Julius is a stock character used by Twenty-Second Choice, that is based on JesseRoo (tbc). He varies in appearance and personality between appearances.


PK Thunder

Julius is the founder of the band. Before the founding of the band, he died in a car crash because he was too busy listening to music to check where he was going. Julius was rebuilt as a cyborg by top secret government officials, intending to turn him into an assassin for them. Julius quickly escaped- his rebuilt cyborg body allowed him to sense high amounts of musical talent in people, and this would allow him to create a great band. First, he recruited his old friend Byron, and the two built the ultimate drummer: Will the Drum Machine. Then Julius, using his Music Sense, recruited a guitarist and a vocalist. Also a roadie.

Pokémon TSD

Julius is a Pokémon Trainer and Coordinator from Pokémon TSD. He is a strong believer that Pokémon battling is about strategy, rather than strength. He is the rival of Bryon.


Julius thinks that the stats and moves of a Pokémon don't matter at all, but it's the strategy of the trainer and the Pokémon's trust in their trainer.


Pokémon Soon to be Obtained

M.A.I.L. MEN: Armed and Fabulous

Julius is a necrophile with psychic powers, who often participates in necrophilia with the corpses of his fellow M.A.I.L. MEN's mothers.

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