Kahjii's artwork in Pokémon Frost & Flare
Category The Fiery Portal Pokémon Pokémon
Original Region Neonix
Generation 7
Pokémon Color Orange
First Appearance Pokémon Frost and Flare
Latest Appearance Pokémon Frost and Flare
Type(s) Fire
Average Height 10' 5'
Average Weight 250lbs

Kahjii (known as Fierr in Japan) is a Fire Type legendary Pokemon

It is not known to evolve into any other Pokemon.

Kahjii is the mascot of Pokemon Flare Version, appearing on the boxart.

Kahjii, along with Koori, are the balance duo, and legends among the Neonix region.


Physical Apperance

Kahjii is an orange Pokemon with a scar across it's left eye and it's right eye having a portal-like texture inside. It has an orange body with a black star in the center, and black, 6-pointed stars for hands.

Gender Differences

Kahjii is a genderless Pokemon

Special Abilities

Kahjii has burning hot fire that can scortch and melt everything, but against Koori's Frost abilities, it is useless. Kahjii is the only Pokemon that learns thier signature move, Soul Scortch, at level 100, this probably is to go along with the legend that at it's full potential, he may learn the most powerful fire.


Kahjii has been locked in battle against it's counterpart, Koori, for 3,000 years, which made it very alert and angry. For these reasons, it doesn't like people, and it will react badly if people try to catch it.

Game Data

Pokedex entries


FROST: This Pokemon has been locked in battle with his counterpart, Koori for 3,000 years, so it doesn't like humans.

FLARE: Being locked in battle for 3,000 years makes this Pokemon very angry when it tries to be caught.

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