Kai Zephyr
Kai Zephyr, the dead man chattering.
SPECIES Unknown (formerly)
AGE 24
RESIDING AT Sarah Needlenam's bag
CLASS Technically Ghost

Kai Zephyr is a soul trapped in a skull, kept alive despite his obvious lack of organs by the power of the Standing Ripple Talking Head. His original body was destroyed by Doomsayers for reasons unknown, and now seeks to topple their entire organization and obtain a new body. He is currently "owned" by Sarah Needlenam.

He is the Wallverse's version of Black Sun.


Kai's current appearance consists of a slightly yellow skull with two glowing eyes in their sockets. An eye-shaped insignia is carved into the skull's forehead.

His appearance prior to his "death" is unknown.




Kai's Standing Ripple, Talking Head, possesses an unorthodox power that transferred its user's consciousness into a skull in the moment before his death. Its power is what is currently keeping Kai alive without a normal body. If the skull is destroyed, Talking Head - and thus Kai himself - will be die. The Standing Ripple also grants him the ability to project his consciousness out of the skull, letting him see (but not hear, feel, smell, or taste) anything within fifty feet of his skull, as well as the ability to manipulate objects with a form of telekinesis. The closer his skull is to an object or the smaller the object is, the more easily Kai can manipulate it. He cannot manipulate animals or sapient beings.

Kai's physical capabilities are severely hampered by the fact that he is presently a skull. He cannot grab, hold, or carry objects. He cannot run, climb, or jump. All he can do is shift himself along the ground with his jaw and occasionally roll around.


Prior History

Kai is a bit reluctant to share details about his life with others. The only section that he elaborates on vividly is his "death," which took place in 1824. He was captured by a group of Doomsayers and taken down close to the core, to be either sacrificed or executed. The instant before he was killed, however, a long-dormant Standing Ripple ability activated, and his consciousness was transferred into a skull in an adjacent tunnel.

Kept alive by constant use of Talking Head's power, Kai dedicated himself to toppling the Doomslayers and avenging the destruction of his body. That, or getting a new body. Either one would work.


  • Sarah Needlenam: TBA!
  • The Pretender: TBA!
  • Primus: The way Kai sees it, the unofficial head honcho Doomsayer would most likely be the one who gave the order to kill him, right? So of course he's number 1 on the list of people he wants to haunt first. And Sarah has a vendetta against this specific Doomsayer anyway... It's just plain convenient.


  • Kai Zephyr's name is a corruption of Black Sun's real name, Zephon Koi.
  • Talking Head is named after the American rock band Talking Heads.
  • Talking Head's powers are partially inspired by those of Sissel, the protagonist of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

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