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A Kaboomba
Species Origin Bill Blaster
Alignment Bad

Kaboombas, called Cannons in Super Princess Peach, are Bill Blaster-like enemies that appear in the Yoshi's Island series. They resemble large, black cannons with feet. The move around the area, and attack Yoshi by shooting small cannonballs that fly in an arc. They do not travel very far, but they do explode on impact, which can damage Yoshi if he is in the blast radius. Yoshi is able to stand on them to get a ride, and he can defeat them by using a Ground Pound or throwing a Yoshi Egg at them. He cannot, however, swallow them and turn them into an egg.

A variety of Kaboombas are introduced in Super Princess Peach in the form of Calm Cannons. It is usually found sleeping, though if Peach wakes it up by walking too quickly, it will begin acting as a normal Kaboomba.


Stampede Breakfast 2

A Kaboomba appears as an assist character in Stampede Breakfast 2, and it acts identically to how it behaves in its debut. The Kaboomba will walk around the stage, and will occasionally stop to fire a cannonball that falls to the ground, exploding on impact. Players are also able to ride the Kaboomba as it walks around.

Yoshi and Kamek

Kaboombas reappear in Yoshi and Kamek. They retain their behavior from previous Yoshi games, walking around and firing explosive cannonballs in arcs. They can be defeated with Yoshi's Ground Pound or Kamek's Magic Blast. In addition, the player is able to pick up the cannonballs it fires and throw them at enemies and obstacles to destroy them, including the Kaboomba itself.