Jumbo Kong is a ferocious ape that appears in Super Paper Bros.. He joins Mario's Party after being ordered by DK to spy on them. Lord Boo could see this bluff, and usrged Mario to disband JK. But Mario stuck with his choice and keeped him along. When they were shipwrecked on the Barren Isles JK and Lord Boo went missing. After escaping Mario & Co. tell DK abouthe loss, DK grows angry and rushes off to Barren Isles, he finds JK and tells him to continue spying, but Lord Boo was hiding in the tree and jumped out and accused JK of treason. Later on, JK and Lord Boo reconcile.



Claps a single enemy causing 3 damage.

  • 0 FP
  • Intial

Banana Slip

Causes all enemies to be stunned.

  • 5 FP
  • Inital

Power Punch

Punches one enemy, and that enemy will fly into other enemies.

  • 8 FP
  • Super Rank


Pounds the ground flipping all enemies in the air causing 18 damage to all ennemies

  • 12 FP
  • Ultra rank