relatively light, benefiting Kaiden's fighting style. While the actual blades were sharp and refined, the swords themselves were enchanted with magical energy, courtesy of Elina, to allow for more advanced techniques. They were later destroyed by Zomok during a battle.
    • Thunder Blade: Using the magical energies his swords were enchanted with, Kaiden can fling blasts of energy forward at his foes. However, this technique tends to leave him open, and he has a distaste for ranged combat so he rarely makes use of this.
    • Whirlwind: Kaiden can make use of his swords so that he can slash them in a spinning motion, harming anyone around him and knocking them away.
  • Armor: Kaiden tends to wear his usual blue armor, which is designed around flexibility in combat.
  • Hyper Mode Orb: During Kaiden's time in Buzokai, he stumbled upon a Hyper Mode orb, which he later found was inhabited by a magical spirit known as Katsura. With this orb, Kaiden can enter Hyper Mode.


  • Netherspace Aura: During the invasion of Ascerth by the Circle of Shadows, Elina briefly empowered Kaiden with Netherspace Aura, which brought him into a state of enhanced physical capabilities and durability briefly. While powerful, this state requires the presence of someone else to channel the energy into his body, and thus leaving them vulnerable.
  • Hyper Form: Upon tapping into his Hyper Mode Orb and activating his Hyper Form, Kaiden's appearance changes to that of having heavy armor that covers most of his body, as well as swapping out whatever weapon he wields to a giant two-handed sword. The form also enhances Kaiden's physical prowess and capabilities, but leaves him with a more violent and less talkative personality, generally making him more battle-focused as a whole. Hyper Mode is also very addicting and exhausting to maintain, but Kaiden recognizes that and, as such, only uses it one fight at a time and very sparingly. Within Hyper Mode, many new techniques open up:
    • Thunder Blasts: An upgraded variant of the Thunder Blade technique, Thunder Blasts utilize the natural Hyper Energy of Hyper Mode instead, which is much more powerful than simple energy blasts, but also leaves Kaiden in a more open state after being used.
    • Sentient Blade: Kaiden's two-handed sword that he uses in Hyper Mode can seemingly move its blade, usually to assist in blocking incoming attacks and projectiles. It can also teleport at will to the other end of the hilt, allowing for surprise attacks and quickly pulling the sword out of objects. The sword itself is also extremely durable and powerful, but Kaiden has to be careful to hit precisely, lest he be left open to attack.

Out of Combat Abilities

  • Tactics: Kaiden, having trained in combat ever since he was twelve years old, knows quite a bit about battle tactics, and as such can easily lead groups of fighters to victory. His style of tactics tends to revolve around spotting weak points in enemy formations and exploiting them.
  • Reflexes: Kaiden has a sense of awareness about him that makes it easy for him to quickly act in situations.


  • Recklessness: In the heat of battle, Kaiden can sometimes lose focus and simply lash out with attacks, leaving him vulnerable.
  • Tradition: Despite having adopted the use of Hyper Mode and occasionally using Netherspace Aura, Kaiden refuses to utilize any other supernatural powers.
  • Stealth: Kaiden's fighting style, while great in the thick of battle, isn't so good for stealth due to him making a lot of noise in battle.


Early Life

Kaiden was born in Farhorn Village to Orian Damuth, the captain of the village's guards. He was raised with combat training due to the village being ever weary of gringar attacks. Yet, as he grew up, he learned how to master his swordsmanship quite nicely, occasionally leading raids on gringar camps. Kaiden had several childhood friends, but many of them would be captured during gringar raids, thus giving him a mindset of most of his friends being temporary companions in his life.

At the age of seventeen, he rose to the position of Deputy Captain, standing at his father's side as his second-in-command. Kaiden would occasionally teach new recruits combat skills as well as taking part in the defense of his village. Yet, he yearned for adventure, and a chance to leave his village.

Champions of Ascerth

By the time Kaiden was twenty-two years old, the krexxon would attack Farhorn Village during their invasion, and despite the village's guards putting up a good defense, they were no match for the superior technology of the krexxon. Kaiden was the only survivor of the village's destruction, but knew he had to find a way to stop it. He needed allies.

Kaiden would set out to Xastil City, the capital of the Xastil Kingdom that controlled Farhorn Village and many other towns. After several days, he arrived in the city, looking around the city for any mercenaries who wanted adventure, but was stopped by a sorceress named Elina upon entering a bar in the city. She told Kaiden that she had seen visions of the krexxon invasion, and believed that they shared a common goal in stopping it. The two of them made a deal to work together in stopping the invasion, and would set out on an adventure, falling in love in the process.

Kaiden would also recruit the rul'kor Ukoras, the grovarn Jogot, the sulkrik Orthesu, and the volant Grik to his side. Together, they'd defeat the commander of the invasion, a krexxon known as Ethros, and save their world. Yet, they also found out the truth about Ascerth: it held a zalvosh superweapon, fueled by life. This secret would be well-kept by the group for a while.

Ascerth: One Year Later

One year after the defeat of the krexxon, Kaiden and Elina now lived together in an apartment within Xastil City. Kaiden now worked as Xastil's emissary to a group of krexxon that chose to live in peace on Ascerth, often delivering supplies to and from the two groups.

Kaiden would later go to visit Elina's father Norris, as he was hoping to propose once he got the green light from him, but Elina would enter a comotose state during the meal. He'd remain by her side even in this state of hers.

Hour of Reckoning: Part 1

A few months after Elina's coma, Kaiden would find himself sparring with Ukoras, while discussing the idea of honor and being able to protect those he cared for. After the sparring session, Kaiden went to check on Elina, only to find that she was awake. The reunion was short-lived however as an explosion occured in Xastil City, with Kaiden fighting in an attempt to save the ruined city.

Eventually, Kaiden would manage to push the Circle of Shadows out of Ascerth and join the Vanguard of Spirits alongside Taikari and her allies.

Hour of Reckoning: Part 2

Kaiden fought in the campaign on Jalgor, and was involved in the final battle against the Soul Grazer as one of the five heroes Xanvor had seen in visions. After Jogot's funeral, he proposed to Elina, and she said yes.

Ghostverse Stories

Kaiden chose Grik as the best man for his wedding, and married Elina during this series.

Champions of Ascerth 2

Two months after the wedding, Kaiden woke up on the shores of Buzokai with no memory of his past. He'd find himself going on an adventure alongside Tamasha, and even begin making use of Hyper Mode after finding the orb necessary. After Tobura was defeated, Kaiden would also find out about Elina being pregnant.

New Powers

Kaiden would eventually learn that his Hyper Mode orb was inhabited by a spirit known as Katsura, and would also begin to think about who he had become as a person.

A Ranger's Duty

Kaiden appears in A Ranger's Duty after Solotus saves him from a vengeful krexxon who seeks revenge for the war prior. As thanks, Kaiden offers the Ranger a place to stay.

Ghostverse Adventures

Kaiden appears throughout Ghostverse Adventures as a major character.

Ghost Story

While on a mission with the rest of The Hopebringers, the group enters a tournament called the Ring of Blood, wanting to get information from a sorceress named Nansi. The mission turns out to be a trap, as Kaiden is attacked with black magic, resulting in his quick death, with Volta and Taikari barely getting out alive. Nansi reveals herself to be the sister of Tobura, who quickly comes in to claim his corpse, embuing her life energy into him, transforming him into her own personal puppet. Tobura orders him to kill every soul in the arena, sending him directly against the Hopebringers. Keranzia attempts to blow up the stadium to kill Kaiden before he can do more damage, but he uses his Hyper Mode to tank through it, making Keraniza's sacrifice in vain.

As the Hopebringers tearfully leave the planet, Tobura gives Kaiden a new name, Sanctus Ferrum, and has him follow her through a portal to carry out her next orders.

Non-Canon Appearances

Fantendoverse X: Time/Fantendoverse X: Space

Kaiden appears in both versions of Fantendoverse X as a summonable unit.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil

Kaiden appears as a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil.

Super Smash Bros. GR

Kaiden is slated to appear in Super Smash Bros. GR.

Ghostrealm Heroes

Kaiden is playable in Ghostrealm Heroes. He acts as the game's "balanced" character essentially.

Roulette Rush

Kaiden appears as one of several playable characters in Roulette Rush.

Zonal Fever

Kaiden appears as an assist in Zonal Fever, using attacks that involve characters from his debut game.

Stampede Breakfast 3: Brunch Time!

Kaiden is one of several playable characters in Stampede Breakfast 3: Brunch Time!, acting as a fast middleweight with good spacing, but poor KO power and recovery.

Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball!

Sanctus Ferrum appears in Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball! as part of the Blue Faction, the team consisting of Fantendo characters. He was the first character to be revealed to be a unlockable character, requiring 100 Dodgeball games to be completed.

Someone's Puppet
Special Move: Netherspace Aura
Sanctus Ferrum's speed and jump is boosted significantly for a short time as an aura flows off him.

Relationships with other characters

Please leave a header below with your character's name if you want to see Kaiden's thoughts on them!


When Kaiden first met Elina, he was skeptical of trusting her, believing that she was merely an ally of convenience. Over time however, the two of them would grow close and eventually become a couple. Kaiden's love for Elina can be owed to his admiration of her willingness to get things done, as well as her general optimism.


Kaiden views Taikari as a vital ally on the battlefield, respecting her dedication and tactics. However, he doesn't exactly like her mercenary attitude, but understands why she thinks that way.

Felton and Trent

Kaiden gets along well with Felton and Trent, seeing them as a fun duo and often talking to them. He's impressed by how they can still fight the kinds of opponents he can despite being birds.


Kaiden sees Tamasha as a great friend, having gotten to know her during the incident on Buzokai. He admires her dedication to her craft.


Solotus and Kaiden are quite close, with the two almost seeming like brothers in some aspects. Solotus saved his life in the past, and the two of them fight well together.


Kaiden despises Tobura immensely, and the two of them are more or less mortal enemies. He doesn't stand for her goals, and especially hates her after she wiped his memory for a brief moment of time.

Despite this, Tobura considered Kaiden to be an potential tool for her plans, which she finally accomplished in Ghost Story. Tobura seems to heavily value having Kaiden under her control, often stroking his cheek or chin in a very intimate fashion. He acts as her puppet and carries out her will much better than Zomok.

Silver Zin

Kaiden has nothing but respect for Silver, especially admiring his "Moral Code" due to how he shares similar values. He can also relate to how Silver has had leadership positions thrust upon him, and holds him in extremely high regard for how he stood up against Mallory. However, Kaiden can be a bit frightened by the true extent of Silver's power, and is weary not to get on his bad side for fear of seeing it.


Kaiden actually sees Fera as someone he relates to immensely, as they've both been fighters all their lives, and has a grudging respect for the Terran. He views her as someone he'd love to fight alongside, and can also relate to her fear of losing those she cares about. Kaiden can also relate to Fera's stubborn personality quite a bit, seeing as how he's a bit stubborn himself.

Umbra Shader

Kaiden feels pity for Umbra and how he never really knew his parents, and generally sees him as a powerful individual he'd enjoy being alongside. Yet, Kaiden is a bit fearful of the powers Umbra possesses, likely due to his own conflicts with dark magic.


Kaiden respects Meta-Form, but is skeptical of his "Not-To-Kill Honor", believing that death is sometimes necessary for the worst of the worst. Despite that, he admires Meta-Form's heroism and sees him as a powerful individual, though he is a bit weary of his capabilities.


Kaiden admires Oshelia's growth as a person, and happy to see that she recognizes that fighting is sometimes necessary. He also admires her desire for world peace.


Kaiden can see through Mynis's facade, and can tell he's had stakes thrust upon him, something Kaiden can relate to all too well. That being said, Kaiden feels pity for Mynis and believes he could teach the Beorn a few things and help him with his situation.


Kaiden views Hama's reclusive attitude with contempt, but understands why she would act that way. That being said, he can relate to Hama being the sole surviving Draconian due to what happened to his own village, and respects her and her capabilities.



  • Kaiden loves to eat, and will never turn down a meal.
    • As of his return from Buzokai, Kaiden's favorite food is lobster, likely due to the time he had it in skewer form on the continent.
  • Kaiden is ambidextrous, likely due to his preference for using two weapons at once.
  • Kaiden was initially inspired by Link from The Legend of Zelda, but over time began to moreso take inspiration from other characters.
  • Kaiden is Krexxal (tbc)'s first purely original character.
  • His name while under Tobura's control- Sanctus Ferrum- is supposed to be Latin for Holy Iron.
  • Sanctus Ferrum's design takes after inspiration from Nelo Angelo from the Devil May Cry series and a little bit of Lif from Fire Emblem Heroes Book 3. His color scheme is inspired from Tobura's but also the Ghostverse's use of green and black.
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