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Joe's World is a 3D Open-World Sandbox Adventure game developed by TE Studios and published by Fantendo. about a boy who lives on an Island goes on a special adventure to help find out about his past, along with the help of his special rope that helps him lead the way. This is Thektdude (tbc)'s second original game. This Open-World 3D Sandbox game was released in April 14th of 2017 for the The V², Pacifico, Thermo Z, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC and Steam. This game is part of the New Fantendoverse.

Joe's World
Joes world kt logo
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Developer(s) Cooltext133721996706103


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Platform(s) V2LogoSmallglow

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Genre(s) Interactive




Release Date(s) April 14th 2017
Mode(s) 1 Player Mode

2 Player Speedrun Mode


The Gameplay is similar to Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda with the camera position and the controls.


Joe - A Teenage boy who lives mostly alone on the island. He has his assistance from his trusty rope that helps him defend himself. Joe also wants to find about his past that he never knew, which causes him to go on an Adventure. ART COMING SOON.

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