Kābīdansu is the first game made by Star Crash Inc. It is a strange exploration game viewed from a topdown perspective using 16 and 32-bit graphical styles. Interestingly, the name translates to something like "Kirby Dance", the dance done by Kirby that is popular on the internet. It has nothing to do with that dance at all.


The game stars Kabocha, a seemingly ordinary human. Kabocha is walking around one day when a thick forest opens up. He walks into the forest and continues along a path when he comes to a white box. He opens the box, and hears laughter. A spirit appears from the box named Gōsuto, who sucks Kabocha into the ground...

Can Kabocha escape? Who is Gōsuto? What is the meaning of this? The answer isn't really explained that much, but Kabocha will have some cool adventures!


The whole game is connected like a Metroidvania would be. Here are the various realms.

  • Box Whitespace: First area, goes into Gua House.
  • Gua House: A HUB-type place, connects to several areas.
  • Household Areas: Several households are here.
  • Dampnaa Caves: Cave-type areas.
  • Nes Snes: An 8-bit graphical styled area.
  • Sraa Horror: A red, frightening area.
  • Midnight: After beating the previous four areas, Midnight opens up. Connects to Escapescape.
  • Escapescape: This place has an elevator that brings you up to the forest. Your game is now finished... but you still don't understand what the heck happened!
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