Just Dance: Club Bangers
Developer(s) Ubisoft Paris
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Platform(s) Wii U, Wii, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360
Release Date(s)
Worldwide: TBA 2015
Single-player, multiplayer (local and online)
Age Rating(s)
Teen (T)
426px-PEGI 12.svg
Genre(s) Rhythm, dancing, music, party
Series Just Dance
Predecessor Just Dance 2015
Successor N/A

Just Dance: Club Bangers is an upcoming rhythm/dancing video game to be released across all seventh- and eighth-generation consoles, scheduled for a global release date sometime in Spring 2015. It is the seventh main installment in the Just Dance series of games, and it is the first game in the main series to have a subtitle instead of a number or year in its name. It is also the first game to warrant a Teen ESRB Rating in NTSC regions and a PEGI 12 rating in PAL regions due to lyrics and suggestive themes. The game reportedly will feature more complex choreography than previous Just Dance games, with some dance moves taken from actual music videos and live performances. Additionally, the focus of this installment will be solely on the pop, dance, electronic, and disco music genres (hence the subtitle Club Bangers), and the majority of the tracklist will be comprised of songs from the 2000s and 2010s.

Gameplay & Game Modes

Just Dance: Club Bangers will play much like its predecessors. Players must mimic the dance moves they observe on-screen as accurately as possible to obtain the highest score in the end. However, a host of new features and game modes have been added to Club Bangers, including:

  • Full-body detection, which means that players must imitate not only the arm movements they see on-screen like in the previous games, but they must mimic every gesture and body movement they observe, adding another layer of depth. (All versions except for Wii)
  • Male and female choreography that is available for all Solo songs, and alternate dance routines are now available for all songs, including DLC.
  • The ability to unlock explicit versions of songs. By default, all the songs in the game are clean versions, but players can unlock the original versions. However, how this is accomplished is still unknown.
  • Colorful neon glows which appear around the dancers (coaches) on-screen which indicate how well the player is performing so far on the song. A red glow means they are doing poorly, a yellow glow means they are doing alright, a blue glow means they are doing good, and a green glow means they are doing perfect.
  • Stage Mode, a new game mode where a fifth player takes control of the Wii U GamePad and gets to play around with different stage effects such as strobe lights, background animations, and much more while up to four other players dance. (Exclusive to Wii U)
  • Just Rehearse!, a new single-player game mode which, for the first time ever, enables players to practice any unlocked song and master the choreography. They can learn the dance moves at a reduced speed or just practice a specific section of a song and loop it over and over again!
  • Just Battle!, a new multiplayer mode that pits several players against one another. This mode will contain a number of sub-modes such as:
    • Steal the Crown: The default mode of Just Battle! requires players to earn the most points by the end of the song in order to be victorious. The player who is in the lead will have a spinning crown over their Player Card at the top of the screen.
    • Survival: The person with the lowest score will be eliminated from the dance every 30 seconds or every minute, depending on the length of the song, until only one person is left dancing.
    • Tournament: Up to 32 players can form a tournament, with the winner of each round moving on to the next tier.
    • Team Versus: Similar to Steal the Crown, but instead of being an individual free-for-all, players form teams and take turns dancing to a series of randomly selected songs to see which team can accumulate the most points and obtain the highest score. Players can choose their own team names as well!
  • Just Choreograph!, wherein players can design their own dance routines for any song using a robust yet simple in-game tool. Players can then share their creations with the world or challenge their friends to take on their choreography!
  • Performer Mode, another exciting new game mode that will change the way Just Dance is played. Here, players will be challenged to dance and sing simultaneously, with the game tracking both movement and vocal performance. Multiple microphone accessories will be required for a multiplayer experience. As always, players can use a microphone accessory to sing the lyrics on-screen in any other mode as well.

In addition to the variety of new gameplay elements and game modes, the following are returning from previous iterations of Just Dance:

  • Just Dance!, which is the traditional game mode where up to four players are free to choose from any unlocked song and jump right into the dancing action! New to Just Dance! is Opt-In/Opt-Out, which allows players to join in the dance at any time with the push of a button, switch with another player, or leave the dance if they can't keep up!
  • Just Sweat!, where players can create a personalized workout regimen and follow through with it. This time around, it includes new character designs and modified dance routines. Also, players can track their progress and view detailed stats, such as the number of calories they've burned overall, and much more.
  • Online play will be making a return, under the tentative name of Dance Universe. It has been revealed that up to 8 players can compete against one another on any non-DLC song, and this can be done with friends or strangers. Also, players can choose to remain anonymous online or create a full-fledged Dance Profile and have their rankings appear on the worldwide leaderboards. Because the game supports camera capabilities, players can enable their console's camera and view their opponents dancing on-screen in real-time. Moreover, the game will support voice chat, allowing for a healthy dose of trash talk before, during, or after the dance!

Track listing

Difficulty ratings will be making a return in this game, but they will go by qualitative terms instead of quantitative terms. There will be four difficulty ratings: Novice, Medium, Tough, and Insane. However, Effort ratings will not be returning. The dancers for the Solo songs listed below are the automatic options, but there will be an option to switch between male and female choreography on the song selection screen. The game will feature 80+ songs, excluding DLC and Song Packs.


  • (7GEN): Song is exclusive to seventh-generation consoles.
  • (8GEN): Song is exclusive to eighth-generation consoles.
  • (NTSC): Song is exclusive to North American and South American regions.
  • (PAL): Song is exclusive to PAL regions.
  • (🔒): Song must be unlocked by meeting specific criteria; TBA.
  • (*): Cover version.
Song Title Artist Year Difficulty Dancer(s)
Material Girl Madonna 1984 Novice
Beat It Michael Jackson 1983 Insane
Spice Up Your Life Spice Girls 1997 Insane ♀/♀/♀/♀
Froot (8GEN) Marina and the Diamonds 2014 Insane
Wild Ones Flo Rida ft. Sia 2012 Novice ♀/♂/♀/♂
Somebody's Watching Me (Remix) (*) (🔒) Rockwell 1984 Novice
Mickey (7GEN) Toni Basil 1981 Medium ♀/♂
Can't Be Tamed Miley Cyrus 2010 Tough
Because the Night (*) Patti Smith 1978 Insane
WOW (PAL) Inna 2011 Medium ♂/♀/♂
Dangerous (🔒) David Guetta ft. Sam Martin 2014 Tough ♂/♂
You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile Sia 2014 Medium
What About Us The Saturdays 2012 Tough ♀/♀
Up All Night Arty ft. Angel Taylor 2014 Tough ♂/♀
Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) Katy Perry 2011 Medium
Karma Chameleon Culture Club 1983 Tough ♀/♂/♀/♂
I Am the Best (*) 2NE1 (Yabisi) 2011 Insane ♀/♀/♀/♀
Tacatà Tacabro 2012 Medium ♀/♂/♀/♂
Sledgehammer Fifth Harmony 2014 Insane ♀/♀/♀/♀
Suit & Tie Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z 2013 Tough
Moments Halfway To Hollywood 2014 Novice
T.I.N.A. Fuse ODG ft. Angel 2014 Tough ♂/♀/♂/♀
Stay the Night Zedd ft. Hayley Williams 2013 Medium ♀/♂
Tainted Love Soft Cell 1981 Medium
I've Been Thinking About You Londonbeat 1990 Novice ♂/♂/♂

Whip It

Nicki Minaj 2012 Insane

Hit and Run (🔒) Breathe Carolina 2012 Novice


Pop 101 Marianas Trench ft. Anami Vice 2014 Novice ♂/♂/♀/♀
Walkin' on the Sun Smash Mouth 1997 Medium ♀/♂/♀/♂
As Your Friend Afrojack ft. Chris Brown 2013 Medium

Get Down (You're the One For Me) Backstreet Boys 1996 Tough ♂/♂/♂/♂

Take it Off (7GEN)

Ke$ha 2010 Tough ♂/♀
Bizarre Love Triangle New Order 1986 Novice ♀/♂
Take Over Nick Jonas 2014 Medium
Dance Like There's No Tomorrow Paula Abdul 2008 Tough ♂/♀/♂
Beautiful Monster Ne-Yo 2010 Insane
Don't Leave Me This Way Thelma Houston 1976 Medium
Dirty Situation (PAL) Mohombi ft. Akon 2010 Tough ♂/♀
Beam Me Up Cazzette 2013 Insane
Epic 4Count 2014 Novice ♂/♂/♂/♂
I Knew You Were Trouble Taylor Swift 2012 Insane ♀/♂
Do What U Want (🔒) Lady GaGa ft. R. Kelly 2013 Medium ♂/♀
Like a Drum (7GEN) Guy Sebastian 2013 Novice ♀/♂/♂/♀
First Love (🔒) Jennifer Lopez 2014 Tough ♂/♀
All of You Betty Who 2014 Medium
No Scrubs TLC 1999 Medium ♀/♀/♀
It's My Party Jessie J 2013 Novice
Baby, It's OK Follow Your Instinct ft. Alexandra Stan 2013 Tough ♀/♂/♀
Live for the Night (🔒) Krewella 2013 Medium ♀/♂
International Love Pitbull ft. Chris Brown 2011 Medium ♂/♀/♂/♀
Vacation G.R.L. 2013 Insane ♀/♀/♀/♀
Neon Lights Demi Lovato 2013 Medium
Higher Deborah Cox ft. Paige 2013 Tough ♀/♂
Sorries Andee 2014 Novice

Jealous (I Ain't With It) (NTSC)

Chromeo 2014 Insane ♀/♀/♂/♂

Louder (🔒) (PAL)

Sharon Doorson 2014 Tough ♂/♀

Downloadable Content

Song Title Artist Year Difficulty Dancer(s) Price Release Date

Lady GaGa

2009 TBA ♂/♀/♂ TBA TBA
Warrior Rihanna 2013 TBA TBA TBA
All About That Bass Meghan Trainor 2014 Medium Free Available at launch
Blame Calvin Harris ft. John Newman 2014 Novice Free Available at launch
Baby Don't Lie Gwen Stefani 2014 TBA TBA TBA
Mad Vassy 2013 TBA ♀/♂ TBA TBA

Song Packs

Certain songs can only be downloaded as part of a pay-to-play Just Dance Song Pack, which consists of two to four songs from a specific artist. These Song Packs allegedly will be released on a bi-weekly basis following the game's release for an undetermined period of time. So far, only the following Song Packs have been revealed.

David Guetta Song Pack
Song Title Artist Year Difficulty Dancer(s) Price Release Date
Who's That Chick David Guetta ft. Rihanna 2010 Tough $2.99/300 Wii Points TBA
Boom Boom David Guetta ft. Justice Crew 2012 Insane
Unconfirmed 3rd song David Guetta TBA TBA TBA
Ke$ha Song Pack
Song Title Artist Year Difficulty Dancer(s) Price Release Date
Cannibal Ke$ha 2010 TBA $1.99/200 Wii Points TBA
Your Love Is My Drug TBA


Players will have the opportunity to create and save their own playlists of songs to dance to (called "Custom Playlists"), in addition to the already existing playlists which are based around particular themes. Playlists allow players to dance to multiple songs without breaks in between.

Playlist Name Types of Songs
Girls' Nights Out Dance to all the songs in the game from female artists.
Fresh Vibes Dance to all the songs in the game from the year 2014 only.
The Men's Club Dance to all the songs in the game from male artists.
Gettin' Wild

Dance to all the songs in the game of Insane difficulty.

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