Dude, no, dude!!!
John Mogwai to Tucker in Battle of Bracelets: Dark Shadows when Shadow Pablo and Shadow Ainhoa appears.

The Maroon Demon
The Maroon Demon
AGE 16
BIRTHDAY 29th July
BIRTHPLACE Dacliff Ville
Aingeru, Pablo, Tucker, Alex (friends) Drake, Inferna, Garone, Alange (enemies)
CLASS hero
WEAPONS Molotov Cocktail
John Mogwai also appears in Battle of Bracelets, but he's usually called John. He is one of the two new characters of Battle of Bracelets: Dark Shadows. He is the corresponding Golden Bracelet of the colour maroon, the Maroon Bracelet. Despite he doesn't have arms or legs in John Mogwai Land series, he has them in this game. He is one of the new heroes of Battle of Bracelets series, whose nemesis is still unknown. His main weapon is a Molotov Cocktail, who lets him attack with explosives in seconds. His main ability is Dark Form: his first stade of Dark Form makes him get an armor made of shadows, his second stade lets him turn into a dark mass and the last one, who makes him change his body or create a dark monster.

Games Appearences

Battle of Bracelets Series

John usually appears in Battle of Bracelets to challenge Aingeru, but is he always accompanied by Tucker in his trip. His first appearance has been in Battle of Bracelets: Dark Shadows, in Disty Ville. Ainhoa and Pablo are challenged by him and Tucker, who wants to be sure that they are really Golden Bracelets and no enemies. After that, Drake challenges him to fight after knowing John and Tucker are also Golden Bracelets. He and Tucker are the ones who wait Ainhoa and Pablo when they go to Astonish World, but they have to fight against their Shadow forms (Shadow Pablo and Shadow Ainhoa). After Darkreon's waking up they go to Nocturnus City and wait for other golden bracelets. He is the first bracelet with a level over 100, the first who use 2-sub-level.

He usually fights Aingeru, Pablo and Xavier to train and enjoy himself. He has the ability of avoiding the problematic fights. He also joins Aingeru in the Hades, where he goes to investigate the place but he often helps other Golden Bracelets. He is more distant of Tucker in the Hades because they "work very well together" but if they are always together they can be vulnerable. One of his last fights is in the Leo's Quest of the Hades, when he must try to defeat the guardian of Leo. He also fights against Aeacus in the Hades Death Palace who tries to kill him forever.


John is one of the most honest characters of Battle of Bracelets. He usually knows where the justice is or try to find it. But he's not very polite, he is very joking and he always makes Tucker laugh. He usually fights his problems and rarely finds an impossible quest. He fights until the end without minding the obstacles. He is a good friend, he keeps secrets, helps them... Aingeru, Alex, Pablo usually talk well about him but they sometimes argue him because of little things. He never erases a smile on his face. John is usually happy and in a good mood. He always needs to help a person who is suffering something unfair. It's known that he has a girlfriend called Beth who is also the Silver Carmine Bracelet.

He usually tries to solve problems with instinct and sometimes he has problems because of using the first impression, and it often makes him get into arguments with Aingeru. John always tries to be a strategist and it helps him a lot because he controls the situation very well. If he sees other strategies are going to fail, he will avoid following the strategy and solves it with the way he thinks is best. He usually is right with his strategy.

Attacks, Powers and Abilities


Name Damage Unlocked
Discharge 100 HP Always
Chaos Fist 150 HP Always
Bionic Punch 300 HP Always
Wasp Attack 300 HP Always
Electric Wall 200 HP Lv. 4
Galactic Punch 400 HP Lv. 7
Basic Kick 450 HP Lv. 10
Sour Blast 500 HP Lv. 13
Demon Needles 550 HP Lv. 16
Black Nemesis 600 HP Lv. 19
Revolution of Spirits 650 HP Lv. 22
Spirita Waves 700 HP Lv. 25
Electric Shadow Kick 800 HP Lv. 29
Brick Rain 850 HP Lv. 32
Flame of Darkness 900 HP Lv. 36
Shadow Code 950 HP Lv. 39
Punch of Night 1000 HP Lv. 41
Electric Rotating Kick 1000 HP Lv. 44
Nemesis Punch 1200 HP Lv. 46
Hyperplasma 1250 HP Lv. 49
Nymphs Extintion 1250 HP Lv. 52
Shadow Impact 1300 HP Lv. 55
Rebelion of Dark Souls 1500 HP Lv. 57
Bright Storm 1700 HP Lv. 60
Winter Explosion 1750 HP Lv. 62
Megas Floga 1800 HP Lv. 65
Bionic Impact 2000 HP Lv. 67
Triple Punch of Elements 2500 HP Lv. 70
Dark Star Drained 2500 HP Lv. 73
Dark Helios Explosion 5000 HP Lv. 75


  • Piro Phosphorus
  • Shadow Absorption

Main Weapon

  • Molotov Cocktail

Main Ability

  • Dark Form
  • Exploder Form


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