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Jura-Pek, the Haukohi of Kaululu
Ka-Luoo Karrier
AGE 18
BIRTHDAY March 2nd
WEIGHT 130 pounds lbs
Cherry Garcia (best friend)

Kanahau (serves)
Hewalona (enemy)
Hale (enemy)

Puna (enemy)
CLASS Haukohi
Fruit, Cherry Garcia, her family, making friends
Hewalona, Hale, Puna

Jura-Pek is the main character and protagonist of Haukohi's Haven. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc). She has since appeared in Antiblaze and Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball!.

She is assigned as the new Haukohi of her island, taking up the role from her grandma. As a result, she inherits the Ka Luoo, a magic butterfly that has ties to the goddess of light and fruit, Kanahau. Due to possessing the Ka Luoo, she is the frequent target of Hewalona and her two servants Hale and Puna. She is also best friends with Cherry Garcia, a washed up sailor.


Jura-Pek is a dark-skinned woman with black hair and sky blue eyes. She wears the Ka Luoo on her hair, which allows her to talk to the guardian of light and fruit Kanahau. The Ka Luoo can also summon specialty fruit and fruit bombs to use in gathering fruit via the Tiki. She wears a rather basic outfit of a coconut bra and a grass skirt with a string attached around it.


Jura-Pek is a fearless character who can outwit her competition with ease, although this isn't really a compliment on her abilities so much as it is her being far smarter than the dimwitted Hale. She is also very open to making friends, having already made several friends prior to the events of Haukohi's Haven and making friends with other deities on her island. While she isn't particularly enthused about her job as a harvester of fruit, she'll do it with a smile and hopes to feed her whole island.

However, Jura-Pek has a intuition to sense when things aren't right. She began to feel it when she was questioning Hewalona's story and when the stories that Kanahau and Hewalona didn't match up. She will find out the truth, no matter how dirty it gets- she values honesty. While not a particularly closed off person, she tends to get timid and nervous about romantic feelings, especially given that she believed she was the only woman attracted to other women on the island.

Canon Appearances

Haukohi's Haven

Jura-Pek appears as the main character in Haukohi's Haven, being the titular Haukohi after inheriting the title from her grandmother who could no longer take on the role. She primarily works with Taigken, the grumpy yet reliable Tiki who produces the "normal" fruits. The game introduces her primary setting and cast.

Non-Canon Appearances


Jura-Pek appears in Antiblaze as a starting character. In this game, her fighting moveset is based around working with Taigken and the other tikis.

She is a strange fighter who has some really odd projectile options. She can stick fruit harmlessly onto her opponents, who can only have it knocked off them if they get knocked down or use a move to get rid of negative status effects. Her bombs can cause the fruit to explode in a chain reaction and deal damage or even deal negative status effects. Her melee game is not great, mostly in due part due to it being reliant on an AI partner who also acts as a way to get specialized fruit to throw and stick, but he cannot be both. Jura-Pek can either double down on her fruit projectiles or have some melee options open. Additionally, Jura-Pek can ride him to have better control over his moves.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333)

Jura-Pek has been confirmed to be a fighter in Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333).

Fantendo Smash Bros. Battleground

Jura-Pek has been confirmed to be a fighter in Fantendo Smash Bros. Battleground.

Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball!

Jura-Pek appears in Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball! as a playable character, siding with the Blue Faction which consists entirely of Fantendo original characters.

Gatherer of Fruit
Special Move: Tiki Totem
Jura-Pek stomps her foot and sets the tiki deities Robolono, Cimyul-Uke, and Akkalec up in a totem to rain fruit onto her part of the field, healing herself and her allies for a short time.

Super Smash Bros. Charged

Jura-Pek is represented as a Trophy and Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Charged. She is an Advanced-type Spirit that doubles the health recovered by eating Food when equipped. The Spirit battle is Shantae and PAC-MAN; Shantae must be KO'ed while PAC-MAN continually uses Bonus Fruit, referencing the game's focus on fruit.

Jura-Pek Poker.png
This young lady is the character you play as in Haukohi's Haven. She's been given the role of the Haukohi, inherited from her aging grandmother who can no longer take the role. The little butterfly she has on her head is the Ka Luoo, which allows her to communicate with Kanahau, the island's goddess of light and fruit. Jura-Pek must be living the good life, huh? Well, being the Haukohi has made her a target of Hewalona and her two assistants, Hale and Puna. Life just always seems to be that way, huh?

Powers and Abilities

Jura-Pek is a Haukohi and has been entrusted with the Ka-Luoo, which is the source of her Haukohi powers. The Ka-Luoo is a life-giving butterfly that is capable of working with the Tikis of the island to produce fruit of various flavors and even abilities. The Ka-Luoo also has been shown to be used as wings that Jura-Pek can fly temporarily with. The Ka-Luoo can also produce unique fruit of it's own and produce fruit bombs.

Jura-Pek is also fairly acrobatic, able to run and jump across walls and learned how to basket-weave from Aroha.

Specific Abilities

Innate Abilities: Abilities that Jura-Pek doesn't require anything else to use.

  • Acrobatics - Jura-Pek has shown herself to be fairly acrobatic. While not the best at this, she is rather speedy and can jump off walls and even run across them.
    • Grass Kick - Jura-Pek kicks the wall and bounces off it, doing a leg drop that can bury opponents and can knock opponents down at angle.
    • Festive Swing - Jura-Pek swings around a column, which can include her own tiki totem, and does a swinging kick that lasts until Jura-Pek does any other action or attack, being cancelled out. The swinging kick happens continuously, dealing small damage and significant knockback, launching opponents from afar. Attacks that cause flinch will knock her off the pole.
  • Basketweaving - Jura-Pek learned how to weave baskets from Aroha.
    • Fruit Basket - Jura-Pek throws a trio of fruit from a basket, either being a Pumpaya, Eggple, or Mintelee and can stick them onto her opponent.

Ka-Luoo Abilities: Abilities that Jura-Pek requires the Ka-Luoo to execute.

  • Ka-Luoo Fruit - Jura Pek can produce special fruit that aids in gathering more fruit.
    • Rainbow Swirlaya - One of the three fruits offered by the Ka Luoo Butterfly. The Rainbow Swirlaya, when placed on top of a fruit, clears all types of that fruit on the playing field. If there is no fruit underneath it, looks for fruit next to it or ontop of it. If there is no fruit near it, it just disappears with no fruits eliminated from the playing field. Rainbow Swirlayas randomly appear but can also be summoned by filling up the Ka-Luoo meter and summoning it when needed.
    • Fruit Bomb - One of the three fruits offered by the Ka Luoo Butterfly. Fruit Bombs are used to clear fruits from the board and are always on top of a row of fruit when placed in the playing field. Fruit Bombs will only ever clear fruit connected to it, and will not clear fruit that does not correspond to it's fruit. Each Fruit bomb has it's unique appearance and the berry stamped across the bomb's surface. Fruit Bombs randomly appear but can also be summoned by filling up the Ka-Luoo meter and summoning it when needed.
    • Chamelak - One of the three fruits offered by the Ka Luoo Butterfly. The Chamelak is a special fruit that appears on top of stacks of fruits and changes the type of fruit to another kind of fruit. This will only effect the fruit it is on top of, but will change the fruit type across the entire playing field to another one. Fruit can only be changed to another kind of fruit as long as the fruit has a tiki totem attached to it. The type change is random, but can be used to make the fruit across the board more of the same kind of fruit so that it can be cleared easier. Chamelak randomly appear but can also be summoned by filling up the Ka-Luoo meter and summoning it when needed.
  • Ka-Luoo Wings - Jura-Pek has a second jump that causes the Ka-Luoo on her head to fly to her back and expand into butterfly wings. This allows her to float down gracefully. She drops fruits and bombs directly below her. Crouch to drop cancel.
  • Light Magic - The Ka-Luoo has inherent light magic abilities that can channeled by someone adept in light magic. It is strongest when the sun is out. Jura-Pek does not have access to the Ka-Luoo's light magic channeling, but other characters can and it's implied that Jura-Pek may eventually learn how to one day.

Tiki Abilities: Abilities that Jura-Pek requires a Tiki deity and the Ka-Luoo by her side to execute.

  • Taigken - Jura-Pek works primarily with the tiki Taigken, who is able to produce up to five different fruits known as the Pumpaya, Eggple, Mintelee, Stainarrot, and Woolberry. All the fruit has the same effects.
    • Fruit Toss - Jura-Pek throws a fruit, either being an Pumpaya, Eggple, or Mintelee and sticks it onto her opponent or on the ground, wall or even ceiling.
    • Fruit Bomb (Taigken) - Jura-Pek throws a fruit bomb for either the Pumpaya, Eggple, or Mintelee and causes those fruits to explode if thrown to a opponent with fruit already active on them. Will only deal minor damage on it's own. Can be held to aim it and shows a marker on where it will land. Causes chain reactions across fruit active on opponents to deal a lot of damage.
    • Taigken Jockey - Jura-Pek can ride on top of Taigken and even influence his attacks and direction while riding him. She can also hop off him and then use Ka-Luoo wings for extra air.



  • Jura-Pek's mother and father are dead and missing, respectively. This seems to have happened when she was quite young and her and her older brother were entrusted into the care of their grandmother.
  • Jura-Pek's universe seems to exist in the same universe as the Super Bunea series, just being one world of many. Gwenasis seemed to have visited at some point prior to the events of Super Bunea World as she has a mug of Taigken and it was confirmed later with her appearance in Haukohi's Haven. Given that the next original IP by Toroko was going to be Sona Bringer as revealed in Antiblaze, it's likely that world also exists in the same universe.