Joey McBoo
Damian's cousin.
Full Name Joey McBoo
Current Age 2
Gender Male
Location Utopia City
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
John, Damian, Witch Gypsy (sometimes)
Family and Relations
Damian (cousin), John (cousin)
Main Weapon(s) Racecar
Ability/ies Chill, Freeze, Wave, Tsnunami
Vulnerable To Nothing
First Appearance Double J RPG
Latest Appearance Double J RPG

Joey McBoo is a young toddler that first appeared in Double J RPG. He has Ice and Water attacks that become helpful in the game and uses a racecar to reach small areas. Player 3 can take control of Joey McBoo in multiplayer mode but if playing alone, Player 1 is the one controlling Joey. He is not good in stats because he is the slowest, weakest and least defensive character in the game but has the ability to soak and freeze enemies making him a good choice to use as a character. He is weak to nothing because since he uses Ice and Water attacks Fire can't effect him because he can burn out the fire with his water and Water can't effect him because he can freeze the water to ice making him stonger than he seems.

Double J RPG

Joey McBoo doesn't enter the game until Chapter 3 when John and Damian are babysitting. He doesn't play a big plot in the story compared to the other three characters. He goes off with his two older cousins to see what's causing the chaos in Utopia City. When he see's the Witch Gypsy trying to fight John and Damian again, he joins in the battle to defend his cousins. In the end of the game, Joey McBoo and Damian go on a search party after John and the Witch Gypsy go missing.